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Bob & Shawn Wrap-Up Prejudging | IFBB Dallas Europa 2015

Team MD's Shawn Ray & Bob Cicherillo wrap-up the open bodybuilding & 212 division's prejudging at the 2015 IFBB Dallas Europa. Hear their take on the possible division winners & then head to the gallery to see for yourself.

350 Pounds And Counting: Jesse Shand's Incredible Weight-Loss Journey -

28-year-old Jesse Shand battled obesity and won—with a little help from his friends on the forums. Learn how the kindness of strangers made a difference in one man's life!

Ray Williams Sets New World Record With 938-Pound Squat

The strongman gave one hell of an effort and joined the 1000 kg club.

Behind the Scenes: Kai Greene Photoshoot

The Predator portrays comic book characters Captain America and Deadpool

Two Dynamic Bench Cycles That Will Blow Your Bench Up

Are you looking for something new to take you bench up a notch? Here are two.

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Fighter Diet & the Big FAT Confusion

Good fats one day, bad fats the next; No wonder everyone gets confused about what fats are the right ones.  Lately there’s been a shift from ‘don’t eat saturated fats’ to ‘saturated fat is only potentially bad for you if you combine it with a high intake of sugars/carbs.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday, June 20, 2015 - You're even more outspoken than normal, espousing opinions on everything for everyone to hear. But people may be confused by your behavior because you're uplifting and inspirational one moment and overly resistant to new ideas the next. Instead of blurting out the first thing that crosses your mind, take a deep breath and let others know you need to clarify your thoughts before you share any conclusions. No one will fault you for your honesty; a little circumspection works wonders for your image.

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Arnold Pranks Fans as the Terminator...for Charity

Want to ride up with me to the Terminator Genisys Premiere and drinks Schnapps with me at the after party? Enter here: Every $10 entry supports after school programs through After-School All-Stars. Find your dream experience at

The Supersized 500-Rep Workout

You will be performing 500 reps per body part each week. This routine is built to hit one muscle group only once per week at a high volume. There are five different exercises per body part done at 4 sets each for 25 reps a set. This higher volume will help pump extra blood into your muscles challenging your endurance capability.

Back on Track

In 2008, FLEX editors undertook a rather daunting task, journalistically speaking —they gathered to choose the 20 bodybuilders who, in their estimation, represented the best back development of all time. The list was stacked with greats, from Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates at the top of the heap to Melvin Anthony and Albert Beckles snagging the final two spots. You could argue vociferously for a favorite who didn’t make the list (and have a valid point), but all told, no one could debate the quality of the final 20. They were giants in a sport that boasts more than its fair share of larger-than-life physiques.

Train Like The Rock: Dwayne Johnson's Shoulder Routine

Johnson hits the gym six days per week, usually focusing on one body part per day. At 40, he's a seasoned, instinctive trainer. "I go by feel," he says, and notes that when he's in the gym it's all business. "I have my headphones on. I'm listening to my music. I'm 100% focused. There's no wasted time and no wasted effort when it comes to me and the weights." And The Rock's favorite body part? Legs, which is why he leaves them for Saturday when he has extra time to train them.

6 Perfect Post-Workout Meals

Eating quality food post-workout is crucial…you know, if you expect to make gains and stuff. The science on recovery is a little War-and-Peace-y in its complexity but you can boil it down to a few nutritional musts: in order to optimize your results, you need to replace the amino acids and glycogen lost during your workout.

The 6-Week Fat Blast Workout Routine

Losing fat and taking your body fat percent down is not as easy task. You’re going to need a great support team to help you stay on track. Make sure to get enough quality sleep per night to ensure you can recovery well in between workouts – shoot for 7-9 hours per night. Drink plenty of water spaced throughout the day and prepare healthy snacks just incase you’re out and get hungry. Remember, diet plays more of a role in fat loss than high intensity workouts. I’ll end by rephrasing a quote I read from fitness great Adam Bornstein: “Eat for the body you want, not for the body you currently have.”

The Better Sex Workout

Whenever my girlfriends list the qualities they desire in a man, confidence is always at the top. As a gym-going guy, you already know that improving your physique will help you feel better about yourself and project the kind of self-assuredness that attracts women, but not just any weight workout will get you there. As a woman and a trainer, I’ve got the insight to tell you how to build a body that will excite and please girls. Best of all, you’ll see results after just a four-week investment.

Easy Gains for the Hardgainer

An individual who has a naturally “smaller” frame and lighter bone structure, and carries little body fat and muscle. Beginning your bodybuilding journey with this somatotype isn’t exactly ideal, but you could be in a less favorable position— as in, the polar opposite body type. Keep in mind, people’s somatotypes—ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph—are not cut and dry, meaning certain individuals can fall somewhere in the middle of a somatotype. First, a quick overview of the three somatotypes and their accompanying characteristics.

How to Get Lean: 25 Ways to Lose Fat Faster

Not seeing the results you want with your current diet and weight-loss regimen? Try these expert tips to lose fat and uncover the abs you always knew you had.

The Get-Rid-of-Your-Man-Boobs Workout

Get into pushup position and lower your body until your chest is about an inch above the floor. Explosively push yourself up so that your hands leave the floor and your body rises into the air. Clap your hands in midair, “catch” yourself on the way down, and use the momentum to begin the next rep.

The No-Nonsense Paleo Diet Meal Plan

Ultimately, to get the full affect of the Paleo diet, you need to pair it with a rigorous workout routine. Most hardcore proponents of the diet suggest that training should not be the sole focus, instead, getting your body moving in natural ways in outside environments. This helps to stimulate the real world strains and stresses that our ancient ancestors went through to survive and stay healthy. The reality though is that it’s not a sustainable or achievable workout regime for most people. Completing CrossFit-type workouts that are focused on generic routines that use bodyweight and Olympic lifting are able to closely mimic the types of full body workouts that say, “taking down a mastodon.” Typical gym workouts of parking yourself on the treadmill for an hour or busting out some bench presses and leg presses are not encouraged. “In general though, simply creating an exercise plan that combines heart-healthy cardiovascular exercise with strength training for 30-60 minutes most days of the week, is all you need to see results,” says Jones Armul.

The Pullup-Pushup Workout

The only caveat to high-frequency training is the risk of overuse injuries, but you can avoid those by changing up your exercises so you don’t recruit the same muscles the same way every time. That’s why each of the workouts on these pages pairs up a different variation of the pullup and pushup.

7 Best Post-Workout Dinner Ideas

The workday is finally over and you have just finished 45 minutes of sweat-drenching, stress-busting exercise. Now your stomach is rumbling and the burning question is, “What’s for dinner?” Ideally, a post-workout meal is a mix of muscle-building protein and energy re-fueling carbohydrates, but your late-day meal should have slightly less carbohydrates than one you would eat after a morning or noon workout routine . The reason: We are less active at night, and while we need enough carbs to replenish our glycogen stores, we don’t need extra energy when we go to sleep. Try these seven quick and easy meal ideas to get the perfect balance of protein and carbohydrates and boost your exercise recovery. Pre- and Post Workout Nutrition Guidelines>>> Get Healthy Food & Snacks at GNC Live Well >>>

17-Minute Quads

You’ll finish the workout with three, minute-long squat holds. These can be done against a wall if you’re really trashed but you should strive to perform them in open space. For your first go, get your thighs below parallel and hold. If you fail before 60 seconds, stand up, shake it out and get right back to it. Your goal should be to hold for the full 60. On each subsequent set, it’s permissible to hold your squat a little higher. Trust us…that quarter squat on your last set will feel like you’re holding 400 pounds across your back.

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The Extreme Fat-Loss Circuit

If your goal includes six-pack abs, then your workouts are going to have to become metabolic at some point. This means complex moves performed for high reps. Bianca Sultana, NCSF-CPT gave us a perfect example of a workout that would meet all those requirements.

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WARNING! The wrong kind of ab training can backfire and make your belly look bigger: …

6 Ripped Vegans You Should Follow

Thompson may not have national fame, but he sure knows how to carve out a niche in instagram. Thompson, who has over 90,000 followers, has not eaten meat for thirteen years. His main reason for giving up animal meats was that he felt humans were not designed to consume animal. According to him, without machines, we wouldn’t be eating them. Thompson acted on this mindset. He started off as a vegetarian and, three years ago, he hopped aboard the vegan squad. Thompson also participates in triathalons and ironman competitions.

Crush Your Workouts With Coffee

One of the most effective pre-workout drinks might surprise you, and you won’t find it on the shelves of your local supplement store. You don’t have to scoop it out of a bottle with a flashy label and mix it with water. All you have to do is swing by a coffee shop and get a cup of America’s favorite drink, minus the cream and sugar.

Best Exercises For Huge, Chiseled Hamstrings

Bring up underdeveloped and stubborn hamstrings with these exercises

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Are you trying to throw a punch or are you playing patty cake? Here's how to develop power: …

8 Boredom-Busting Smoothie Recipes

Strawberries and frozen banana—again? Power out of a smoothie slump by blending new ingredients, like hemp seeds, winter squash, and dried figs, into a health-boosting beverage your taste buds will love.

Training Style: Volume Training

Learn how to crank up your workout and turn up your muscle-building gains

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IFBB pro and record holder in the raw squat shares his best no-machines workout: …

H.U.G.E. Gym Class: Power Up

You snort an ammonia capsule, cringing at the synapse stinging; you clap your chalked palms, forming a storm cloud; your buddy swats your back, hard, and again, harder; you shout, loud, and again, louder; you stomp to the bar loaded with more than you’ve ever moved before; and. . . . Almost every bodybuilder has a powerlifting fantasy. After all, most of us don’t want to just look strong. We want it all. That’s why this month’s lesson is all about upping your numbers in the three powerlifts — bench press, squat and deadlift — as we break down the top five power-training blunders.

Five On-the-Go Breakfasts That Are Actually Good for You

Just because you didn’t have time to turn on the stove doesn’t mean you have to grab a greasy bacon, egg, and cheese on your way to work. Eat these meals on the move without falling off of a healthy eating plan.

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Iron Maiden: Anya Star

This Russian beauty nearly missed her call to the stage at last year's Arnold Classic. That didn't stop her from winning the title.

Wake Up with a Cup of Joe: Overnight Mocha Oats

1. In a glass container, stir together oats, protein powder, chia, cocoa powder, honey or maple syrup, and cinnamon. Pour in coffee, stir again, and cover. Chill mixture overnight.

Time Crunch Training: 15-Minutes to Wider Shoulders

The workout is another 4-exercise giant set , combining different loading patterns and movement speeds. If you’re unfamiliar with the clean high pull, you can replace it with a Barbell Upright Row to the chest. As you fatigue in the later rounds, during the overhead press, avoid leaning backward and over arching your back. Try placing one foot in front of the other, to help you stay upright.

Muscle & Fitness on Twitter

We've found the PERFECT workout buddy to help you get a shredded summer look.

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John Cena Squats 595 for New Personal Record

Last week, Cena hit the 595-pound mark, with no spotter in sight. He was on Twitter soon after, in classic Cena fashion. "You thought you saw it before, now it's real," Cena tweeted. "595 pounds/270kg. #Squat #EarnIt."

Smell What The Rock is Cooking

Dwayne Johnson shares the meal plan that gets his physique in bodybuilder shape.

6 Retro-inspired Watches

CITIZEN ECO-DRIVE TITANIUM GOLF The Titanium Golf is one of those watches that’s tailor-made for active lifestyles: The crown that would dig into your wrist if it were on the right side of the face and you were tossing a ball is, instead, on the left. “In terms of it being a sports watch,” says Gordon, “the titanium and the rubber make it very lightweight,” perfect for any outdoor activity.

NYC Bodybuilding Cop Sparks Internet Craze

Tattoos? Check. Gelled up haircut with part? Check. Add in a bodybuilder's physique and a police uniform and you have a recipe for an Internet star. NYC deputy Miguel Pimentel set the web ablaze this week when his Instagram pictures gained huge traction, especially from his growing legion of female fans. Pimentel, who has competed in amateur bodybuilding contests , returned the love.

The Terry Crews Workout

Work out like movie star and funnyman Terry Crews and you might just muscle your way into the cast of an 'Expendables' movie.

Arnold Wants J.J. Watt to Be the Next Terminator

Make no mistake, the Austrian Oak is still going strong in the gym . He doesn't need a ton of CG to look good on the big screen, but even he knows he'll have to pass the baton eventually. But who has the chops (choppas?) to take on his roles? Who has the physical prowess, the stature, the overall presence to fill the Series 1,000's recently-stolen shoes? Arnold may have found the answer: J.J. Watt.

Start Here - Zach Even-Esh

Zach's inspiration in training comes from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding & Days of Old School Strength. His mission is to help You kick ass & take names in Life AND Lifting without the hype, fancy fads or gimmicks. Zach's Commitment To Your Success Is Unmatched. He Knows What It's Like To Go From A Weakling To An Unstoppable BEAST In Charge Of His Life, Business & Destiny. Zach Made It Happen Through The Iron and Now it's Your Turn!

6 Body Disasters That Strike When Your Training Stops -

This very thing happened to me. I was wondering why I lost so much strength and cardio and I was only away from the gym for a while. I also felt "that "off" feeling" you get when you take a week off for vacation, only to come back to the gym and realize that your lifts don't feel as good as normal. You might even feel slightly awkward." I felt like I had gain 100bls!!! lol...but after about a week...i felt like my old self again...good article to let me know what was going on w/my body. Thanks.

2015 Father's Day Gift Guide

We broke down 5 "types" of dads, with gift ideas for the outdoorsy, sophisticated, and every other kind of man.

5 Foods and Drinks That Don't Deserve Their Bad Rap

Good news: Some of those "bad" foods you avoid like the plague actually pack a nutritious punch. We spoke to Amy Jamieson-Petonic , creator of the Go! Foods for You nutrition program, about some of our favorite drinks and snacks that actually don't deserve their bad rap. So, drop the turkey burger, grab a frosty brew and reap the healthy benefits of indulging (in moderation, of course.)

BPI Sports Best BCAA at

BPI Sports' BEST BCAA™ is not your typical outdated, run-of-the-mill, same as everyone else, outdated BCAA product. Not even close. This formula is the first to bond the three branched chain amino acids - leucine, isoleucine and valine - utilizing a proprietary process route, to form oligiopeptides (a bonded chain of amino acids; for example, a peptide linked chain). The oligiopeptide-based branched chain amino acids may act as a better transport vehicle, allowing for more efficient metabolization, greater bio-activity, enhanced onset time, and a generally improved BCAA model. And, the scientific minds at BPI Sports didn't stop here ...

Poliquin Group Protein Bars

1 cup of gluten free flour (Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 Baking Flour because it's soy free)

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