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Watch: ‘Black Panther’ is fighting for his nation in first trailer

Marvel ramps up MCU Phase Three as Chadwick Boseman takes on former Men’s Fitness cover star Michael B. Jordan.

Get Thicker And Wider: The Hardcore Chest-And-Back Workout

When these two Animals hit the gym, they wear knee sleeves for elbow sleeves. To build that kind of upper-body mass, all you need is big volume, a big appetite, and a serious tolerance for pain.

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Dream it. Risk it. Build it. And they will come. We’re BACK with a BRAND NEW season of @BallersHBO Sunday July 23 on @HBO . #BALLERS

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Tip: Two Backside Exercises You Should Be Doing | T Nation

Your posterior chain is the musculature on the back side of your body from the neck to the Achilles. With all the time we spend sitting, and all the time we lifters spend pushing, the posterior chain needs more attention than you're likely giving it. There are two specific posterior chain exercises that you probably aren't doing, or at least aren't doing enough:

Dwayne Johnson on Twitter

Dream it. Risk it. Build it. And they will come. We’re BACK with a BRAND NEW season of @BallersHBO Sunday July 23 on @HBO . #BALLERS

Full Body Training For Advanced Lifters | T Nation

Since then, the general advice from trainers and strength coaches has been to start with full body workouts until you're advanced enough to graduate to body part splits. The idea was that you did full body workouts, got bigger and stronger, and eventually you "grew out of" full body training. The reasoning was that as you became more developed, you could devote more work to training each body part.

Muscle & Performance on Twitter

We've found the 11 best dumbell exercises for building tons of lean muscle, strength and power.

Tip: The 1-Mile Fitness Test For Lifters Only | T Nation

If you're in your 40's or older, make sure you can pass this test. According to Dr. Jarett D. Berry, not being able to run a 10-minute mile puts you into the "unfit" category. Remember, heart disease is still the leading cause of death ­– a bigger killer than cancer – and minimal run times are a good predictor of long-term ticker health.

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Train Hard, Get Hurt, Keep Making Gains | T Nation

This might seem like a minor distinction, but it really isn't. Imagine that squatting has been iffy lately due to low back pain, and you're scheduled to squat today. If you don't have a plan B already programmed and sure enough your low back starts bitching at you when you start squatting, you're likely to make bad decisions out of sheer frustration. For example, you might just forge ahead despite the pain, or you might become exasperated and just leave the gym.

The 45-Minute Workout

If you've taken a bit of a break from the gym, you can erase any acquired flab by getting back to consistency and easing your way into tough workouts. That’s why we’ve put together these three routines—designed by Jordan Yuam, owner of Jordan’s Virtual Fit Club in Valencia, CA, and the trainer who helped whip Twilight teen wolf Taylor Lautner into howlingly good shape—that can fit into anyone’s schedule.

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Tip: 3 Load Maximizing Tactics | T Nation

For reasons that are still mostly unknown, occlusion training allows you to reap the benefits you'd normally get with heavy loads by using very light weights (20-30% of 1RM). Occlusion training won't directly improve your strength as much as it'll serve as a stimulus for hypertrophy, but if you've got joint issues that prevent heavy training, occlusion training can be a godsend.

Tip: Do You Meet These 5 Fitness Standards? | T Nation

Can you do all five of these things? You should be able to. Check the list.

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Dream it. Risk it. Build it. And they will come. We’re BACK with a BRAND NEW season of @BallersHBO Sunday July 23 on @HBO . #BALLERS

How To Get A Six-Pack This Summer

The trick to carving out 'mirin-worthy abs lies in knowing how to combine the proper workouts with adequate rest and targeted nutrition. You'll probably need to add a little strategic muscle, cut some fat, and prioritize recovery and rest. Don't be surprised if fewer ab workouts and more food reveal the muscles you want to show off this summer!

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

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Scotland, Panama & 5+ states reppin here in Manasquan #UndergroundStrengthGym w @MashElite #StrengthCoach

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7 Reasons Your Pecs are Flat

Almost as bad as bouncing the bar off the chest is the inane practice of performing half-reps on the bench press. You want massive pecs to be proud of? Then lower the bar to full stretch (which for most people will mean lightly touching the bar to the chest or to a point just slightly above) to excite every fiber, and then press the bar straight up to lockout, while consciously squeezing the pecs into a tight contraction.

The Top 3 Mobility Exercises for Lifters | T Nation

The problem? They're often functionally shortened and weakened as a result of our chronic daily positions and not experiencing mobility through a full range of motion. Luckily the lateral lunge will help you learn how to use the adductors through extended ranges of motion to stabilize the hips, pelvis, and lumbar spine as a unit. Once you master the lateral lunge with pristine stability and unlocked mobility, add the rotational component through the thoracic cage and shoulders.

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Cinnamon Apple Yogurt Parfait with Protein Granola

Assemble the parfait. For presentation purposes only, a glass cup, martini glass or clear coffee glass mug would work well. Layer 1 tbsp. of granola, then a small scoop of yogurt then the apples and more granola. There’s no exact science to this step, just continue layering, and have fun with it. Use the remaining ½ ingredients for the second glass.

Straight Up Triceps: The Tried-and-True Arm Workout

So what we’ve done here is take that at-home routine to the gym to spruce it up with some barbell and cable work for added triceps isolation. This workout is bookended with the aforementioned DIY moves (replacing the granite countertop with actual dip bars), sandwiching lying EZ-bar extensions and cable overhead extensions in between. What you’re left with is a nice blend of bodyweight and machine training, multi-joint mass builders, and single-joint detailers. Know what else you’re left with? A beefier pair of tri’s you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else you care to flex.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017 - You know something big is coming up over the horizon and you can feel the excitement in your bones. But you don't want to be distracted from achieving your long-term goals while ambitious Saturn is still visiting your sign. Nevertheless, you're eager to break the bonds of responsibility that prevent you from making your move. It's a dance between impulsive and compulsive behavior now, with you vacillating between these two modalities. Forget about making a final decision today. Simply play the waiting game and keep in rhythm until the music stops.

The 6 Most Hated Personal Trainers | T Nation

But there are those that not only cross the line, they splatter the line with kerosene and light a match to it. Case in point, a month ago I fired a trainer on the spot for walking past a changing stall and snapping a picture with his phone over the top of the door because his victim was trying on a sports bra. Yes, creeps like that really exist. News of this leaking out doesn't bode well for not only the gym, but trainers in general.

Tip: Master the Dorian Deadlift | T Nation

The conventional deadlift done in a full range of motion is actually two movements: a push off the floor, then a pull over the knees. The push off the floor is initiated by leg drive. Then as the bar gets to around knee height and the hamstrings have completed their part of the job, the rhomboids, lats, and traps work isometrically to hold position as the lockout is completed. The conventional deadlift has a couple of shortcomings when it comes to back building:

Everything a fit guy needs to know for June 2017

Live smarter, look better, and play harder with tips from 'Men's Fitness' Editor at Large and Galvanized Media CEO David Zinczenko.

Tip: Drink This Kind of Cow's Milk | T Nation

While the milk haters might be laying the blame in the wrong places, it looks like they might be at least partly right about milk. It turns out there's a type of beta casein in the majority of milk products that makes milk a horrible choice for a significant group of people.

Tip: Rope Crunches: You're Doing Them Wrong | T Nation

To involve your abs, you have to do the exact opposite – lock your hips and bend your back. The start position for a rope crunch is with the spine arched as far back as possible (full extension). It's performed correctly by pulling the elbows toward the knees, with the spine going from full extension to full flexion, while the waist (hips) stay totally locked and stationary. This focuses all the work on the abs.

Tip: Fight Colon Cancer With This Food | T Nation

Food is a lot like drugs. The right kind can add years to your life and add life to your years. The wrong kind can suck the life-force out of you faster than your succubus of an ex girlfriend. A new study shows us just how powerful good food can be.

Tip: 4 Extended Set Techniques for Size Gains | T Nation

Stopping a set short leaves potential growth on the table. You may have nothing left to give at that weight or with that exercise, but that doesn't mean your set has to be over. That's where extended sets come in. Just don't overdo it with these techniques. Using them on the last set of an exercise is enough.

Tip: One Exercise for Triceps and Abs | T Nation

Two birds, one stone. Two muscle groups, one exercise. Check this out and give it a shot.

10 hottest international travel destinations of summer 2017

“Our data is showing a 26% increase in international travel this summer, and while iconic destinations such as Paris and Rome remain favorites our travelers’ curiosity is prompting discovery of off-the-beaten path global destinations,” says Claire Bennett, EVP and GM of American Express Travel. “From the Maldives—which is showing an outstanding 117% increase in summer bookings—to Costa Smeralda, Marrakech, and Zabreb, travelers are increasingly drawn to this idea of luxury escapism and seeking ways to disconnect—not from technology or creature comforts—but from the everyday chaos."

Training with Tendonitis

Use perfect form and a slow tempo on every rep. After the workout is complete, the injured area should be iced for 20 minutes every hour or so till bedtime. In addition, NSAIDs can be utilized to reduce inflammation as well, but not for more than a few days since these medications can interfere with the anabolic process.

America's Hot Girls of the Gym

ANGT (America's Next Great Trainer) presents America’s Hot Girls of the Gym. We hit gyms across America to catch some of the hottest, fitttest girls in action. In the first of a series, this gallery showcases those who have put their time in at the weightroom to build a rockin' physique. So check these hardbodies out and get inspired to build your own masterpiece in the gym.

4 sex positions that won't get her off

“Anytime you enter her from behind, if you don’t pay attention to her clitoris chances are she won’t be able to orgasm,” Pratt says. “Encourage her to pleasure herself in this position, or use some lubricant (please!) and touch her clitoris for her.” This position isn’t as intimate as missionary since it’s more difficult to make eye contact with your partner or kiss, but doggystyle is the second favorite sex position for men, according to the Trojan survey. Pratt says trust is the key to successful sex from behind. “Does she feel safe with me?” Pratt says a guy should ask himself. “If a woman can’t let go of inhibitions, open up emotionally, feel beautiful and connected to you, this won’t allow her to climax.”

How Fitness Experts Fight The Summer Training Lull

Don't let summer shenanigans rob you of your fitness goals. Check out these tips from ErgoGenix athletes on how to keep training motivation strong as the weather warms up.

Carbon by Layne Norton Recover at - Best Prices on Recover!

A great example of this is using Carnipure as the source of l-carnitine. Other forms of carnitine are very popular in supplements, but usually that is because they are less expensive to incorporate. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate found in carnipure however is the only form of carnitine demonstrated to support recovery, decrease muscle soreness, supports performance, and increase androgen receptor density in muscle cells*. Is it more expensive than some other forms of Carnitine? Yes. Could we ‘get by’ on some of our claims using other forms of carnitine that were not used in clinical research? Absolutely. Would we feel good about it? Absolutely not. That’s why in every Carbon product you will only find the highest quality, clinically backed ingredients, so that you can be sure that you are getting the most effective, science based, products on the market*.

Dymatize ISO100 at Best Prices for ISO100

ISO100® is simply muscle-building fuel. Each serving contains 25 grams of protein and 5.5g of BCAAs including 2.7g of L-Leucine. Known worldwide for quality, taste and purity, ISO100 is produced to our highest quality standards. ISO100 is formulated using a cross-flow micro filtration, multi-step purification process that preserves important muscle-building protein fractions while removing excess carbohydrates, fat, lactose and cholesterol. ISO100 is made with pre-hydrolyzed protein sources to ensure fast digestion and absorption.

The 2017 Starter's Guide: How to eat for optimal muscle growth

Eat whole foods whenever possible. “It’s a lifestyle approach to food that helps to eliminate added sugars, sodium, and fat,” says White. Include food from all food groups, with extra attention to vegetables, and ignore anything that is in a box, or has more than four or five ingredients in it. Stick with lean meats like chicken or turkey, pork tenderloin, or fatty cold-water fish like salmon and mackerel. Consume unprocessed carbohydrates from potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, fruits, and vegetables. Get your fats from fish, olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds—avoid reduced-fat products because when companies take out fat, they add more sugar to maintain the flavor.

10 Training Tips for Gaining Lean Muscle

While your time in the gym is certainly responsible for creating a training effect, your time outside the gym is responsible for repair and growth. On top of making sure your nutrition is on-point, be sure to get solid, consistent sleep (8-9 hours per night) and try to reduce outside stress as much as possible. You’d be amazed at how much these factors truly affect your ability to improve your body composition.

5 Critical To-Do's For Every Training Session

I was always fortunate enough to have a great group of people that I trained with. I was the person that took things way too serious and was batshit crazy most of the time. It's hard to be bat shit crazy all the time when you're training with other people that are fucking around all the time (in a good way). Training together, when that synergy is created, that good compromise is found. The over serious one will be telling the people that are always joking around to shut the fuck up. Meanwhile, they other ones are getting us to tone down and regulate our mental state to be able to train without killing ourselves. By no means is this saying only to screw off and not to train hard. On the contrary, I think most don't train hard enough and play the "optimal training" card way too safely. I believe firmly in training economy and doing only what is justified to do, but to do it right. Regardless, find something to laugh at.

Muscle & Fitness on Twitter

Shock your body with a jolt to your nervous system and add these Aftershock finishers to your workout. @Scivation

Build Mass, Lose Fat, and Get Crazy Strong

Y3T (Yoda 3 Training) is the brand name of my training method, which incorporates a three-week structure based on utilizing low, medium, and high reps with varying training volumes and rep tempos to target all muscle-fiber types. Other people put the “Yoda” tag there. The ideology of Y3T has grown from more than 2 1/2 decades of testing methods with a wide selection of athletes, including four-time Olympia 212 Showdown winner Flex Lewis and IFBB pro William Bonac.

Train Like The Rock: Dwayne Johnson's Shoulder Routine

Johnson hits the gym six days per week, usually focusing on one body part per day. At 45, he's a seasoned, instinctive trainer. "I go by feel," he says, and notes that when he's in the gym it's all business. "I have my headphones on. I'm listening to my music. I'm 100% focused. There's no wasted time and no wasted effort when it comes to me and the weights." And The Rock's favorite body part? Legs, which is why he leaves them for Saturday when he has extra time to train them.

7 Simple Nutrition Tips For Staying Fit On Vacation

Whether you work hard on your fitness and nutrition all year long or have just begun your fitness journey, an upcoming vacation can be an extremely tempting time to jump ship from your healthy eating habits and overindulge. Don't go swimming just yet! Here are seven tips to help you stay on track with your nutrition while having fun on vacation.

Tip: The Seated Box Jump | T Nation

Taking out the swing of the arms will force you to focus on developing power from the ground up. To take this movement to the next level, hug a weight to your chest. Now you have a loaded plyometric movement that doesn't trash your joints. Not too shabby.

The 10 Most Common Sex Mistakes

There are a number of things that can go wrong the first time you're in bed with a new partner, and most consenting adults understand that. There's a lot to feel out about another person before reaching the right comfort level and sexual rhythm. Any awkward post-sex vibes that you project will make her uneasy as well, so you're better off relaxing and basking in the glow, bro.

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