The "Crowd" Wants Sets & Reps But Coaching MUST Go BEYOND Sets & Reps • Zach Even-Esh Video Description

13-year-old @mad_lifts_15 with a PR Squat Triple of 165kg/363lb and he paused the first rep. As you can see we like keeping this young man at an 8 RPE. It's a long term approach. @squat_university =================== <link in bio> for: -Hundreds of Free Articles & Workouts - Mash Mafia Online Team -All New Mash Apparel - 7 Awesome E-Books (Squat Every Day, Squat Every Day 2, Program Sampler, No Weaknesses, Eat What You Want Nutrition, Performance Zone and The Mash Blueprint) #mashmafia #squateveryday #idowhatiwant @intekstrength #intekstrength @biprousa #biprousa @athleteps @harbingerfitness #harbingerfitness @danicain1 @tfox66 #nikeweightlifting #athleteps

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