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Stevey P lays down important advice to teen lifters

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - You think you know exactly how to regain control over a complex situation, but you may be feeling uncharacteristically insecure. Don't overcompensate by pretending that everything is sunshine and roses. Although you wish you were having more fun, these aren't necessarily carefree days. Nevertheless, your inner child is itching to come out and play, and might even throw a temper tantrum to have its way. Thankfully, with a bit of conscious effort you should be able to find less disruptive ways to express your creativity.

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Push Your Pecs: Four Ways to Pushup

The push-up—like any type of press or pull—requires the use of several muscle groups working on concert. But unlike some of its barbell or dumbbell counterparts, the push-up calls several smaller muscle groups—which work as stabilizers—into play. Your abs, serratus, lower back, hip flexors and rotator cuffs all reap the benefits of a well-executed set of push-ups, even though your pecs are the main target. And strengthening that supporting cast will only help you on your bigger moves for your chest like heavy incline presses.

4 Moves for Ripped Lower Abs

The collection of movements below accomplishes this quite nicely, starting with two movements that target your lower abs, followed by some oblique work, and a core-stabilization finisher. And since it’s impossible to train one portion of the rectus abdominis—your six-pack muscles—apart from another, your upper abs will get plenty of work, too, in this routine.

Common Creatine Questions and Answers

Creatine is one of the most popular muscle building supplements out there, but there are a lot of questions about it. We went ahead and asked the team at

Build A Back Like Arnold's

Instead of locking himself into a cut-and-dry scheme of 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps, Arnold would instead pick a number – say 50 or 60 – and complete as many sets to failure as it took to reach that number. Usually, this meant starting off with a set of 10-12 quality reps, with the numbers quickly falling off after that. By his last set, it wasn’t uncommon to be trembling through 4-5 reps. But that didn’t matter. What did matter was that he put in the work it took to get his lats growing.

Strong Days for More Size

When you’re trying to add size , it’s easy to throw too many exercises into the equation. But a more simplistic approach is sometimes what is needed to get the results you’re looking for. Instead of tossing in more moves, try adding more sets for exercises that you know already work — in this case, the deadlift and front squat. With this lower-reps approach, you’re able to train at a higher intensity without the same risk of injury. And the payoff for strength-and-mass-seekers is potentially much higher. Instead of three sets of 10 at 70 percent of your 1RM , you’re muscling through 10 sets of three at 85% 1RM. Fewer reps on heavy lifts also means that form is less likely to degrade, keeping you more insulated from injury.

Strength In Numbers: 10 Strong States

Strongman-style training is more hip than ever, but as any strongman or woman will tell you, you've got to compete to understand it. The Iowa Games have been going strong since 1987, taking place in the parking lot of Jack Trice Stadium at Iowa State University in the heat of July. This year, the event expands to offer weight classes for women and master's division (40 and over) athletes, so everyone has the opportunity to be tested in classic events like the farmer's walk, tire flip, vehicle pull, and overhead press. It's also an event where children, senior citizens, and weekend athletes can get a taste of the thrill of strongman events.

7 Leg-busting Tips from an Olympic Weightlifter

When it comes to building bigger thighs, you’re probably doing too much (or not enough) of these things.

The Best Body-Recomposition Workout

Hala Rambie, a scientist who defected to West Germany during the Cold War, found that fat loss could be accelerated by raising levels of blood lactate—an energy substrate. More lactate corresponds to greater release of growth hormone, which tells your body to grow muscle and burn flab. The best way to raise lactate quickly is to pair upper and lower-body exercises, or opposing movements, for rep sin the 8–15 range. The sweet spot for sets is three, and rest periods are restricted to 30–60 seconds. This approach has since become known as German Body Comp.

Clear Results Program: The Workout

Build groundbreaking strength and shirt-busting size with this 12-week training program.

The Fury Trailer Is Scary, Chaotic And Really Good

We�ve seen Brad Pitt kill Nazis before thanks to Quentin Tarantino�s badass, unusually spelled Inglourious Basterds . Now, we�re gonna get that chance again thanks to David Ayer�s Fury , though if the above trailer is any indication, this new film will be a whole lot different than QT�s stylistic, over the top masterpiece that could have won Best Picture . This film follows Brad Pitt�s character, Wardaddy, as he leads a hardened tank crew, plus one newbie, on a secret mission to go behind enemy lines. The action looks to be chaotic and tense, but don�t expect a long series of adrenaline-fueled battles. They�ll definitely come, but as per this brand new footage, there will be a whole lot of drama, philosophizing and overwhelmed, resolute Brad Pitt faces too� Even when he�s beaten down and frustrated, that man is more handsome than anyone you know. Plus, he's got every right to be making that face. Telling naive, optimistic kids to run people over on a battlefield is miserable, emotionally crippling work. It takes a sociopath to handle that with complete calm. As Oscar bait goes, this trailer doesn�t seem like a slam dunk.

The Shakedown Episode 5: Pineapple Green Shake

Another unique protein shake recipe to add to your arsenal. Load up on fiber and vitamins with this green pineapple shake.

Hormone Control

A number of bodybuilders have e-mailed me requesting the same thing: “Can you check out my precontest diet?” Time and again, their approach to dieting is the same: no carbs. A no-carb or very-low-carb plan can be effective — it almost always means fewer calories, so that’s a plus. It also means insulin, a potentially fat-storing hormone, is controlled. But it doesn’t guarantee a ripped fat-free physique. Getting ripped is about controlling calories while simultaneously keeping hormones in balance. That’s what this article is about — providing the guidelines for a hormonal profile that will keep your metabolic rate humming to burn bodyfat. Here’s the data on six main hormones you need to know about.

Asia Monet Ray Of ‘Dance Moms’ Scores Her Own Lifetime Reality Series ‘Raising Asia’

Asia Monet Ray may have placed third in Season 1 of dance coach Abby Lee Miller’s competition series “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,” but the 8-year-old powerhouse is undoubtedly the star of the show. After a brief stint on Lifetime’s popular reality TV series “Dance Moms” in 2013 competing with Miller’s elite team, Monet Ray has snagged her very own series on the network, “Raising Asia.”

Keep Your Dizzy, Gassy, Achy Body in Check at the Gym

Find calmer airspace to relieve yourself until the turbulence passes. The longer you eat clean, the more your body will adapt. “Give yourself time to adjust; it’ll usually go away,” she says. You can also keep a food journal, noting which foods tend to make you gassier than others. That’ll help you decide when you should plan on going into quarantine. However, if the gas comes with abdominal pain, weight loss, fever, or constipation, it might be something more serious. In those cases, schedule a doctor’s appointment.

FD Delts 2 Die 4 (Athlete)

"Hi Pauline Nordin & Fighter Diet, I have been the hugest fan of yours for atheist two years. I never post or comment on your Facebook because I feel like you're constantly bombarded with so many people's comments and questions! It's insane! I know a million people want to talk to you and want feedback, for me it's the opposite! I merely want to tell you that to me, you're super women. I am 24 years old and spent my whole life skinny and non athletic. I have spent the past year working my butt off to add some muscle, but always got so scared when I saw the weight on the scale go up. But after reading your words everyday, following The FDX2 Diet, and weight training as heavy as humanly possible with NO CARDIO! I am finally seeing changes!! I went from 108 pounds to now being 121 pounds

4 Ways To Make Any Program Work - Juggernaut Training Systems

There is constant debate about what program is best, Cube Method, Westside, Juggernaut Method, 5/3/1, the list goes on. All of these programs have their merit, all have their shortcomings, but there are undeniably successful lifters using a wide array of training styles and getting stronger all the time. So what does that mean? Does the program not matter? How can people get strong using such wildly different training styles?

Burn More Fat with this Jump Rope Technique

If you’re serious about expanding your conditioning efforts beyond the treadmill, then you’ve probably explored the idea of using a jump rope. Boxers have relied on the rope for decades to get dialed in for fights. In recent years, CrossFit has helped to popularize the use of the rope as a skill to be mastered that also happens to have tremendous conditioning benefits. In particular, the double-under—two passes of the rope beneath your feet on a single jump—can really help you take your training to the next level. But it can be a foot-and-shin blasting exercise in failure until you get the hang of it. Here is a good game plan for getting it down.

Expert Answers: Recover Faster and Stronger

If you believe you are experiencing overtraining symptoms, the best thing you can do is to rest. In other words, don't exercise at all, sleep as much as possible, eat well, drink plenty of water, and allow your body to recuperate from the stresses you have placed upon it. The reality is if you are overtraining, it make take some time to reverse the damage that has been done. It's better to not exercise at all and recover fully, then to try to continue training but at a decreased level.

Fighter Diet Newbie Pak

"Hey Pauline Nordin and Fighter Diet, I thought I'd give you an update. I posted this comparison and I got positive feedback so I wanted to show you and hopefully others what being consistent with Fighter Diet and training as gotten me so far. The left picture is clearly from my last competition in Dec. 2011' where I was already using FDX2 but (no pun intended, haha) I wasn't really training legs/butt like I should have. I was using too many damn machines for my legs and butt! I was cheating myself. I didn't have the BUTT BIBLE nor the DEADLIFT eBook during my last comp either. The second photo was taken September 9th 2012, I put back on my competition bikini and although I may look similar you can see in my competition picture my thumbs are creasing into my body hence I was very soft and

10 Foam Roller Moves for Your Entire Body

Foam rolling  is a type of self-myofascial release in which pressure is applied to certain body parts to relieve pain. A recent study published in  the Journal of Sports Rehabilitation  found that foam rolling significantly increases range of motion and that the combination of static stretching and foam rolling led to the greatest flexibility improvements. “Foam rolling limits soreness and tightness by increasing blood flow and flexibility,” says Francisco Cabrerra, C.P.T., at Dumbbell’s Gym in North Bergen, NJ, where he teaches a class demonstrating how to roll the entire body out with 10 moves. “When the muscles are tight,  injuries  such as tears are more likely to occur.” Do these 10 foam rolling moves to get every major muscle group firing properly.

Rookie Mistakes: The Overhead Press

MISTAKE 3: YOU'RE PUSH-PRESSING INSTEAD OF STRICT-PRESSING The standing press is a great way to improve absolute strength—as long as you don’t cheat. The push press involves a drive from the lower body to transfer more force into the bar, allowing you to move more weight overhead. Although it’s an explosive move, push-pressing too frequently won’t improve your standing press numbers and it won’t target your shoulders as much. Check your ego at the door and lower the weight by 15% so that you can strict-press with no help from the lower body to transfer forces.

Ultimate Quads and Hamstrings Workout

After you are warmed up, you just have to squat for 15 minutes. Start with a weight you are capable of doing 10 reps with. For set one, do seven reps. Rest one minute and attempt seven reps again. If you are unable to do seven reps, do six reps…if you cannot do six reps do five, you can keep this up all the way to set of one. Repeat this process for 15 minutes…using the same weight. In each instance, you are doing as many reps as you feel capable of doing using that 10-rep weight.

Zach Even-Esh: Strongcast

In this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast I share some BIG lessons on money, your finances and lifestyle. I've seen countless people driving 40, 50 and $60,000 cars and they complain about having no money, being depressed or needing a discount on a...

Diet 911: Battling Weight Loss Plateaus

A good metabolism runs with lean muscle mass and little visceral and subcutaneous fat, thus the more lean mass you have the more calories you burn in a day. Best case scenario—you lost a little bit of lean mass, which is most often intra- and extra-cellular water, and the rest of your weight loss was mostly fat. However, if you are having a hard time losing the last couple of pounds, it may be a sign that your metabolism needs some help. You actually want to lose fat, not muscle, so get your body fat tested. Setting goals is critical, especially at the end of your quest. Maybe those last 10-15 pounds should be 5 pounds of fat instead.

Grilling With Beer Fights Cancer

You’ve been warned that exposing animal protein (meat) to open flames (a grill) can produce carcinogens. Well, break out the charcoal: New data show that marinating meat in beer before grilling kicks those cancer-causing agents to the curb. But: The type of beer you use matters.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

JYM Shred JYM at

When you’re ready to elevate your shred and torch some serious body fat, there are three things you need: a solid training program, like my Shortcut to Shred workouts; a solid diet, like my Shortcut to Shred nutrition plan; and a solid supplement regimen to supercharge the fat loss you've initiated through hard work and clean eating. Shred JYM is that entire supplement regimen in one fat-blasting formula. It's a powerfully dosed, fully loaded fat-loss weapon built with six synergistic ingredients. It's my personal fat-loss blend.*

Do Carbs Make You Fat?

While it’s true that lower carb diets provide many health benefits and can help with weight loss, low carb does not mean no carbs. When you’re training and exercising, your needs for carbohydrates increases. And if you’re trying to gain muscle, carbs are an essential part of the equation. What’s more, for many people, white rice is, in fact, one of the best carbohydrate sources because it isn’t associated with stomach distress, allergies, bloating, and it’s not loaded with sugars that are linked to diabetes or obesity.

Minimum Effective Dose: Why Walking Is Good for Your Brain - Born Fitness

Minimum Effective Dose is part of the Born Fitness mission to provide usable, simplified answers to common questions, add valuable information, and upgrade your health. Each week we’ll provide tips and thoughts (with links) that will improve your life without overload.

Daily Session: Bigger Triceps in 30 Minutes

Say you hit traffic on the way to the gym and you're left with only 30 minutes to get a full arm workout in. Instead of sitting in your car thinking about what to do, look no further than Andrew Sakhrani, C.S.C.S., who provided this perfect triceps workout that only takes a half-hour—and is probably better than the one you were doing anyway.

Fouad’s Dig Deep Leg Workout

The other day I got to the gym feeling extremely tired and lazy.  I’m eating a ton trying to pack on the size ( click here for Fouad's off-season meal plan ) and it leaves me feeling tired and lazy more often then I’d like.  So it was leg day and I thought, “man this is gonna be a tough one, I gotta dig deep or I’m gonna regret it.”  Even though I wanted to dig deep I knew I didn’t have it in me to squat 500lbs that day.  So instead of bitching out, I made some changes and went hard as I could.  I know everyone’s had nights like this before so I had to share the workout below for the FLX fans.  Give it a shot and tell me how your legs feel after ( talk about it here )!

Five Fast Lunches to Build More Muscle

When the 18th-century British Earl of Sandwich asked his servants to bring him a piece of meat held between two slices of bread, he definitely stumbled onto something. Not only, as legend has it, did he invent the sandwich, he also inadvertently requested the ideal post- workout meal—a simple combination of protein and carbohydrates, which research shows spurs greater muscle growth than protein alone. But with a little knowledge (and some condiments—come on, Earl!) you can make this portable muscle meal even more effective. Reach for these easy-to-prepare recipes to turn steak, lamb, chicken—and even an old can of cranberry sauce—into a gourmet meal fit for a king. Or at least an earl—whatever that is.

Ask Men's Fitness: Should I Be Warming Up Before Sex?

A: Believe it or not, yes. A 2010 study found that about 18 million people, roughly a third of the country’s adult population, have suffered a sex-related injury. The top culprit? Pulled muscles. “Try some relaxation exercises,” advises Susan Block, Ph.D., a sexologist, sex therapist, and founder of her eponymous Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences. “Maybe a little yoga that emphasizes stretching.” She also recommends a massage, both giving and receiving. It’ll get those muscles loose and ready for action, and it won’t be as awkward as doing a bunch of quadriceps stretches as your partner watches.

INTERVIEW: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Check out Krit's first interview with his legitimate cousin The Rock for his upcoming film Hercules .

Finding Happiness - Born Fitness

I did not know who you were until I read this blog post too. I want to thank you for writing this inspiring blog post. I have failed and judged many times in life and sometimes it can be easy to believe what all the negative people tell you. It’s really good to read a blog post that I can relate to and get the reminder and encouragement to constantly believe in myself and push on. Thanks again Adam! I’m inspired.

10 Abs Workouts in 10 Days

Sun’s out, guns out! Summer is upon us and that means that we will have plenty of opportunities to put your physique on display. Depending on the shape you’re in presently, that either excites or terrifies you. And since your abs are a focal point when the shirt comes off, you’ll want to make sure that they are lean and tight. Of course, diet is a big part of that – now isn’t the time of year to be overdoing it with the Corona, gents – but with some serious, dedicated abdominal training , you can give yourself a drastic, visual upgrade in just 10 days.

Lifetime Orders Fourteen Episodes of Docuseries 'Raising Asia'; Show Set to Premiere Tuesday, July 29

Los Angeles, CA (June 25, 2014)  – Child prodigy Asia Monet Ray is no stranger to the spotlight and her loyal fan base eagerly follows her every career move.  This summer Lifetime premieres the all-new docuseries Raising Asia  (#RaisingAsia) featuring the child sensation and her mother Kristie, who won’t let anything get in her daughter’s way.  Debuting on Tuesday, July 29, at 10pm ET/PT the road to fame and success isn’t an easy one but with her mom by her side, Asia’s dreams of becoming a world famous performer are well within reach, at least if Kristie has her say.

Anytime Gains

RESEARCH: In a University of Jyväscylä (Finland) study, subjects followed a 20-week strength-training program that worked the whole body every workout, with special emphasis on the leg muscles. The first 10 weeks served as a preparatory phase to acclimate the subjects to weigh training. During this phase, the subjects trained just twice per week in the late afternoon. For the final 10 weeks, the subjects were placed either in a morning or late-afternoon training group. During these final 10 weeks, training frequency was gradually bumped up to three times per week.

BodySpace Member Of The Month: Curtis Hoyt

Curtis is still a little shy. That's why he prefers BodySpace even over the articles on the main site. He likes to read about new things, but sharing and discussion on BodySpace helps him open up. "I get a chance to interact with people," he says. "I know I can go there and see something someone else is posting—a Fitboard pin or a progress photo—and it's making them happy. You comment on it and it reminds you of the people who commented on your posts. You become something special to that person and those people check back in, remember you. You help people drive that interaction and you get a piece that is missing from a private gym."

Power Up

Reduce the risk of injury before you grab the weights with these warmup exercises.

7 Foods That Fight Sun Damage

The spotlight on sun damage is burning brighter today than ever before. Not only do we know more about the harmful effects of the sun, but also we have more information and products available to help fight back. Of course, keeping out of the sun, covering up exposed skin, and wearing a good sunscreen are your best bets for protecting yourself against harmful rays, but there is one line of defense you could be forgetting: your grocery cart. Whether you have a long day in the sun ahead of you, or you’ve already been burned, with the help of Maria-Paula Carrillo, M.S., R.D.N., L.D., we’ve listed seven  foods that work from the inside out to help repair your skin and build up its defense against the sun.

The 20 Dumbest Things Ever Said by Bodybuilders

Oh, boy! We’ve all done this at some point, myself included. But thankfully I know better now. As much as it would be nice to work my lower biceps or lengthen my biceps, preacher curls do not do this, and neither do any other exercises. They may overload the lower portion of the strength curve, thereby making you stronger in that part of the range, giving you the misperception that you’re lengthening your biceps. In reality, you’re just getting overall thickness in your biceps.

Burn Baby Burn

Researchers took trained men and had them perform a traditional workout doing four sets of eight diferent exercises (bench press, leg press, leg curl, seated row, military press, biceps curl, triceps extension, and situp). A second group performed high-intensity training, using heavier weights and lower reps. The high-intensity workout was much shorter. The traditional workout took 52 minutes to complete, whereas the high-intensity workout took 22 minutes. They measured the men’s metabolic rate on two separate occasions, once before the workout and then again 22 hours after it was finished. At the end of the study, training volume was much higher for the traditional resistance-training group (17,273 pounds vs. 8,536 pounds).

10 Essential Rules of Good Health

When it comes to achieving overall well-being, you need to balance many key aspects of health, including diet, exercise, sleep, professional care and socialization. Even just remembering to smile is a way to stay healthy and keep your blood pressure down, notes Dr. Steven Lamm, director of the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health at New York University Langone Medical Center, and author of No Guts, No Glory: Gut Solution—The Core of Your Total Wellness Plan.

10 Ways to Get Smarter Instantly

Striving to boost your 1-rep max is great, but sharpening your mind is something that deserves as much, if not more, of your attention. Richard Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S., the seventeenth surgeon general of the United States and author of  30 Days to a Better Brain,  knows what it takes to expand the capacity of your mind and maintain it for years to come. Integrating these 10 tips will not only boost brain power, but will improve your complete health profile by way of stress management, diet, and exercise.

8 Best Anabolic Exercises

Gaining size isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your body is built to survive, not to look like an Olympia competitor, so putting on – and holding on – to muscle mass is a complicated, multilayered affair that can vary from person to person. But one thing everyone can do to maximize your ability to add new muscle is to select the right exercises – the type that will break down muscle tissue and trigger the hormonal responses that send your body into anabolic overdrive.


When he was in his 20s, the pounds came, but they didn't always come as solid muscle. Though he worked out regularly and ran on occasion, Rodney couldn't maintain a steady weight because his nutrition was a disaster. At one point his scale tipped over 200 pounds. "I gained weight, but it was bad weight," Razor says. "I was lifting with a bunch of powerlifting guys, so we always lifted heavy, but cardio was never in our repertoire."

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