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Kai Greene Dance Battle

Kai Greene goes head to head in a dance battle with 3 talented kids in Toronto!

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015 - Friends and family may be the current source of drama that begs for your involvement. Nevertheless, it's probably best to observe the unfolding circumstances from a comfortable distance if they don't directly concern you. Unnecessarily worrying about matters peripheral to your main priorities only stresses you out now. You could even complicate the situation today by adding your two cents before anyone asks. Establishing a clear boundary and sticking to it works to everyone's advantage, especially yours.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Double-Split Workout

Get terminated with this hardcore double-split routine from the Oak himself.

Eight Ways to Salvage a Bad Workout

Workout rescue 911! Pluck success from the jaws of workout disaster.

Flex Lewis' Killer Biceps Routine

What you do is set three EZ-curl bars on the floor next to one another, in order from lighter to heavier. Starting with the lightest one, do 15 reps with a close grip. At the top, hold and squeeze for a count of two. Then put that down and move on to the next heaviest weight, and do another 15 reps. You may have to rest for a couple of seconds at a time to get to the 15 reps, but the goal is to do 15. Then you do it again with the heaviest weight.

Extreme Eats

For those who just want to get down to business, cut to the chase, and build muscle, the world of bodybuilding nutrition can be a daunting place. Even with the greatest dietary supplements, pre-workout elixirs, hormone boosters, pump enhancers, and secret formulas that promise the world, absolutely nothing will ever substitute for proper eating. When it comes to building extreme muscle, there are some fundamental rules I teach. Here’s a sample of five rules I consider golden. 1. Eat Frequently If extreme muscle building was all about what you eat and not when you eat it, then bodybuilding for serious brawn would be easy and you could get it all out of the way with one big meal each day. Just eat half a cow and your biceps would blow up. But this is clearly not the case. In fact, when you eat may be as important, if not more important, than what you eat.
 One of the biggest mistakes a bodybuilder who wants massive muscles can make is to ignore this fact in favor of narrowly focusing on protein quality at the neglect of what I call “meal cadence.” This term refers to the rhythmic frequency of meals throughout the day needed to build muscle.

9 Foods an Athlete Would Never Eat

Top performing athletes know that nutrition is king when it comes to gaining an edge over their competitors. However, no matter what your goal is—carving out your six-pack, increasing your stamina—the gateway to success lies on your plate. An athlete’s diet is more than just calories in and calories out—it’s fuel. The right foods increase your energy, promote muscle growth, and aid in muscle repair. The wrong ones set you back. When it comes to chowing down, there are certain eats a serious athlete just won’t touch.

6 Testosterone Boosting Foods

Get back to building muscle and burning fat with these t-boosting power foods.

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4 Weeks to Massive Muscle Program

You’ll train chest and triceps the day after legs. After hitting the meat of the chest with flat-bench barbell presses, you’ll immediately attack the pecs from the same angle with dumbbells. And similar to how you alternated between squat variations for legs, each time you train chest, perform a different angle (flat-bench in week 1, incline in week 2, decline in week 3 and flat-bench again in week 4) first in the rotation, starting with the barbell version, then following that up with dumbbells. You’ll end chest day with an isolation move (cable flye) to finish things off with an incredible pump before moving on to triceps. Your triceps training will involve bread-and-butter exercises performed in the traditional hypertrophy rep range (8-12) to pack maximum mass onto the upper arms.

Four-Week Program for a Shredded Summer Body

In the other sessions, there are elements of traditional bodybuilding and CrossFit intermingled. A lot of guys who have been following a traditional body-part split might balk at these CrossFit elements. They’ll say they don’t want to do exercises like toes-to-bar and kipping pullups. “Can I swap it out for something else?” they’ll ask. Yes—if you honestly can’t do the moves listed. But you need to at least try everything listed. If you can’t do it, then scale it back a little, either by lightening the load or cutting back a few reps. But don’t look for an out with every move that makes you uncomfortable. If you start swapping out everything, you might as well just ride a bike every day. You could, in theory, burn the same number of calories that way— you’d lose muscle, lose strength, and essentially become a lesser version of yourself. So don’t start down that path. If you knew a better way to get ripped, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Just know that Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt all did a version of the program you now hold in your hands. You can do what they did if you attack this thing with purpose.

What Jurassic World actor just said about Christianity will probably ruin his career - Allen B. West -

“I have my eyes on the prize. The big picture is my wife and my son and I living somewhere other than L.A., just being able to be a Boy Scout leader, drink beer on Saturday, go to church on Sunday, having fun. I could coach him in football. That’s the goal, and I need to do as many big movies as I can while there’s still time. Because you never know what’s next,” he said.

11 Food Swaps to Cut 500 Calories A Day From Your Diet

Shedding off pounds means creating a caloric deficit in your diet—that is, burning more calories than what you're consuming. But, cutting weight doesn't require starving yourself or clocking hours of cardio at the gym. In fact, rapidly losing weight is as easy as cutting out 500 needless calories a day from your diet. And with the help of Molly Kimball , RD, a nutritionist based in New Orleans, and Lauren Slayton, founder of Food Trainers in New York City, we’ve done the math for you and found 11 fat-trimming foods to swap out—and 11 to swap in—to your diet. Each food alone will reduce caloric intake by at least 100 calories per serving, so combine five and you’re already stripping away those 500 extra calories off your plate—and the more swaps, the more potential for fat loss. The best part? You won't feel like you're depriving yourself or missing out on any of the good stuff.

The 10 Best Hangover Helpers

'Tis the season to let loose, but when you throw back one too many hard ciders and wake up with a pounding headache, you'll be desperate for relief. That's where we come in. With the help of New York City-based dietitian, Tanya Zuckerbrot, M.S., R.D., we’ve gathered the 10 best foods and drinks to alleviate holiday headaches. If you want to stay well into the New Year, keep these items on hand to ease post-party pain.

The Beginners Workout: Top Muscle-Building Moves

Returning to the gym after a long time away—or hitting the weight room for the first time? Check out our intimidation-free beginner's workout plan, packed with need-to-know moves for a better body.

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Fuel Your Workouts With These High Protein Foods For Energy | Eat This Not That

If you’re striving for a PR during tonight’s WOD, you’ve got to fuel-up properly. “Crossfit workouts focus on both strength training and endurance, so it's important to have between 300 and 600 calories before your workout,” says White. A combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats will help maintain energy levels throughout your workout and ward off extreme hunger pains after your workout, he explains. “Before heading to your box, make a chicken sandwich with whole-wheat bread, 3 to 5 ounces of grilled chicken, an ounce of mashed avocado and as much spinach as you can fit in between. If you Crossfit too early in the morning for a chicken sandwich, substitute the chicken for egg whites and add reduced fat mozzarella cheese.” (Want to keep your metabolism humming long after your Crossfit session is over? Burn, baby, burn with the essential 6 Quick Ways to Boost Your Metabolism .)

10 Ways to Build Muscle Faster

Seeing new and faster gains doesn’t always require getting on a drastically different workout plan or following an ultra-scientific diet. Small changes can add up to major results. Start making the following tweaks and build muscle faster.

4 Superfoods that Fight Inflammation

Inflammation can have devastating effects on the body, leading to joint stiffness, joint breakdown, joint swelling and loss of joint mobility. This can cause major problems to any workout regime. With less range of motion in exercising the body will not be able to run optimally and muscle building potential will surely be decreased. The greatest muscle gains come with a complete range of motion for the exercising muscle anything less we are cheating ourselves. Simply being aware of inflammation and its effects on your ability to build muscle or burn fat is a huge advantage. But by adding these four foods to your weekly menu, you’re likely to find that your muscles and joints recover faster and more completely, putting you back in top form, faster.

Beat the Clock to Beat Your Gut

DIRECTIONS Perform each workout (Days I, II, and III) once per week, resting a day between each session. You can add these routines to the end of your existing weight workouts , or you can perform them separately as conditioning sessions. Complete one set of each exercise in turn (known as a circuit), resting as needed between rounds. One time through the circuit is one round. On Day I, do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes; on Day II, complete five rounds in as little time as possible; on Day III, do as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes.

The No-Frills Shoulder Workout

In this program, you’ll use moderate to heavy upright rows with a rope attachment at a cable station, which hold plenty of the same benefits but with a smoother, more natural range of motion. Then, after those more traditional sets, you’ll do high-volume, HIIT-inspired shoulder work using light dumbbells and battling ropes. The result is a complete, sweat-soaked routine that heavily taxes each of the three deltoid heads while also helping you get diced.

One-Dimensional Attack

Here, we rehabilitate the reputation of “one” with 10 unilateral exercises you probably aren’t doing so you can take a “one-sided” approach for better gains.

10 Simple Ways to Detox Without Dieting

We’ve all been there with daily bad habits, at some point. Whether it’s continuously indulging in the third large cup of coffee, just one more slice of pizza, or too much beer at Tuesday’s happy hour, the result is the same: You feel like crap, afterward. But there’s good news—you can detox your system to get back on track with your fitness goals. And you don’t have to starve yourself on an extreme liquid cleanse diet to do it. “ Dietary changes are necessary during a time of detoxing,” says Dr. Ivy Bravin, a naturopathic doctor based in New York, “but they don’t have to be radical.” Upping your water consumption, lounging in a sauna, and opting out of dairy products for a week can do wonders for you and your hardworking toxic-filtering organ, the liver. Incorporate these simple detox steps into your life, and your body will feel less sluggish in no time.

15-Minute Feast: Reel in the Protein

Free Newsletters Need help achieving your fitness goals? The Muscle & Fitness newsletter will provide you with the best workouts, meal plans and supplement advice to get there.

25-Minute Full-Body TRX Circuit

If you're looking for a new TRX workout, give this fun and effective 25-minute full body routine a try.

The 100-Rep Squat Workout

The classic barbell squat is quite possibly the greatest all-around exercise; it targets your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, as well as the rest of your body. And to reap the muscle-building benefits of the beloved move, you don't need to train like a powerlifter. Instead of upping your weight, increase your reps. Doing more than 10 squats per set induces significant muscle growth and is a strategy endorsed by strength coaches like Bret Contreras.

10 Sex Deal-Breakers from Real Women

You may have just thrown down serious bills on dinner, complimented her all night, and used your best moves when kissing her, but you aren't in the clear yet. Surprisingly, these are not the things that matter most to women when she’s deciding whether or not she wants to have sex with you tonight. Her decision comes down to the tiniest things you do and say, and she holds all the cards. If you commit any of these crimes, sex will be off the table in as little time it takes you to rip her clothes off.

Beyond Bread: Why Some People Can Eat More Carbs Than Others - Born Fitness

The truth is that not all foods high in carbohydrates are bad for you. I’ve tried to lose weight with Paleo/low-carb diets of one form or another hundreds of times over the past 12 years, but usually, my ‘weight loss journeys’ have never been longer than 2 weeks. When I try to go that low in carbs I feel awful I just love carbs and can’t imagine living without them. For me, the key to success was to mix high- and low-carb days instead of keeping carbohydrates at a constant all the time. This works by giving your body the fuel it needs to increase your metabolism and create a calorie deficit to increase fat loss (more about carb cycling: everydayhealthhero . com/can-carb-cycling-help-you-lose-weight ). I’m using this method since late January, it really does the trick. I have already lost 16lb since then and it’s the only diet I’ve ever been on that made me feel full and kept me from being hungry

28 Days to Six-Pack Abs Workout Program

First up is the diet. This will become your most important component because it takes the most discipline, and if you’re not getting rid of the fat and water, then your abs are going to seem more like a two-pack. With the diet, don’t drastically cut carbs, instead burn them. Keep carbs constant until your abs are truly ready to be seen, then a quick cut will rip out the final drops of water. This is the biggest mistake I’ve seen, dropping carbs too fast and too much, which reduces energy and forces “skinny fat” syndrome instead of good fat burning. Increase your protein to 50-60 additional grams per day and amino acid intake to 10-20 grams per day of supplementation; do this while increasing your veggie intake, so that you can get your calorie count where it needs to be to shed the excess poundage. To reduce excess water weight, add natural diuretic-based products that have dandelion and green tea extract and uva ursi and cranberry. Also, make sure to hit a fat burner that cooperates with your gut, and keep tabs on your indulgences. When you’re out, resist the urge to consume heavy or sugary drinks and fatty foods.

OSU Named America’s Healthiest Campus

In the February issue of M&F , we spotlighted Oklahoma State University on our “College Life” page because of their initiatives to prove they are “America’s Healthiest Campus.” We decided to take a closer look at what the institution does to keep its est. 20,000 students fit. As you’ll see, the Cowboys have really changed the college fitness game.

The Best Barbell-Only Back Workout

You’ll begin with the hang clean, an Olympic  weightlifting exercise that works everything but requires the traps to help heave weights from the knees to the shoulders. Then you can target the lats with rows from various angles. If overemphasizing chest work has left your front and back out of balance, you couldn’t ask for a better tool than the trusty barbell to set things right.

How Cardio Helps Your Brain Work Better

The study found that not only did older adults have slower times on the Stroop test compared to younger people, but also within the older group, those who had faster times had less stiff arteries and better cardiovascular fitness (VO2max). Overall, the older group had lower VO2max compared to the younger group. A decline in vascular health as we age ultimately leads to cognitive decline and cardiovascular exercise is a way to mediate these vascular changes and improve cognitive health , the researchers concluded.

Front Squat

TMW: I Squat 315 lbs for reps Why are My Legs Still Skinny??? @hodgetwins

6 Perfect Post-Workout Meals

Eating quality food post-workout is crucial…you know, if you expect to make gains and stuff. The science on recovery is a little War-and-Peace-y in its complexity but you can boil it down to a few nutritional musts: in order to optimize your results, you need to replace the amino acids and glycogen lost during your workout.

The No-Situp Ab Workout

When you think of ab exercises , the first one that usually comes to mind is the situp. While the situp is OK when performed properly, there's other options that place less strain on the neck, spine, and lower back, especially for people who spend countless hours sitting or working at a computer. "Spinal flexion," which basically means you sit in a hunched crunched position for too long, is similar to a situp, and over time, can cause numerous problems including poor posture, pain, and decreased performance.

The One Chest Move You Should be Doing

All of us meatheads are the same. We love to bench press and incline press. We have done these exercises so much that we may have had to take a break from them at times to either progress or avoid injury. The bench press is fun to do, but it is not the only chest exercise that you should be doing.

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Build Bigger Shoulders with the Landmine Lateral Raise

Combining the front, lateral, and rear-delt raises into one, the landmine lateral raise works the delts through a full range of motion, while your core braces you.

The Clean Eating Meal Plan for Effective Recomposition

A super food for your liver—beets are rich in antioxidants and nitrates. But studies are recommending for you to ingest this super food as a juice. Here’s why: cooked beets have less of a nutritional value and beetroot juice can leave you with extra muscle pumps in the gym. The Journal of Applied Physiology published a study showing that beetroot juice can enhance nitric oxide (NO) levels in the body, which allows your body to perform better during workouts. NO is a vasodilator—increasing blood flow throughout the body. From the increased blood flow, more nutrients will be targeting your muscles, which can speed up your recovery rates and produce more muscle pumps.

How to Build Muscle When You’re Over 40

Once you hit 40, things don’t tend to work the same way they did when you turned 25—joints are creaky, muscles take longer to recover, and your aerobic conditioning and power starts to decline. But does that mean you should slow down in the gym? Far from it. All you need to do is make a few changes to your exercises and routine.

The 8 Best Muscle-Building Foods For Vegans and Vegetarians

You don't have to be a meat-eater to gain muscle and build mass so long as you're eating high-protein food sources.


Gain strength in the lower body and improve your squat 1RM with this 12-week squat training program. This program is designed for healthy experienced squatters with no injuries and it’s great for athletes who want to get in better shape.

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Posing Like A Pro Posedown Voting

Each of three (3) grand prize winners will receive a Labrada prize pack, valued at $250, consisting of a gym bag, Labrada supplements, t-shirt, cap, shaker and signed Lee Labrada 8 x 10 photo.

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8 reasons you're still weak... or fat... or both: …

5 Ways to Bolster Your Plank for a Stronger Core

Grab a dumbbell or a kettlebell that would be demanding to carry in only one hand for about forty yards. Make sure to maintain superb posture at all times as you walk that distance. Switch hands and repeat. The reason this works so well is the opposite side core is trying to dynamically stabilize the spine while you hold the weight and move with it. Makes sense why it is so hard to carry that baggage through the airport with one hand. Those deep core muscles have to stabilize and work to help support your body just like a plank. The suitcase carry is by far the most functional type of plank to improve dynamic stabilization. Give it a shot and you will see the benefits in no time.

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First on snapchat then periscope now @Schwarzenegger is on waze "turn left at the next explosion"

Interesting Facts About Sex

Want the ultimate orgasm? Wondering which country has the best lovers? We have the answers to this and more.

8 Manly Cocktails That are Good for You

Forget ordering screwdrivers and gin and tonics—today’s bar aficionado prefers a drink that takes just as long to make as it does to down. Powered in part by the popularity of shows like Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men , vintage cocktail bars are popping up all over, offering a sophisticated alternative to 10-cent wing night at your favorite watering hole. For the health-conscious drinker, however, the question always remains: how healthy are these Don Draper-inspired drinks? Well, it’s what’s being mixed with your spirit of choice that determines its overall value to your health, so we enlisted Ian Present, co-owner of Dutch Kills and PKNY in New York City to select eight signature, healthy cocktails, as well as provide mixing instructions for making them yourself. Photo by Isaac Rosenthal Get Healthy Food & Snacks at GNC Live Well >>>

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