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Get Ready for 'WWE Tough Enough' on USA Network

The new series to unearth the next big male and female wrestling star premiers this Tuesday at 8 pm ET.

RSP Chiseled: Sculpt You Best Body In 8 Weeks -

The struggle to stay lean year-round ends here. Chiseled is an 8-week strength and nutrition system that has everything you need to sculpt your best body--and keep it!

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015 - Unrealistic attempts to juggle one-too-many tasks today could lead to giving a poor performance across the board. Tread lightly in all of your interactions because understating your responses is the most efficient use of your energy now. Just take care of every problem in a calm and collected manner as soon as it pops up. Your confidence suddenly returns when others acknowledge how well you are handling a complicated situation. Reining in your enthusiasm just a little allows your competence to shine.

2 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

" helped me reach my goals in many ways. I found that everyone is supportive of one another and that it is a great place for encouragement and bouncing ideas off of one another."

Drink Schnapps with Arnold at the Premiere of Terminator Genisys

Come with me if you want to live… the most awesome night of your life! I’m back with a new, limited-time experience and you and a friend are invited as my special guests. We’ll ride together to the premiere of Terminator Genisys, take selfies and get interviewed on the red carpet, and watch the movie before any of your friends. Oh, did I mention we’ll drink Schnapps together at the afterparty to celebrate our big day and my return as the Terminator? Hasta la vista, baby.

Head and Shoulders Above

This brings us to Phil Heath’s shoulders. What was once a deficit is now a surplus. We should also mention the head on those shoulders, because the changes happened and continue to happen only because of meticulous planning and methodical execution.

White Rice vs. Brown Rice

Rice is a classic bodybuilding food, but white and brown rice have different benefits. Both are great sources of carbs, but white rice causes more of an insulin spike due to its very low fiber and fat content. Brown rice also increases insulin release, but the fiber and fats help reduce this. Therefore, at times of the day when you aren’t training, the carbs from brown rice are much less likely to go to body-fat storage than those from white rice.

Three Reasons Your Ab Workouts Aren't Working

Without a doubt, rips and cuts throughout your core are among the most highly sought physical attributes. You’ve definitely overheard a client speaking with a trainer on how to get that look. You’ve probably even tried to get the look yourself. But scoring a six-pack is a concentrated and complicated goal that requires a lot of discipline. If your diet and training still aren't doing it, try revamping a few things in the gym.

4 Strength Goals For A Beautiful Body -

Ignore the hype in the media touting isolation exercises as the quickest path to a gorgeous body. Use classic strength goals to build your body by giving it a worthy challenge!

7 Foolproof Protein Sweets

Tried the brownies a few days ago. (note that the Peanut butter and Almond milk were substituted with Sunbutter and normal milk, but neither should effect the results). After 15 minutes of cooking most of it was still very soupy, so I put it back in for 5 more. A bit rubbery, but to some extent that's what you get cooking with protein powder anyway. It's also possible they were a bit over cooked. If I make them again, I'll do an extra 2-3 minutes and then reevaluate, instead of a flat 5. They were good, though not very sweet or chocolately lol. I'd say throw a few dark chocolate bits in there honestly. Still very healthy. And no, you don't taste the Chickpeas at all.


Fighter Diet is proud to offer superlative excellence in customer service and support to our global customer base. Our product lines are perpetually expanding and we welcome your inquiries for improvement. We value your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

The 22-Minute Hurry-Up Workout

It's so easy to slack off when you've got things to get to your buddy's house for Super Bowl. Well, we've just made it impossible to skip out on the gym session. This 22 minute workout is fast, effective, and covers all your bases from conditioning to muscle building.

28 Days to Lean Meal Plan

You'’re training hard every day with your program, going heavy on the weights and sweating up a storm with cardio. Newsflash: While that'’s critical to your ultimate success, that'’s just not enough for you to lose the fat you want to.To reach your get-lean goal, you must also follow a get-lean diet. Why? Even if you work out hard for an hour every day, that still leaves 23 more hours for you to wreck all your hard work in the gym with just one slip-up: a measly handful of chips, a beer with the guys or a burger at lunch. Diet is a huge, so to speak, part of the fat-loss equation. It's the backbone of your entire plan, the foundation of a hard body.Bodybuilding nutrition consultant Jim Juge says nutrition determines your success or failure, plain and simple. "The diet is 65% of what you need to get in shape,"” he says. Juge would know, as he'’s helped countless dedicated people reach their goals, from achieving their best body ever to placing first in bodybuilding competitions.You've got 28 days to get to your goal, so we've recruited Juge to help you every step of the way. He'’s adapted a traditional bodybuilding competitor's diet for a non-competitor (that means you!) who wants to look his best, shedding as much fat as possible in a very short time.

10 Upper-Body Moves That Build Your Core Too

“Abs are made in the kitchen.” Yes, that’s partly true, but they’re made in the gym too — for any muscle to grow in size and density, it needs stimulus. To sculpt a ripped six-pack, you’ll need to target your abs with more than just a few plank holds and ab-wheel rollouts. Every exercise you do should engage the core so your trunk is stabilized in space.

Arnold's 1974 Mr. Olympia Chest and Back Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger cut the range of motion on his bench presses one-quarter of the way from lockout in order to keep tension on his pecs. On wide-grip pullups, however, he lowered his body until he felt a deep stretch in his lats, which activates them better. Arnold used this routine on Mondays and Thursdays.

Why You Shouldn't Rinse Your Chicken | Eat This Not That

While you may have thought you were doing the right thing by running your poultry under the faucet, research has shown that doing so is actually a very bad idea. You know all that bacteria lurking on the chicken you were hoping to wash away? First of all, the water isn’t going to kill it and, what’s worse, once the water hits the meat, the bacteria splatters all over your sink, hands and kitchen, according to the USDA. In fact, some European researchers say that the illness-causing bacteria can fly up to three-feet away from where the chicken is rinsed! The scariest part: Since it’s not possible to see where the bacteria is lurking, it’s almost impossible to clean it up, increasing the odds of foodborne illness.

Eat Yourself Huge

Here's where two tools come into play. The first is the bathroom scale. If you're lean, you should see the numbers increase. If they don't, you aren't eating enough protein and calories to push up your muscle weight. The second tool is a skin caliper to measure your bodyfat percentage. This will tell you how much of your weight is fat and how much is muscle mass. What you're looking for here is a decreasing bodyfat percentage, even if only slightly; any change in the negative direction is promising. Don't try to use the caliper by yourself or have just anyone take your measurements; you'll need to find a professional, either at your gym or in another health and wellness-type setting, who has experience administering such bodyfat tests.

6 Nutrients That Will Help You Stay Young

In a recent issue of Food Technology , contributing editor Linda Milo Ohr indicated the key nutrients that may help safeguard your brain from mental decline. Feast on these nutrient-rich foods (or take supplements) to ensure your brain will stay sharp well into your golden years.

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For fasted cardio, ensure that lean body mass is protected while fat is burned. Here's how: …

T NATION on Twitter

How coaches are screwing up the concept of sport specific training: …

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12 "Zero Belly" Recipes

By that I mean real food—food with the power to reverse the fat-gene switches that are triggered by our modern processed diets and set us back on the path to perfect health. In fact, studies show that the more processed food you eat, the greater your weight—even if you eat the same number of calories. It all goes back to inflammation, and why I built Zero Belly to calm the fire and turn off the fat-storage genes that processed foods turn on.

5 Mind Tricks For Eating Healthy Food

Researchers from the Cornell Food & Brand Lab analyzed 112 studies that collected information about healthy eating behaviors. From the research , they found that most healthy eaters acquire and maintain their habits because a restaurant, food store, cafeteria, or spouse made fruits and vegetables convenient. Not surprising—Americans tend to err on the side of lazy and easy. To make this work for you, keep a bundle of bananas or a bowl of fruit in a high-traffic area in your house or apartment (i.e. on the kitchen table, on the counter, next to your keys), prepare and portion veggies in portable containers for work, keep bags of nuts and dried fruit in your car, or put healthier foods in the front of your fridge and pantry shelves so they’re easy to grab.  

15 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Men

When you walk into the gym and every single bench and squat rack is taken by a bigger, stronger guy or by that “bro” doing curls in the squat rack, you could just turn around and walk out and say you’ll come back later. However, that isn’t an option when you’re trying to be your best you, because you know consistency is key. That one day off can lead to a week, which can lead to a month, and so on. Add these moves to your arsenal and watch the fat melt off your midsection all while building muscle, without skipping a day.

The 20 Dumbest Things Ever Said by Bodybuilders

Oh, boy! We’ve all done this at some point, myself included. But thankfully I know better now. As much as it would be nice to work my lower biceps or lengthen my biceps, preacher curls do not do this, and neither do any other exercises. They may overload the lower portion of the strength curve, thereby making you stronger in that part of the range, giving you the misperception that you’re lengthening your biceps. In reality, you’re just getting overall thickness in your biceps.

The 5 in 5 Gain Plan

Today’s bodybuilder is interested in not only the quickest, but also the smartest and healthiest way to add mass. FLEX, ever ready to serve, has answered this call for an efficient mass-gain strategy by constructing a program that will help you, the average reader, gain five solid pounds of muscle in five weeks, without an accompanying layer of lard around your middle.

What a Ripped Guy Doesn't Eat

These seemingly healthy foods need to be eliminated if your goal is to pack on muscle and lose fat.

5 Fitness Measurements Every Athlete Should Know

“You want to be able to figure out what your strong points are and what your weak points are,” McArdle says. Not just to know how healthy you are, but also to know if the workout program you are using actually works. “By testing regularly you can see if the things you are paying for are actually giving you a quantifiable result.”

It's Leg Day in the Gym for Hugh Jackman

Don’t say Hugh doesn’t work the pins. Here he is pushing some serious iron.

The Women's Guide (advanced)

You know the saying you don't solve money problems with money? Well, when it comes to my body, I solve body problems with my body. Fighter Diet is my life. I know how I want it to be, to feel and to look but it's like a snake sometimes, very hard to hold on to cause it wants to slip through your tough grip. The body when it's ripped, defined and muscular is the most beautiful piece of living art you can ever find, it's a sculpture that has a life of its own for good and for bad. The relationship between you and your body, it's something like being the guardian, the lover, the director and the police, sometimes even the mafia boss to your body cause body doesn't want to follow you without resistance and questioning. But then...when you two do settle or the body surrenders to your will, ah,

7 Ways to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle

The ability for you to burn fat and build muscle boils down to your diet and exercise habits. Within M&F and outside of it, there are plenty of fitness enthusiasts who've accomplished these goals simultaneously, serving as anecdotal evidence that it's possible to achieve body recomposition. Follow these seven tips to burn fat without losing hard-earned muscle.

Retro Gallery: Dorian Yates

Photos by Robert Reiff , Robert Gardner and Chris Lund

3 Rules You Have to Break to Make Gains

There’s a reason skinny punks call lifters “meatheads” and why some of the dumbest guys in your gym are also the biggest: building muscle ain’t that complicated . Sure, there’s a science to it, but hard work and consistency will take you further than any one program, diet, or exercise can. In an effort to sell more products, the fitness industry has tried to convince you that you need to follow certain rules in order to get big and strong and lean, making the process of transforming your body far more complex, arduous (and, consequently, much less fun) than it has to be.

Big Arms in 3 Moves

Triceps make up most of your arm mass, so if you’ve been prioritizing biceps exercises, you need to switch it up. This routine can be done at the end of any upper-body workout, and it attacks the triceps on every front. You’ll start with a heavy lift to recruit the most muscle fibers, then pump up the volume to exhaust the muscles thoroughly.

Daily Session: The Full Gym Back Workout

Build a back like a fitness model using a variety of equipment.

The American Ninja Warrior Workout Routine

Based on the wild Japanese competition show Sasuke, ANW runs its participants through diabolical gantlets of obstacles, with the final course proving so difficult that no one has ever finished. But an American couple has its sights set on history this year. Competitors Brent Steffensen and Kacy Catanzaro,  who happen to be boyfriend and girlfriend, have pushed the ANW boundaries: Steffensen is the first  American to conquer the Ultimate Cliffhanger (in which competitors must traverse ledges with their fingertips), and Catanzaro is the first woman to reach the finals. Their quest for history has them training virtually nonstop.

The 5 Best Programs for Putting on Mass

Power, Rep Range and Shock (PRRS) was built by "Natural Freak" Eric Broser . PRRS training is a great program for intermediates and advanced lifters. Each acronym stands for a different protocol for each workout. Power stands for a more compound movements done in a power rep range. Rep Range is more a typical bodybuilding type workout and Shock workouts are one in their own. Shock workouts utilize any type of shocking principle, primarily supersets for the same bodypart. Every week you will be utilizing a different acronym. In addition each acronym uses different workout tempos which can increase your time under tension. PRRS training was designed to keep your body guessing and keep the results coming. A positive thing about this program is that you never get bored, every workout is different. Shock workouts are something you should try; you really change yourself on those days.  If cycled correctly, you will never plateau and can expect to buy bigger shirts. PRRS uses a lower volume, lower frequency approach that can be a problem for someone who requires more volume. You can customize your PRRS routine by increasing the volume or frequency.

Universal Nutrition Animal Whey at

An impressive Supplement Facts box wouldn't be enough, however, it would have to live up to hype in the field—on the weight room floors of the most hardcore gyms in the world... In the shaker cups and blenders of the most committed lifters out there. It would have to mix with ease and taste great, making drinking multiple shakes per day a pleasure, not a painful chore. Because let's face it, if your protein powder tastes like shit, it is less likely you will drink it as much as needed to hit your daily macronutrient goals. Unacceptable. To be worthy of the Animal aegis, it would have to taste as good as it worked. And once again, in this regard, Animal WHEY is a triumph.

The Best 15 Swim Trunks For Men

You can’t enter the summer season without a solid pair of swim trunks. With the countless opps to wear them in the summer—at the beach, grilling  up steaks, torching calories with these water sports —you'll actually probably need more than one pair. So, with the help of our Style and Grooming Editor Barret Wertz, we’ve scouted out the best bottoms to beat the 2015 heat. From the 6" shorter trunk trend to eye-catching color patterns—and of course, the classic board short, Wertz has selected 15 great options to choose from.

Bigger Arms from Both Sides

As of the time we went to press, there were still doomsayers forecasting the end of the world for December 2012. On the off chance that they were right but you’re still holding this issue, you can get a great arm workout despite the end of life as we know it. And if they weren’t right but you find yourself in a sparsely stocked gym or someplace with little equipment (or a crowd that occupies it), here’s our plan for building arms anyway.

11 Ways to Fix Shoulder Pain

To fix your cranky shoulders, you need to find good replacement exercises, improve your posture, and move better. Here are eleven great tips (in no order of importance) that will get you feeling great again.

Delts to Die for

And because this workout consists of both compound and isolation movements, and if performed correctly then you should have a tingling sensation of DOMS in your shoulders the next day which means you are well on the road to having monster capped deltoids.

The 10 Most Attractive Body Parts Ranked by Women

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a roundup—in no particular order—of the features women love on a guy; not just the body parts, but what specifically about them appeal to women. You can sculpt some in the gym, but others have already been fated by genetics (sorry). Either way, this will give you some insight on what females prefer. Hint: you’ll quickly find women are not much different than men.

Power Up Your Jump Squats (Literally)

For the study, men came into the lab on three separate occasions, each time doing a different warm-up before completing weighted jump squats. For one warm-up, the men did three sets of three reps of a barbell back squat. The second warm-up involved doing three sets of three reps of a squat with a resistance band, and the third consisted of two 30-second static lower body stretches.

Start Here - Zach Even-Esh

Zach's inspiration in training comes from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding & Days of Old School Strength. His mission is to help You kick ass & take names in Life AND Lifting without the hype, fancy fads or gimmicks. Zach's Commitment To Your Success Is Unmatched. He Knows What It's Like To Go From A Weakling To An Unstoppable BEAST In Charge Of His Life, Business & Destiny. Zach Made It Happen Through The Iron and Now it's Your Turn!

Kettlebell and Body-Weight Combos for Rapid Weight-Loss

It’s time to break out of your cardio interval training rut. Combine these kettlebell and body-weight movements for the ultimate workout for rapid weight-loss . The workouts can be done all at once, or on spilt days and are sure to make you sweat, engage your muscles, and torch tons of calories. For more kettlebell workouts try, The 20-Minute Fat-Burning Kettlebell Complex .

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Underground Strength Gym Of Edison & Manasquan Highlight

Underground Strength Gym Of Edison & Manasquan Highlight

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TERMINATOR GENISYS B-Roll Footage - Behind The Scenes (2015) Arnold Schwarzenegger Sci-Fi Movie HD

TERMINATOR GENISYS B-Roll Footage - Behind The Scenes (2015) Arnold Schwarzenegger Sci-Fi Movie HD

6 Hotels For Die-Hard Baseball Fans

Red Sox fans and out-of-towners alike will have a home-field advantage by staying at Hotel Commonwealth. Not only is Commonwealth the official hotel of the Sox, it’s a stone—rather, a ball’s throw away from Fenway Park. You can choose from an array of packages, some of which include VIP on-the-field access to batting practice, a behind-the-scenes tour of the famed Green Monster and the chance to have personal messages displayed on the scoreboard. Don’t fret if you’re not a Sox fan. (Odds are if you’re staying in a hotel, you’re not.) Hotel Commonwealth’s Baseball Suite pays homage to baseball titans the likes of Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson. If you’re thinking this is heaven, just wait ‘til you pop in Angels in the Outfield . The suite has 40+ classic baseball films to kick back and relax to.

Next Level: Dumbbell Lateral Raise vs Barbell Lateral Raise

Nothing will complete your physique like having tapped-out delts. Take your traditional dumbbell side raise to the next level by using a barbell to target the medial head of the deltoid.

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