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Two/One Leg Press

Bulgarian Split Squat Drop Set 6.28.14

Shawn Ray Candid Interview June 28th 2014

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014 - Follow through with your promises today because others are counting on your performance. You want to take your job seriously, yet it's all too easy to misinterpret what is expected from you if you mix up the details. Write your instructions down and then double-check that you heard them correctly. This extra step might seem like overcompensation to someone else, but your meticulous approach now saves you from wasting valuable time and energy. Getting it right the first time makes you the hero of the day.

Best Pre-Workout Foods

Bananas “They’re nature’s PowerBar,” boasts Dr. Louise Burke, head of Sports Nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport and coauthor of The Complete Guide to Food for Sports Performance: Peak Nutrition for Your Sport . Bananas are loaded with digestible carbohydrates (read: fuel) and are packed with potassium, which aids in maintaining nerve and muscle function. The body doesn’t store potassium for very long, so a medium banana before a workout will help keep nutrient levels high. Villacorta especially recommends bananas for morning exercisers: “Get up and eat a medium banana with 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt. Wait about 30 minutes and then hit the gym. Your body will need the carbohydrates and protein.”

You Don't Know Squat

Second, I don’t lighten the load at all when I’m dieting. If I’m feeling depleted, I simply drop the squat reps from four to three—or even two—then add a set to make sure I get the necessary volume. Lighten the load and you’ll probably lose size; a good pump won’t make up for it. The workout that follows here is simple, just remember that from workout to workout you want to vary wide stance, narrow stance, or throw in front squats or even throw in box squats . Substitution options for the accessory lifts are listed in the workout box in parentheses.


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Go Extra Heavy with Kroc Rows

Sadly, most guys consider dumbbell rows a throwaway exercise. You’ll rarely see dumbbell rows in excess of 90–100 pounds in a commercial gym. This isn’t a physiological limiting factor—it’s a psychological one. Dumbbells heavier than 100 pounds simply sit outside most guys’ comfort zones. When I trained in a gym where the dumbbells went up to only 150, I took rows out of my routine because they were too easy—then immediately noticed that my bench was suffering. I reversed course, adding rows back in by custom-building handles of my own that would allow me to go as heavy as I wanted. “Kroc Rows” became my calling card. Every time I went to the gym to row, I had one goal: to use a heavier weight than I had the previous workout, for as many reps as I possibly could. My personal record is a set of 13 on each arm with 310 pounds.

Clay Matthews: Staying Strong and Fit

For the game's greats, the season never really ends. Here's how this All-pro backer stays in top shape.

7 Early-Morning Stretches to Build a Better Body

Tired of waking up in the morning achy or constantly tight and sluggish? Chances are you're like everyone else who skips out on stretching. To start waking up with energy and safeguarding your body from injury, run through these seven quick and easy stretches for every muscle.

The Truth About Post-Workout Nutrition

In life and in fitness, consistency is one of the main secrets to success. You can’t work out once in a while and expect to see real results. The same holds true when it comes to your post-workout nutrition; it’s consistency over time that will bring about major changes. Feed your muscles what they need after every workout within the metabolic window, and you will be amazed at the body you'll achieve.

10 Little-Known Facts About WWE Superstar John Cena

Pro wrestler John Cena uses the catch phrase “You can’t see me” in his pre-match talk, but how many of these Super-Cena facts did YOU see coming?

Ask Men's Fitness: Will More Protein Help Me Build More Muscle?

MF: Only up to a point. Protein is the main ingredient in muscle fiber, but it’s only one part of a complex system of nutritional, hormonal, and mechanical requirements that need to be balanced in order for muscles to grow bigger and stronger. More protein in lieu of hard training, optimal sleep, and sufficient calories and micronutrients won’t lead to results.  The Men’s Fitness Food Pyramid that I helped design with several nutrition experts calls for daily consumption of 1–1.5 grams of protein per pound of your body weight. This holds true whether your goal is muscle gain or fat loss.

5 Ways to Trick Your Biceps for Bigger Arms

Performed on the vertical side of a preacher bench or lying prone on an angled bench, this is a tough exercise to find a good balance point. It will require some experimentation with bench angle but start at about a 60-degree incline and go from there. Start with a neutral grip at the bottom position and rotate outward (supinate) on the way up if using dumbbells. Avoid swinging and keep your elbows from flaring out. This exercise can be placed in the middle of your routine after a good barbell curl and should stay in the 10-12 rep range up to the point of failure. For the ultimate pump, use a straight bar and squeeze tight at the top and make this your finishing move to pack on the muscle.

7 Foolproof Protein Sweets

Most of us have experienced at least one major disappointment when it comes to making protein treats. Misfire no more! These recipes are delicious and easy enough to renew your faith in healthy baking.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Workout

"Chris' athleticism is amazing, he is incredibly disciplined and his work ethic is phenomenal. " says Gaver. "He isn’t the client you have to push; He is the type of client you have to pull down. If you were to walk into the gym when he was training, you would have thought for sure you’ve got a guy getting ready for the NFL Combine."

JISSN | Full text | Is carbohydrate needed to further stimulate muscle protein synthesis/hypertrophy following resistance exercise?

It is now well established that protein supplementation after resistance exercise promotes increased muscle protein synthesis, which ultimately results in greater net muscle accretion, relative to exercise alone or exercise with supplementary carbohydrate ingestion. However, it is not known whether combining carbohydrate with protein produces a greater anabolic response than protein alone. Recent recommendations have been made that the composition of the ideal supplement post-exercise would be a combination of a protein source with a high glycemic index carbohydrate. This is based on the hypothesis that insulin promotes protein synthesis, thus maximising insulin secretion will maximally potentiate this action. However, it is still controversial as to whether raising insulin level, within the physiological range, has any effect to further stimulate muscle protein synthesis. The present commentary will review the evidence underpinning the recommendation to consume carbohydrates in addition to a protein supplementation after resistance exercise for the specific purpose of increasing muscle mass.

Build Bigger Forearms Now

The muscle you’re referring to is called the brachioradialis. It starts on the upper arm bone, crosses the elbow joint, and attaches to the ulna (the large forearm bone). Some genetically fortunate guys can grow their brachioradialis muscles through their back and biceps workouts alone. The rest of us need to take a more direct approach to see any real growth.

The 15 Most Important Exercises For Men

This could be the most important exercise there is for lower-back health and developing an impressive set of glutes. Any seasoned lifter will tell you they're truly impressed by a good set of legs , and a butt usually comes with it. Also, this move helps to make the hamstrings more flexible, meaning less back pain after sitting all day.

Men's Fitness

It turns out my sign-in problems were an issue of having my email address on 2 different accounts, one closed, one open. Talked with a customer service rep who couldn’t figure it out either, then when I mentioned I had an old subscription that was canceled, she zero’ed in on what it was, removed the old account, and boom! I’m back in business with the app. No issues so far, works great again!

One of the Fastest Ways to Get Ripped

First popularized
 in the 1970s and 
’80s by competitive bodybuilders, “carb cycling” is one of the simplest and fastest ways to get ripped while maintaining lean muscle mass. “It just makes sense,” says nutritionist and IFBB pro bodybuilder Shelby Starnes. “You need more carbs on heavy training days, and fewer on light or rest days.” The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that adults consume 45–65% of their total caloric intake in the form of carbohydrates. However, by simply adjusting the proportions of carbs you eat from day to day—cutting them on rest days and ramping them up on days when you work out—you can yield electrifying fat-loss and muscle-building results.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

Strong Arm Tactics

Flex Lewis turned 30 on Nov. 15. People still talk about his calves. But they’re no longer all people talk about. Because he so often flexes his arms in photos for fans, they now garner much of the attention. If observers remember him when he first burst onto the bodybuilding scene nine years ago in the March 2005 pages of FLEX, they surely wonder how the Welsh Dragon could’ve transformed his weakness into a strength and what he does to maintain arm superiority.

12 Uncommon Exercises You Have To Try

If the same old lifts are getting a little stale, try one of these 12 uncommon movements for anything-but-common muscle and strength gains!

The Body Shocker Workout

Thomas Jefferson said, “It’s a poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.” Had our founding father known his way around a gym, he’d surely have found the same to be true of how we use a piece of exercise equipment. Just because a tool is designed for one purpose doesn’t mean it can’t serve others. Here’s how to get more out of common training equipment to hit your muscles in new ways, work around injuries , and cut minutes off your workouts.


Women tend to have more subcutaneous fat, which is near the surface below the skin, whereas men have more visceral fat, which is located inside the body around the organs. Each gender loses fat from the area where they have the most of it (women lose more subcutaneous fat and men lose more visceral fat). Excess visceral fat is more dangerous to health than excess subcutaneous fat.

The Guy's Guide to Affordable, Upscale Wine

The global  wine market has never felt so wholly disrupted as it does right now. “A huge discrepancy has emerged between the price and real value of well-known classics, which are often bought on name alone,” says veteran wine dealer Patrick Emerson, based in Charleston, SC. But there is a flip side to that. “The reality is, there are so many outsider alternatives around that not only taste better but also cost a fraction of the price.” So, instead of traditionally popular go-tos such as Bordeaux, Emerson recommends reds from the Italian region of Taurasi, made from the lesser-known aglianico grape. “In the American market, it’s $30 a bottle and easily the equivalent of a $300 bottle from somewhere better known.”

Blast Your Shoulders

"Shoulders are my favorite body part to train.  I have strong shoulders and really like to blast the weight on shoulder day.  Here are the workouts I use." - Erik Fankhouser

Real Deal Workouts

In the early ’90s, the Buffalo Bills fought their way through the AFC playoffs to the promised land of the Super Bowl only to get punked—for four straight years. Chris Cormier can top even that. He’s one of the most successful competitors in the history of the Arnold Classic. In his nine Arnolds, he never placed lower than fifth. He’s tied with Flex Wheeler for the most top-two finishes and one behind Dexter Jackson for top-three finishes. But those marks only highlight the depth of the Real Deal’s searing frustration, because Wheeler and Jackson are tied with each other for the most A.C. titles—four. Cormier has none.  Let’s look at it another way. In the 25 Arnold Classics prior to this year, 16 men finished second. Of those, four did so multiple times. Three were runner-up twice, but two of those subsequently won the title, and the third is Phil Heath, who takes great consolation in his Sandow collection. Cormier is the odd man out. Not only is he the only person to be second more than twice and the only person to be second more than twice who never won, but he was also second a ludicrous six times.

The Fit Five: Today's Most Popular Diets, Explained

"Elimination diets remove a food or food group from the diet. This type of diet is often used to help diagnose a food allergy or intolerance. Once the food or food group is excluded from the diet for a period of weeks to months, the client is monitored for symptom relief. If adverse effects persist, then it's likely the suspected food or food group is not responsible for causing the symptoms. When food groups are eliminated from the diet, special attention should be paid for developing vitamin and mineral deficiencies."

Cortisol Revisited

Still avoiding elevated cortisol levels? Things may not be as dire as you think.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pectoral Perfection

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pectoral Perfection


Ames!!!! HUGE HUGS! I stopped by for the tuesday link up and saw this post and i needed to come in and give you a big hug and a bit of wisdom…see, my basil plants got eaten by slugs this year and they are not tenacious and powering through! What i want to POINT out to you is that a basil plant can only do what you are talking about if the environment it is IN has been set up so it can do those things. YOU have set up an environment for yourself where you actually feel OK with change! That is wonderful because you can grow and learn and expand and move forward where a lot of other folks stay rooted in one place. Embrace that weird feeling…it IS life! You are doing great girlfriend and I love to watch you grow! alex

12 Great Uses for Protein Powder

Instructions: Add protein powder to a cup of steaming coffee. Stir in 1/4 cup of milk or creamer.

9 Tips for Running with Your Dog

Studies have shown that working out with a partner increases your motivation and the likelihood that you'll actually stick to your training program. But finding a reliable, training partner who'll motivate you without pissing you off is rough. The best workout partner is always ready to go and never says, “I have a headache," "I'm tired," or "baseball's on tonight.” So why not ask your best friend? The one who's always happy to see you, never complains, and has a ton of energy to expend. But just because your pooch won't complain or quit doesn't mean you can ignore the cues he's giving you. Follow these nine tips and man’s best friend might just become, man’s best workout partner.

Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey at

Whey protein is popular with active adults because it digests rapidly and is a rich source of amino acids for muscle recovery. Whey protein isolates are the purest form of whey and the primary ingredient in Gold Standard 100% Whey. Each serving provides 24 grams of rapidly digesting whey protein with low levels of fat, cholesterol, lactose and other stuff you can do without. There's no doubt this is the standard all other proteins are measured against.






Cellucor C4 Extreme at

Harnessing unmatched NO3 technology and premium ingredients such as Creatine Nitrate, C4 Extreme is our advanced pre-workout supplement, possessing the power to ignite your mind, muscles, and workout regiment, workout after workout after workout.* What is NO3? NO3 is Nitrate, an advanced compound that promotes unbelievable muscle pumps and amplifies the effectiveness of C4 Extreme.* Cellucor is utilizing a new compound where NO3 has been fused to create Creatine Nitrate.* Increased water solubility promotes better absorption and reduces the chance of the traditional side effects of Creatine supplementation.* You will have more energy.* You will have help getting that extra rep, completing that last set--promoting strength, endurance, and physique personal bests.*

Getting Shredded Ebook - Born Fitness

“I’ve been working out for a long, long time, but when I have training-related questions I turn to Adam Bornstein. Adam possesses encyclopedic knowledge of training and nutrition, which is great, but the real reason I turn to him is because he isn’t dogmatic in his instruction. Fitness isn’t a black or white proposition, and he is among a handful of trainers who sees the full spectrum of greys between the two. That kind of agnosticism isn’t too common these days, but then Adam isn’t your common trainer.”

The Secret Fat-Fighting Power of Mushrooms

Per half cup serving, mushrooms contain a gram of protein, 21 calories and no fat, compared to a 1-ounce helping of meat that has 75 calories and up to 5 grams of fat. This is why the mushroom is one of the greatest additions to your diet to lose weight , while still building muscle. Here’s how mushrooms help to whittle your waistline.

Dennis James & Big Ramy Train Shoulders

Dennis James & Big Ramy train shoulders at Fitness 1 Gym in Glendale, Arizona before the 2014 NPC Dennis James Classic and IFBB Bikini.

Ask Men's Fitness: How Good a Workout is Skateboarding?

Believe it or not, skateboarding is a rigorous cardio workout. Michele Olson, Ph.D., a professor of exercise science at Auburn University in Alabama, compares the fitness benefits of skateboarding to those of jumping rope and even spinning, because it “goes from pacing to more explosive efforts.”

STRONG Life Ep 25: Jill Miller Talks Life, Health, Success & Passion - Zach Even-Esh

Zach's inspiration in training comes from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding & Days of Old School Strength. His mission is to help You kick ass & take names in Life AND Lifting without the hype, fancy fads or gimmicks. Zach's Commitment To Your Success Is Unmatched. He Knows What It's Like To Go From A Weakling To An Unstoppable BEAST In Charge Of His Life, Business & Destiny. Zach Made It Happen Through The Iron and Now it's Your Turn!

Behind the Scenes at the Flex Lewis Classic Check-Ins

Come behind the scenes with Flex Lewis and FLEXonline to the 2014 NPC Flex Lewis Classic check-ins.

10 Essential Rules of Good Health

Waist circumference can give you a better indicator of obesity more so than body weight, according to Lamm. “If you can keep your waist below 34, you’re probably in pretty good shape,” he says.


Uncommon Exercises to Combat Training Problems

Mix up your workout moves to make your lifts stronger and ensure you don't get injured.

Daughter of Legend Shawn Ray, Asia Monet Ray scores her own Lifetime reality series ‘Raising Asia’

Lifetime announced the new series during the premiere episode of Miller’s program, “Abby’s Studio Rescue,” Tuesday night. While fans will have to wait until July 29 to catch “Raising Asia,” the quick promo did give some insight into what viewers can expect from Monet’s return to the small screen. “Witness the making of a dancer, singer, superstar, legend, idol, artist, mogul, favorite diva …” teased the network, with the young reality star adding the quip, “I am focused on my career, like crazy.”

Size Secret #2: Super Slow Reps

DENNIS JAMES: “When something doesn’t work or I hit a plateau in my training, I always implement very, very slow reps. I’m talking super slow, as in 5–10 seconds up and 5–10 seconds down on every rep using 30%–50% of the weight you’d normally use. And you don’t have to limit this to just one exercise in your workout; you can do it for every exercise. It takes you much longer to get through the set, but I guarantee one set will make up for 5–6 regular sets.

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