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My Years with HIT

When I started bodybuilding, I looked up to Dorian Yates, so I trained like him. And it worked.

5 Shakes, 5 Ways: Muscle-Building Protein Recipes -

Kick boring, uninspired, and underpowered protein shakes to the curb. Try these 5 goal-specific shakes from the beasts of Animal on for size!

Joel Thomas 10 Weeks Out.

From his FB page...10 weeks out from the Tampa Pro, sitting at 260. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Build & Burn KIT #3- Admission + Whey, Greens, Pump

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Gifted Guns

With a nickname like the Gift it’s no secret that Mom and Dad passed along more than a fair share of favorable muscle-building genes.  But like all great champions, even Heath has had to put in his work to make pretty good arms really good, and then even more to take really good arms to the next level and beyond, to where they are now. The gains may not come as easily for us, but the Gift’s training wisdom is something the rest of us can apply in our own quest for attention-grabbing arms. So, here’s how Mr. Olympia built two of the best guns on the planet.

Avocado Tuna Salad - Born Fitness

This recipe for avocado tuna salad, created by Liv Langdon, Born Fitness meal prep specialist and founder of Liv Lang & Prosper , is as easy on the wallet as much as it is to make. In less than 10 minutes, you can transform the boring classic tuna salad while packing in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats from the avocado and muscle-building protein.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 - Monetary concerns, possibly involving a partner who spends more than you do, can put the brakes on an upcoming vacation that's still in the planning stages. But don't make any major changes to your calendar yet, even if you're having second thoughts today. You will quite likely regret it next week if you cancel your trip now. Waiting out the storm makes more sense than turning your whole life upside down in a moment of emotional overload. Hold tight to your dream because your positive attitude can actually help it to manifest.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 12 Rules for Success


5 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

" has always been a staple in my online experiences. Reading the articles of transformations sets a fire under your rear when you are in need of that extra motivation to get cardio done!"

Rock Hard Challenge 2015

Get huge, ripped, and perform better than ever. Show us your progress, and the reader with the most dramatic gains will win an M&F feature and a BSN prize pack. No matter who wins the grand prize, everybody wins big with this radical new program.

Bernstein: Tampa Bay Lightning Ticket Policy Is Pathetic

This kind of ridiculous behavior ignores the speed and power of the secondary market to get tickets in the hands of those most motivated to attend, which in the end will be a contingent of Chicagoans large enough to unsettle the nervous Mr. Wickett and others. The Lightning were ninth out of the 30 NHL teams in total attendance this season but ranked 19th in percentage of capacity. The Blackhawks were tops in the league in both.

5 Moves for Bigger, Stronger Calves

Machine training is great for calf work because it allows you to isolate the muscle and train it as hard and heavy as you want, but what about adding a little athleticism to the mix? If you’re bored with banging out set after set of machine raises, there are myriad other ways to give your calves their due, most of which offer exponentially more benefit than standard gym exercises in terms of improving your overall athletic ability and mobility while adding all the mass and definition you want. Read on to see the moves.

10-Minute Treadmill Blast

When high-intensity interval training (HIIT) came along and gained popularity as the best way to burn fat while holding on to muscle, people started becoming disillusioned with their treadmills. Those long speed walks on an incline – which nobody really enjoyed to begin with – suddenly became less appealing. But that doesn’t mean that the treadmill itself as obsolete. On its own, the treadmill is a very effective fat-fighting tool. By applying high-intensity principles to your next treadmill workout, you can increase the amount of fat you’re burning per session – in far less time.

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Every skinny, weak guy has abs. Big deal. Traps are the true sign of strength. Workout plan: …

Breathe Life into your Pecs with the Dead Bench

The amount you can dead bench compared to regular bench varies from person to person so it is difficult to try to put a percentage to it. Use the first workout to gauge where you're at, and program the rest of your cycle off this number.

10 Foods That Fight Fatigue

“We put so much emphasis on caffeinated drinks, but those just spike up your energy before slowing you down,” says Jim White, R.D., owner of Jim White Fitness in Virginia. “Get rid of this idea of a quick fix.” Instead, White recommends eating frequent meals (skipping one can cause your blood sugar to rise and then tank), and putting some strategy behind the foods you pair. For example, whole grains consumed with protein can help prolong an energy high. With that, watch your sugar intake. Sweets, pastries, or even granola bars boost energy, but that energy quickly plummets.

Top Twisters for a Stronger Core

Again, to make these have the most transfer to sport and everyday life you are going to be in a standing position. Grab a plate, somewhere in the 10 to 45 pound range depending on strength. Hold the weight straight out at shoulder level. Just like the bar twist, twist as far as you can to one side then the other. These can be done with feet planted firmly, or the back foot twisting with the plate as described above. Do this for 4 sets of 20 repetitions (10 twists to each side).

7 Best Moves for Crazy Obliques

Want the tapered waistline of a fitness model? Streamline your sides with these can’t-miss moves for obliques.

4 Moves For Bigger Traps

Building big traps is a necessity for a symmetrically sculpted upper torso, and most guys usually give these muscles attention at the end of their shoulder workout. But to really build some shirt stretching traps you've got to isolate this area with a variety of exercises that target the upper, middle and lower section of these muscles.

No Weights, No Problem

No-weight calf raises can be done virtually anywhere. Stand barefoot with the balls of your feet on the edge of a step. Holding a rail for balance, rise up and down as far as possible on the balls of your feet. This exercise can also be performed on a flat surface, focusing on the contraction and relying on the strength of your feet and calves for balance. This can be done either standing or squatting. The latter method approximates seated calf raises and thus targets your soleus. Aim for at least 30 reps, squeezing hard during contractions. Another option is one-leg calf raises, performed by hooking one foot behind the opposite ankle and holding something sturdy for balance. By doubling the resistance of their two-leg brethren, one-leg calf raises require fewer reps.

Fine-Tune Your Biceps in Four Weeks

Over the next month, we’ll hit your biceps with the utmost intensity while also paying close attention to the small details within each workout. Each week focuses on a particular area or aspect of biceps training. You’ve likely been using some of these exercises from week to week for quite a while, so they may be very familiar. But some moves and training schemes might be totally foreign to you, which is another great reason to tackle these tips. In addition, each week’s workout can be used in consecutive weeks.

Skincare 101: Do’s and Don’ts for Better Skin

From fighting pimples decades past puberty to scoffing at the first signs of wrinkles, it’s hard to win the good-skin game. But before cursing your genes, ask yourself whether your skincare routine and lifestyle habits are up to par. And by that we don’t mean clocking hours in front of the mirror or stealing your girlfriend’s fancy facial loot. There’s no need for five-step peels or expensive serums, says Howard Sobel , MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. Layering on too many products can actually irritate skin. The key is washing and moisturizing every day and following a few other maintenance basics, he says. Ready to get schooled in skincare? Check out Sobel’s do’s and don’ts for a fresher looking face.

4 Supplements to Keep the Muscle, Lose the Fat

While dropping 300 or more calories a day, it’s a necessity that your body is still getting proper nutrition. Your goal is to effectively lose weight while preserving muscle mass. Incorporating these supplements along with a multivitamin will help get you the results that you’ve been wanting.

Bodybuilding Ain't Dead: Five Moves to Massive Biceps

Some say bodybuilding is dead. I say, f-that noise. I can't argue that multi-joint exercises don't pile on slabs of muscle fast, and CrossFit athletes aren't freaks of nature with questionable mental sanity to push themselves that hard. But at the end of the day, big arms look great, the pump feels amazing, and no one cares if you deadlifted 17 times your bodyweight to get them or not.

The Best Total Body Cardio Workout

101 Best Workouts Of All Time is the ultimate answer to the question "What workout should I do?" No matter what equipment you have available, from a fully-stocked supergym to a pair of mismatched dumbbells in your garage, or nothing but your body weight alone, you can build muscle, lose fat, and sculpt the physique you've always wanted.

One-Off Workout: 6 Moves to Larger Legs

Build yourself up to be a powerhouse with this 6-move leg routine for size.

Dennis Wolf's Guide to Wide Shoulders

First, the bad news. Or the good news, if you happen to be a Wolf born in Kyrgyzstan. The most important component in shoulder width is clavicle length, and there’s nothing you can do to alter this. Sufficient calcium and vitamin D will allow you to fulfill your bone-growth potential, but that potential is determined by your DNA. No amount of milk or shoulder stretching is going to give Phil Heath the clavicles of Dennis Wolf. Focus instead on the next five widening rules.

Two Exercises for Complete Hamstrings

Better overall hamstring development is important for both symmetry of the thighs and protection against injury. In addition to quad developers like the squat and leg press, you should also be doing hamstring-specific movements such as stiff-leg deadlifts and leg curls.

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"No male needs to get above 12% body fat to gain muscle at an optimal rate." - John Meadows …

The Big Chest Workout

The following six-week chest-building routine has you training the pecs twice a week and hitting the muscles from top to bottom with incline, flat-bench and decline exercises – four of them free weight pressing moves and one cable flye thrown in as a burnout finisher. The reps top out at 10 to encourage heavier weights and promote hypertrophy, and volume bumps up to 16 sets per workout in weeks 4-6 to maximize mass. Nothing fancy, nothing cute. Just simple and effective.

Ketogenic Dieting 101: How To Use Fat As Fuel -

I believe that you are referring to what's called ketoacidosis. I'm pretty sure it only occurs with people that have diabetes due to the lack of insulin production but nonetheless its very dangerous to these individuals. It really depends on your goals for a re-feed. I have lost 40 lbs while maintaining muscle mass with only re-feeding on special occasions (special events/ holidays). My goal is purely fat loss because I'm a naturally large person with a good bit of muscle mass. I am not looking to compete athletically so performance isn't at the top of my list. If you don't have much fat to lose I would say re-feed every 72 or so hours to keep up exercise intensity. I love keto dieting it has really become a part of my lifestyle but exercise performance with weight training suffers slightly without consistent re-feeding.

Kai's 10 Big Back Principles

1. WARMUP:  The most unorthodox aspect of Greene’s back training is evident before the workout even begins, when he warms up for 15 minutes with trisets of various exercises, including bent over dumbbell rear laterals (which focus on the rear deltoids), upright rows (which focus on the traps),and dips (which target the chest as well as the front delts and triceps). In one workout we observed, he did six warmup exercises: trisets of wide-grip pullups, dips, and parallel-grip pullups followed by trisets of rear laterals, upright rows, and straight-arm pulldowns. Weights are kept light, and the sets fall well short of failure.“This is just to get the blood flowing and get my mind into it and kick things off,” he says of the warmup exercise selection.Greene never thinks of one bodypart in isolation. He’s always focused on the complete picture of his physique, thus he’ll include dips with pullups, and he’ll string together work for rear delts and traps with lats. “I’m always thinking of different ways of contracting my muscles and getting the most effective rear double biceps and rear lat spread.

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Want more muscle and less body fat? Include these in your diet. Info: …

12 Healthy Fast Food Lunches

Fast food is cheap, filling, convenient, and a delicious option that often comes with a side of guilt. One in every four Americans eats fast food at least once a day. Unfortunately, many fast food meals contain a whole day’s worth of calories and fat. Take a Double Whopper Sandwich Meal from Burger King for example: It will set you back 1430 calories and 72g fat! While you can do a lot of nutritional destruction at the drive-thru window, opting for fast food fixes at lunchtime does not have to derail your healthy-eating plan. Tanya Zuckerbrot, RD, author of The F-Factor Diet, scoured some of the most popular fast food chains and picked the top 12 fast-food lunches that have a healthy amount of calories, protein, and fat. Get Healthy Food & Snacks at GNC Live Well >>>

31 - Communication Strategies with Sports Coaches & Parents

The Elitefts™ Sports Performance Coach Education Series is a comprehensive educational resource for coaches in the collegiate, high school, professional, and private settings. This series will take a fundamental approach to various topics that will enable coaches the additional skills to enhance their coaching abilities, improve marketability in the industry, and drastically increase the impact they have upon their athletes. Effective Communication Strategies for Sport Coaches, Parents, and Administrators 5 Frustrations for Every Strength Coach Strength and conditioning coaches constantly deal with the external stressors of the profession. The low pay, the long hours, the lack of job security all make it one of the toughest industries to break into, let alone maintain employment in. There is a surplus of coaches and a severe shortage of viable jobs. This imbalance is the major cause of the aforementioned obstacles. The job market is hindered by the underlying issue that constitutes no quantifiable measurement of job proficiency. This lack of evaluation feeds into the state of under-valued coaches.

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12 Laws of Fat-Burning

No question about it,  burning fat  is a 24/7 endeavor. To keep the fires hot, you need to eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day. Not only that, but you must choose the right foods in the right amounts to keep your metabolism revved up so your  six-pack  will be ready for its close-up. The way we see it, there are 12 fundamentals - laws, if you will - that are all you need to shed that unwanted blubber from your midsection and elsewhere. Most of them are nutrition-driven, but training comes into play as well. Your mass-gaining phase is over for the time being; now it's time to get lean. These 12 laws of fat-burning will help get you there.

Fat vs. Fiction

The truth about the "F" word.

8 Gold's Gym Trainers' Go-To Bodybuilding Workouts

“The key benefits to our workouts is diversity in training principles while maintaining a strong sense of exercise science. Utilizing the foundation of effective body building can be translated for nearly all fitness goals though the increase of lean muscle mass which will benefit in both metabolic rate as well as increases in strength and athletic performance,” says Jeff Na, vice president of fitness at Gold’s Gym.

Big Ramy Trains Arms

The crucial thing for Ramy when working arms is to lock his elbow(s) in place from the first rep to the last. Cheating would allow him to hoist heavier weights, but it would also rob him of the control he wants to exert on his targeted muscles, and increase the odds of a strain or—worst yet—a tear.

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C3G causes nutrients to be specifically shuttled towards muscle cells, not fat cells: …

Has Your Brain Already Peaked?

New research from MIT suggests that mental decline begins far younger than is typically thought

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Wow the #1 record breaking global movie #SanAndreas couldn't have happened to someone so deserving of this! So happy for you @TheRock

How to Lose Your Gut in 10 Days

A headline like that screams, “bullshit”, but truth be told, it’s actually quite possible to do some serious damage. The key to success will be in the details, and you’ll need to follow them meticulously. But don’t stress, this is a short-lived emergency shred, not a long-term lifestyle plan. Party, vacation, we’ve got you covered.

5 Ways To Improve Your Squat

You are likely a fan of preworkout supplements, but the one ingredient you should absolutely check for in your “proprietary blends” is caffeine. Numerous studies have shown the performance benefits of this natural wonder, but the one that you’ll be most concerned with revolves around strength. Researchers at the University of Nebraska found that subjects added 5 pounds to their max bench press when given 200 milligrams of caffeine before workouts. Another study found that athletes could do more reps at a heavy weight when adequately caffeinated. Similar results can be expected when under the barbell at the squat rack. Try 200 to 400 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous 30 to 60 minutes before your first rep.

8 Best Cable Exercises for a Big Back

Get into a split stance with your front foot turned in slightly. Hold the cable handle on the same side of the leg that’s behind. Start the movement by pulling your shoulder blade toward your midline and row without twisting your torso. Pause at the top of the row, then rotate your hips and upper-body toward the cable while keeping your shoulder packed.



NFL Combine Drills To Help You Run Faster

I’ll give you the secret sauce for anyone wanting to improve their 40: Train like you’re going 50 yards. I guarantee that eight out of every 10 guys will stop driving when they get near the 40-yard line. So twice a week—one day working zero to 20 yards, one day zero to 50 yards—run four repetitions after a proper warmup as hard as you can. Empty the tank on all four repetitions. You’ll drop your 40 by a few tenths [of a second] in six weeks. You also need to have a level of conditioning and tolerance that allows you to complete enough faster reps whereby your actual speed improves. That’s the secret. Most conventional speed training is slogged by a bunch of drills that really don’t do shit.

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5 High-Protein Recipes An Idiot Could Make

These muscle-building dishes are as easy to make as they are delicious.

The No-Nonsense Paleo Diet Meal Plan

Ultimately, to get the full affect of the Paleo diet, you need to pair it with a rigorous workout routine. Most hardcore proponents of the diet suggest that training should not be the sole focus, instead, getting your body moving in natural ways in outside environments. This helps to stimulate the real world strains and stresses that our ancient ancestors went through to survive and stay healthy. The reality though is that it’s not a sustainable or achievable workout regime for most people. Completing CrossFit-type workouts that are focused on generic routines that use bodyweight and Olympic lifting are able to closely mimic the types of full body workouts that say, “taking down a mastodon.” Typical gym workouts of parking yourself on the treadmill for an hour or busting out some bench presses and leg presses are not encouraged. “In general though, simply creating an exercise plan that combines heart-healthy cardiovascular exercise with strength training for 30-60 minutes most days of the week, is all you need to see results,” says Jones Armul.

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7 Things You’re Doing After the Gym That Are Wrecking Your Body

Anyone who sticks to a regular workout schedule deserves to feel virtuous, so go ahead, give yourself that pat on the back. Now, know this: There are other habits that happen after your gym visits that you might want to reconsider, pronto. If you're looking to bulk up, slim down, or anything in between, you need to focus just as much on what you're doing outside of the gym (and even in the locker room.) We're talking nutrition, hydration—even hygiene. Don't un-do all the good you're doing by exercising with something as silly as not wearing flip-flops in the gym's shower (yup, we're very serious.) Find out why, plus six other bad post-workout habits you should avoid.

Why Every Man Needs a Great Rival

That’s exactly how rivalries are supposed to work: It’s not about pointed lyrics or guns in nightclubs or even, really, the Benjamins. No, a rival is what pushes us to become stronger, faster, smarter, and more creative. It’s what inspires us to be the one, as a Dr. Dre lyric puts it, “still running the game.”

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