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Top 10 TRX Body-Sculpting Moves

Try a new approach to hitting your fitness goals by incorporating suspension training into your routine.

UFC 199: Rockhold vs Bisping

When original opponent Chris Weidman pulled out due to injury, the "Count" stepped in on late notice.

WATCH: Table Talk — Analyzing Training Methods

The people who really don't know what the fuck they are doing are the ones that are taking the business from you because you are too wrapped up in the wrong things.

The 10 Toughest, Most Utterly Absurd CrossFit Workouts in Games History

These competitions pushed athletes to the limit–and then some.

The 20 Best Dynamic Duos In Sports History

They didn't always get along—some really hated each other—but these all-time great pairings made for some fantastic moments.

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5 Easy Ways to Start Building Bigger Biceps

Want bigger, better biceps ? Then just do barbell curls until you puke. Ha. If only it were that easy. According to some self-professed experts, sometimes it is! But here at M&F , we take a more calculated, scientific approach to training, which helps you reach your full potential with your physique goals. Right near the top of the list of bodyparts that guys want to bring up are the biceps. But curling aimlessly is just as limiting as it sounds.

8 Reasons Your Biceps Are Flat

Wondering why your arms won't grow? See what's missing from your diet and training regimen.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016 - Keeping your feet on the ground is crucial today while confronting disharmony in a relationship dynamic. You want to stay true to your ideals while also honoring someone else's path. You may be reluctant to set aside your dreams, even if prior commitments restrain you on a short leash. Let your moral compass be your guide but don't get discouraged; sometimes it's challenging to balance the vagaries of your heart with other people's realities. Your gentle persistence is your ticket to success.

Menacing Chest

Dennis James' intensive battle plans for stronger and thicker pecs

Old-School Eats: Eat Like Arnold

What you’re eating now has room for improvement—it’s deficient in fruits and vegetables , and lower in protein than what Arnold would have eaten. In your new diet, the meals are designed to positively impact performance. we’ve also more than tripled your protein intake to give your body the material it needs to build new muscle tissue. Even back then, Arnold knew the importance of nutrient timing, utilizing a post-workout shake to improve the anabolic recovery process; you’re going to do the same. By increasing your protein and supplementing correctly, you’ll be able to introduce a new twist on a tried-and-true eating plan —and pack on slabs of lean mass.

6 Build a Better Muscle-Building Burger

Don't destroy your macros at the next cookout, stick with the lean cuts or go veggie.


Let's face it, ab training can be boring. The range of motion is short, many exercises are similar, and workouts frequently focus on high-rep, low-intensity sets. B-o-r-i-n-g. What’s more, if the area is sheathed with body fat (or clothes), no one is going to see the results, no matter how many crunches you do. For these reasons, abs are too often neglected—even by professional bodybuilders. We have a solution. In fact, we have 10. When at their peaks, each of the following physique legends—from those who first competed more than five decades ago to those who are still winning today—sported a superb set of rectus abs and obliques. This isn’t exactly an “all-time 10 best” list. A person or two here might surprise you. The following “middle men” were selected not only for their ab excellence but also for the diversity of their routines. Together, they provide 10 waist workout strategies. These range from marathons to sprints and encompass a wide spectrum of set and rep combinations, exercise choices, and workout frequencies. Get ready for some things old and some things new. These 10 legends prove there are many ab-solutions.

Like Hoss

Fouad “Hoss” Abiad knew he wanted to be a bodybuilder when he attended his first bodybuilding event, the 2000 Toronto Pro. The pro portion of the show was dominated by such bodybuilding legends as Markus Rühl (who won) and future Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson (runner-up), but it was the amateur part of the contest that stoked Abiad’s competitive fire. “A friend of mine, who I worked with at a bar, was competing,” remembers Abiad. “He was 220 or something like that, and I just thought it was crazy that he was up there, and I wanted to do it.”

8 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout

A solid pre-workout routine begins long before you step into gym shorts or break a sweat. And like everything else, sloppy prep translates to sloppy execution. That can lead to uninspired training sessions or injury, both of which inhibit strength and muscle gains , or weight loss. So to help you craft a sound pre-training regimen, we asked Patrick Solano CSCS, strength and conditioning specialist at the UFC Gym in Torrance, California for his pre-workout necessities.

4 Things You Must Do to Achieve 7% Body Fat

The rest of your calories come from carbohydrates. To calculate these, subtract your fat calories and then your protein calories from the total. Protein and carbohydrates both contain four calories per gram. So, in the case of the 180 guy, that’s 720 protein calories (180 x 4 = 720). His equation to find his carb allowance would then look like this: 2,160 calories - 648 calories from fat - 720 calories from protein = 792 calories, or 198 grams of carbs.

11 Best Snacks To Crush Your Cravings

The mid-afternoon hunger strikes again, and you find yourself wandering to the vending machine – eyes glazing over the sugar-laden snacks. The exact cause of food cravings is difficult to pinpoint, but experts believe physiological mechanisms, environmental factors, and hormones cause them. Acting on these cravings can easily squash your macros—derailing your fitness goals. Studies have shown that snacking on the right foods such as high-protein and fiber-rich foods can keep you feeling fuller for longer and give you that energy boost you need. So when hunger and cravings make an appearance, chose snacks around 100-200 calories and are rich in protein and fiber.

The Rock to portray the world's first superhero

It's OFFICIAL: For all comic book fans you already know the world's first superhero (pre-dating Superman) is the "Man of Bronze" himself Clark "Doc" Savage. Want to thank my bud director/writer Shane Black and his writing team Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry for flying in from LA and sitting with me and our @sevenbucksprod's producer @hhgarcia41 on this Memorial Day weekend to chop up creative and break story on this very cool project. Comic book fans around the world know that the cool thing about "Doc" Savage is that he's the inspiration for Superman. First name Clark, called "Man of Bronze", retreats to his "Fortress of Solitude" in the Arctic etc etc. Doc was physically and mentally trained from birth by his father and a team of scientists to become the perfect human specimen with a genius level intellect. His heightened senses are beyond comprehension. He can even identify a women's perfume from half a mile away. He is literally the master of everything. But here's the #1 reason I'm excited to become Doc Savage.. HE'S A F*CKING HILARIOUS WEIRDO! Confidently, yet innocently he has zero social graces whatsoever due to his upbringing so every interaction he has with someone is direct, odd, often uncomfortable and amazingly hilarious.

Top 5 Shoulder Training Mistakes

All delt heads do not work equally, and the one that typically carries the heaviest load is the anterior. Your front delts are not only primary movers during overhead presses, they’re also secondary movers during chest and triceps workouts, helping during presses and dips. If you’re doing front  raises in addition to a lot of shoulder, chest and tri compound lifts, you’re likely overworking your front delts. This is especially true if you train chest and shoulders in the same workout or on consecutive days.

MOTIVATION: The Power Of Choice

It’s 5 am and the alarm goes off. You can choose to stay in bed, hit the snooze button and go back to sleep like you do every morning or you can choose to put both feet over the side of the bed, lace up your shoes and head off to the gym. It’s dinnertime. You can pick up the phone and order a pizza for delivery or you can take a few minutes to make a healthy meal and take the leftovers to work the next day. It’s a choice. Take the easy route and stay exactly where you are in life, or take the harder more rewarding route that takes a little bit of work but will take you to where you want to be. It’s a choice that you have to make for yourself. Do you really want to feel better, have more energy and live a better quality of life or are you content doing what you are currently doing right now and never experience what will happen if you take the more challenging road?

2016 IFBB Toronto Pro: Finals Report is live at the 2016 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow Finals with the results from the Open Bodybuilding, 212 Bodybuilding, Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Women's Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men's Physique, Women's Physique, Fitness, Figure, and Bikini divisions!

8 Best Anabolic Exercises

Gaining size isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your body is built to survive, not to look like an Olympia competitor, so putting on – and holding on – to muscle mass is a complicated, multilayered affair that can vary from person to person. But one thing everyone can do to maximize your ability to add new muscle is to select the right exercises – the type that will break down muscle tissue and trigger the hormonal responses that send your body into anabolic overdrive.

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Robert Irvine Magazine

RI Magazine is your new guide to healthy, balanced living. Combining Robert’s love of cooking, training, and motivating people to get the most out of life, this new digital magazine delivers the information and inspiration you need to improve your life starting right now. Delivered digitally 10 times per year (monthly, with double issues in the summer and winter) RI Magazine is broken into three sections. First up, there’s In The Kitchen , which not only gives you healthy recipes, but new techniques to make you a better home chef and carefully-selected gear recommendations to upgrade your kitchen. Next, there’s In The Gym , which delivers a workout of the month plus pro tips to make your workouts more effective. Finally, the feature well of each issue brings together a collection of recipes built around the theme of the month, an in-depth celebrity interview, and stories that dig into the world of Robert Irvine; they’re wildly different each month and guaranteed to inspire. Further, each issue contains a panel of experts answering health questions directly from our readers, a letter of motivation straight from Robert, and a number of special surprises.

15 Reasons You're Not Getting Results In The Gym

Personal trainer Pauline Nordin talks about why you aren't seeing the physique changes and fat loss results you want.

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Lower the weights slower for faster gains. Here's how that works and some tips: …

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How about a free ebook this weekend? Yeah? Okay, here ya go:

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Guess which 6 exercises were in Arnold's Golden Six. Hint: not this one. The answer here: …

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Not looking or performing any better? You're probably not doing this: …

Classic Physique Comparisons - 2016 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow

Men's Physique Comparisons - 2016 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow

2016 IFBB Toronto Pro: Bikini Call Out Report

competitors are fighting for the top spots at the 2016 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow? Find out here!

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Whether you foam roll before or after training makes a big difference. The facts: …

Born Fitness Recipes: Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

I don’t eat breakfast very often, but breakfast foods are one of my favorite things to eat. From eggs and chicken sausage, to waffles, pancakes, and french toast, it’s hard to go wrong with any morning meal favorite. The problem? Many carb loaded breakfast foods clock in at thousands of calories, and there’s nothing about them that would even come close to qualifying at healthy.

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Love it or hate it, here's one doctor's perspective on the CrossFit Games: …

30 - The Motivational Gym Shop

A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep - Key Ring - Gym Jewellery

31 (@cutandjacked) • Instagram photos and videos

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Men: Stop training like little girls. Women: Start training like men. Here's why: …

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7 Bodybuilding Tips for Guys Over 30

The sport of competitive bodybuilding is a game of adapting our training and diet to manipulate our physical appearance. As our bodies approach age 40 and beyond, there is inevitable muscle loss that will occur. Coupled together with the possibility of decreased testosterone production and ailing joints, there are a few things to consider when competing into your 30s and beyond. The following are a few important things to remember for ALL bodybuilders, but particularly those of us who have arrived at, or even passed through the 30 mark.

The Rock Set to Star in 'Doc Savage' Film

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: #HOBBS #F8 When you strip a man of all he has. All that's important to him. You force him to return to his roots.. and sometimes that's a very dangerous and twisted place. If I was going to return for another FAST & FURIOUS I wanted to come in and disrupt the franchise in a cool way that got fans fired up and their blood pumping to see a new version of Hobbs and his "Daddy's gotta go to work" mentality and set the table in a cool way for where the character goes in the future. Maybe it's a spinoff movie. Maybe it's more #FF movies. Or hell maybe Hobbs just gets on his motorcycle and rides off into the sunset never to be seen again. Either way, I've had a solid first week of shooting, good to be back with the ohana, good to work again w/ my bud and director F. Gary Gray and our home studio of UNIVERSAL, as always have been the best partners to me and my #SevenBucksProds team. Most importantly... you guys around the world will really dig this new version of the role, 'cause as we always say, disrupters dent the universe. #Hobbs #TwistedRoots #1Disrupter #1Sav

CPPS – Academy

Module 17: Introduction to Sprint Mechanics RUN TIME: 10:53 Overview : Cameron Josse, Director of Sports Performance at DeFranco's Gym at the Onnit Academy, walks you through sprinting mechanics basics and introductory sprint drills - including skip variations, arm action, foot strike, shin angle, leg drive, and torso angle - and teaches you how to implement progressive transitional sprinting drills into your warm-ups and speed training sessions. This module is the perfect compliment to Modules 9 and 15! Speed training doesn't have to be complicated and Cameron does an amazing job of showing how you can easily add speed training to your programs!

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Lifting heavy? Being able to hold onto the bar is, well, handy. Do this for grip strength: …

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6 Training Tips and Techniques Pro Athletes Use to Stay Fit—Forever

Nowitzki and Holsopple still do plyometric drills, but they lessen the load with a new high-speed isokinetic squat machine, a specialized piece of equipment that maintains a consistent resistance throughout the concentric (raising) phase of the lift and applies virtually no resistance during the eccentric (lowering) phase. This means that on an isokinetic machine, Nowitzki has to push just as hard at the top of his lift as he does at the bottom (a normal squat gets easier as you get more leverage on the bar), and once he starts moving downward he has to deal with only his own body weight.

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Make this at home, drink one or two per day, and start making LEAN gains: …

Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Come With Me If You Want To Lift" Tee

Founded in 1992, After School All Stars is celebrating two decades of empowering youth across the nation. The mission established at our founding, to give children the tools they need to have successful futures, has remained constant. How we fulfill that mission has evolved. We started in Los Angeles with 40,000 youth competing in summer time athletic and academic competitions, and now we provide comprehensive out-of-school time programs to 72,053 participants at 326 schools.

Does Tribulus Boost Testosterone?

Tribulus is an herb that it commonly found in over-the-counter testosterone products. Without stereotyping, it’s popular with the bodybuilding community. This led me to design a scientific study 7 years ago, in which I helped two researchers put together a (never published) review on tribulus use and the impact on strength, muscle gain, and testosterone levels. I’ll be honest and admit that the research wasn’t air tight (hence the lack of publishing) and the sample size was small (n=16), but the findings were still relevant. The bottom line: Compared to a placebo group, there was no difference after 16 weeks of supplementation, which was a long enough trial period where you would expect to see something. And trust me, we looked. (Side note: ANOVAs, ANCOVAs, and multi-variate analyses are things I do not miss at all. If you’re a stats nerd you get this and probably also enjoy these things more than I ever could. And that’s a big reason why I left the research side of academia.)

2016 IFBB Toronto Pro: Open Bodybuilding Call Out Report

competitors are fighting for the top spots at the 2016 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow? Find out here!

25 Best High Protein Egg Recipes for All-Day Breakfast

Now, it’s time to get out of the habit of tossing the golden yolk! Besides being a nice source of protein, the yolk contains heart-healthy fat, including omega-3 fatty acids. The yolk also contains lutein, along with choline and selenium. Lutein helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and hydration, plus it’s been shown to help prevent plaque build-up in your arteries. If you’re worried about saturated fat, check out the numbers. With about 1.6 grams of saturated fat per large egg, that’s 8% of the recommended daily maximum. In short, no worries—eat up! 

Anabolic Steroids: Everything You Need to Know

The term “steroid” refers to a broad class of organic compounds made up of hormones and vitamins with a structure containing four carbon rings. Steroid hormones can be split into two categories; corticosteroids and anabolic steroids, with each serving different functions. Anabolic steroids have muscle-building capabilities, which explains their prevalence in bodybuilding. On the other hand, corticosteroids hold functions important to treating diseases and allergies, so you won’t be finding them in a bodybuilding steroid cycle.

7 Must-Do Moves for A Strong, Chiseled Chest

The following pages will list the remaining pec exercises that have been proven highly effective for developing a strong, muscular, well defined chest. Let us know if you agree,  and what other chest moves you think belong on this "must-do" list.

10 Foods to Cure Sore Muscles and Speed Up Recovery

Here, nutritionist  Kristen Carlucci , RD, highlights a range of foods you can eat at every meal of the day so you can enhance your workout recovery whether you like to exercise first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night. Stock your fridge and pantry with these ingredients, and start feeling the difference.

The "Look Better In Leggings" Workout

Sculpt a sexy, sculpted lower body with these seven perfect exercises.

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87 2016 IFBB Toronto Pro Athlete Meeting: The Men
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