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Our track record of transforming and helping hundreds of athletes that have walked through these doors does not fit us into the Wal Mart of Athlete Strength & Conditioning.

Ask the Anabolic Doc - Episode 18

In this episode of the Anabolic Doc, prep guru and IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak opens up about his health issues.

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Good Form vs. Bad Form: What You Don't Know | T Nation

So, if you're a competitive lifter or just care a lot about being strong, "good technique" often means finding the easiest way to lift the weight. For example, if you were attempting to break your one-rep max record on the squat, you wouldn't lower the bar over a 6-count and then pause for 1-second at the bottom before ascending back to the top. You'd instead use the easiest tempo.

2 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

If you're ahead of the game, you're already using a ball chair. But you can do more with it than just sit! Use these two movements throughout the day to combat your sitting posture and add muscle and strength you can use anytime!

The Best Shoulder Workout Moves to Avoid Injury

Do 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps for each of the moves, resting 1 minute between sets. Use heavier dumbbells for the first exercise (incline-bench isometric row) and then lower the weight for the remaining 3; try using around 40 pounds and 15 pounds, respectively. Avoid setting down the dumbbells between the last 3 moves. Once you’re done, rest 2 minutes and finish with a brachial, or dead, hang. Complete this circuit 2 or 3 times a week.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018 - You could fall in love in a big way today. But whether you’re captivated by a person, a place or an idea, your feelings are disruptive to the status quo. It’s nearly impossible to continue with your day-to-day routine when your emotions are so unstable. However, you will likely return to your senses on a moment’s notice once you realize that things are not always as they appear. Personal ups and downs rise and fall like the tides, but your responsibilities remain. Don’t be daunted; just grit your teeth and get to work.

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111- Danny Vega- Keto Counterculture on Carnivore Keto, Keto Performance and Supplementing Ketones

Danny Vega aka Keto Counter Culture joins us today to continue our deep dive into the Ketogenic Diet. Danny has been keto for over 2 years and has recently incorporated a carnivore keto diet. He and Ben discuss the use of exogenous ketones to increase focus and performance, the effectiveness of a ketogenic diet for everyone including pro athletes, how to minimize the keto flu, and his and Ben’s recent foray into building muscle on keto. Go check out Danny on The Ketogenic Athlete Podcast and @ketocounterculture! This episode is brought to you buy Thrive Market. Check out for 25% off your first order and free shipping for a month! Go pick up all of your keto or non keto grocery needs. 2:00 - How Danny got into keto and made a smooth transition from a carb based diet. 5:45 - How Ben’s keto adaptation is going. 8:00 - The Carnivore Keto Cut. Danny’s new keto program that helps people get into ketosis. 10:45 - Upping the adaptation process. How fasting can minimize the keto flu and help you adapt quicker. 11:30 - Exogenous ketones. Using keto supplements for mental clarity and as a preworkout.


President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump suggested that North Korean TV anchor should get a job in US: report AT&T announces it has completed acquisition of Time Warner Classified Israeli report raises questions about Trump-Kim summit: report MORE said on Friday that he wants "his people" to listen to him like North Koreans listen to their leader, Kim Jong Un.  "He’s the head of a country. And I mean, he is the strong head," Trump said of Kim on "Fox & Friends." "Don’t let anyone think anything different. He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same." The president praised Kim once again on Friday, saying that the he "hit it off" with the North Korean premier during

The Only Core Workout You'll Ever Need

The chain of core muscles may be complex, but strengthening them doesn't have to be. This trunk-focused routine, created by Equinox coach Michael Ryan, covers essential functional movements — push, pull, squat, hinge, and walk — in just six exercises that keep your entire torso engaged. The beauty? Do it right and you'll build every muscle in your body. The bonus: You'll need only one kettlebell.

165 | Zach, Tait Fletcher & Keith Jardine on The Pirate Life • Zach Even-Esh

If this episode doesn't fire you up for GREATNESS in ALL areas of your life, then I need you to listen to ALL The STRONG Life Podcasts. Go back and listen or re-listen HERE.

Tip: Perform All Rep Ranges, Regardless of Goals | T Nation

Conventional wisdom led us to believe that low-rep ranges (1-5) build strength, moderate-rep ranges (6-12) were best for hypertrophy or size, and high-rep ranges (more than 12) develop muscular endurance. While that's partly true, the problem is in the application of the idea.

12 Kitchen Swaps All Athletes Make

You’ve probably figured this out by now, but it’s not easy to get fit if you have a fridge full of fatty and high-carb foods. However, it’s a lot harder to figure out what you need to stay stocked up on in order to maintain your weight. Here’s a list of common kitchen items you should trash, and what you should stock up on.

Lifters Over 30 Need to Get Real | T Nation

A lot of coaches say that lifting weights for higher reps makes you more prone to injury. In the case of training methodologies that have you racing the clock, it's true. But sets of 10-12 or even 15 reps of a compound movement shouldn't be outside the vocabulary of a recreational lifter who has his health and wellness first in mind, along with building plenty of muscle and strength.

Tip: What You Really Think Of Bodybuilding | T Nation

And really, if you think about it, lifting weights is sort of like riding a bicycle. You may love to ride your bike but that doesn't necessarily mean you can name a single professional bicycle rider, and it doesn't mean you enjoy watching other people race. The fun and the reward is in the doing, not the watching.

Father's Day 2018: Thoughtful Gift Guides for Every Dad

Father’s Day 2018: Thoughtful Gift Guides for Every Dad

The Texas Method | T Nation

Recovery:  It should start right after the last set of the workout. At this level of training intensity, it's imperative that you eat and sleep with both sufficient quality and quantity – The Texas Method will overtrain your ass very quickly if you don't pay attention to recovery.

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Pre at - Best Prices on Pro Pre!

received a sample of this product. I was impressed with how little water was recommended, 5-6 ounces. I opted for 5 since most pre's tend to be a little watered down. bad idea. the flavor was pretty intense. While i thought overall the flavor was pretty good, its is not very clean. it leaves a moderate after taste and has some chalkiness to it.. My workout for the day was chest.. which for this week is pretty long.. 37 sets 390 reps... I fell flat at about set 28... My usual pre workout is prekaged. I will be sticking with it.


The trick is to find a decent take-out place that won’t ruin your diet. And new evidence says this is trickier than you even thought. A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics described the work of nutritionists from Tufts University who assessed the caloric content of more than 360 meals from non-chain restaurants (meaning their nutrition info was not published) across several major cities. The scientists felt that 92 percent of meal contained more calories than a person would require. On average, meals from Chinese, Italian, and American eateries contained the most calories. Meals from Greek and Japanese restaurants contained the fewest. They found that the difference between the average Italian meal and the average Greek meal was a whopping 500 calories. Time to say arrivederci to your local red-sauce joint.

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A2 Poster - "A Lion Does Not Lose Sleep Over The Opinion Of Sheep"

Phil Heath on Instagram: “Hoping everyone is having a great week and finishing it up stronger than the last. Take some time out to gather your thoughts on how you…”

Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “Partner tire plyo battle. / We also do these in isometric fashion for 10-15 seconds. / These are AWESOME, and can serve as repetition work…”

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Lower Cortisol By Getting More of THIS Everyday Nutrient

Research shows that because vitamin C has a powerful effect on the immune system, it can help to clear cortisol after intense exercise or during serious mental stress. For example, when men consumed 1 gram of vitamin C a day for 2 weeks, they had significantly lower cortisol after a 2.5-hour endurance run than a placebo group.

No BS with Nordin ep 149 Intuitive Eating

My take on intuitive eating and why I never recommend that to anyone who wants to change body composition.

The 25 best exercises for your lower abs

First, a quick physiology lesson: Your rectus abdominis is really one, long muscle that includes both your “upper” and “lower” abs. So, there are no exercises that explicitly isolate either half individually (even though you may “feel the burn” more so in one area than other). Still, there are things you can do to really make that lower area pop, says Don Saladino, CPT, owner of  Drive 495 .

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Hard and Fast Leg Workout | Gabe Moen

Better get your quads, hamstrings, and glutes warm. This hard and fast leg workout from bodybuilder Gabe Moen will put your legs to the test. ► Shop MUTANT Supplements: ► Premium Fitness Plans: | Gabe Moen's Hard and Fast Leg Workout | 1. Bike: 5 minutes 2. Leg Extensions: 3 sets, 10-12 reps ( 01:02 ) 3. V Squat (Feel Sets): 2 sets, 12-20 reps ( 03:35 ) 4. V Squats (Heavy Sets): 2 sets, failure ( 05:06 ) 4. Lunges: 2 sets, 10-12 reps ( 07:40 ) | Pre-Workout Stack | ► BCAA 9.7: ► Creakong: ► Pump: | Shop Mutant Supplements | ► BCAA 9.7: ► BCAA Caps: ► Caffeine: ► Creakong: ► Glutamine: ► Iso Surge Protein: ► Madness Pre-Workout: ► Mayhem Pre-Workout: ► MCT Oil: ► Mass: ► Micellar Casein Protein: https://bbcom.

Tip: Deadlift Star Complexes | T Nation

 Now we're moving into the strength-speed portion of the curve. Focus on explosion, not on the load used. If you start from blocks it's better for starting explosive strength (e.g. sprint start) and if you start from the hang it's better for movements where you have to quickly switch from eccentric to concentric (e.g. running and jumping)

Never Embarrass Yourself While Slicing an Avocado Again

Never Embarrass Yourself While Slicing an Avocado Again

Tip: A Back Builder You've Never Tried | T Nation

The isometric holds will turn on the key players for performance. For the Kelso shrugs, that's the upper back. After the isometric holds, you'll notice increased upper back involvement during your training. When your upper back muscles work as they should, you'll be able to press more, throw better, and strike harder.

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Weighted Stretch Push-up Drop Set

Weighted Stretch Push-up Drop Set

Tip: Infinity Singles for Big Triceps | T Nation

With that in mind, I like something I call "infinity singles" for triceps, which is a riff on rest-pause training. You start with heavy sets of around 5 reps, then work your way down to doing singles as you fatigue. You keep the single reps going until failure, which surprisingly takes a while.

Bad Digestion is Killing Your Testosterone | T Nation

A good portion of your immune system is located in your intestinal tract and, in some places, it's separated from your intestinal contents by a lining that's only a single cell thick. If this lining becomes permeable, food particles can slip into your bloodstream. When this happens, your body attacks these particles with antibodies and produces chemicals called cytokines that raise your levels of chronic inflammation.

Six New Tabata Workouts for Fast Fat Loss | T Nation

Once you've completed all four exercises you're only half way done, because you'll only be two minutes into the Tabata. Go back to the first exercise and repeat the entire complex again without ever dropping the bar.

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