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Hercules: Trailer #2

Here's the brand new trailer for the upcoming mythological adventure epic starring Dwayne Johnson!

Hercules: Trailer #2

Here's the brand new trailer for the upcoming mythological adventure epic starring Dwayne Johnson!

Rutgers Wrestling Attacks an Upper Body Workout

From & - The Rutgers Wrestling team cranks an upper body workout at the http://Undergro...

Wrestling Training (Bodyweight Training Only) - Wrestling Workouts for high school wrestlers and college wrestlers http://UndergroundStrength.TV - Underground Strength Insider ...

5 Success Tips w/ Zach Even - Esh

http://UndergroundStrength.TV - Underground Strength Insider Newsletter Sign Up & FREE Training Course UNDERGROUND STRENGTH & MUSCLE SHOP FROM ZACH: Start HE...

Gorilla Strength Training with Zach Even - Esh

From Here is a awesome circuit I cranked and specifically wanted to move like an animal. I hit 3 rounds of: Ring Dips x 10 reps Cliff...

Going for 3 - Cody Montgomery

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FLEX June 2014 Issue: Sneak Peek!

The June issue of FLEX Magazine is in stores now! Here's a sneak peek of what we have waiting for you. Be sure to pick up your copy today!


@dillensteeby Hey buddy, thank you for the feedback. Although you are certainly right about TUT, remember that accumulated tension is the goal. To continue placing tension onto a muscle or muscle group before it's fibers have had a chance to recover will still have the same or a similar hypertrophic effect as continuing the same set. The benefit of the short rest of 5-15s is that enough ATP has been restored to produce more force, but not enough to hinder the accumulation of micro-trauma and the production of growth hormone. If you want to really get into it contact me personally or study the guys from the Irish Strength Institute and their use of "Giant Sets" which are basically super sets on the craziest steroids you've ever seen. Have a good one!

Ask Men's Fitness: Will More Protein Help Me Build More Muscle?

MF: Only up to a point. Protein is the main ingredient in muscle fiber, but it’s only one part of a complex system of nutritional, hormonal, and mechanical requirements that need to be balanced in order for muscles to grow bigger and stronger. More protein in lieu of hard training, optimal sleep, and sufficient calories and micronutrients won’t lead to results.  The Men’s Fitness Food Pyramid that I helped design with several nutrition experts calls for daily consumption of 1–1.5 grams of protein per pound of your body weight. This holds true whether your goal is muscle gain or fat loss.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014 - Grand ideas and extravagant plans come naturally to you, but today's detail-oriented Virgo Moon in your 10th House of Career requires you to narrow your focus. However, no one can force you to change your habits; your motivation must come from within. Rather than gazing at every distant horizon, concentrate on the work directly in front of you. You might be surprised by how much joy a sense of accomplishment can bring.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Six-Pack Routine

Lie faceup on the floor or a flat bench with your feet either flat on the floor or up in the air with your knees bent about 90 degrees. Cup your head lightly with your hands or fold your arms across your chest, whichever feels best. This exercise involves a short range of motion: Just contract your abs to pull your upper body toward your knees, then slowly lower back to the start. To ensure proper form, pretend as if you’re trying to push your lower back into the floor as you crunch up.

Push Your Pecs: Four Ways to Pushup

The push-up—like any type of press or pull—requires the use of several muscle groups working on concert. But unlike some of its barbell or dumbbell counterparts, the push-up calls several smaller muscle groups—which work as stabilizers—into play. Your abs, serratus, lower back, hip flexors and rotator cuffs all reap the benefits of a well-executed set of push-ups, even though your pecs are the main target. And strengthening that supporting cast will only help you on your bigger moves for your chest like heavy incline presses.

Get Complete with the Front Squat

You may also notice that your wrists are sore from supporting the barbell in the “rack position,” which finds you resting the bar on your front deltoids, with your elbows up. In this position, a lot of guys put only their fingertips on the bar for added balance, but it still requires a good degree of wrist flexibility. These aches and pains are normal, so don’t be alarmed by the soreness you experience the first few times you do the 5x3 front squat workout with very heavy weight.

A Hero Did The Unthinkable To Save One Of The Most Dangerous Animals In The World

"It was a spur of the moment decision. I had a lot of adrenaline pumping when I saw the bear in the water." He forgot that the 7 foot beast could tear him apart with his claws. The bear tried lunging at Adam to climb on top of him and stay afloat, but he was losing the ability to move his legs. The biologist had to act fast.

One Barbell, Four Muscle Building Workouts

They build muscle . They increase strength. They torch fat. They are equipment-minimal. They hit your entire body. They provide a high-intensity workout in very little time. Barbell complexes – several exercises done consecutively with the use of a single, loaded barbell – are one of the most effective training methods for anyone looking to get fitter, faster, stronger or leaner. But, of course, there’s a catch: they are hell on earth (if done with a maximum effort).

HIIT 100s: Carve Up Your Physique in 6 Weeks

With Hundreds, you’ll do 10 sets of 10 reps for one exercise per muscle group. Sounds the same as GVT, right? Not exactly. HIIT is incorporated via the rest periods between those 10 sets. You’ll start with just 60 seconds between sets at the beginning of the program and progressively drop rest periods by 10 seconds over six weeks until you have no rest and are doing 100 reps straight through. The two forms of training are technically different, but late in the HIIT 100s program, when you’re resting only 10 or 20 seconds between sets of 10, there’s little to distinguish them as far as the toll they take on your body.

The Top 15 Pushup Variations

. So it might be time to switch it up with a few new challenging moves. You'll feel more motivated, diversify the muscle groups you're hitting, and build muscle and strength in places your average-Joe pushup wouldn't even dream of touching. We tapped Anthony J. Yeung C.S.C.S. and strength coach at PUSH Private Fitness in Toluca Lake, CA, to see how many different variations he could come up with.

21 Awesome Shoulder Exercises

Want to add some variety into your shoulder workout? Here is a powerful demonstration of 21 shoulder exercises that you can easily add into your routine. Fitness trainer Andy McDermott, creator of this "deltoid destroyer," video uses circuit training almost exclusively for getting lean and mean results while under the tough time constraints of a hectic lifestyle.

The 4-Week Lean Muscle Diet

Make no mistake, it’s by no means coincidence that the first three letters of the word “diet” indicate just how miserable the process can be. Constantly being hungry, having to forgo satisfying carbs in favor of vegetables, eating smaller portions of bland-tasting foods. Yet to get really lean - the kind of shape that’ll have you eagerly pulling off your T-shirt - doesn’t have to mean total self-sacrifice for the sake of a six-pack . Tailoring the right nutrition plan, will have you muscular and ripped in as few as four weeks.

Go Extra Heavy with Kroc Rows

Sadly, most guys consider dumbbell rows a throwaway exercise. You’ll rarely see dumbbell rows in excess of 90–100 pounds in a commercial gym. This isn’t a physiological limiting factor—it’s a psychological one. Dumbbells heavier than 100 pounds simply sit outside most guys’ comfort zones. When I trained in a gym where the dumbbells went up to only 150, I took rows out of my routine because they were too easy—then immediately noticed that my bench was suffering. I reversed course, adding rows back in by custom-building handles of my own that would allow me to go as heavy as I wanted. “Kroc Rows” became my calling card. Every time I went to the gym to row, I had one goal: to use a heavier weight than I had the previous workout, for as many reps as I possibly could. My personal record is a set of 13 on each arm with 310 pounds.

10 Size Secrets

To help you get on the right track, we contacted 10 of the world’s best bodybuilders and posed one simple question to each of them: “What’s one thing you’ve done in your training that has produced great gains in size when nothing else seemed to do the trick?” Some of the responses involved obscure techniques, others were very straightforward, but one thing is certain: they will all help you pack on some serious size.   Let's GROW...

5 Ways Yoga Can Boost Athletic Performance

“Pull your belly button to your spine,” “feel your lungs expanding,” “roll down your spine, one vertebrae at a time,” are all common phrases in yoga classes. It’s this constant cueing to pay attention to the smallest of sensations that helps build the neurological connections between our brains and our muscles (See No. 3). Yoga builds body awareness, and this can help you analyze your form during your workout to both optimize your lifting techniques, and help prevent compensation based injury. Again, this carries over into your normal cadre of sets-and-reps: the better you are able to “connect” mind and muscle, the more focused (read: efficient) each rep will be. Tough to think about the burn when you’re laser-focused on the effort.

Kick-Start Your Metabolism: Part 1

In order to lose weight and put on lean muscle, the formula is pretty basic: Follow a healthy and balanced low-fat diet, rid your program of processed foods and preservatives, control your portions, and adhere to a solid workout program that includes both resistance and cardiovascular training. It sounds uncomplicated, and in most cases it is—as long as you stick to the program you’ll receive the desired results you’re looking to achieve. However, what do you do when your body and metabolism have had enough and your system shuts down, and no matter what diet you follow, no matter how long and hard you train—you simply can’t lose weight and all progress has halted? Whether you’re a serious athlete who has come off a long, intense preparation, an athlete who had to go into “system shock mode” and basically starve yourself to achieve your results, or if you’re an individual who has gone from one extreme to the other with your body and are experiencing a sluggish or what seems like a nonexistent metabolism—you can get back on track. In this article, I’ll lay out the necessary steps to recharge your metabolism to have it running more efficiently than ever.

25 Ways to Improve Your Workout

Reality check. No matter how much daydreaming you do, that alternate setting doesn't exist - unless your name is Jay, Ronnie or Victor, that is. In this time and place, working out plays second fiddle to a number of obligations. And since your time is valuable, you can't waste one second on a bad workout - hell, the good ones are tough enough to plan for. Strained reps, poor energy levels, incomplete sets, longer-than-desired workouts and shoddy results can leave you feeling like your time in the gym is all for naught. But there are things you can do before and after you head to the gym to ensure supercharged workouts today, tomorrow and beyond - tips that can improve your efficiency, strength, even your time spent with the iron. If you're going to schedule your day around the gym, make sure you head in there well-rested, your strength tank topped off, your playlist ready to go and the following pointers in tow. The result? A stronger, fitter body. Now that's a reality worth reaching for. Incorporate as many of these tips as possible to start maximizing the benefits of your gym time.

10 Grooming Products Guys Should Steal from Their Girlfriends

10 Grooming Products Guys Should Steal from Their Girlfriends

Get to Know Leanna Carr - Juggernaut Training Systems

Meet Leanna Carr, a fast rising powerlifter and figure competitor, based in Athens, GA. Leanna has transformed herself from cheerleader, to self-proclaimed party girl, into an emerging star in the fitness world. Combining beauty and strength like a true Iron Woman, Leanna is on a mission to help inspire and empower women across the world to reach their goals…

Food Selection: Taking A Deeper Look

Nutrition can be a seemingly trendy topic in today’s society, but in actuality – nutrition is a science . The spawn of fad diets, latest food crazes, and non-evidence based nutrition theories have left many individuals in the dark when it comes to certain nutrition topics.

Quitting Smoking Could Ease Depression

Despite what you may think, cigarettes don’t boost your mood. Two questionnaires filled out three years apart by 4,800 daily smokers showed that smokers who’d quit since the first survey were a lot happier by the second.

7 Things Every Trainer Would Agree WIth

Whether you're looking to build the body of your dreams or become a better athlete there are plenty of fitness tips, tricks and how-tos available from countless numbers of fitness coaches and trainers. But with so many opinions out there how do you separate the good from the bad and avoid drowning in information-overload? To keep you on track we break down the top 9 fitness and training concepts you could bet your house on that just about any trainer would agree with. And we know...because we asked them.

Minimizing Injury from Running: Considerations for Larger Athletes - Juggernaut Training Systems

Perhaps one of the greatest yet most personally irrelevant books on running I have read would be Born to Run by Christopher McDougall- an outstanding novel that made several excellent points about human’s natural propensity for rapid and efficient bipedal locomotion.  The book is absolutely correct in asserting that certain humans are incredibly efficient in their running movement patterns- the act of running is nearly effortless and natural- their light frames glide smoothly across the ground at high speeds, legs eating away ground with a look of zen bliss on the runner’s face.

Three 15-Minute Muscle-Building Workouts

Choose a weight that’s roughly your 20 rep max and start with sets of ten. This may seem easy, but remember that you’re doing this for 15 minutes with as little rest as possible so you’ll definitely feel the lactic acid building. When you’re done one set, move right into the exercise for the opposing body part, and continue in this manner until the time is up. The key is to count the total reps done within that time frame and then increase it the next week. In this manner you’re constantly improving, which is the key to building muscle .

DeFranco's Gym Apparel Collection

Joe DeFranco is the founder and owner of the world-famous DeFranco's Gym (est. 2003). “DeFranco’s” pioneered the hardcore, warehouse-type training centers that are now popping up throughout the country. Their results-driven, New Jersey-based facility was built with one thing in mind – IMPROVING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE! DeFranco’s caters to serious high school, college and professional athletes that are driven to reach their full athletic potential. Up until this point, all DeFranco apparel was reserved for DeFranco-trained athletes only. But now, DeFranco's wildly popular gear is finally available to YOU! Enjoy the store.

Get the Biggest Bang for Your Whey Protein Buck

Milk that has been sold to cheese makers is then transported to the facility by milk tanker drivers. These guys are actually accredited milk graders who are qualified to evaluate the milk prior to collection. They grade and, if necessary, reject milk based on temperature, sight, and smell. If the milk is approved, it’s pumped into the stainless steel tanker and driven to the cheese manufacturing plant. This is yet another step in the manufacturing process that increases the price of whey protein. Today’s higher gas prices mean it costs more to transport the milk. And, of course, you absorb that cost.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pectoral Pointers

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pectoral Pointers

H.U.G.E.: Forced Reps

Our HUGE® triceps forced reps routine illustrates how forced reps can be applied to a variety of exercises. The first, close-grip bench presses, is the easiest for the spotter. He stands behind the bencher and simply lifts up on the bar to relieve pressure.
 With lying triceps extensions, he’ll need to help move the weight both up and forward in a semi-arc. Finally, with pushdowns, the spotter can either push down on the exerciser’s hands, pull down on the cable, or lift up on the weight stack—all three methods require careful focus to remove just the right amount of stress on forced reps.

Rise to Success: The Amazing Story of Zach Even-Esh | The Rise to the Top

Today on The Rise To The Top: Welcome, my friends, to the new Rise To Success series on the show – by your popular request. Zach Even-Esh is here today to share his incredible story of entrepreneurial success in the most unlikely of industries (I’m not even going to spoil it right here, you just have to tune in below and watch). Get ready to be JOLTED into action and filled with ideas. Trust me. Enjoy.

The Men's Fitness Food Pyramid

As a physique-conscious eater, you need to think in terms of macronutrients as well as calories. Every food you eat gets counted toward a total target amount (in grams) of protein, carbs, and fat, which you can determine by multiplying the numbers in the Men’s Fitness Food Pyramid by your body weight in pounds. Hit these numbers and you’ll hit your goals. With that said, your nutrition doesn’t need to be as precise as target coordinates for a missile attack. You’ll do just fine eyeballing portions of protein, carbs, and fat (which we’ll show you how to do) and keeping a general tally.


Learn the secrets about performance training that will make you faster, stronger, more explosive and better conditioned than your competition. The Juggernaut Method 2.0 offers total strength and athletic development for anyone from the Elite level power lifter, strongman, football player, fighter, or anyone looking to become unstoppable.

20-Minute Workout: Build More Power With Less Work

If you’re new to the iron game or just coming back to it as part of a New Year’s resolution to get in shape, we want to make it as simple for you as we can. We could bring up your long-neglected legs with squats and conventional deadlifts, but, truth be told, they’re complicated exercises and we’d rather start you with something easier. Below is a workout you can do in the time it takes to learn most other moves, yet it builds legs just as effectively.

Perfect Timing: The Best Watch for Every Occasion

The last time a timepiece was created for the sole purpose of watching the hours pass by, it cast a shadow from the sun. Today, the watch on your wrist is considered just as much a reflection of your personal style as the shoes on your feet or the tie around your neck. “They say something about who you are,” says Michael Gordon, a watch expert and the store director of Tourneau TimeMachine in New York City. To ensure time is always on your side, we asked Gordon to take us through his top picks in each category.

5 Top Moves for Shredded Lower Abs

If the answer is no then you need to tighten up your diet and add these five lower ab moves into your current routine. That’s because the lower abs are the toughest area to dial in. Guys either overlook it or just have a genetic tendency to carry more goo in that area. These exercises will help you chisel your abs , giving you the well-defined waistline that you want when it comes time to strip down.


The moment you sign up for a fat-loss campaign, you've made a daily commitment. Going to the gym and eating the right foods are a good start, but you should always be looking for little ways to get more activity in throughout the day. After all, the gym doesn't hold the sole rights to burning calories. You can do that anywhere! Things like fidgeting as much as you can, taking a two-minute stroll through the work office every hour, doing calf-raises at the check-out line, and bounding up the stairs all contribute to your daily calorie burn.

David Henry’s Mass-Gain Diet

I use lots of garlic in many of my dishes. I sprinkle it on everything, even my dog’s food. It gives a nice flavor, especially when you’re sodium restricted. Grilling is the easiest way to add flavor to your food and not add a whole bunch of extra fat. Taste is definitely important, but you also have to determine your priorities. Are you trying to gain lean mass? Or are you trying to get huge for the sake of getting huge to scare people because you’re a doughboy?

The Complete Arnold: Intensity

I would say the cheating technique. Even though I always believed in using strict form to isolate the muscles, I used the cheating method at some point in almost every workout because it allowed me to handle more weight, which allowed me to overload my muscles more so they would grow bigger. Think of it this way: Almost every exercise you do has a weak section of its range of motion. It can be at the start of the motion, at the end, or perhaps somewhere in the middle. The problem is, when you use very strict form, the only way to get through these weak points is to use a lighter weight. Yet when you do that, your muscles don’t get worked sufciently through the strong points of the range of motion. But by using heavier weight and cheating slightly through the weak point toward the end of the set, you can better overload the muscle on the strong points. Take biceps curls, for example. The weak point is at the beginning (bottom) of each rep. When I was going for a set of eight reps, I’d use the heaviest weight with which I could get four or five strict reps. When I couldn’t do any more with strict form, I’d start cheating a bit by using momentum to help me get the bar from the bottom of the rep to a quarter or so of the way up.

Training Back with Dany Garcia

Follow Dany Garcia on the road to the 2014 IFBB North American Championships as she shows us the moves she is using to build a strong, sculpted back.


Dr. Sara Solomon is a writer and spokesmodel for, the most visited bodybuilding and fitness website in the world. Dr. Solomon is a practicing dentist (DMD) in Toronto, Canada, and holds a B.Sc in Physiotherapy. This certified personal trainer, spinning instructor, professional fitness model and cover girl is known around the world for her jump rope skills and her "Dr. Sara Solomon Cross Speed" Jump Rope by Buddy Lee Jump Ropes. Dr. Solomon, a former Oxygen Magazine Weight Loss Success Story, knows firsthand the challenges of juggling a busy career with a healthy lifestyle, which is why her blogs for Gaspari Nutrition and Oxygen Magazine focus on endurable, maintainable and time-saving approaches for fat loss. Sara's media credits include being featured on CityTV's Look I Cook, Lifetime's The Balancing Act, and her "Healthy Recipes" eBook on

Twitter / sugarshawnray: Throwback Thursday with Flex ...

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Roelly Winklaar Trains Legs in Preparation for the Chicago Pro

Roelly Winklaar's recovery is going strong as he prepares to come back to the stage at the 2014 IFBB Chicago Pro!

The Best Barbell Only Shoulder Workout

The clean and press is frequently called the most functional exercise of all, because it works every last muscle in your body to perform a basic movement pattern—picking something up and raising it overhead. The high pull isn’t done with heavy weights, but the speed you perform it at recruits all the biggest and strongest muscle fibers. Note that we’re also having you perform it with an extra-wide snatch grip. This makes the move easier on your shoulder joints, so you don’t inadvertently break them while you’re trying to build the muscle that surrounds them.

Unleash Your Muscle Potential

Myostatin is the single greatest catabolic limiting factor for muscle growth. This protein was discovered in 1997 by two scientists, Lee and McPherron, at Johns Hopkins Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences. They realized that mice had a naturally occurring protein that inhibited muscle growth, and that reducing a test subject’s myostatin levels helped turn it into Mighty Mouse.

2014 NPC Dennis James Classic and IFBB Bikini

2014 NPC Dennis James Classic and IFBB Bikini

5 Muscle-Building Summer Salad Recipes

DIRECTIONS 1)    Mix cabbages, onions, and sprouts in a large bowl. Just before serving, add dressing and toss using salad tongs, two forks, or two wooden spoons. Top with shrimp and peanuts. Serve immediately.

ErgoGenix ErgoBlast at

Warnings: Consult with your physician before using this product, particularly if you are taking prescription medications. This product is intended for use by healthy individuals only. Do not use this product if you are under the age of 18 or are pregnant, nursing or have any medical conditions. Do not use this product if you are at risk for or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, thyroid or psychiatric disease, anxiety, depression, seizure disorders or stroke. This product should not be used with any other caffeine and/or stimulant-containing products. The recommended serving of this product contains about as much caffeine as three cups of home-brewed coffee and individuals with caffeine sensitivity should consider the amount to take. Everyone's metabolism is different and may respond differently to the variety and amount of each ingredient in this product. Do not exceed recommended serving. If you experience any adverse reaction to this product, immediately discontinue use and contact your physician. Do not take near bedtime as it may cause sleeplessness. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

'Top-two' primary helps California GOP

But now some political experts believe the top-two system -- meant to boost voter turnout and encourage more moderate candidates -- achieved at least the latter on Tuesday, and in doing so might have saved Republicans from themselves.



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