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‘Ballers’ Season 3 Trailer: The Rock is Back And Ready to Ball Across the Globe — Watch

Dwayne Johnson is back for more football and cash (and Steph Curry) in the HBO series.

Learn 2 Lift + Underground Strength Coach Cert • Zach Even-Esh

Two of The Best in the Business Combine to Drop REAL Knowledge Whether it's the pro leagues, Division I, or the Olympics - if you want to know what it takes for an athlete to get to the top, don't miss this one. The Barbell. Kettlebells. Dumbbells. Programming. Odd Objects. The Art of Coaching. Business …

Watch: The Making of 'Wonder Woman' in a New, Extended Featurette

See some of the key behind-the-scenes elements that earned the latest superhero movie a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Supercharge Your Shoulders With This Weird Exercise

This unique but simple movement provides a targeted attack where you need it most. In just minutes, your shoulders will be stronger, safer, and ready for any pressing challenge!

Watch: Boxer Crushes Opponent Through the Ropes and Into the Crowd

Mikey Dahlman from Indiana started off his pro career this weekend by blasting his opponent out of the ring.

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Tip: One Exercise for Triceps and Abs | T Nation

Two birds, one stone. Two muscle groups, one exercise. Check this out and give it a shot.

The Top 3 Mobility Exercises for Lifters | T Nation

The problem? They're often functionally shortened and weakened as a result of our chronic daily positions and not experiencing mobility through a full range of motion. Luckily the lateral lunge will help you learn how to use the adductors through extended ranges of motion to stabilize the hips, pelvis, and lumbar spine as a unit. Once you master the lateral lunge with pristine stability and unlocked mobility, add the rotational component through the thoracic cage and shoulders.

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Build muscle and get ready for the summer shred with this workout plan from the @humanfitproject_:

15 best and worst wireless workout headphones of spring 2017

The quick and dirty: The Urbanears Stadion in-ear Bluetooth headphones give you the ease of going wireless in a unique-looking package. Soft, stretchy coils make up the "wire" connecting the two ear pieces. And while the Stadion may not be the most stylish earbuds around—at least in our opinion—they do solve the problem of having excess wire hitting your neck or having to clip anything in place. The control panel sits at the back of your neck, so switching songs or changing volume is a bit cumbersome, but because it's not at the front, it won't yank the earbuds out. And the buttons are largely defined so you can actually tell what you're pressing. You'll get seven hours of play time on a single charge. And if you like to work out at night, there are reflective details to keep you visible.

Today's Workout

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10 exercises to develop the best pecs in the gym

"If you currently work out 3 days a week, you can hit your chest every workout," Perry says. "The goal," he adds, "is to hit your pecs just enough so you can recover in time for your next workout." The sweet spot is a total of 5 sets with a compound movement. (You can also consider adding a finisher after each workout such as a few sets of cable crossovers, pec deck, pushups, wide-grip dips, or racked kettlebell carries to failure—more on those in the slides that follow.) Perry suggests aiming for 5x12 reps of a compound chest move—like a bench press variation—first when you're adding them to a full-body routine (you may only get to five reps on the last set which is fine); if you're trying to build a bigger chest, you want to hit these muscles when you're fresh to see the fastest results and biggest impact.

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I had a little sugar here and there on the weekends. Then i started smoking the stuff. Now i shoot it daily. Ive lost my family, my children

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Instagram post by Zach Even - Esh • Jun 2, 2017 at 12:18am UTC

5-4-3 Rear Delts 5.31.17

5-4-3 Rear Delts 5.31.17

Tip: 4 Extended Set Techniques for Size Gains | T Nation

Stopping a set short leaves potential growth on the table. You may have nothing left to give at that weight or with that exercise, but that doesn't mean your set has to be over. That's where extended sets come in. Just don't overdo it with these techniques. Using them on the last set of an exercise is enough.

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The flop to end all flops. Watch: This soccer flop might be the worst in the history of sports:

15 Shawn Ray

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Weightlifters may be fit, but powerlifting is a totally different way of working out. @bodyfortress

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Five Workouts That Build Muscle and Mass Fast

Free Newsletters Need help achieving your fitness goals? The Muscle & Fitness newsletter will provide you with the best workouts, meal plans and supplement advice to get there.

The 10 best performance jackets to conquer your workouts and the elements: spring 2017

Created by Eddie Bauer's guide team for high-octane activities, this Sandstone Soft Shell Hooded Jacket is rugged where it counts. You can push yourself and battle the elements without wind whipping into your jacket and water soaking through your layers. Superior movement and flexibility are mainstays, too. The performance shell—able to fit over baselayers or serve as a midlayer—is made with four-way stretch fabrics like nylon, spandex, and polyester, and is crafted in the brand's most athletic fit. You get a jacket that protects, but also moves with you. The hood is perfectly designed to fit under climbing or biking helmets to boot. ($129, )

5 No-Cook Recipes To Help You Beat The Heat!

The 10 Most Common Sex Mistakes

There are a number of things that can go wrong the first time you're in bed with a new partner, and most consenting adults understand that. There's a lot to feel out about another person before reaching the right comfort level and sexual rhythm. Any awkward post-sex vibes that you project will make her uneasy as well, so you're better off relaxing and basking in the glow, bro.

5 sex-position tweaks to help give her an orgasm tonight

There are few things cozier than the spoon, so getting it on like this can boost her pleasure because you’re already in a bonding position—and feeling connected helps her climax. “She can be really orgasmic in spoon because when you’re both lying next to each other with you against her back, the angle of your penis will hit her G spot,” Taylor says. “Just be sure to go really slow to avoid slipping out.” To, Taylor suggests wearing a blindfold or using a tie of his to cover your eyes. “Turning off the visual cues temporarily encourages the sense of surrender into the experience to help her focus on deep feelings with no visual distractions,” Taylor says. “When this occurs, moans and groans register as more intense and intimate and add to the novelty. All this relaxation coupled with sensation can be a very hot and sexy experience.” Another way to up the thrills: Since your hands are free in this position and can loosely drape over her, play with her nipples to stimulate even more of her pleasure zones.

Optimal Twice a week Training

When you are training only twice a week ... which is honestly something that I never did myself and never really had clients do (so take my advice with a grain of salt), I believe that you will need more volume per session. Even if you were to produce more cortisol you have 5 days to regulate it down.

6 Entrepreneur Tips From Fitness Addict Brian Mazza

Restaurateur Brian Mazza maintains a shredded physique, despite being president of New York City’s Paige Hospitality Group, whose first restaurant, the Ainsworth, took New York City by storm in 2009 with its gourmet-burger program. Since then, PHG has added six more restaurants. Below, the former Division I soccer player talks about growing his business and making time for the gym.

7 reasons why it's OK if you have a small penis

With the term “junk” still holding on as a modern day colloquial term, I can’t say I was surprised to learn that nearly 50% of people have used their cell phone to send or receive sexts and risqué photos. “Junk” implies that there’s something less-than-alluring about what’s in a dude’s pants, so it makes sense that self-conscious guys would seek instant reassurance via text message. But as a straight woman, I can assure you that there’s nothing unalluring about your penis—even if it is smaller than average. I can also attest to the fact that few chicks actually care about the size of your genitals, especially if you’re a nice guy and you know how to use what you’ve got. In fact, in one poll of nearly 1,000 women, 89% said they weren’t worried about their boyfriend's penis size. Even those who stated that they were less than satisfied in the bedroom noted that they wouldn't change anything about their S.O.’s manhood—which is saying a lot.

Train Hard, Get Hurt, Keep Making Gains | T Nation

This might seem like a minor distinction, but it really isn't. Imagine that squatting has been iffy lately due to low back pain, and you're scheduled to squat today. If you don't have a plan B already programmed and sure enough your low back starts bitching at you when you start squatting, you're likely to make bad decisions out of sheer frustration. For example, you might just forge ahead despite the pain, or you might become exasperated and just leave the gym.

Low Carb Myths

Glucose marks the beginning of the energy utilizing pathway known as glycolysis, which yields a molecule called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP is the true currency of energy in the human body. Every cell in your body runs on a steady supply of it to function. Without ATP, nothing happens. This is especially true for muscular contraction. When you are working out hard and your muscles are pumped, ATP is consumed. Since this energy cycle begins with a molecule of glucose, it comes as no surprise that carbohydrates have mistakenly become the star of the show in terms of the traditional scientific and textbook definitions of our dietary source of energy. The truth is that dietary fat is a far more efficient feeder of this pathway of energy production, but not if your body is too used to carbohydrate ingestion. The longer you have ignored and bypassed this path, the more atrophied and inefficient it becomes. The body can become so used to an unnatural steady sugar intake that our physiology can “forget” about the dusty path of using dietary fat for energy. Still need more convincing? Well, just look at the state of our health as a society ravaged by the toxic effect of a sustained elevation of insulin in response to the steady stream of carbohydrates being fed to us.

Tip: The Scientific Reason Women Need to Go Heavy | T Nation

Now, there's muscle-building value in lifting lighter weights too, like increased time under tension. But this study tells us that women shouldn't get stuck in the pattern of using only higher rep schemes and "going for the burn." Those heavy sets, as heavy as 3 grunting reps, may be where a lot of the magic happens.

Blast From The Past - Typical Wendler Friday |

Blast From The Past - Typical Wendler Friday |

The Mechanics of Shoulder Training

Raises, or "laterals",” are isolation exercises, as they involve only the shoulder joint and no other muscles than the deltoids. Laterals are excellent for working and shaping the individual heads of the deltoids and can be done (more or less) to the front, side and rear to stress specific areas of the shoulder muscles. The following are some examples of the different kinds of shoulder exercises, and suggestions as to how to do them most effectively. There are additional alternatives but these descriptions cover the basics. Just remember, no matter the particular movement, try to be conscious of what the shoulder joint is doing, concentrate on feeling the rotation involved and keep the exercises mechanically correct to avoid limiting the effectiveness of your shoulder training. It takes a certain amount of skill to isolate the deltoids as a group and even more technique to target individual deltoid heads.

6 testosterone-boosting foods

A balanced diet will net you about 10mg of zinc each day, but the body only absorbs 2-3mg of it—putting you at risk for a deficiency. When the body senses drastically low zinc level, the pituitary gland limits the release of the luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones; they are responsible for triggering T production in the testes. In turn, that hormonal change throttles back on the amount of androgen-binding sites and free testosterone in the blood stream.

Tip: Do You Meet These 5 Fitness Standards? | T Nation

Can you do all five of these things? You should be able to. Check the list.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 12 Rules for Success


Steph Curry opens up about the NBA Finals and a personal, lifelong struggle

From breaking long-held NBA records to being named the league's MVP, to leading his team to its third consecutive finals appearance, the Warriors sharpshooter has accomplished some amazing feats throughout his career on the hardwood, leading many to ask, “Is there anything Steph can’t do?”

Keeping It Real ! (w/video)

Today's training was more about helping others. I was able to get a few things of my own training done but I also got to help my training partner Carri get her squat opener in place for her meet. I also helped Brianna with her deadlift technique and bam she hit an all time  25 lb PR. I love working with other strong women who want to improve their technique and are willing to work hard.

Tip: Two Simple Ways to Build Bigger Biceps | T Nation

Two simple adjustments will make your dumbbell curls much more effective. Check 'em out.

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Tip: Two Backside Exercises You Should Be Doing | T Nation

Your posterior chain is the musculature on the back side of your body from the neck to the Achilles. With all the time we spend sitting, and all the time we lifters spend pushing, the posterior chain needs more attention than you're likely giving it. There are two specific posterior chain exercises that you probably aren't doing, or at least aren't doing enough:

Build A Booty That Will Drop Jaws

Give your butt a lift with former IFBB fitness pro and elite trainer Carla Sanchez's four favorite glute exercises.

A Triple-Dose of Creatine Benefits

Not only will creatine help you pump out more reps at the end of a set, but it can also help reduce your rest time between sets. Creatine is essentially the major energy substrate your muscles use for sets under 15 reps. More creatine means more quick energy available for a set and less reliance on muscle glycogen for energy. Muscle glycogen breakdown leads to lactic acid production, which fatigues the muscle. If there is less lactic acid to buffer, then the muscle is recharged and ready to go sooner. This is one reason why you can do more reps with a given weight and recover faster between sets.

The 10-Minute Bench Press Solution | T Nation

Oh, you don't have shoulder problems? Don't wait to prevent them. Had I taken some preventive measures when I was benching monster weights, I'd have avoided the problem in the first place. In other words, this is essential if you're a serious lifter who benches a lot of weight. Start now. You may find that you can lift more as a result and even build more muscle because you're able to recruit more muscle fibers.

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Deadlifts in Krypteia Leader Phase - Grip, Volume, and Weight?

Jim, outside of Krypteia what are your thoughts on doing less volume for DL than the other lifts? I have experienced this and many others have said they can progress on DL with less volume than other lifts. For example on BBB would it make sense to just do 3 sets on DL instead of 5 or is it preferable to keep the same sets/reps for every lift and just do lower TM on DL. Note this isn't an issue not being able to do it, just maximizing training efficiency.

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9 Ways to Live Longer and Look Better Naked | T Nation

But those might not be the best reasons to take aspirin, particularly if you're in your forties, thirties, or maybe even in your twenties. Aspirin, it turns out, is a mild respiratory uncoupler, which might explain some of its mysterious effects on health. Uncoupling is a cellular process that enables a constant flow of electrons down the respiratory chain (i.e., ATP production) in the little energy producing mitochondria. This process restricts (but doesn't shut off) the flow of free radicals, thus theoretically improving health, extending lifespan, and even burning fat.

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Find out if you are guilty of common foam rolling mistakes, and learn what you can do to fix them!

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Want a shredded physique? Crush calories and hammer your heart rate with these brutal back-to-back lifts:  #fitfriday

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Will @KingJames or @StephenCurry30 add one from the @NBA Finals? The 13 best NBA playoffs performances of all time:

Instagram post by Phil Heath • Jun 2, 2017 at 12:34am UTC

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