WATCH: Road Trip Rants — Intra-Workout Reese's, Pushing Training Partners, and Balance Video Description

In Dave's mind, here's the thing to know about a "balanced" life: people have been writing about living a "balanced life" for decades, but no one has figured it out yet. Maybe this means life is just a constant state of different imbalances. Do you even know what balance means? Do you even know what balance means  to you ? In most cases, this question is really just a matter of how you choose to spend your time. However, if you're an athlete who wants to reach the best of the best in your sport, don't expect to pursue a balanced life and win. There's probably going to be someone who chooses to live an imbalanced life. That person will beat you, and you should't complain about it if you tried to stay "balanced." There's no way that you can have a balanced, structured life and expect to beat someone who is 100% all-in on the sport. It will never happen, because they're going to give absolutely everything in their life to that sport, while you're only giving as much to the sport as you are to other parts of your life. Choosing to or not to place your sport as your first priority in life is entirely up to you, but Dave has a few thoughts on what that means if your sport is powerlifting as opposed to a sport like football or baseball.

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