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5 Reasons You Have To Watch 'Transformers: The Last Knight'

The fifth 'Transformers' movie will be released on June 21, and you don't want to miss it.

The 15 best exercises to target your love handles

These moves (plus 2 bonus workout finishers) are designed to incinerate fat and carve your core.

Successful Box Squat Cycles

Rather than just writing one cycle, I’ve decided to make an easy to follow quasi-article that contains all the different cycles for the squat that I’ve used with success. YES to chains and bands.

WATCH: Westside Misconceptions — High Standards

To be on the board at Westside, at the time, meant you had to break the all-time world record, because that was pretty much everybody that was on the board.

Winner Interviews | NPC Jr. Nationals 2017

Team Muscular Development catches up with class winners & some new IFBB Pros at the conclusion of the 2017 NPC Jr. Nationals

Wheelchair Finals | IFBB Dallas Europa 2017

See the wheelchair bodybuilding comparisons, posedown & awards from finals at the 2017 IFBB Dallas Europa.

Industry Update - Shawn Ray Unleashed Ep 28

From the Dallas Europa and Wings of Strength to Flex Wheeler and the Olympia, Shawn Ray covers all this and more in an industry update -- along with his unleashed opinion of the Rich Piana rant. Watch and let us know what you think on the MD forum.

The Ronline Report Ep. 21 - Shaun ‘The Giant Killer’ Clarida

In episode 21 of the Ronline Report, Shaun Clarida talks about going from 118 to 167 pounds of stage weight, ignoring the naysayers who tried to discourage him, and climbing the ladder to be one of the best 212 Pros.

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The Very Best Way to Build Triceps | T Nation

If you really want to maximize growth, try adding accommodating resistance (chains or bands) to overload the top half of the movement which is the phase that emphasizes the triceps. Avoid an excessively narrow grip because it can place undue stress on the wrists and also cause the elbows to flare out, minimizing stress to the triceps. Instead use a grip that's just inside shoulder width as demonstrated by several of my NFL athletes including Larry Pinkard and Adrian Hubbard.

Today's Workout

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The 4 Dumbest Things Beginners Do | T Nation

Being a beginner is great because it's one of the few times in your lifting life where you can lose fat and gain muscle and strength all at the same time. You don't even have to do things very efficiently either. You could even be one of those idiots that does shoulder presses using the leg press machine and still make some gains.

4 Shawn Ray

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Tip: The Super Lunge | T Nation

Perform this just as you would a regular reverse lunge, but instead of starting on the ground, begin by standing on a short box or other elevated surface. This requires your back leg to step to a lower plane of height as you lunge, and you'll get extra range of motion.

Tip: Bicep Training for Powerlifters & Strongmen | T Nation

You don't just want big arms, you want arms that are as strong as they look. Here's how to get them.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Give your body the time it needs to switch gears with this workout program from Men's Fitness.

4 Ways to Become Better

With that in mind, here are 5 options of what you can do to be the change . It doesn’t matter if it’s to start a new year or at any time you feel you need a kick-start. Search for these answers and use these questions to narrow what is missing in your life. Then apply in small pieces. You don’t have to make these changes all at once. Focus and take an aggressive approach that puts you in control. Once that happens, then the changes are more likely to occur.

7 Bodybuilding Tips for Guys Over 30

The sport of competitive bodybuilding is a game of adapting our training and diet to manipulate our physical appearance. As our bodies approach age 40 and beyond, there is inevitable muscle loss that will occur. Coupled together with the possibility of decreased testosterone production and ailing joints, there are a few things to consider when competing into your 30s and beyond. The following are a few important things to remember for ALL bodybuilders, but particularly those of us who have arrived at, or even passed through the 30 mark.

The 30 best arm exercises of all time

Grasp the bar with your index fingers on the inside edge of the knurling (the rough part of the bar). Arch your back so there’s space between your lower back and the bench. Pull the bar off the rack and lower it to your sternum, tucking your elbows about 45 degrees to your sides. When the bar touches your body, drive your feet hard into the floor, then press the bar back up. On your last set, use half the weight and perform as many reps as possible.

Tip: How to Naturally Control Anxiety | T Nation

Drugs called benzodiazepines (tranquilizers) are usually prescribed to treat anxiety. One of them is oazepam. Oazepam is a fast-acting benzodiazepine with the super-fun side effects like clumsiness, daytime drowsiness, a feeling of whirling motion and headaches, all of which will totally kill your workout of course. Oh yeah, and it can be highly addictive.

Tip: This Nutrient Does It All | T Nation

Science shows that this multi-talented compound makes you leaner, increases endurance, and builds muscle. Check it out.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Want to take a break from the grind? Put your body to the test with these 10 workout challenges from Men's Fitness.

Tip: The Effects of Low-Dose Creatine | T Nation

But in this new study, researchers had 17 year old soccer players take 2-3 grams of creatine monohydrate per day, with no loading phase, for just 14 days. Another group of athletes from the same team took a placebo powder. Neither group knew if they were getting "the good stuff" or the fake stuff. Both groups were given a variety of fitness tests before and after the two week period.


Not taking these? Discover where you could fill in the gaps for even greater gains!

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The Ultimate Kris Gethin Pre-Workout Experience

5 Reasons Your Kettlebell Swing Sucks

You’re too weak. If you can’t hold a plank (which tests your core) or do a kettlebell deadlift (which tests your ability to hinge) with proper technique, then please do not attempt the swing. There are inefficiencies in your body that do not allow you to safely swing the bell. Instead, focus on perfecting those two exercises first.

6 Things You Should Never Do Before a Workout

Pre-workout nutrition is essential to getting in an awesome workout and supplying the necessary nutrients for supporting muscle recovery/growth, but too much of a good thing can be hazardous! Eating too much food too close to a workout can cause stomach cramps/pain and nausea, neither of which are very conducive to a killer training session. In addition, if your stomach is over burdened with digesting a large quantity of food, then more blood will be directed there than into the muscles , which will decrease the pump and the effectiveness of every exercise.

6 Ways To Cheat Right

Studies have shown that carbohydrates are what influence levels of leptin, a hormone that plays a major role in hunger and satiety. When leptin is low, your stomach will growl and you'll get that familiar hungry feeling. Eat a macro-filled meal, and leptin levels will rise, turning off the growling and contributing to making you feel full. It's the rise of insulin and/or glucose in the blood that drives up leptin levels previously suppressed by low-carb dieting. On your cheat day, it's critical that a low-carb dieter's extra calories come primarily from carbs. A standard low-carb diet allows for roughly 0.5 gram of carbs per pound of bodyweight or less. On your cheat day, increase that all the way to 2 grams of carbs per pound.

Triple The Gains From Your Weight Workout!

You can arrange a 4x4 workout in more than one way. Probably the simplest way is to do it as prescribed in the back workout above: Do all of the first exercise sets to four reps, the second for eight, and so on. Or you can take the first set of each exercise to four reps, the second set to eight reps, the third to 12, and then add a fourth set to 16. The drawback of this style is that you have to change the weight for each set, and you'll need to know your RM loads for each rep amount. There's obviously more volume here because you've added a fourth set, so consider reducing the number of exercises if you're looking to keep volume nearly the same.


Life was meant to be lived, not read. Cars were meant to be driven, not parked. The harbor is safe, but a ship was meant to sail. Don't let articles and books convince you that you understand it all.

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Tip: Hanging Leg Raise – 3 Mistakes to Avoid | T Nation

Al Kavadlo is one of the world’s leading experts in bodyweight strength training and calisthenics. He is the author of five books, including Zen Mind, Strong Body and Pushing the Limits!. Al is also known for his appearance in the popular Convict Conditioning book series. Famous for smiling while performing some of the most difficult bodyweight exercises imaginable, Al has racked up millions of views on his YouTube channel. As lead instructor for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC), Al gets to bring his unique coaching style to fitness trainers and enthusiasts around the globe. Follow Al Kavadlo on Facebook

Tip: How to Train for Brain Gains | T Nation

Can you build muscle as well as brain power? Yep. Here's the type of training that has the most neuroprotective effects.

Tip: You Don't Have to Bench | T Nation

Unfortunately, it took more than twenty-five years of training before I realized that it just isn't worth it for me to bench. Every time I'd go back to heavy benching, it was a matter of time before a shoulder problem would rear its ugly head. Of course, I stubbornly kept going back to it. Cuz, you know, I "had" to bench. It got to the point that I was basically unable to do any kind of pressing movement, and scratching my own head was painful.

Instagram post by Zach Even - Esh • Jun 21, 2017 at 1:01pm UTC

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2017 NPC Shawn Ray's Hawaiian Classic Hosting Sponsor, "Sexy Strong" in Honolulu, Hawaii on Nov 4th at The Modern Honolulu! Come stop by

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Looking off into the distance is often easier for you farsighted Sagittarians than seeing something that's right in front of your nose. However, you might not get very far in your vision-questing while delusional Neptune squares the Sun in your 7th House of Partners. It's inadvisable to head out today without the company of a fellow traveler. Collaborating with a like-minded friend changes the energy now. Deepen your understanding by engaging in meaningful communication. Your presence in the present moment averts a developing power struggle in the future.

Tip: Pre-Workout Crocodile Breathing | T Nation

But it's a challenge. Why? Because most people actually breath wrong. The most effective corrective exercise for breathing is called "crocodile breath," as originated by Gray Cook. Using the ground as a tactile cue from the face down position, this strategy is a game-changer that'll help you "feel" what it is to properly expand the belly through 360-degrees. This is ideal because it helps you keep secondary respiratory muscles out of the process.

Tip: The Squat Machine That Actually Works | T Nation

The belt squat is a strength exercise that's been practiced by powerlifters for years now. It can be categorized as a supplemental lift or corrective exercise for people with squat technique issues. If you're lucky enough to have a belt squat machine in your gym, here's what the exercise looks like:

Mark Wahlberg's craziest movie fitness transformations

From 'Pain & Gain' to 'Transformers,' see how Wahlberg has overhauled his physique for some of his most iconic roles.

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8 Common Workout Injuries and How to Heal Them

Recommendations: The inflammation phase (injury is stabilized) of all musculoskeletal injuries is 5-7 days, and during this time Potach suggests avoiding Romanian deadlifts (RDL), overhead squats, weighted squats, and all twisting motions. The repair (tissue formation begins) phase starts up to seven after the injury and can last up to two months. RDLs with light weight are OK during this phase, but avoid good mornings and Olympic lifts such as the hang/power clean. The remodeling phase (type 1 collagen production) can last anywhere from 2-4 months to a year, and Potach recommends adding the good morning exercise and slowly increasing weight with squats and integrating Olympic movements.

How To Get Strong Using Just Your Body!

Danny : None of the workouts in this book take two hours, but by the time you progress to the split routine part of the program, the workouts do get intense! By week nine of the program, you'll be doing chin-ups, pull-ups, handstand holds, single-leg squat progressions, and more. By the time you've reached the end of the program, your pound-for-pound strength will have soared to new levels. So what are you waiting for? Let's Get Strong!

The 6 Best Sex Positions and How to Train for Them

This position involves you being partially upright while only leaning a little weight into your partner's legs. This is going to use all the muscles along your posterior chain to stabilize you so you don’t collapse on her. A strong back and hamstrings along with the stabilizing postural muscles will prevent the embarrassment of having to switch positions because your lower back hurts or that you don’t have the strength to hold the posture. The best exercises for this are deadlifts, bent-over rows, and band pull-aparts.

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5 Tips to Get the Best Gym Selfie

Do you ever get a bit self-conscious while looking in the mirror, as you’re about to snap a selfie of yourself flexing? If you look at other people’s gym selfies, it’s guaranteed that they’re striking the same pose, except they all look confident. Forget about your surroundings and just focus on getting your best picture. However, be aware of the environment. Don’t take a selfie in the locker room—the last thing you want is a man with nothing but a towel on in the background of your selfie. Keep in mind that no one is judging you, and the guy next to you is probably worrying about how  big his biceps appear in the pic. A little confidence goes a long way, and will translate in your selfie. With that said, don’t look cocky—there’s a big difference.

The Men's Fitness guide to the top 30 muscle-building foods

Fermented dairy products like kefir are a little-known magic bullet for muscle building. Kefir is the perfect addition to any muscle-building blender bomb, providing distinct nutritional advantages over water or regular milk. If you usually use water in your shakes, 1 cup of kefir will add 150 calories to your diet. Compared to regular milk, kefir will allow your meal to be more easily digested due to the presence of probiotics (up to 10 billion good bacteria per cup). These healthy bacteria will help keep your digestive track running at peak condition so it can break down and assimilate a maximum amount of calories and nutrients from your meals.

How to build muscle: The basic guide for beginners

For most men, you won’t need much more—300 to 500 calories per day and you’re looking at roughly a pound gain per week. Of course, there are mitigating factors: If you’re overweight, you’re better off at a calorie deficit (meaning you might eat the same number of calories but you’re working out more, or you may also reduce what you eat) until you lean out. However, “if you’re in too much of a caloric deficit, your body will not have the nutrients it needs to recover from the training, re-build the muscles, and support muscle growth,” says Adam. On the other hand, if you have trouble putting on mass, you will need to boost those calories, but only to the point where you gain muscle, not fat. In either case, it can be a process of trial and error; seeing a sports nutritionist might be worthwhile if you’re serious about hypertrophy.

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Now That You Have Been Told, Stop Doing This Sh*T in the Gym

Back to the walk out. The way the racks are made today, you only have to take two very tiny steps, so anybody that's taking anything more than that isn't utilizing the equipment that they have. This isn't the '70s and the '80s where you had to walk back three or four steps just to be able to clear the racks. The racks are clear as soon as you stand up. This is why you see the uprights angled in. If they were not, you would have to start your walkout with your feet closer and walk back two steps before stepping out. They are angled in so you can start closer to your stance and not have the plates hit the uprights when you step out. You barely have to step back so take advantage of it. The fewer steps you take, the tighter you can get before coming out of the rack, and the more set you will be. This also makes it easier to get the bar back into the rack. If you watch many top raw world records you will see many just lean the bar back into the rack or just take one tiny step. These racks were implemented to help you - use them for what they were designed for. It's also safer for you!

M&F Iron Maiden: Vanessa Tib

The sexy fitness model shows off her rock hard assets in this steamy bikini shoot


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The 8 Biggest Dieting Offenses and How to Fix Them

If only we could hire referees to sit with you at your breakfast nook, your dinner table and your favorite lunch spot. If only someone with a discerning nutritional eye could look over your shoulder as you fix your pre- and postworkout shakes and cry “foul” when your protein-to-carb ratios didn’t add up or you used only one scoop of protein rather than two. Because here’s the deal: too many bodybuilders make too many dieting mistakes. Whether it’s a lack of protein, an overabundance of simple carbs, or a faulty bedtime snack, such shortcomings are holding back loads of people from achieving their bodybuilding goals. So here, we break down a handful of the most egregious diet fouls we come across. If you can just fix these, you’ll be in good shape — literally.

Instagram post by Shawn Ray • Jun 21, 2017 at 1:28pm UTC

7 Douchebag Moves at the Gym that Ruin it for Others

Just like you were taught not to point, you may have also been taught not to stare. It’s natural to admire someone you find attractive, aspire to look like, or take mental notes of a new exercise you’d like to try, but it's just downright creepy to visually lock on to someone's physique for an extended duration. Not many people like to be gawked at, let alone hit on. Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize...not someone's ass.

The 15 Best Fit Butts on the Internet

These fit ladies are the epitome of #squatspo.

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