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The new video game has a lot for WWE fans to be excited about.

USC Commit Josh Imatorbhebhe Soars With 47.1-Inch Vertical Jump

The 6'2" high school wide receiver has some scary leaping ability.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday, July 10, 2015 - It's not in your nature to relinquish your high expectations unless you have a very good reason. Everyone seems to have his or her own agenda and you want the absolute best outcome in each and every case. Nevertheless, you still may have to set your personal goals aside while you take a more practical approach and deal with what's on your plate today. Making solid progress on mundane issues makes room for visionary thinking later on. Taking care of business now allows you to chase your dreams in the future.

7 Curls for Bigger Biceps

We asked Antoian to walk us through the benefits of a handful of curls that you may or may not currently use in your repertoire. We also requested that he skip longwinded execution explanations since, in general, curls are performed the same way: keep your arms at your sides, elbows close to the body, and bend your arm from the elbow as you bring the weight to your shoulder.

Chest Training on the Smith Machine

Although research confirms that the free-weight bench press allows you to use more weight than the Smith machine version of the exercise (due to the unnatural path of the bar on the Smith), we still recommend you make use of the latter because it places greater focus on the pecs.

Chase the Pump for Greater Gains

A couple of different strategies can be employed to maximize pump-related gains . One approach is to train with moderate to high reps and take short rest periods between sets. For example, perform 3–5 sets for a given exercise for 10–20 reps with no more than a minute of rest in between sets. Another option is to incorporate Dropsets whereby a heavy set is performed to fatigue after which the load is immediately reduced by ~25–50% and then repped out until failure. Double dropsets where the load is decreased a second time can heighten the effect even more. To optimize results, you should employ exercises that maintain tension throughout the set. Traditional single-joint machine-based exercises such as the pec deck, reverse pec deck, leg extension, and seated leg curl exercises are generally good choices for pump training due to the constant tension they place on the target musculature.

Get Six Pack Abs in 6 Moves

For this, both  diet and exercise play important roles, but the reward is a set of abs that are the envy of everyone you know. Here are six ab exercises to get you that highly sought, but rarely achieved, holy grail; the six pack.

Best Moves for Building Big, Nasty Traps

Take a look at any accomplished Olympic lifter and you will see the effect the clean has on the traps. The clean works the traps in a couple different ways; during the first pull you want a tight upper back. This is accomplished by squeezing your scapulae together. Scapular retraction is a great lower/mid trapezius exercise. In addition, during the second pull of the clean, a shrug motion is performed completing your full extension, working the upper part of the trapezius muscle. If cleans are not something you want to take the time to learn, start by doing high pulls.

8 Reasons You're Not Getting Ripped

If you’ve upped your diet and training regimens these past few months but still aren’t satisfied with the results you’re seeing, now’s the time to iron out the kinks. Skirting the obvious — changing your workouts consistently, adopting better sleep hygiene, staying hydrated, and keeping cheat meals to an absolute minimum — these eight things can also hinder your goals of getting as shredded as possible .

The 8 Best Things You Can Do For Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a fancy word for how your body regulates energy consumption. Someone with a higher metabolism burns more calories even at rest than someone with a lower metabolism, and can therefore get away with eating more food —even junk food. But a high metabolism isn’t a privilege reserved for a select few who were lucky enough to be born with it. You can raise yours and reap the benefits. Here are the 8 best things you can do.

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Safety Bar Squats for Jacked Quads

Basically, you get the advantage of continuous tension on the muscle throughout the entire range of motion like a cable offers, but while squatting! Compounded by the fact that one needn’t use their hands to hold the bar on the shoulders eliminates wrist, shoulder and elbow discomfort, and that’s a good thing. The pad on the safety bar ads an element of comfort; heavy squatting is not about comfort, but it certainly doesn’t take away from the experience. Because you can use your hands to regulate body position, your posture under the bar can be adapted to suit your leverages so that you can literally “tailor” your squatting style to afford maximum overload.

The Best Barbell Workout

Perform the exercises as a circuit , completing one set of each in turn without rest. If an exercise feels easy using the load you have available, perform your reps slower and with more control. (Or, if you have extra weight, load it.) Another option is to choke down on the bar. Gripping it lower will decrease your mechanical advantage and make the exercise harder. After the last exercise, rest two minutes and then repeat the entire circuit. Continue for 20 minutes. You can repeat the workout up to four times per week, resting a day between sessions.

Roelly Winklaar's Six Favorite Shoulder Exercises

“Believe it or not, this is one of the exercises I see people doing incorrectly in almost any gym I visit,” Winklaar says. “I see guys circling their shoulders at the top, which is an injury waiting to happen.” Some people include these on back day, but Winklaar doesn’t think he can hit them as hard once he’s completed a heavy back workout that includes a killer set of deadlifts, so he adds them to his shoulder day. “There’s no better way to directly hit the traps than with shrugs,” he says. He alternates between barbell and dumbbell shrugs, noting that each has its benefits.

Build Gorgeous Glutes With Ashley Hoffmann -

Workouts that hit your glutes and hamstrings are difficult. Because you're going to be working so hard, it's important to nail your pre- and post-workout nutrition. "I like to have a pre-workout meal that's quick and easy to digest," says Hoffmann. "My favorite is a protein shake mixed with some oats and peanut butter."

Are You Metabolically Ungifted? Try This!

A training and nutrition plan for the endomorph

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Big life improvements start with simple changes practiced daily. How to get started: …

9 Weight-Loss Rules of Dining Out

If the menu is available online, choose what you’ll eat before you even set foot in the restaurant. Call in advance to ask about ingredients if you need to. That will save you the "embarassment" of asking whether the veggies are cooked in oil or butter in front of your girlfriend (though, she may actually be impressed that you care!) "When it’s your time to order, you won’t need to ask questions or stumble over the menu,"  says Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, author of The Overworked Person’s Guide to Better Nutrition .

The 10 Greatest Bodybuilding Career Turnarounds of All Time

Here we salute the turtles. Some on our list stumbled badly in their debuts but quickly recovered. Others languished in mediocrity for years. Those ranked highest both stumbled and languished but eventually contended for Sandows. Let these 10 turnaround tales stand as proof that it’s not about how you start, it’s about where you finish.

Build a Superhuman Upper Body With This Workout

This just in — your upper-body workout just isn’t cutting it anymore. The problem with most programs is that they either go for low-weights, high-reps OR high-weights, low-reps. So even if you’re doing a lot of bench presses, overhead presses, and heavy pulls, the truth is you’re not getting enough volume and intensity to stimulate incredible muscle growth.

5 Fast Bodyweight Workouts For Weight Loss

Outside of sheer convenience, there are other reasons to add this type of training in to your routine: “Bodyweight workouts are great if you want to give your body a rest from heavy lifting or just to switch your program up,” says Rodocoy. While great for bulking up quickly, heavy lifting isn’t exactly gentle on your muscles and joints. So, a little low impact work—that still gets you serious results—can ensure you stay injury-free and healthy.  So You're Thinking About Having A Cheat Day >>>

10 Moves to Upgrade Your Run

Whether you're a weekend warrior or gearing up for a marathon with a specific running schedule in mind, you should be supplementing your runs with additional workouts to strengthen your form and stave off injury. Gisselman gave us 10 drills to help build running strength, and improve cadence, rhythm, and efficiency. Do 2 sets of 5 of each on your run days, and 3 sets of 5 on your off days. 8 Amazing Fat-Burning Intervals>>>

Weider Principle #25: Retro-Gravity

Admittedly, some of these Weider Principles haven’t had the most marketable names. Flushing Principle? That one probably should’ve been, let’s say, flushed. In marked contrast, this one was given arguably the coolest name: retro-gravity. It’s just a fancy way of saying “negative,” but, to state the obvious, negative is not positive. Likewise, negative’s more scientific title, “eccentric,” is a synonym for weird. And so we get retro-gravity, which sounds like something a planet-hopping superhero would employ to defeat the laws of time and matter. Cool! As we’ll explore, retro-gravity is actually a method for immediately using more weight or doing more reps, which can quickly boost your strength and size gains. Again, cool!

Science Behind the Supps HI-TECH

When you’re ready to hit the iron, you’ll want your strength and energy levels to be at their highest. Phosphagen, a unique blend of creatine HCL, creatine phosphate and creatine nitrate, provides the premium grade fuel to power through your workout. And for the ultimate shred, Hi-Tech’s Lipodrene serves up a potent mix of fat-burning ingredients to reveal your hard-earned muscle while boosting your energy levels.

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The Savickas press will help you press more weight overhead. Here's how to do it:

The Lean-Body Yam Pancake Recipe

Fueling a body to build muscle and remain lean at the same time requires a smart balance between protein and carbohydrates. Protein will help muscle rebuild and recover , while the right amount of carbohydrates will boost energy levels without adding on the fat. These yam pancakes hit the spot, and your nutritional macros.

Back to Basics: Establishing Your Goals

Fitness is a beautiful thing that can change every aspect of your life in a positive way, but most never take the time to figure out what it is they want out of it. Taking the time to set the goal might make all the difference — especially for men. In a  new study  from the University of Leicester, men and women were broken down into three sets and asked to take a test. In the first group, no goal was set. In the second, researchers set an easy goal of 10 correct questions. In the third, the goal was a more challenging 15 correct answers. Among women, setting a goal did not make a difference in performance. But for men? The low goal led to a 20% higher score, and the challenging goal a 35% higher score. Men with goals worked faster and tried to answer more questions that challenged them. They even got more easy questions right.

Blast Your Shoulders

Erik Fankhouser's 3 week shoulder training program for "House"-sized delts.

Protein Peanut Butter Cups - Born Fitness

The dessert that finally makes any diet easier to enjoy and allows you to satisfy your cravings for sweets. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. The cliche applies to most concepts in fitness and nutrition, but it’s not the case if you’ve mastered the art of healthy dessert. While you...

The 10 Best T-Shirts for a Muscular Body

Every guy has his go-to easy t-shirt. Well here at Men’s Fitness , we know it’s not just the t-shirt that’s important, it’s the man that’s wearing it. So, when you are maxing out with our How to Look Better In Your T-Shirt Workout , remember that we have you covered. If you have to have your shirt on, then there’s no better way to show off all the hard work at the gym than the t-shirt that fits you perfectly. You’ll hear all the other authorities telling you all about the best white t-shirts out there and how much they are going to set you back. But let’s be honest, we do a lot through out the day. So as nice as another round up of white t-shirts would be, we thought something that might hide the sins of the day would make a little more sense. Keep it easy and current with the 10 best gray T's in just about any style you can imagine, out there right now.


Warnings: Not for use of by those with pre-existing medical conditions or taking any medications, those under the age of 18, those that are caffeine, niacin, or beta-alanine sensitive or women that are contemplating pregnancy, pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician prior to using this product if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication or supplements. Do not use this product if you are at risk or are being treated for any medical condition including, but not limited to: high or low blood pressure; cardiac arrhythmia; stroke; heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease; seizure disorder; psychiatric disease; diabetes; difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement or if you are taking a MAO inhibitor. Discontinue use and consult your healthcare professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Keep out of reach of all children. Do not exceed recommended serving size or suggested use for any reason. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.

3-Day Ab Workout for a Shredded Six-Pack

That’s it. Designing your core workouts with exercises that fit these categories is all you’ll ever need to build strong abs and an injury-resistant lower back. They can be used as a single progression—one month you could focus only on pure stabilization, work on dynamic movements the next month, and then finally do integrated stabilization exercises the month after—or as a separate focus on each of your training days. I recommend doing all core exercises, except the ones in the integrated stabilization category, first in your workouts, before you train other muscle groups.

Reinventing Healthy Breakfast: Eggs-on-the-Go - Born Fitness

A protein-packed recipe that removes the need to spend time cooking first thing in the morning. If you’re like most people, a good meal plan feels like an essential component of your healthy diet equation. That is, until it’s 7 am and you’re scrambling around with no idea what to make for breakfast. While missing breakfast is not a...

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What are the 3 benefits provided in the 3-in-1 formula for @TrueGritness Test Booster™?

The 6 Best Sex Positions and How to Train for Them

Knowing is half the battle. Get ready to impress with workout tips for every key sex position.

Dissecting Mark Wahlberg's Workouts

Mark Wahlberg is famous for his transformations; that is, his transformation from a Boston kid with eight siblings to a 90s rapper and underwear model to a clean-cut family man (and hugely successful movie star). The one thing that's been consistent through these incarnations? His toned, muscular body. With massive biceps, tight abs and a big chest, he embodies the ideal for many men.

Leg Day with Steve Weatherford: The Endurance Legs Workout

From the fittest guy in the NFL comes the second workout in our series Leg Day with Steve Weatherford. Today, we're attacking muscle and cardio in one shot with the Endurance Legs workout. This two-phase routine is multifaceted, aiming to hit cardio and efficiency while burning a ton of calories. Each phase comprises three sets of three exercises designed to give you a leg day you won't forget.

Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy at

Everybody wants a lean, muscular physique. Like anything worth having, wanting it isn't enough. You have to commit to a rigorous diet and training program that will tax your strength mentally as well as physically. To help you satisfy both of these demands, ON's Essential Amino Energy combines a powerful ratio of rapidly absorbed free-form amino acids with natural energizers and N.O. boosting ingredients to help you reach your next level - including muscle-building BCAAs and arginine to help support intense, vascular pumps.* At 10 calories per serving, it'll make a big impression without denting your diet. Mix up Essential Amino Energy anytime you want to dial up mental focus, physical energy N.O. production, and recovery support.*

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5thSet for Powerlifting: Methodology for Training and Competition

5thSet for Powerlifting is about more than results. In this ebook, you’ll find more than the ability to build greater strength. The program does work for everyone and it is logical, progressive, and scalable in a way that allows lifters of all experience levels to advance in the world of strength sports — but it goes deeper than short-term PRs. For everything 5thSet for Powerlifting, there is a reason. Swede didn’t mix together various training concepts at random, simply compiling programs until he found the right one. 5thSet was developed out of necessity and polished through the willingness to question the correct place for intensity, volume, technique, and hypertrophy work in a training program. Your success with 5thSet doesn’t rely on constantly pushing intensity, or increasing volume every week, or doing hours of hypertrophy work in hopes that size will translate to strength. 5thSet uses all of these things together, with intentional purpose and programming. Eat the meat, spit out the bone. Swede knows that it has all been done before, and he will be the first to say that he isn’t interested in selling you an old idea in a new package with a shiny ribbon on top.

MY GOAL: I Want to Do More Pull-ups

Write down your personal record - the most reps you can do with good form. The next time you do pull-ups, take half your PR and do four sets of that number. So if you PR was 10, you'll do four sets of five reps. The next week, add one rep to each set. For Week 3, go back to one half of your PR number, and add five pounds using a weighted belt. Continue progressing in this fashion.

Weightlifter Invents First Gravity Release Bench Press

Still, it's easy to succumb to the cocky little voice in their heads yelling, "Come on! This is easy! Just one more!" Next thing you know, your muscles betray and a simple set turns into a life-or-death struggle. It's a wonder that no one has thought up a fix until now: enter the Maxx Bench.

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Get 25% Stronger in 12 Weeks

The third and final phase of the “25% Stronger” program helps you max out your strength levels by gradually decreasing the volume of your workouts while increasing the amount of weight you move. You’ll begin the last phase at the top end of the strength range (seven reps). Each week, you’ll perform fewer sets and reps - five of five, four of four and finally the last week in which you perform three sets of three - so your body is fresh for the final tests in Week 13.

The Best Body Recomposition Workout

Hala Rambie, a scientist who defected to West Germany during the Cold War, found that fat loss could be accelerated by raising levels of blood lactate—an energy substrate. More lactate corresponds to greater release of growth hormone, which tells your body to grow muscle and burn flab. The best way to raise lactate quickly is to pair upper- and lower-body exercises, or opposing movements, for reps in the 8–15 range. The sweet spot for sets is three, and rest periods are 30–60 seconds. This approach has since become known as German Body Comp. The workouts that follow are just two of the routines that appear in The 101 Best Workouts of All Time, the new book by M&F ’s training director, Sean Hyson, which offers routines for every piece of equipment and any amount of training time. Pick it up at .

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7 Ways You Think You're Being Healthy When You're Really Not

Everyday habits shape your long term success, which is why the foods you put into your body today are so important for your physique and well-being tomorrow. That being said, the "smart" choices you're making to achieve a healthy lifestyle may be backfiring. Yes, you pick up tips from authoritative sources, adhere to highly praised eating regimens, and shop for foods marketed toward athletes because, hey, if it’s good enough for a pro, it’s good enough for you. But some of these seemingly good steps toward better health and fitness are actually doing a disservice to your body. Here, we navigate the lifestyle choices that are keeping your abs covered and your health below par.

Rock Keeps Rolling: 'Ballers' Renewed for Season 2

The show is in the midst of its first season now, showing the comedic exploits of Johnson -- the main character -- and his Entourage -esque cohorts. Johnson is actually an executive producer on the show, and has been giving it a significant boost. According to the show's press release, the season premiere generated 8.9 million viewers on HBO's different platforms. Once you add in the other 5.6 million Johnson generated through his own social channels, it's easy to see why HBO ordered a second helping.

New Vegan-Paleo Hybrid: The Pegan Diet

"By combining the principles of these two diets and reducing their specific dietary restrictions, you get a diet that's better balanced in regards to macronutrients, and easier to follow than a strictly paleo or vegan diet," Caroline Cederquist MD, creator of bistroMD and author of The MD Factor told CNN .

Personal Trainer Business Plan

You’re a trainer. But what is your goal? When I meet with trainers it’s the first question I ask, and it’s amazing how many don’t have a very concrete vision that goes beyond "help people" or "get into the magazine." Write out your plan and include the step-by-step vision. You should know the goal for tomorrow as well as where you want to be 5 years from now. The vision can change, but creating one is essential. What do you want to do differently and what problems do you solve? If you only do one thing, this will be a game changer.  

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