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Maximizing Triceps Development

To expand the size of your arms you need to master management of three things: pounds, pump, and programming.

Posing Routines | 2018 IFBB Muscle Mayhem Pro

Posing Routines | 2018 IFBB Muscle Mayhem Pro

Can Hard Work Beat Genetics? Ask Ron Ep. 49

Muscular Development's Ron Harris answers questions from the MD forum. In this episode, Ron covers: What percentage do steroids help and can hard work beat genetics?

Juan Morel’s Quads & Classic Physique Impostors | Ask Ron Ep. 48

Juan Morel’s Quads & Classic Physique Impostors | Ask Ron Ep. 48

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2 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

The deadlift is a classic muscle builder, but how best to perform it? Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., breaks down two versions and shows you how to do them correctly, how they're different, and when to practice one instead of the other.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018 - You are thankful now that the cosmos is handing you a permission slip, instead of a request to untangle more red tape. You are hot to trot, so you’re pleased that people are encouraging you to make your move today. Oddly enough, you might realize you could put your entire plan in jeopardy if you bolt ahead without a thoughtful strategy in place. Intelligent self-restraint is necessary to make sure your actions create the greatest possible impact on the future course of events. There’s no need to rush anything in order to keep your appointment with destiny.

The 25,000 Calorie Titan Challenge High Day

Bodybuilding & Fitness News | Generation Iron The No.1 Fitness & Bodybuilding Network.

The Generation Iron Fitness Network is also partnered with Kai Greene to provide brand new content featuring the champion bodybuilder. In 2015, we released Kai Greene: BELIEVE – showing a brand new side of the philosophical bodybuilder through a show stopping one man performance. Then we followed Kai to the Arnold Classic in Ohio and documented his entire journey to his big win. Titled, Kai Greene: The Return, the 3-part series gives unprecedented access into what it takes to be the best bodybuilder in the world.

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No BS with Nordin ep 148 Diet & sanity

How I manage my nutrition when I can’t train

The 16:8 Fasting Diet | T Nation

Let me emphasize that nutrient timing when going into training fasted or semi-fasted (you break your fast about 15 minutes prior to training here), becomes more important than training in a fed state, where you've eaten 90-120 minutes prior to training. In a fed state, getting in a good meal an hour or two after training works just fine. If you choose to train in the manner above, I highly recommend this protocol because the selected nutrients are ones that get through the digestive tract rapidly and into the cells very quickly.

Ronnie Coleman "The King" - Generation Iron Trailer

Check out the trailer for my movie with Generation Iron coming out on June 22nd. Head over to to pre-order and to sign up to win a free copy of the movie as well as a bundle of RCSS Supps! YEAH BUDDY! Generation Iron Channel - Subscribe for more videos like this- Check Out my Supps - Follow me: Get all of my products here - Check out the rest of my videos -

5 moves for a concrete core

But if you truly want to color your core training with some less conventional but highly effective moves, you can try any of these five.

How to Get Bigger Arms - A More Complete Guide to Biceps and Triceps

As we know well from core work (and trying to get that six pack ), completely isolating a muscle group is a strategy that will likely backfire. You need to pay attention to your foundation — starting the big, functional movements, and then zero in on your weaker parts. After that, add volume to the areas that need the most improvement, exploit your weaknesses, and muscle will grow. Here’s how to put it all together for bigger, well-defined arms.

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MIKE O'HEARN The TITAN on Instagram: “DAD A son's first HERO #MissYouAlways”

Tip: The 7 Deadly Sins of Personal Training | T Nation

Of course, some clients don't care. They mainly hired a trainer to keep them accountable – they paid for the appointment. And they also hired a trainer so they wouldn't have to think about this stuff. It's like how most people just want their taxes filed accurately, but they don't care to learn about complex tax code from their H&R Block guy.

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Flex Wheeler ® | Official on Instagram: “Happy Father’s Day to all you Fathers, Grandfather’s, Great Grandfather’s and especially you Single Moms who play the role of of Mother and…”


Ground Base Sumo Squat

Banded Leg Press Drop Set

What Other Trainers Will Not Tell You: Building Huge Quads. Leg Press Done Right.

Tip: Low Testosterone Can Lead to Early Death | T Nation

But forget about inter-generational stuff. It's estimated about 39% of men in the U.S. over the age of 45 suffer from low testosterone levels, which equates to about 13 or 14 million men (5). But who knows where the cut-off rate is? What percentage of men between ages of, say, 30 and 45 suffer from low T?

Tip: 3 New Rep Protocols for Gains | T Nation

You figure out what rep range you're going to use for the "set" – let's say it's 8 reps for presses in the Hammer Strength machine. Don't start with your 8 rep max though. Start lighter. You do 8 reps, then with almost no rest, you slap on a little more weight and do 8 reps. Right after that you slap on a little weight and do 8 reps. (You may be adding 10 pounds per side each round.)

Tip: Pick the Right Protein for the Job | T Nation

The whey, sodium caseinate, or calcium caseinate wouldn't be a complete waste of money by any means, but they're not the right tools for this particular job. It'd be kind of like using a toilet brush to clean your choppers; you'd clean the front teeth well enough, but your canines, pre-molars, and molars would go unbrushed and turn a nice, mossy green.

Tip: The Natural Cancer Fighter | T Nation

This stuff helps reduce soreness from hard training, but its potential benefits go far beyond that. Check this out.

Tip: 3 Superior Mobility Drills for Lifters | T Nation

So, what's the problem? Effective mobility drills require awareness. If you go through drill after drill with crappy posture and no awareness of what these things actually do, your efforts will create more problems than they'll fix. Here are three examples and some better alternatives.

6 Signs Your Arm Workout Isn't Helping You at All

“There is a lot of misinformation about reps,” Antoian explains. “Guys tend to think you should only go heavy with low reps, and women tend to think you only need to do higher reps. But using a hybrid approach where you switch up your rep count every four weeks or so enables you to incorporate more muscle fibers.”

Tip: Master the One-Armed Snatch | T Nation

By switching implements you'll be challenged not as much by the weight lifted, but by the challenge it places on your core. At the start position (near mid-shin like the power snatch) you have to call on your core to keep you from rotating from center. Once the pull is complete and overhead, you'll need to minimize lateral flexion just as you would in a heavy waiter's walk.

Asia Monet Covers "I Am Changing " by Jennifer Holliday from the Dream Girls on Broadway

Asia Monet Covers "I Am Changing " by Jennifer Holliday from the Dream Girls on Broadway

Tip: Challenge Sets for Enormous Legs | T Nation

I like these for a couple reasons: First, they shock the body by pushing you beyond mental limits, and you MUST push yourself. Second, when you throw out a predetermined rep number you typically far exceed what you thought possible going into the set. I think I got 16 reps in the video with a weight normally used for 6-8. Knowing you have fewer total sets to do, and that the challenge set is a single balls-out-effort, frees you up to not hold back.

Tip: The Modified Cosgrove Complex | T Nation

Complexes are simply a series of movements performed with a barbell, dumbbell(s), or kettlebell(s) where you finish each rep of one movement before quickly moving onto the next movement. Typically, you don't take your hands off the weight until the complex is finished. They can be done after your regular workout as a fat-burning, muscle-shaping finisher. Here's an example.

Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “Some TRUTH BOMBS in #StrengthCoach livin 😐😐😐 / #Repost @penandpaperstrengthapp with @get_repost ・・・ Too Good not to share. Thank you…”

Tip: This Can Stop Fat Loss | T Nation

Think gut problems aren't a big deal? They're a huge deal. Proper digestion and the absorption of nutrients is essential for fat loss. The body is a complex chemical factory that can't function properly without the right nutrients available. So asking your body to perform when it's deficient is like expecting your car to run without oil. Luckily there are some basic ways to assess whether digestion is a problem.

33 Keto: You're Doing It Wrong | T Nation

So let's put this in perspective. If you're a 60 year old overweight pre-diabetic man with minimal physical activity who wants to lose weight on keto, your limit of carbs is probably going to be closer to that 30 gram mark. If you're an athlete who's lifting weights, doing high intensity exercise, and carrying a decent amount of muscle, that number will probably be closer to 100 grams.

Tip: The Common Vitamin That Nixes Nervousness | T Nation

Just take a couple of 500 mg. tablets of vitamin C when you're feeling anxious, or before entering a situation that you foresee as causing anxiety. It might work, but if it doesn't, the worst thing that'll happen is that you'll have boosted your immune system, along with the immune systems of the all the downstream fish and mammals when you inevitably pee it out.

5 morning workouts for all-day energy

Just the thought of working out first thing in the morning sounds like drudgery. And to makes matters work, you typically work late, wake up late, and don’t get enough sleep to begin with. But there’s no better time to make a change than with the new year. Disconnect from your phone by 10 p.m., force yourself in to bed by 11, and set your alarm an hour earlier than usual. These morning workouts are short, quick, simple, and just enough to get the blood flowing and boost your energy levels.

12 Weeks to Ridiculous Wheels | T Nation

There's a lesson here – squatting hard and heavy is the best way to build freaky legs. And to help you along, here's a 12-week squat program that will add slabs of meat onto even the most anemic set of chicken legs, provided you have the guts and fortitude to do the heavy lifting.

Ronnie Coleman on Instagram: “Not a whole lot to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Oh yeah and it’s Father’s Day. Too bad I have to pay for this myself. Oh well I’m use to…”

The Squat 4 Times Per Week Experiment | T Nation

They haven't felt this good in a very long time, and part of me feels it's because I've omitted the bulk of my single-leg training. More specifically, I've omitted the bulk of my lunging (both forward and reverse). The fitness industry flips flops more than a shady politician. One week single-leg training is the shit and everyone and their mother is singing its praises, and the next it wrecks the knees, overstretches the hip flexors, and leaves the toilet seat up. I'm not against single-leg training – I understand its efficacy, and still use it with my athletes and clients – but the reality is nothing is perfect for everyone. What works for one person won't necessarily work for the next. Does this mean I'm going to omit single-leg training from my own programming long-term? Absolutely not. However, for the time being I'm nixing most of it (lunges, step-ups, etc.) and I'm okay with that.

Little Known, Controversial Deadlift Tips | T Nation

I understand that not everyone is built exactly the same and optimal head position for one person may not be optimal for another. But if you're a coach, trainer, or athlete and are interested in building your deadlift, you should consider looking up while deadlifting (if you don't already). Furthermore, if you already look up a bit, you might find looking up more forcefully to be helpful, especially as the bar nears or clears your knees.

Phil Heath on Instagram: “So about last night. @__mrsheath__ and I got a chance to see @garyowencomedy do tha damn thang in Denver and I will say i was laughing so…”

How much cardio can I do without losing muscle?

“Conditioning is the tool to improve your cardiovascular system, and it’s viable to do this without losing muscle,” Holder says. ‘Cardio,’ for many, is uninspired elliptical workouts, long slogging runs, or tired treadmill workouts. But that’s not getting muscleheads—or runners for that matter—anywhere. That’s also an incomplete view. Typically, regular cardio works just your aerobic system—and not even to maximum efficiency. Conditioning, on the other hand, takes a systematic approach to priming, working, and pushing all your energy systems* which improves your overall cardiovascular fitness.

Tip: Perform All Rep Ranges, Regardless of Goals | T Nation

Conventional wisdom led us to believe that low-rep ranges (1-5) build strength, moderate-rep ranges (6-12) were best for hypertrophy or size, and high-rep ranges (more than 12) develop muscular endurance. While that's partly true, the problem is in the application of the idea.

The Most Beautiful, State-of-the-Art Hotel Gyms in America: 2018

These 10 hotels are redefining hotel gyms as we know it and standing out as some of the best specimens in the business. Here are the most striking, well-equipped hotel gyms in America.

Tip: What You Really Think Of Bodybuilding | T Nation

And really, if you think about it, lifting weights is sort of like riding a bicycle. You may love to ride your bike but that doesn't necessarily mean you can name a single professional bicycle rider, and it doesn't mean you enjoy watching other people race. The fun and the reward is in the doing, not the watching.

10 Post-workout Snacks You Can Make With 5 Ingredients or Less

The key to getting quality calories when you’re smash-and-grab hungry: Make your post-workout snacks ahead of time. These 10 post-workout snack recipes are not only simple, but require only about five ingredients (plus some kitchen basics you already have, like salt and pepper). Make these ahead of time, and stash them in your gym bag or fridge for an easy post-gym fuel-up.

Tip: A Back Builder You've Never Tried | T Nation

The isometric holds will turn on the key players for performance. For the Kelso shrugs, that's the upper back. After the isometric holds, you'll notice increased upper back involvement during your training. When your upper back muscles work as they should, you'll be able to press more, throw better, and strike harder.

Joe DeFranco on Instagram: “Becoming a father has been the single greatest gift of my life. (Thanks for helping with the gift(s) @ashleydefranco.) 😉😘 👧🏻👧🏻❤️❤️ .…”

Good Form vs. Bad Form: What You Don't Know | T Nation

So, if you're a competitive lifter or just care a lot about being strong, "good technique" often means finding the easiest way to lift the weight. For example, if you were attempting to break your one-rep max record on the squat, you wouldn't lower the bar over a 6-count and then pause for 1-second at the bottom before ascending back to the top. You'd instead use the easiest tempo.

Combat Crunch Bars | MusclePharm

I'm not sure if I got a bad bar out of a batch, but I picked up the Chocolate Coconut one. The "flavor" is great, however the bar itself was HORRIBLE. I nearly broke my teeth trying to bite into this thing. This was unlike any other protein bar I've ever tried as none have been like this. I honestly had to bite it on the side of my mouth and bend it down to break a piece off. Then it took FOREVER to chew. I would never get this again! Initially I thought the bar might have expired to go this hard, but it doesn't expire till August and it's currently June as I write this. I have another bar of a different flavour I'm going to try and hoping it's not like this.

The 10 Most Popular Celebrity Workouts of All Time

And for those of you who want the lean, perfectly muscular physiques of these famous faces, we’re here to help. We crunched the numbers, dug through our archives, and found the mass-forging celebrity training plans our readers have clicked on the most over the years. That way you can finally get to work (or simply put the finishing touches) on your camera-ready body.

51 @therock on Instagram: “Happy Father’s Day to this hardly ever smiling OG bad ass. Little boys by nature, look up to and idolize their old man. They want to be…”
52 Tip: Kyphosis and Back Training | T Nation
53 Tip: Infinity Singles for Big Triceps | T Nation
55 Tip: 3 Proven Habits That Keep the Fat Off - Biotest
56 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
57 18 Amazing Whiskeys to Give Dad for Father’s Day 2018
58 Top 10 anti-inflammatory foods
59 Official Muscular Development Magazine
60 Domestic Bliss: 9 Vacation-Worthy American Islands
61 John Hansen
62 EliteFTS on Instagram: “Have you ever stopped to appreciate how powerful exercise really is? This is what I finally realized: Blood pressure: a 45-minute workout…”
63 Dexter "The Blade" Jackson on Instagram: “#Repost @unutrition ・・・ Don't waste any time, check out our Groupon BOGO deal now! Go to my snap story and swipe up to order!! #goldseries…”
64 @therock on Instagram: “Found this gem 💎 Check out 22yrs old and 280lbs of Smirky Beefy McBeef here posing for our Miami Hurricanes media day. Fun fact: in…”
65 @therock on Instagram: “*scroll left I wrote Gal’s name down on my vision board 6 weeks ago. Today, she’s officially my co-star in RED NOTICE. An International…”
66 John Hansen
67 What is Pain? | IFBB Pro Johnnie O. Jackson
68 Tip: Bench Press Star Complexes | T Nation
69 The Best Bodyweight Workout for Runners
70 Saturday Leg Training
71 4 Ways to Get Strong on Everything | T Nation
72 The ripped back workout
73 The Top 30 Muscle-building Foods
74 Steroids Forever | T Nation
75 10 x 3 For Fat Loss | T Nation
76 How to Design the Perfect Circuit
77 You Will Get Hurt!
78 Ronnie Coleman on Instagram: “June 22nd is the release date y’all but you can pre-order now. Just go to or iTunes.”
79 The 5 Toughest TRX Exercises for a Full-Body Workout
80 EliteFTS on Instagram: “I understand people want to be balanced and have a balanced life, but how the fuck do you know what balance even is, unless you're…”
81 Tip: A Better Way to Split Squat | T Nation
82 Shawn Ray
83 John Hansen
84 @therock on Instagram: “Wheels up / rockin’ out 🤟🏾 #FlyingSilverEagle #MoreThanAFeeling @laurenhashianofficial”
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MIKE O'HEARN The TITAN on Instagram: “Are you making this mistake? _ The mistake of thinking just because your biceps are getting a pump, they must be growing? _ Throughout my…” Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “Awesome Fathers Day THRASH at #undergroundstrengthgym #manasquan #scotchplains / Then went MTN BIKINING w my son & friends! / Simple life +…” UndergroundStrengthGym on Instagram: “Reminder!! Summer morning sessions begin tomorrow!! / eMail was sent out this morning, please check your email and get organized with…” Flex Wheeler ® | Official on Instagram: “What I love and miss most about competing, was preforming and interacting with the crowd. — I was truly at peace on stage! I was home...…” @therock on Instagram: “Bitter sweat Sunday, but my baby girl’s made it the best they could and I’m grateful and proud to be their daddy. Even @kevinhart4real…” @therock on Instagram: “Family 👊🏾 Congrats boys! 🇲🇽 Thank you to my boys @jona2santos @oficialgio for their time and havin’ some fun. Today we rise with strength &…” Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “#FathersDay message to ALL, Even if you’re not a father! / #stronglife is the BEST LIFE 👊👊🔨🔨 / #undergroundstrengthgym…” Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “Testing some homemade belt squats. / 30 years of lifting ain’t EZ. / Gotta make changes to keep on going STRONG 👊👊🔨🔨 /…” Joe DeFranco on Instagram: “Proper Step-Up Technique | More Activation = Greater GAINZ! [🔉Sound On.] . Wanna get some extra GAINZ from your Step-Ups?? 🛑 STOP PUSHING…” John Burk on Instagram: “I wish a mutha would! . Credit: @war.footage” Establishing A Common Glossary MIKE O'HEARN The TITAN on Instagram: “Happy birthday to Panda 🐼. She had the best birthday cake ever from @thedogbakery Thank you @kellyhannaford & @rockykanaka for making the…” [View All Videos]
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