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Watch: The Making of 'Wonder Woman' in a New, Extended Featurette

See some of the key behind-the-scenes elements that earned the latest superhero movie a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

WATCH: Dr. Eric Serrano SPS Presentation — Factors that Influence Diet and Q&A

In this final video of his presentation, Dr. Serrano gives advice on goal-setting, explains the factors that influence the success of a diet, and answers questions directly from the audience.

Main Bench - reps with 225

After a rough first set, I dusted myself off and made it happen

Learn 2 Lift + Underground Strength Coach Cert • Zach Even-Esh

Two of The Best in the Business Combine to Drop REAL Knowledge Whether it's the pro leagues, Division I, or the Olympics - if you want to know what it takes for an athlete to get to the top, don't miss this one. The Barbell. Kettlebells. Dumbbells. Programming. Odd Objects. The Art of Coaching. Business …

Watch: Boxer Crushes Opponent Through the Ropes and Into the Crowd

Mikey Dahlman from Indiana started off his pro career this weekend by blasting his opponent out of the ring.

Fitness And Fantasy: Living The "Games And Gains" Lifestyle

YouTube personality Jackson "Bajheera" Bliton knows it's possible to be a physically fit gamer, and he's sharing the message with his fans on YouTube and Twitch. Follow this bodybuilder and self-professed nerd as he lifts and plays his way through the day.

The Mr. Universe of Music

Ty Og uses his bodybuilder's mindset (and physique) to help him excel in music and life.

Get Lit: 3 Ways to Light a Fire Under Your Training (May Roundup)

You can let your weaknesses destroy you, or you can destroy them.

Matt Christianer's Intriguing Story & Photo-Shoot Workout

In this explosive video, the pioneer athlete of the IFBB Pro Men's Physique Division and 2-time Mr. Olympia competitor Matt Christianer shares his intriguing story with Kit Sanderson of Muscular Development Latino Magazine. Matt, also a professional fitness model, was the first man to earn IFBB Pro status in the popular Men's Physique division, and also one of the first to win several pro competitions. Matt has also overcome several personal struggles against injuries that left him at one point in a wheelchair and dealing with extreme and chronic pain. With three hip operations under his belt, no pun intended, Matt has raised himself from the ashes and is focused on his 2017 season. Between several photo shoots for his sponsors such as Hi-Tech Pharma, he is also on overdrive mode ready to compete and re-qualify for the Mr. Olympia 2017.

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The Survival Plan: 3 workouts to turn your body into an unbreakable machine

In Day 1, battle ropes test your endurance, burning up your shoulders, arms, and even your lungs. Day 2 you’ll use the sled, a device that’ll put your entire body on blast. Finally, Day 3 is arguably the most gut-wrenching: Front-racked hang cleans to walking lunges and trap-bar deadlifts with farmer walks will expose and strengthen any weak spots. To be ready for anything, you need to take your body to the brink of failure and beyond. With this plan, three days are all you need.

Training with Tendonitis

Use perfect form and a slow tempo on every rep. After the workout is complete, the injured area should be iced for 20 minutes every hour or so till bedtime. In addition, NSAIDs can be utilized to reduce inflammation as well, but not for more than a few days since these medications can interfere with the anabolic process.

The Top 3 Mobility Exercises for Lifters | T Nation

The problem? They're often functionally shortened and weakened as a result of our chronic daily positions and not experiencing mobility through a full range of motion. Luckily the lateral lunge will help you learn how to use the adductors through extended ranges of motion to stabilize the hips, pelvis, and lumbar spine as a unit. Once you master the lateral lunge with pristine stability and unlocked mobility, add the rotational component through the thoracic cage and shoulders.

Tip: One Exercise for Triceps and Abs | T Nation

Two birds, one stone. Two muscle groups, one exercise. Check this out and give it a shot.

10 exercises to develop the best pecs in the gym

"If you currently work out 3 days a week, you can hit your chest every workout," Perry says. "The goal," he adds, "is to hit your pecs just enough so you can recover in time for your next workout." The sweet spot is a total of 5 sets with a compound movement. (You can also consider adding a finisher after each workout such as a few sets of cable crossovers, pec deck, pushups, wide-grip dips, or racked kettlebell carries to failure—more on those in the slides that follow.) Perry suggests aiming for 5x12 reps of a compound chest move—like a bench press variation—first when you're adding them to a full-body routine (you may only get to five reps on the last set which is fine); if you're trying to build a bigger chest, you want to hit these muscles when you're fresh to see the fastest results and biggest impact.

6 Shawn Ray

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Tip: 4 Extended Set Techniques for Size Gains | T Nation

Stopping a set short leaves potential growth on the table. You may have nothing left to give at that weight or with that exercise, but that doesn't mean your set has to be over. That's where extended sets come in. Just don't overdo it with these techniques. Using them on the last set of an exercise is enough.

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Citrulline malate Creatine Monohydrate BetaPower Betaine Anhydrous, Astragalusmembranaceus LCLT Cocoa, Alpha-GPC Rhodiola Rosea Huperzine A

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Weightlifters may be fit, but powerlifting is a totally different way of working out. @bodyfortress

20-Minutes to Massive Legs Workout

I am sure that you have heard it all before. To get the complete physique that you want, working your legs hard is a necessity. The legs make up the largest part of your body and carry a ton of muscle. If you skip leg day, you are missing out on a ton of growth potential. Not too mention the large hormone release (testosterone, growth hormone), fat burning enzymes and caloric burn that come with working your legs. Leg day is also the toughest day of the week. It takes high volume, high reps with heavy weight, and mental toughness to get through a true leg routine that gets results. This also means that time becomes a factor. When we are pressed for time we tend to skip the hard stuff. We will fit in our chest and arm workouts since these are the show muscles and skimp on the legs. This is a huge mistake and it can be fixed. You can still get a solid leg workout in 20 minutes. With the right routine you can blast the legs in a short amount of time. There are four primary areas of the legs that need to be hit hard; the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. The key to a good leg routine is to use exercises that hit all those areas so no muscle fiber is left untapped.

First Time Competitor. Bulk or Cut?

I would like to be bigger but not Mr. Olympia big, more of a classic physique look (something like Steve Cook is my ultimate goal) at around 185 lbs. I am 5'11 and currently around 185 but want my body composition to change. I have been in a calorie deficit for a while now and dropped from around 205 to my current state in about 2 months. I have always been a "huskier" kid and never really had that lean look so I would consider myself more of a mesomorph with some endomorph thrown in.

6 Ways to Target Your Upper Pecs and Build a Bigger Chest

"If your upper pecs are really lagging, the best way to bring them out is to always start with incline moves," Schlierkamp says. You can do this with a barbell, dumbbells or a Smith machine. Starting with incline moves will ensure that these underused fibers are fresh at the start of your workout, allowing you move the most weight possible to trigger growth. From there you can move on to flat and decline moves, where you're likely naturally stronger.

Modify Your Lateral Raises To Keep Your Shoulders Growing!

If you perform every move the same way each workout, you're probably lulling your muscles to sleep rather than pushing them into growth. Here's how to spice up the same old lateral raise!

Dorian Yates' Five Keys to Training Success

This principle, also known as negative reps, extends a set beyond failure and more fully works the muscle fibers used during the negative (usually the descending) part of a rep. Here's how I employ it for triceps pushdowns. Once I reach failure, my partner assists in lifting the stack until my arms are at the lockout position. My triceps are pretty much fried at this point, so the weight feels heavier than what my tris can typically handle. From the fully locked-out position, I start to release the weight very, very slowly, fighting the stack all the way down. The key is to lower the weight as slowly as possible in order to really burn the muscles. Negative reps will help you work through a sticking point (poundages lifted for a particular number of reps), but for safety reasons, I recommend limiting this principle to machine movements. – FLEX

Jason Momoa Flexes His Muscles on Inclined Rock-Climbing Wall

So it looks like Aquaman is dominant in the water and on the ground.

5 Exercises to Build Tremendous Traps

If you want  monster traps , you’ll have to lift some monster weight. Building the trap area proportionally takes a variety of exercises that stimulate your upper, middle, and lower trapezius muscles. Working that slab of meat running down the side of your neck and across your front delts is going to take more work than just shrugs. These are the five best exercises that attack those muscles and strengthen the joints, and will help you grow like The Hulk.

11 foods that help your joints

“Vegetables like kale, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, spinach, and broccoli are packed with antioxidants that may help ward off arthritis, slow its progression, and help lessen the associated pain,” says Azar. What makes these vegetables so powerful? “They’re rich in sulforaphane, a compound that may block enzymes linked to joint destruction and inflammation.”

10 meal prep recipes you can make in under an hour

Just because you’re making a lot of food doesn’t mean it has to take you a lot of time. Unshackle yourself from the kitchen—and whip up enough food for a week—with these easy, protein-packed recipes.

Team Bodybuilding.Com: The Biggest Beginner Fitness Mistakes I Made

As the saying goes, "Everyone was once a beginner." Use that to your advantage by learning, and avoiding, the newbie training mistakes once made by Team

8 Weeks to Super Abs

That’s it for my ab routine. Remember that it’s impossible to burn fat through abdominal exercises alone — spot reduction is a myth! The only way to shed the spare tire around your waist is through a low-fat diet and 30 minutes of cardio three or four times per week. After eight solid weeks on this program, you’ll have serious abs that will make a serious statement  about your physique. – FLEX

The best upper-body workout

1. Bench press Sets: See below Reps: Work up to a 3-rep max Rest: As needed Grasp the bar just outside shoulder-width and arch your back so there’s space between your lower back and the bench. Pull the bar out of the rack and lower it to your sternum, tucking your elbows about 45° to your sides. When the bar touches your body, drive your feet hard into the floor and press the bar back up. Perform several warmup sets, keeping your reps to five or fewer. Gradually work up to the heaviest weight that you can perform three reps with (this should take at least five sets). Be sure to use a spotter or perform your sets in a power rack with spotter bars in place.

How Do I Maintain Strength?

I was a rock climber who never really lifted. In December I got a bad injury and couldn't do anything for six weeks. I couldn't climb even after that six-week period so I figured let's get strong because I never did anything before climbing and was a weakling (still am by T-nation standards, just less of one...)

5 Reasons to Work Out With Your Partner

If your schedule is overwhelming, make time with your significant other work a little harder (literally). Catch up on your day over a brisk jog around the neighborhood. Plan vacation details while knocking out a strength circuit in the weight room. Sign up for a yoga class together and simply enjoy each other’s company in meditative silence. By making date night pull double duty, you won’t have to feel guilty about skipping the gym for couple time, or vice versa.

Muscle detailing: 6 workout routines for rock-solid muscle definition

After months, or even years, of the same exercises day in and day out, you've done an outstanding job at holding your body back from its potential for next-level definition and hardness. You and your body are simply too accustomed to the same thing. We're creatures of habit with a tendency to follow the path of least resistance, or stick to the things we know. (Oh, look, there's that mind-muscle connection thing again). Everything's always the damn same. Squat, bench, dead, squat, bench, dead. You know it, we know it—they're the cornerstones.

5 quick workouts to get rid of back fat

As annoying as love handles are, it's not uncommon for guys to hold on to back fat—for a variety of reasons. "First, poor diet; eating whole foods that don’t inflame your body is a solid starting point," says  Simon King,  personal trainer and owner of Cre8 Fitness gym in London. "Second, neglecting the back muscles in training can sometimes be the cause since too many guys overtrain their chest and arms—the muscles they can see in the mirror—which can atrophy muscles in the back," he explains. You always want to incorporate compound movements in your training routines, like deadlifts, squats, pullups and pushups. "Third, a lack of high-intensity cardiovascular training can also be the pitfall since you need a multi-approached attack to really shift a stubborn fat storing area, and this form of training is really geared towards burning fat," he adds.


The same rule applies for the deadlift: An athlete who can deadlift 500 pounds should be able to rep 315 pretty easily. However, someone who can deadlift 315 pounds over and over will not necessarily be able to pull 500 pounds even one time. Remember, anaerobic training translates aerobically, but it’s not a two-way street.Even on a neuromuscular level, the ability to gather up and recruit large amounts of muscle fiber at a single moment is signifi-cantly harder than recruiting fewer fibers over a long period of time. In fact, the entire premise of endurance racing is to maintain the most amount of wattage (distance, speed, duration) while expelling the least amount of energy. Therefore, the max exertion produced in heavy weight tr aining will have a carryover to the steady exertion performed in endurance running.Now compare the anaerobic/aerobic relationship between two opposite extremes: In one corner, we have a 1RM back squat of 1,000 pounds versus running a century mar-athon (100 miles). A heavy 1RM back squat is one of the most anaerobic efforts you can produce in such a short amount of time—drop down, come up.

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How Odell Beckham’s training to get stronger and even more explosive for the @Giants in 2017:

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@PHILHEATH wishing u all the best for the beginning of ur olympia prep nxt week.. go kick some ass

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No more going easy on your abs with fitness routines. Try this workout for a better six-pack.

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What a competitive triathlete and porn star eats for healthy sperm, a supercharged libido, and rock-hard erections:

Muscle & Performance on Twitter

Want to develop big legs in less time? This giant sets routine will have you crawling out of the gym on all fours:

5 Reasons You Don't Look Like You Lift | T Nation

In addition to the countdown clock, think of your gym time as a sandbag. As we enter, we cut a small hole in our ability to train and the sand starts pouring out. When empty, we have nothing left. In other words, if we waste all that "sand" doing silly stuff, there's no sand left over for the stuff that actually makes you stronger, fitter, or a better athlete. This isn't saying some of those tools aren't useful, but do you need all of them, at once, before every workout?


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Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum are the craziest criminals ever in new 'Logan Lucky' trailer.

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Watch: Orlando Bloom talks intense underwater 'pool training' with surf legend Laird Hamilton:

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2 Day Programming Help

Jim, what is your recommendation for a basic program for someone looking to train 2 days per week? As background, I played college football and have been training regularly for over 20 years (I’m 37). I’ve had a number of significant injuries over the years (back surgery, ankle surgeries, shoulder surgery) and therefore ongoing injury prevention is key. I also have to balance time between work and family, which is why 2 days works best for me. You have provided so many great programming options recently, I am having a hard time settling on a program. I tend to overthink things and would love your opinion on a solid long-term programming option. Thanks – your new book is great!

Instagram post by Sergio Oliva🇨🇺🇺🇸 • May 30, 2017 at 9:14pm UTC

48 How to Make Money as a Personal Trainer

The Best Full-Body Summer Workout Plan

You will keep the weight on the lighter side, and execute more reps so that you do not over-train or fatigue your body to where you can't finish each set. You should incorporate a variety of techniques into your workout routine and superset smaller exercises that can be done with the H.I.T. principles but you don't train the WHOLE body in one workout setting for this routine. You will stick to 1 or 2 muscle groups and train them in accordance with a planned resistance training schedule as follows.

Mean drunks are probably mean people in general

The groups then performed a bunch of entertaining activities designed to bring out personality traits and behaviors, and then took personality tests. Outside observers were also tasked with watching video of the interactions and giving their assessments of the subject’s personalities. The results showed that those drinking said that their personality changed to a much greater degree than the observers.

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