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Open Your Hips for Better Squatting | Feat. Kelly Starrett | Ep. 198 | MobilityWOD

Better Hips for Squatting SUBSCRIBE: About MobilityWOD: MobilityWOD is the ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and opt...

Best of Dorian Yates

Compilation of Yates at his peak.

Kelly Starrett - Vibram & Barefoot Walking | London Real

Kelly Starrett is a Mobility Expert & Crossfit Trainer WheyBetter Protein 15% Off Code"LondonReal" Bulletproof Coffee

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Big Ramy at the 2014 NPC Dennis James Classic

Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay guest posing at the first-ever 2014 NPC Dennis James Classic.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - Although you're still interested in setting your work aside in favor of another enjoyable diversion, taking the time to play is harder to justify today. Your professional responsibilities may be so demanding now that you just can't get away with your planned escape. You might feel frustrated, but don't worry; the pressure won't last. Hunker down and do what's expected of you so you can feel free enough to relax later on. There's no shame in taking pride in a job well done.

5 Ways to Work Out Without Weights

For instance, perform wide-grip pullups to just shy of failure. Immediately bring your grip in and turn your palms to face you so you’re doing a chinup. Do as many chinups as you can and then bring your hands in even closer so you’re doing a close-grip chinup with hands nearly touching. On pushups, you could start with your hands touching (a diamond pushup) and then move them out to shoulder width. When you can’t do any more reps like that, place your hands on a bench or seat so your body is at an incline—a much easier position to do pushups in. Rep out to failure.

The Most Challenging Hamstring Exercise

The seat of a lat pulldown allows you to simulate a glute-ham raise—a popular exercise among athletes and powerlifters and arguably the single best hamstring exercise ever invented. Glute-ham raises work the hamstrings’ two functions: bending your knees and extending your hips, at the same time activating the maximum amount of lower-body muscle mass. Glute-ham raises boost your poundage on the squat and deadlift and help to improve speed and explosivity for sports. The problem is, most gyms don’t have glute-ham-raise benches, and you can bet they’re popular in gyms that do. Making a lat-pulldown station stand in for one is the next best thing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares His Best Shoulder-Training Tips

As intensity techniques go, I think drop sets and supersets are great when doing front-, middle- and rear-delt raises. On overhead presses, however, my favorite technique is the rest-pause. The reason behind this is with rest-pauses, you never have to lighten the load - you start with a heavy weight and stick with it for the whole set. To refresh, here's how to perform rest-pauses: Pick a weight for a Smith machine overhead press with which you can do about six reps. Do a set of 4-5 reps, rest 15-20 seconds, and then do 2-3 more reps with that same weight. Rest another 15-20 seconds, then do another 2-3 reps. At that point, you'll have done 8-11 reps with a weight with which you could normally do only six. These tips will help spark growth in your shoulders, so give them a try next time delt day rolls around. Follow your pressing moves with high-intensity laterals and you'll have the best of both worlds: size and definition.

10 Reasons You're Holding onto Body Fat

If you’re not shedding belly blubber fast enough, then chances are you’re flubbing one of these training or nutrition tactics.

Mike Chang's 4-Minute Ab Assault

M&Fer’s are always looking for a quick routine that will get them ripped six pack abs . In this video, Mike Chang of demonstrates a high-intensity, 4-minute ab workout that chisels the stomach and burns belly fat, so you can get great abs without spending all of your time in the gym.

6 Bench Press Variations

The bench press is responsible for adding more slabs of muscle to the chest, shoulders and triceps than any other exercise – it’s the unchallenged champion for development in those areas. But when the flat bench press fails you, there are some other options you can use to get your gains back on track. Let’s take a look at some bench press variations that can change the muscle recruitment in your pecs and lead you to a mightier max.

4 Compound Moves for Massive Biceps and Triceps

Barbell curls. Preachers . Extensions. Pressdowns. On arm day, these are a few of our favorite things. But these moves are single-joint moves that isolate your biceps and triceps. Larger muscle groups, such as the chest, back and quads, are usually bombarded with an array of multi-joint moves that allow for more weight before isolation exercises come into play. Is it possible to use that same strategy on your arms? Justin Grinnell, CSCS, owner of State of Fitness, believes it is.

Work Your Lats Like Never Before With the Inverted Row

If you’ve never done them, start with your feet on the floor and your body at a 45-degree angle, then progress to performing inverted rows with your feet elevated on a bench or stability ball— with your body parallel to the floor. Keep track of where your feet are. Try to move them forward a few inches each week using the same set and rep scheme until you’re finally performing the exercise with your feet off the ground.

The Million Dollar Arm Workout

It might be a long shot developing a 95mph fastball to make the big bucks in the big leagues, but you certaintly can build yourself some solid beach muscles. Here's the only 30-minute arm workout you'll ever need.

FD The Men's Guide (Athlete)

My wife has purchased many of your Fighter Diet ebooks and she loves them!!! She recently did her first physique competition and she helped me by using your Men's Guide to FD eBook. Thanks for help!!   Think Fighter Diet is all about girl power? Well you thought wrong. It’s true Pauline knows a thing or two about women's health and fitness, but her FD concept can be applied to any "body" male or female. To bring a little focus back on the Y chromosome, she's created the Men's Guide to Fighter Diet. An excellent ebook, the Men’s Guide is a Fighter Diet Concept book, workout plan and meal plan all wrapped into one. One section could also be considered the nutshell version of Cardio for Leanness. In fact, for that reason, you could think of the Men’s Guide as the male version (though

Brian Casad's Transformation Workout

In contrast, what you see here is Casad’s current program, which he calls “an athletic bodybuilder approach.” Keep in mind that he didn’t adopt these workouts overnight. He gradually increased volume
and intensity over time; so if you’re just getting started on a transformation of your own, you should have the same mindset. Start small, then add on.

Hard Core Workout

The below workout hits the entire core with a quartet of exercises that includes two isometric hold exercises and two dynamic rotational moves. Perform the routine 2-3 days a week, adding it to the end of any workout or doing it on its own if you wish.

Keep the Carbs

It's true that cutting chips, cookies, candy, and other carbs from your diet can help you uncover your abs. But if you think eliminating all the carbs is the key to reaching your weight-loss goals, we've got a few reasons to reconsider.

4 Most Common Mistakes of New Lifters

Understanding and preventing these 4 common mistakes most lifters make when they begin to regularly lift weights can help you reach your goals faster and make the gym a regular part of your every day life. Sticking to the basics and training consistently are the keys to achieving long-term results and will help you avoid the pitfalls of doing too much, too soon.

Last Longer in Bed! Sex Experts Tell You How

So maybe you’re not the “ One Minute Man ” Missy Elliot rapped about in 2001, but if you’re still looking for ways to have longer-lasting erections (and longer-lasting sex), you’re not alone. Sex experts agree that it’s one of the most common things men are insecure about—but they’re not always using the right methods. “Of course all men have their own extending technique, from thinking about football or baseball or counting backwards in their heads,” says A.L. Harper, a sex expert and former editor of a UK-based men’s magazine. “However, these distraction techniques can result in making them worse in bed because they aren't paying attention to their partner's pleasure.” If you’re curious to find out the real ways to last longer, we’ve asked three top industry experts to share the advice they give their clients—no Viagra required.

The 7% Body-Fat Diet

We estimate that the average weightlifting guy walks around at about 15% body fat. This is well within healthy levels, but it’s not going to turn many heads on the beach. (Reminder: Beach abs are carved in winter.) To look that good, you need to get below 10%—the point at which most guys can see some definition—and preferably as low as 7%. That seems to be the magic number associated with adjectives like shredded, diced, and genetically gifted (haters always gon’ hate). The plan is simple: six-pack, 7%, eight weeks. let’s go.

FD Butt Bible Volume 3 (Athlete)

Hi Pauline Nordin, Fighter Diet,   Some stats (I wish I had taken measurements) I started at 123 and am now 128 but my clothes still fit looser than before (I am 5'7").  I have gained so much knowledge, strength, and confidence.  Thanks!  for everything.... I am 39 years old and a proud mother of 2 beautiful girls, almost 3 and 1.5 years.  I discovered your Butt Bible DVD while between pregnancies.  I've always been obsessed with my butt (I know you can relate!) and was bored of the DVD I had been doing so looked around and discovered yours.  I expected another aerobics type of routine that included a lot of body weight squats and lunges....not a weight based workout. I loved your attitude from the start - hard work does pay off and I really found it refreshing that you didn't b

Lean Legs Pak 2 (Athlete)

Fighter Diet FDX2 is the perfect diet plan for building muscle and getting leaner at the same time. The key to build muscle and burn fat is to hit that sweet spot of nourishing the muscles but not the fat cells. FDX2 is all about that! If you don't want to bulk up to build muscle and want to stay lean you need this diet plan. " I was 210 postpartum twice, so this is huge for Me. My booty still needs work, but I'm def a body type that can get fat fast, and its hard to build muscle, but the composition of my legs is drastic and gives Me faith. Thanks for all your motivation, I get you girl and I have a sensitive heart, you don't hurt my feelings, u hurt my ass from those bad ass workouts! Oh yeah! Peace!"    I found Fighter Diet in late 2010 but didn't get very involved.  In 2011

The No-Bull Guide to Bulking

The Hard Truth Your body can only gain so much muscle in a given period of time; it’s dependent on your genetics, age, and training age (how long you’ve been lifting). According to Nate Miyaki, C.S.S.N., a San Francisco-based nutrition coach to physique competitors, a beginner in his teens up through his 30s can expect to put on two to four pounds of lean muscle per month for the first two or three months of his training. An intermediate (several months’ to a few years’ experience) might see 1–11⁄2 pounds per month. An experienced lifter, on the other hand, should be happy with just a few pounds per year.

Carbs to Muscle

When you eat fewer carbs, your body undergoes all kinds of changes. Interestingly, your muscles start to “crave” carbohydrates. With fewer carbs, the ability of your muscles to utilize them — rather than store them as bodyfat — actually increases. When you return to eating more carbs, virtually all of them are stored in your muscles, making your physique look fuller and more impressive. This increase in glycogen stores triggers and supports protein synthesis, meaning that your muscles grow. So, pulling back on your carb intake for two or three days can actually help you grow. Just be sure to keep your protein intake a little higher during a carb cutback to protect against potential muscle breakdown, which is sometimes associated with a decrease in carbohydrate intake.


From the childhood bully to your nasty ex, the world is full of people with difficult personalities. Maybe you've been steamrolled by someone in the past whom you haven't let off the hook. Perhaps someone said something that was nasty and it followed you around for days or even years. It's no fun when someone bowls you over, hurts your feelings, insults you, or takes advantage of you. If you're not careful, it can be damaging to your core.

Drink Beer for Charity!

Located in Denver, Colorado., this brewery features nine year-round brews and more than 12 rotating seasonals, as well as their limited release and pilot beers (grab their Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout when its available). With so many options to choose from, the owners found themselves serving up countless samples to guests touring their taproom. So they decided to donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the $1 sips to a new local charity every month.


It's mirin' time. Check out these 18 amazing selfies that show off just how awesome our BodySpace members are!


Just like abs, beasts aren't actually made in the gym. They're made in the kitchen. To become a beast, you have to eat high-quality fuel in the right quantities to recover from your brutal workouts, build muscle, and perform at your peak. Since high-quality fuel can be hard to come by, it's best to make your own in the kitchen. Cook like a beast with these six great recipes!

HIIT 100s: Carve Up Your Physique in 6 Weeks

With Hundreds, you’ll do 10 sets of 10 reps for one exercise per muscle group. Sounds the same as GVT, right? Not exactly. HIIT is incorporated via the rest periods between those 10 sets. You’ll start with just 60 seconds between sets at the beginning of the program and progressively drop rest periods by 10 seconds over six weeks until you have no rest and are doing 100 reps straight through. The two forms of training are technically different, but late in the HIIT 100s program, when you’re resting only 10 or 20 seconds between sets of 10, there’s little to distinguish them as far as the toll they take on your body.

5 Signs You May Be Dehydrated

Working out hard under the hot sun? Watch for these warning signs that your body’s too low on H20.

Burn More Fat with this Jump Rope Technique

If you’re serious about expanding your conditioning efforts beyond the treadmill, then you’ve probably explored the idea of using a jump rope. Boxers have relied on the rope for decades to get dialed in for fights. In recent years, CrossFit has helped to popularize the use of the rope as a skill to be mastered that also happens to have tremendous conditioning benefits. In particular, the double-under—two passes of the rope beneath your feet on a single jump—can really help you take your training to the next level. But it can be a foot-and-shin blasting exercise in failure until you get the hang of it. Here is a good game plan for getting it down.

Fitness Men

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Ask Men's Fitness: Is My iPod Turned Up Too Loud?

Ask Men's Fitness: Is My iPod Turned Up Too Loud?


Learn the secrets about performance training that will make you faster, stronger, more explosive and better conditioned than your competition. The Juggernaut Method 2.0 offers total strength and athletic development for anyone from the Elite level power lifter, strongman, football player, fighter, or anyone looking to become unstoppable.

6 Supplements You Should Take

Get the most out of your training efforts by fueling your body with these top supplement selections.

Quitting Smoking Could Ease Depression

Despite what you may think, cigarettes don’t boost your mood. Two questionnaires filled out three years apart by 4,800 daily smokers showed that smokers who’d quit since the first survey were a lot happier by the second.


The moment you sign up for a fat-loss campaign, you've made a daily commitment. Going to the gym and eating the right foods are a good start, but you should always be looking for little ways to get more activity in throughout the day. After all, the gym doesn't hold the sole rights to burning calories. You can do that anywhere! Things like fidgeting as much as you can, taking a two-minute stroll through the work office every hour, doing calf-raises at the check-out line, and bounding up the stairs all contribute to your daily calorie burn.

37 Train with Jay Cutler, Episode 4

Hi everyone, my name is Jay Cutler. I started developing a fit physique when I was a teenager, while working for my brother’s concrete business. At 18 I started training. And by 19 I won my first show. Over the years, I’ve won numerous shows and awards, including the most prestigious, Mr. Olympia, four times. At this point in my career, my passion for training has extended beyond myself; and now I love showing other people how to achieve their fitness goals.

Top Secret Nutrition Ab Igniter Thermogenic Fat Burner at

Yohimbine HCL Yohimbine is an alkaloid naturally found in the Pausinystalia yohimbe plant. Yohimbine HCL is an Alpha 2-adrenergic antagonist. Simply put, in the fat cell, the alpha 2 adrenergic receptor is the off switch for fat release, as such Yohimbine HCL being an alpha 2-adrenergic antagonist helps blocks the off switch, creating fat release. Top Secret Nutrition's Ab Igniter™ is for those who want to augment their dieting process with one of the strongest, fat targeting supplements on the market.*

What is the correct form for lateral raises?

Q: I see people in the gym using different techniques on lateral raises. Some keep their arms straight and lower to their sides, while others bend the elbows at 90 degrees and lower the arms in front of their body. What is the correct form for getting the most from the exercise and what is your opinion of lateral-raise machines?

Double-Duty Supplement

Since weight training also has been shown to increase GH levels, scientists from Baylor University (Waco, Texas) designed an experiment to test the combination of melatonin supplements and weight training on GH levels. Sixty active, college-aged men and women were assigned to receive either melatonin or a placebo one hour before a workout. Blood tests were taken a few times before the exercise session. The subjects performed seven sets of high-intensity leg presses to stimulate natural GH release. The results showed that even before the workout began, the men receiving the high-dose melatonin supplement (5 mg) had elevated GH levels. After the training session, men in the low-dose (0.5 mg) and the high-dose (5 mg) groups had elevated GH levels when compared to the placebo group.


@JRB426 Exactly my point. So to call him the fittest man on the Earth like he is some kind of god is extremely self-centered. Crossfit people think they are that special. And yea, pretty sure he is roiding. The whole squad that goes to those competitions are roiding, or doing something unnatural to boost their performance. Same thing with Lance Armstrong. Everyone just assumed he wasn't cheating, but he was. And what was the big deal about it anyways. So he beat the other people in the top 100 that were also cheating? Big deal. Anyways, I can tell by how defensive you are getting that you are extremely insecure about people bashing on Crossfit. Besides, that comment didn't address any of my previous points, like that Crossfit increases your chances of rhabdomyolysis by 400%. No militaries around the world use it are the primary source of training. And any of them that even recommend trying it are beginning to back away from that because of the increasing amount of studies that say it is extremely dangerous and kills your body fast. No Olympic lifters use it. Most bodybuilders don't do it, except for the occasional WOD, and even that is exclusive to very few BBers.

5 Muscle-Building Summer Salad Recipes

DIRECTIONS 1)    Put all ingredients except dressing in a large bowl. Just before eating salad, add dressing and toss using salad tongs, two forks, or two wooden spoons.

Exclusive Interview with MHP's Strongman Brian Shaw (with contest and training footage)

World champion strongman Brian Shaw talks to MHP and opens up about several topics including his rivalry with Zadrunas Savickas, his feelings on his performance at the 2014 Arnold Classic, and his latest challenge to himself which he has been keeping a secret...until now.

44 EliteFTS - Superior Products and Knowledge for Lifters, Athletes, Coaches, and Trainers

Here are three type of people you need around you. First are those at the same level you are. These people are living in the same place you are. They are dealing with the same struggles and obstacles. They will provide a sounding board to exchange ideas with, to discuss new findings and to check in to see what is and isn't working. While the next group is very important they are often times to far removed from the obstacles you face and will face. Second, are those who have more training years and experience than you do. You will be able to learn more from these people than any other source you will ever find. I have known people to drive a few hours to train with a group of lifters better than they were. For over 10 years I knew of one lifter who drove 90 minutes each way to come train at Westside 3 days per week. Regardless if you are driving, going to a seminar, or are in the same gym with them, seek these people out. Finally you need to find those to pass on what you have learned. By helping others your energy and passion for training will stay high. Teaching is also one of the greatest forms of learning and mastering what you know.

Minimizing Injury from Running: Considerations for Larger Athletes - Juggernaut Training Systems

Perhaps one of the greatest yet most personally irrelevant books on running I have read would be Born to Run by Christopher McDougall- an outstanding novel that made several excellent points about human’s natural propensity for rapid and efficient bipedal locomotion.  The book is absolutely correct in asserting that certain humans are incredibly efficient in their running movement patterns- the act of running is nearly effortless and natural- their light frames glide smoothly across the ground at high speeds, legs eating away ground with a look of zen bliss on the runner’s face.


Wheeler has been busy covering the sport in print and video since his retirement in 2003, and he brings his insight to FLEX (the mag) as the newest member of Team AMI/Weider. We’re thrilled to have him on board and you can check out his debut in this issue’s Olympia preview. Flex will be assisting with contest coverage, interviews, and expert analysis of IFBB pro bodybuilders.

Get to Know Leanna Carr - Juggernaut Training Systems

Meet Leanna Carr, a fast rising powerlifter and figure competitor, based in Athens, GA. Leanna has transformed herself from cheerleader, to self-proclaimed party girl, into an emerging star in the fitness world. Combining beauty and strength like a true Iron Woman, Leanna is on a mission to help inspire and empower women across the world to reach their goals…

3 Pro Tips to Running Faster

We all want instant results, but most of us have accepted that change takes time. While you can’t get a six-pack or gain muscle in 5 minutes, you can become a faster runner. So what’s slowing you down? Matthew Uohara, MS, CSCS, from Hale Inu Strength and Conditioning, breaks down three ways you can get faster now.

A Three Step Plan to the One-Armed Chinup

Perform lat pulldowns with one arm at a time, palm facing away. Use a D-handle and start with about half the weight you would use for a normal pulldown. Perform three sets. Do this for four to six weeks, then move on to Step 2.

Carl Froch KOs Georges Groves in Spectacular Fashion

There was no need for boxing judges when Carl "The Cobra" Froch successfully defended his WBA and IBF super-middleweight titles against Georges "Saint George" Groves. Some 80,000 fight fans packed Wembley Stadium in London on Saturday night to see the rematch after their fight last December ended in controversial fashion when Froch stopped Groves in the ninth round. There was much controversy over the nature of the stoppage, and a rematch was ordered.

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