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Hercules: Trailer #2

Here's the brand new trailer for the upcoming mythological adventure epic starring Dwayne Johnson!

Toronto Pro Kai Greene Speech

We connect with something that's larger than ourselves.

Trap Bar Deadlift

Working a foam roller

Founder of Fighter Diet Pauline Nordin & her assistant Goosegump the shelter cat shows how to use a foam roller for muscle massage

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425 dead

NPC Natural Suncoast - Preview

Take a look at some scenes from the 2014 NPC Natural Suncoast Classic Bodybuilding Competition in Tampa FL!

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1 Twitter / Dorian_Yates: Bodybuilding should be 3D ...

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - You're dreaming of distant horizons now that the Moon is visiting your 9th House of Faraway Places. However, reaching your destination may require more than simply heading off in the right direction. Luckily, with a little extra effort today you can organize your life so it resonates with your long-term goals. Think small at first and tend the seeds of your ideas until they grow into a strategic action plan that guides you into the future.

Can You Pass an 8th Grade Science Test?

Can You Pass an 8th Grade Science Test?

Jay | Power Series | BPI Sports

Hi everyone, my name is Jay Cutler. I started developing a fit physique when I was a teenager, while working for my brother’s concrete business. At 18 I started training. And by 19 I won my first show. Over the years, I’ve won numerous shows and awards, including the most prestigious, Mr. Olympia, four times. At this point in my career, my passion for training has extended beyond myself; and now I love showing other people how to achieve their fitness goals.

Beginner's Nutrition Tips: Eating Order

To simplify, this means protein will always be broken down (oxidized) first because there’s no room to store it while the rate of oxidation for carbohydrates and fats will diminish and so stored in the presence of protein. In the same vein, it means the more carbohydrates you eat the more time the body will spend oxidizing it and less the body will spend oxidizing fat. Yes, this means most dietary fat in the presence of carbohydrates (and protein) will be stored in your body.

Explode Your Guns with this Biceps Blasting Method

The IGYG method is super simple and easy to program. Two training partners will perform an exercise for a specific number of repetitions and will only rest while the other one is working. So, once one lifter is done with their reps, the other partner will immediately begin their set. They will go back and forth until the total number of target sets is completed.

Pull-Up Domination

You can target different sticking points of the pull-up by performing isometric holds of 5-10 seconds at different positions along the range of motion: at the bottom, midway up and at the top (chin over the bar). Pull yourself or jump into position and hold for the targeted time. Regulate your breathing while you’re holding yourself in position to have your best opportunity for success. Shallow breaths in and out in a rhythmic fashion will really help you stay tight and locked into position.

The Butt Bible Pak

were during my long runs. I can honestly say that I am far more sore after your Butt Bible workouts than running my hardest for 26.2 miles! I ran my personal best time by 7 minutes (3:36), just shy of boston qualifying time by 25 seconds. That was my tenth marathon, but never, ever, ever have I ran one without feeling massive amounts of pain. I used to be scared to incorporate leg days into my running schedule because I always wanted to have fresh feeling legs. Not anymore! I've been setting pr's of squats/deadlifts/lunges/you name it and running the fastest I ever have in my life! Your ebooks have strengthened and balanced out my muscles in an unbelievable way. I have been injury free ever since I became addicted to your ebooks. I owe my PR to you. I know you are not a runner, but I wouldn't want to thank anyone besides you. I attached a picture running happier and in less pain at mile 20 something, than during your badass butt bible workouts. Thank you so so so so much!

10 Ways to Lose Muscle

6.YOU ONLY EAT SPORADICALLY It’s true: Eating infrequently is nearly as bad as not eating at all. When you go more than three hours without food, your metabolism slows significantly.When that happens, every time you do get a meal, there’s a good chance that a large percentage of it will be stored as fat. Why? Blame your body. Without food, it slips back into starvation mode and starts to think it needs to hold on to every calorie it can get.

5 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Diet for Sharper Abs

Getting the abs you've always wanted doesn't have to be a goal that you spend your entire life chasing. Most people can have that sleek, shredded abdomen if they just train hard and eat right. It is always the latter of these two components that keeps people from getting there. Sometimes, it's for a pure lack of discipline. But for some people, it's a matter of information - too much or too little of it can send your six-pack spiraling into Kegville. These five tips are the only things you should focus on with regards to what goes into your ab-focused nutrition. Pair these principles with some of the abs training programs in M&F and your chase for the midsection you've always wanted might start nearing its finish line.

The Best Jump-Rope Workout

Make sure you’ve got a good rope. Beaded or plastic “speed” ropes are more durable than cotton ones and whip around faster, making for a more intense workout . They’re also mandatory if you want to build up to doing advanced jump-rope moves like the double jump (which we’ve included here, although we don’t expect you to master it right away). Before you begin using a rope, measure it to your height. When you stand on the middle of the rope, the handles should extend to your armpits. Cut and adjust the length as necessary. You have to gradually prepare your lower body for the impact of jumping, so begin on a waxed wooden floor or rubber floor. Hold the rope with hands at about hip height and elbows slightly bent, keeping your upper arms close to your sides. Your chest should be out and your shoulders back and down. Make your jumps small and land on the balls of your feet.

7 Reasons You're Not Getting Stronger

Still stuck moving the same amount of weight? Any of these strength killers could be to blame.

Smith Machine Trap Training

There are only so many ways to hit your upper traps. Sure, they get worked with pretty much any shoulder exercise (overhead presses, lateral raises, upright rows), but isolating the upper traps is usually a matter of doing one of the few variations of shrugs you’re familiar with. if you’re tired of the standard barbell or dumbbell shrug, move over to the Smith machine. Keeping the bar in front of you is one way to do it, but we like the behind-the-back variation. It helps keep your shoulders back to engage other back muscles and improve posture, it helps build thicker upper traps (the primary purpose of the move), and, as a bonus, it might just keep you from getting bored with your current free-weight trap routine.

Step Back for Size: Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

Step backward with your right leg, landing on the ball of the foot, then bend both knees to lower yourself to the floor. (Make sure to step back far enough so your front knee is behind the toes at the bottom of the movement.) When your front thigh is parallel with the floor, extend your knees and hips to stand back up to the start position. Alternate legs with every rep.

The Hardcore Smolov Squat Workout

Perform the 13 weeks of our modified Smolov squat program without taking time off between phases. The weight you squat is always a percentage of your one-rep max, or 1rm (see our calculator on page 78 if you don’t know it); Weeks 4 and 5 add specific poundages to that percentage. Do not go heavier than prescribed—don’t add extra exercises, sets, or reps. heavy squatting is demanding work, so you could easily experience central nervous system burnout if you push it too far. Finally, the stretch/foam roll days are not off days: foam rolling and dynamic stretches like spidermans are hugely important, as your hips, hamstrings, quads, and glutes will all need TLC to overcome chronic soreness.

FD The Men's Guide (Athlete)

My wife has purchased many of your Fighter Diet ebooks and she loves them!!! She recently did her first physique competition and she helped me by using your Men's Guide to FD eBook. Thanks for help!!   Think Fighter Diet is all about girl power? Well you thought wrong. It’s true Pauline knows a thing or two about women's health and fitness, but her FD concept can be applied to any "body" male or female. To bring a little focus back on the Y chromosome, she's created the Men's Guide to Fighter Diet. An excellent ebook, the Men’s Guide is a Fighter Diet Concept book, workout plan and meal plan all wrapped into one. One section could also be considered the nutshell version of Cardio for Leanness. In fact, for that reason, you could think of the Men’s Guide as the male version (though

Find Out What Keeps Triple H Mean in the June M&F!

You would think that Triple H, the WWE legend who has transitioned seamlessly into an executive role with the organization, has seen and done it all when it comes to physical training, but you would be surprised. One of the biggest changes that the 44-year-old has made in recent years has been how he works out. He admits that he has gone from a guy who needed 15 minutes to get out of bed and walk straight to a guy with a 40-inch jump.

The Inside Scoop on Trans Fat

Your best move is to religiously read nutrition labels and make sure any food you eat contains zero grams of trans fats—right? After all, as of 2006 the Food and Drug Administration made it mandatory for food manufacturers to list trans fats content of packaged foods. Yet ensuring that you get less than the 2-gram daily maximum of trans fats recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) can be trickier than it seems. That's thanks to a loophole in labeling laws allowing food manufacturers to label foods as containing "zero trans fats" if the trans fats content is less than 0.5 gram per serving.

Does microwaving food remove its nutritional value?

But if you're concerned about getting the most nutrition out of your eats, microwaving is a safe bet. In fact, it's near the top of the list for nutritionally sound food-preparation methods. If you use your microwave with a small amount of water to essentially steam food from the inside, you'll retain more vitamins and minerals than with almost any other cooking method.

Hormone Control

A number of bodybuilders have e-mailed me requesting the same thing: “Can you check out my precontest diet?” Time and again, their approach to dieting is the same: no carbs. A no-carb or very-low-carb plan can be effective — it almost always means fewer calories, so that’s a plus. It also means insulin, a potentially fat-storing hormone, is controlled. But it doesn’t guarantee a ripped fat-free physique. Getting ripped is about controlling calories while simultaneously keeping hormones in balance. That’s what this article is about — providing the guidelines for a hormonal profile that will keep your metabolic rate humming to burn bodyfat. Here’s the data on six main hormones you need to know about.

12 Healthy Foods and Drinks That Can Make You Fat

Avocado is everywhere, and rightfully so. It’s a superfood. Each fruit is packed with 10 grams of fiber and more than twice the potassium of a banana. Avocado has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, reduce cancer and diabetes risk, and improve skin health . The drawback: Due to its high-fat content (heart-healthy monounsaturated fat is still fat) and the heavy praise avocado receives for its health benefits, it’s all too easy to go overboard. “While they’re packed with more than 20 vitamins and minerals, avocados are still calorically dense,” says Tanya Zuckerbrot, R.D., author of The Miracle Carb Diet . “Use moderation when adding them to your salads, sandwiches, and anything else.”

10 Ways to Lose Muscle

3. YOU WORK TO EXHAUSTION If the biggest musclehead in the gym has taught us anything, it’s that doing lots and lots of sets and reps to the point of total collapse (he can’t even muster his signature grunt!) is the best way to build muscle. Never mind that he’s a genetic freak and/or probably on steroids. More than 20 total sets per muscle group, or more than 15 reps per set, may leave your muscles swollen (hence the ego-enhancing “pump”), but it will be from inflammation, not actual muscle growth. Any weight that allows that much work is too light to cause sub- stantial growth, and you’ll reap no lasting gains.

5 Muscle-Building Summer Salad Recipes

Well, we’re not here to sell you on iceberg lettuce and croutons—or vegetarianism, for that matter. On the contrary, we wouldn’t have even run this story had it not featured at least one recipe containing bacon (that one, by the way—the Chopped Spinach Cobb Salad—packs a whopping 60 grams of protein). These are muscle meals, built around salmon, beef, chicken, and shrimp. And with fewer calories and carbs than a sandwich, you don’t have to worry when you dish up seconds.

The Best Bodyweight Workout of All Time

HOW IT WORKS The circuit we’ve designed here doesn’t let up. When you train any squat variation, plus the pullup and the dip, you work nearly every muscle in your body, and your heart will race to supply them with blood and oxygen. Performing a decreasing number of reps—10 to 1—helps you keep the workout going despite being fatigued and builds the endurance that ultimately leads to being able to rattle off a high number of reps in one shot. In addition to getting you leaner, feel free to use this workout to  win bar bets about how many pullups you can do.

FD The Women's Guide (Athlete)

Hello Pauline Nordin & Fighter Diet, I was into sport all my life. I was a tri-athlete for more than 15 years. I still like to go for a run or a long bike ride. It was really important to me to try not to lose muscle during these long hours of cardio . I tried to eat more carbs but it always ended up in fat . I met Pauline and she told me about fighter diet. I tried it and I have to tell I could not find anything like it. It keeps me in shape,no fat at all and also I do not loose the muscle mass I built during years. I have also competed and done it for fitness competition prep. I never feel hungry since the veggies fill me up. The only thing I miss is the desert but this diet let U eat once a week desert and it satisfies me. I love fighter diet! It is simple to follow and combined

20 Essential Superfoods For Every Man's Diet

First, we polled 40 of the country's most respected food experts-registered dietitians, college nutrition professors, and authors-asking them each: What are the 10 most important foods every guy should include in his diet for maximum fitness? Then, as the results rolled in, we ranked our experts' recommendations.

The Best Barbell-Only Back Workout

You’ll begin with the hang clean, an Olympic  weightlifting exercise that works everything but requires the traps to help heave weights from the knees to the shoulders. Then you can target the lats with rows from various angles. If overemphasizing chest work has left your front and back out of balance, you couldn’t ask for a better tool than the trusty barbell to set things right.


Just like abs, beasts aren't actually made in the gym. They're made in the kitchen. To become a beast, you have to eat high-quality fuel in the right quantities to recover from your brutal workouts, build muscle, and perform at your peak. Since high-quality fuel can be hard to come by, it's best to make your own in the kitchen. Cook like a beast with these six great recipes!

Nutrition Q&A: When Should I Eat Carbs?

When it comes to dieting fads and fables, nothing gets a worse rap than carbs. When not being cast as the boogie man under the bed (à la very low-carb diets), we've heard rumors that if you're looking to stay trim, it's best to only eat carbs in the a.m. We figured amidst all the confusion that there was probably a fundamental misunderstanding of what carbs really are, what they do for the body, and how to eat them. For answers, we called nutrition expert Lori Zanini,  R.D., who's also a certified diabetes expert.

Trainer Q&A: Do Ice Baths Help With Muscle Soreness?

Cold exposure following a hard workout has long been proposed as a method to reduce tissue swelling due to muscle breakdown and help decrease inflammation. According to Dr. Mike Reinold, head physical therapist for the Boston Red Sox, “the proposed mechanisms of this includes reducing inflammation, flushing out muscles due to constriction of blood cells, decreasing metabolic activity, and compressing the muscles through hydrostatic pressure.” Essentially, by slowing down cell processes and using water to apply light compression, ice baths help to circulate blood throughout the body and move waste products, like lactic acid, outside of the muscle. While some studies have shown these shivering minutes to be beneficial, others have reported no significant difference between those that used an ice bath post-workout and those that didn’t. According to Reinold, “Some studies have even shown an increase in delayed muscle soreness. So the use of ice baths is not clearly safe and effective.”

Gronk Dances, Tells Jokes on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'

Copyright © 2014 Bleacher Report, Inc. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All Rights Reserved. is part of Bleacher Report - Turner Sports Network, part of the Turner Sports and Entertainment Network. Certain photos copyright © 2014 by Getty Images. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of Getty Images is strictly prohibited.

How To: Pull-Up

To craft his legendary back, Arnold Schwarzenegger relied heavily on an exercise that didn’t even require dumbbells or a barbell. Pull-ups, or chins, were a potent weapon in his training arsenal — one that engages the back from the outer edges all the way in through the muscles at its center. Employing different grip widths on the bar, Schwarzenegger would stimulate his back in a variety of ways, sometimes just setting a goal of 50 total reps and taking as many sets as needed to hit that target. Try this simple yet potent exercise for yourself, and you’ll find its versatility an asset no matter how you may integrate it into your back attack.

NHL Prospect Posts ZERO Pullups at Combine

Sure they aren’t. But c’mon, we all should be able to pull our own weight, right? Either way, we’re sure he’ll have plenty of time to work on his strength once he finds an NHL home. In the meantme, if he wants any pointers, we have tons of useful tips:

Check Out the New Trailer for 'Hercules'

The second trailer dropped today, and it is the full length official move trailer that showcases 2:32 of what we can expect when the movie comes out on July 25. With Brett Ratner in the director's chair, The Rock is surrounded by a stellar supporting cast that includes Joseph Fiennes, John Hurt, Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell and the quite stunningly beautiful Irina Shayk. It sounds like the perfect forumla for a huge blockbuster. The Rock took to Twitter to set up the trailer release:

7 Reasons You Need HIIT

The main emphasis for someone new to HIIT should be a routine that goes hard for 60 seconds and then breaks for 1-2 minutes, depending on the exercise involved. As you get accustomed to HIIT, you can lower the work to rest ratio from 3:1 to 2:1 and eventually even 1:1. During the high intensity interval, your goal should be to have your heart pumping at 85 percent of its maximum rate, or in simple terms on a scale of 1-10 of ease of breathing, you want to be at 8-9.

10 Surprising Ways to Quench Your Thirst

There are plenty of reasons to stay well hydrated. For one thing, inch even slightly close to dehydration and your mood and energy levels will dip making it hard to focus on, well, pretty much anything. To ward off the side effects of a dry spell the trick is to stay at optimum levels. “The color of your urine is often considered a reliable indicator of your state of hydration," explains Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency services physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. "A deeper yellow color, as opposed to a lighter or clear color, can indicate dehydration. When your urine is darker in color, it generally indicates that you need to drink more fluids." But sometimes, the thought of chugging one more glass of H20 can make your eyeballs float, right? When you need a break from the water bottle try these other surprising ways to quench your thirst. Here’s a hint: Get ready to fire up that grill. 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy>>>

Terry Hollands worlds strongest man 2014 finals shirt

This is a finals shirt from world's strongest man 2014 worn by Terry Hollands. Can be signed if required


Each day of 30 Days Out includes a video. Each video goes through every workout so you can see the order of the exercises and how they change from week to week, but you'll also get to see a little bit of my life. You'll get to come into my house, cook with me, ride around NYC with me, and even meet my fiancee. The videos also include nutrition, training, supplement, and success tips so you can make the most out of the next month!

Health & Beauty

I used to break out under my jaw until I realized I had makeup or sunscreen residue! I bought this toner to get the last stuff off and pimples gone

Signed Official worlds strongest man 2011 cap

Hat from 2011 worlds strongest man. Signed by myself (terry hollands) and brian shaw who won the contest that year.

Fitness women

Women's Workout Clothing // Biceps don't grow on trees.

Download the Hyper Growth Lean Mass Program

You know you want to build bigger muscles and get tighter lines, so we have created the perfect program to help you do it. Your transformation awaits. All you have to do is focus in and be willing to bust your behind for the next 8 weeks, and you will see the results of your hard work. Let's face it, life is about looking good and feeling great. Part of your everyday challenge to achieve this is finding that balance between food, working out, and life in general. This program is designed to maximize each and every day by giving you fuel to push through intense workouts, improve your recovery, and help you lean out while you build harder, stronger muscles. There’s no catch. You just need to add a hard-work ethic and Bio-Gro™ Bio-Active Peptides to your training routine, and the rest will simply happen. Whether you are trying to get lean for a competition or just look good for the summer, the Bio-Gro Hyper Growth Lean Mass Building program will not let you fail.


Hate to dispute that, but the fact is that you can pump yourself full of as many drugs as possible, workout all day long, and eat like a mack truck but 99.99999% of people would never get anywhere near the size or definition of Ronnie Coleman. Yes you can completely change your body through hard work and diet, but the chances of somebody who weighs 190 lbs. at age 30 will most likely never become anywhere near the size of any Olympians. Ronnie deadlifts and squats 800 lbs. Sure you can set that as a goal (a lofty one), but someone like me who doesn't use drugs and is under 200 lbs. at 6' will never come anywhere near those numbers. The fact that you say everyone is built exactly the same is painful to hear. We are all born with different muscular structures. Some are born with more type 2 muscle fibers and some with more type 1. Some are born with more in general than others. Some people naturally have more testosterone (especially free) and less myostatin than others. That statement is quite a fallacy. Some people even have mutated myostatin genes, which cause they're myostatin to be naturally low.

Clear Results Program: The Workout

Build groundbreaking strength and shirt-busting size with this 12-week training program.

Cellucor Alpha Amino at

Warnings: This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older. Do not take if you are currently taking nitrates for chest pain or if you are taking medication used to treat erectile dysfunction such as PDE-5 inhibitors. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use and immediately consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Do not exceed recommendations for Suggested Use. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Use only as directed. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Cellucor Alpha-Amino™ is not a food or beverage. PHENYLKETONURICS: CONTAINS PHENYLALANINE NOTE: Cellucor Alpha Amino™ does not contain aspartame. This warning for for people with the genetic disorder, phenylketonuria only.

46 Southtree Deals | Southtree

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Giant Gains with Giant Sets

In contrast to a superset,
 which usually alternates between exercises for opposing muscle groups (agonists and antagonists), a giant set is a group of four or more exercises that target one part of the body. This approach is an excellent way to shock the lower body into getting stronger, and it will
also train cardiovascular fitness. 
It triggers a robust anabolic hormone response and is particularly effective for
boosting growth hormone
and insulin-like growth
factor 1. One of the 
keys to designing
giant sets is to
make certain the
exercises work different parts of the strength curve.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pectoral Pointers

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pectoral Pointers

Apple Reveals "HealthKit" Hub

And the answer: Exactly. HealthKit isn't just an app, but a hub. One neat thing about it is that it will sync with the health and fitness devices you already have, and if you're info is scattered across many devices and apps, HealthKit will put them all in one place. Apple has already partnered with Nike in this regard, and undoubtedly more alliances are coming. The other neat thing about HealthKit is that Apple is partnering with the Mayo Clinic and will send your info to them - if your vitals or blood glucose levels are in trouble, they'll know and assist you.

FREE Stuff

Jim Smith is a highly respected, world-renowned strength & conditioning coach. A member of the Fitness Advisory Board, Jim has been called one of the most "innovative strength coaches" in the fitness industry. Training athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors, Jim has dedicated himself to helping them reach "beyond their potential".

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61 Five Tips for Optimal Carb Intake When Trying to Lose Fat
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63 A Tale of Two Cans: Why Canned Salmon Is Better Than Tuna
64 Dennis James & Flex Wheeler Wrap Up the Dennis James Classic
65 Angela Marquez Wins the 2014 IFBB Dennis James Bikini Classic
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