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The Shoulder-Training Mistake You Can't Get Away With

You want boulder shoulders, right? First things first: Before you go heavy, take time to protect the part of your body that makes big shoulders possible.

Michael Phelps Distracts Free Throw Shooter At Basketball Game

The Olympic swimmer donned a speedo and his medals at the Arizona State University basketball game.

Dallas Europa Strongman Challenge: I Won My Pro Card

I’m so proud to finally have achieved my original goal in strongman and to continue showing my kids that hard work and time in the saddle pays off.

Winner Interviews | IFBB Chicago Pro 2017

Winner Interviews | IFBB Chicago Pro 2017

Winner Interviews | NPC Jr. Nationals 2017

Team Muscular Development catches up with class winners & some new IFBB Pros at the conclusion of the 2017 NPC Jr. Nationals

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Tip: The Meal That Damages Metabolism | T Nation

But there are a few caveats here. This does NOT mean you should go to bed hungry. It just means that you should have your caloric allotment – whether that's enough food for fat loss or "mad gains, bro" – earlier in the day. Allow your hormones to self-regulate and you shouldn't want to eat right before bed. In plain speak, it means your metabolism and hormones will work better.

Instagram post by Andrew Wary CSCS • Jun 30, 2017 at 3:40pm UTC

The 30-day plan to grow like a monster

It is primetime for a training transition. Summer is long gone at this point and the opportunity presents itself to get off the ultra-low carb diet and high-intensity circuits and get on board with putting on mass and getting powerful. Not only does this transition work because you're swapping out the t-shirts for sweaters, but it's a fresh way to stimulate the body as well. In the grand scheme of things, you need these blocks of change. Month after month, week after week of continuous bombardment of the muscles with volume and intensity would wear anyone down. Let's use this month for size and power. And the way to do it effectively will require a change in thinking, and programming. Watch Brandon DaCruz ( @bigdaddydacruz ) demo his program below.

Tip: The Best Exercise for a Shoulder Pump | T Nation

If you have trouble feeling your delts work, give this crazy looking exercise a try. Here's how to do it.

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Tip: This Nutrient Does It All | T Nation

Science shows that this multi-talented compound makes you leaner, increases endurance, and builds muscle. Check it out.

Today's Workout

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10 Moves to Make Your Guns Grow

Among the most visually impressive body parts of a physique are the arms. To grow a pair of arms with fullness in the muscle bellies you have to pay special attention to your triceps, given that they account for 66% of your overall upper-arm development. More than that, you need to know how to isolate each area of your triceps properly because the majority of triceps exercises completely neglect the long head, which leaves you with a very narrow and underdeveloped appearance from certain angles.

The 30 best back exercises of all time

Start by holding the bar against your body with your hands at shoulder-width on the bar. Keeping your back in its natural curve, bend your hips and knees (as you would in a squat), lowering the bar to just above your knees. Explosively extend your hips as if jumping, while at the same time shrugging your shoulders and pulling the bar straight up in front of your torso. As the bar reaches chest level, bend your elbows and flip your wrists to catch the bar at shoulder level.

5 workouts to boost your testosterone

You know what good ol' testosterone does for the body: It’s the hormone that makes a man a man (though, yes, women have some, too), and is essential for developing and maintaining muscle mass. Your body’s at its peak T at age 20, and then it slowly declines, reducing by 1% each year starting at around age 40. Luckily, you can stave off the process—and even boost your testosterone to the higher levels needed for improving muscle growth if you’re looking to get bigger—by how you work out.

The fittest fathers who have been on the cover of 'Men's Fitness'

These ripped dads have managed to take fitness to the next level and land on our cover at least once, showing off their hard work and drive to stay fit while raising kids.

Tip: Hanging Leg Raise – 3 Mistakes to Avoid | T Nation

Al Kavadlo is one of the world’s leading experts in bodyweight strength training and calisthenics. He is the author of five books, including Zen Mind, Strong Body and Pushing the Limits!. Al is also known for his appearance in the popular Convict Conditioning book series. Famous for smiling while performing some of the most difficult bodyweight exercises imaginable, Al has racked up millions of views on his YouTube channel. As lead instructor for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC), Al gets to bring his unique coaching style to fitness trainers and enthusiasts around the globe. Follow Al Kavadlo on Facebook

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Looking off into the distance is often easier for you farsighted Sagittarians than seeing something that's right in front of your nose. However, you might not get very far in your vision-questing while delusional Neptune squares the Sun in your 7th House of Partners. It's inadvisable to head out today without the company of a fellow traveler. Collaborating with a like-minded friend changes the energy now. Deepen your understanding by engaging in meaningful communication. Your presence in the present moment averts a developing power struggle in the future.

Top Secret Chest Arsenal Part 1: Leaning One-Arm Dumbbell Flye

In Part 1 of the 5-part "Top Secret Chest Arsenal," we put the focus on the inner pecs with the LEANING ONE-ARM DUMBBELL FLYE .  On standard dumbbell flyes, the tension on the pecs at the top where the inner pecs would come into play is greatly reduced because the dumbbells are no longer being moved against gravity. This move utilizes gravity to hit those inner fibers.  Watch & Learn!

Four Keys to Gaining Quality Mass

GH spares the body from tearing down its own muscle tissue for energy during training. The net effect: if you tear down less tissue, it’s easier to work the other way and build up more tissue. You can’t underestimate the impact nitric oxide boosters (i.e., arginine supplements) have on GH levels. Put in the simplest terms, arginine is a noted GH releaser, and the more GH you can release, the more you’ll grow. – FLEX

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Want To Keep Your Gains? Stay Hydrated!


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The 10 Dumbest Motivational Sayings | T Nation

There's no "dumbest motivational saying" in fitness; most of them are horrible. The one that comes to mind is "the best workout for you is the one you aren't doing." This just reeks of stupidity, but you can lump in "work your weakness" or "the exercise you hate most is the one you should do" in there too.

23 Shawn Ray

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How to Hit a Triple Bodyweight Deadlift | T Nation

If you miss at your knees or around mid-shin height, it's common to hammer away at RDL's, good mornings, and other variations to train your posterior chain. This can be beneficial, but without a strong upper back, those supplemental lifts won't do a thing. That's why chest-supported rows should be a staple in your program when training for a triple bodyweight pull.

Tip: 4 Convenient Foods You Should Be Eating | T Nation

"Ricing" just means to grind certain foods up into little bits. Riced cauliflower trended during the low-carb craze as an alternative to regular rice, but making it was a pain in the ass. You either needed a really good food processor (and motivation to clean it up afterward) or you needed to spend a lot of time with a cheese grater and a stack of Band-Aids.

Tip: The Squat Machine That Actually Works | T Nation

The belt squat is a strength exercise that's been practiced by powerlifters for years now. It can be categorized as a supplemental lift or corrective exercise for people with squat technique issues. If you're lucky enough to have a belt squat machine in your gym, here's what the exercise looks like:

Tip: The Effects of Low-Dose Creatine | T Nation

But in this new study, researchers had 17 year old soccer players take 2-3 grams of creatine monohydrate per day, with no loading phase, for just 14 days. Another group of athletes from the same team took a placebo powder. Neither group knew if they were getting "the good stuff" or the fake stuff. Both groups were given a variety of fitness tests before and after the two week period.

Tip: The Best Exercise for a Shoulder Pump | T Nation

If you have trouble feeling your delts work, give this crazy looking exercise a try. Here's how to do it.

Tip: The Exercise Most People Screw Up | T Nation

Plus, many people lack the shoulder flexion – due to stiff/shortened lats and/or lack of anterior core strength – to perform this variation in the first place. What ends up happening is people end up in excessive lumbar extension to make up for lack of shoulder flexion and then they wonder why their lower back hurts.

Testosterone Advantage Training | T Nation

Training legs properly, i.e., busting a nut, probably wouldn't leave you with enough mojo to properly train another big body part. It's like training quads and hams together in that one of the two gets the short end of the stick. Even with all that extra leg-training induced testosterone and GH, it still might not be enough to push the muscle meter to the plus side.

Today's Lifters Are Snowflakes | T Nation

Take a quick look back through the history of weight lifting. If you look at the physiques and strength levels of top bodybuilders, powerlifters (and even power athletes such as shot putters) from the 60's, 70's, and 80's, you'll quickly realize that these athletes could easily hold their own against today's top stars, despite the fact that today we have a much more advanced understanding of nutrition, recovery, and how many needles one can jam into himself before expiring.

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This Morning getting ready for another session at the gym and we cant forget the essentials right @MuscleTech @Bodybuildingcom

How To Have Your Carbs And Lose Fat, Too!

Here's how it works: The longer you restrict calories, and the more weight you lose, the further your leptin levels decline.[6] This decrease in leptin can intensify hunger signals, making fat loss—and sticking to your diet—much harder. Just a few weeks of dieting can have a significant impact on leptin levels, but fortunately, it only takes 12-24 hours of overfeeding, particularly with carbs, to return leptin to normal levels.[7] This is why I am such a huge advocate of weekly "refeeds"—high-carb days slightly above maintenance-caloric needs.

The 10 Dumbest Motivational Sayings | T Nation

There's no "dumbest motivational saying" in fitness; most of them are horrible. The one that comes to mind is "the best workout for you is the one you aren't doing." This just reeks of stupidity, but you can lump in "work your weakness" or "the exercise you hate most is the one you should do" in there too.

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Not getting the most out of your workout? Here are 7 great tips to help you kill your next workout  #Bodybuildingcom

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Supplements for Serious Athletes - Biotest

Includes E-Book – The Velocity Diet is a science based, rapid body-transformation program that's so powerful and so effective that results border on being unbelievable. But this system is not for everyone.

The 3 best whitewater-rafting destinations in the U.S.

When: late June A six-day trip through Cataract Canyon starts innocently enough, with miles of SUP-friendly flatwater winding through the cliffs of Canyonlands National Park. But soon enough you hit 25 Class IV/V rapids, including Big Drops 2 and 3—in spring runoff, among North America’s 10 biggest.

Why Long Workouts Won't Cost You Gains

You may have heard about the perils of stretching your workouts beyond the one-hour mark for fear of becoming "catabolic." Here's why you shouldn't let this old bodybuilding legend guide you!

Underground Strength Gym June Tee

Now That You Have Been Told, Stop Doing This Stuff in the Gym

The 2017 Summer Shred

This year’s Summer Shred, presented by APS Nutrition, combines strength training and high-volume supersets to help you preserve muscle mass while shedding those final layers of flab. All you have to do is bust your ass for 16 workouts, and your best physique, with the strength to back it up, is just a month away.

Instagram post by Zach Even - Esh • Jun 30, 2017 at 4:35pm UTC

I’m Not Surprised | Biolayne

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10 Best Cable Exercises for Your Core

A cable machine unleashes a wide variety of core exercises because of the adjustable height and the ability to work from all angles. We’re not talking about the beloved kneeling cable crunch. Rather, these 10 standing, kneeling, twisting, and bending core exercises place your body in every plane of motion to target your obliques and lower abs. Build core strength with these 10 ab-carving cable exercises.

The 2017 Starter's Guide: Workout Plan

On paper, the volume in workouts on Day 1 and Day 3 may look like a lot to get started. But this works because many of your sets will be at a lower, submaximal weight. This acts as practice for your neuromuscular system, which will adapt to the movements. Though you’ll have a fair amount of muscle tissue breakdown, it won’t be so much that you’re overtrained, since you won’t be using a ton of weight. Beginners are still trying to find their groove and see what they can handle as far as weights for certain exercises and rep schemes are concerned.

5 Reasons why Squats are Better than Leg Presses

Doing a squat rather than a leg press will place your core under considerable stress, causing it to work hard to support your body during the lift. The result is your abs and core getting a better workout than they would with crunches.

8 Ways to Burn More Fat

Most think of altering the metabolism as “boosting it,” but there are things you can do that also change the way the body handles food. For example, simply by taking a fiber supplement, you can alter the way your body handles carbohydrates. Fiber stimulates carbs to bypass fat storing pathways, which in turn means they ultimately head down other pathways for muscle fueling or building. There you go — a simple nutrition step to modify your metabolism.

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M&F Iron Maiden: Larissa Reis

This smoking hot international model and IFBB Pro shows off her rock hard assets in this steamy photo shoot.

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