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Lift STRONG Fundraiser 2018: Navy SEAL Foundation + Leukemia & Lymphoma Society » NJ Strength & Conditioning | Manasquan Strength & Conditioning | Scotch Plains Strength & Conditioning

Since the day I opened the FIRST warehouse location of The Underground Strength Gym (2007) we’ve been holding an annual (sometimes bi-annual) Lift STRONG Fundraiser.

15 Minutes and a Kettlebell Are All you Need for a Great Workout

You can still get a good sweat with one piece of equipment.

C&C log. Essentials for shoulder love

Shoulder pain, acute or chronic, is probably the most commonly seen pathology within the bodybuilding and powerlifting community. Patient symptoms, training history, movement quality, training age, they all differ and create pain. However, there are a few commonly seen issues that run across the board.  These issues when singled out don’t necessarily cause direct shoulder pain, but when combined they create the perfect storm for a fu#*&@#ed shoulder.A: Using Lats to “retract”: There’s a common theme to depress and retract the scapula to lock down the lats as seen in the bench press, squat, and deadlift.  The lats, which are super strong and one of the biggest internal shoulder rotators, begin to pull the shoulder down when over used. This “inhibits” so to speak, the ability of the rhomboids, low trap, and mid trap, to stabilize the scapula. “ When i tell a lifter to “RETRACT” his scapula he automatically depresses his shoulder with his lat. This is a problem. The lat pulls the scapula so it “wings” causing the retractors and subscap to be put in a passively stretched and long position. Nothing can contract  in this position, and we certainly dont put our shoulder in an optimal position for pressing.B: Your Serratus Anterior is broke: This literally is seen in almost every shoulder case to some degree. The Serratus which is used to to upwardly rotate and pull the scapula around the ribcage becomes short and tight because of its attachment to the scapula which is being pulled by a tight lat. This leaves the scapula in a position to be pulled by other supporting structures. The levator scapula from the top and  the biceps from the front. They play tug of war until you geth that excruciating pain in the front delt of your bicep and then you come see me. C. Teres Minor Funk: The lats little helper.... Well, when the lat is screwed the teres minor will act to help. It’s primary roll, as a connector from the lat to the scapula, is to stabilize the humerus in the socket so it doesn’t travel upwards. It acts to laterally rotate the humerus externally, i.e. tucking your elbows in the bottom of the bench. This muscle is not designed to withstand that much load and force. The surface area of the tissue alone cant handle the capacity. This will lead to commonly seen rotator cuff tears. A short and tight teres minor cant contract, this means no rotation of the shoulder (humerus) lateraly to tuck the elbows in the opposite direction, possible upslide of the humerus into the socket which means poor stability.So, now for what you came for. This patient had all of the above plus some. We assessed, provided treatment, and then went some positional changes in certain exercises. We then went through the begging exercises  that he will be using to restore normal movement patterning and activation. The exercises are as follows1: Eccentric Quadruped Thoracic Rotations: 2: Eccentricly loaded t-spine extension: 3. Serratus Wall-Slide: The key with rehab is not throwing to much at one time. This will let the body adapt. To many times i see people throw the kitchen sink at their injury and then nothing works. Pick 2-3 things, 4 at the very most that will have the biggest effect, as determined by the initial assessment and screen, and then start slow and easy and then progress. When these movements become secondary and are  naturaly occuring it is now time to progress or add in. The key is consistency, intent and patience. Live, Learn, Pass On.

NFL Player Mike Lockley and the Titan training advanced legs


Mark Bell & Mike O’Hearn Sunday morning Coffee and arms


The New 'Creed 2' Trailer Will Give You Chills As Creed Fights Drago


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1 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

Amino Build Next Gen | MuscleTech

Now MuscleTech ® researchers have taken this most powerful amino acid formula and made it even better! Introducing AMINO BUILD ® NEXT GEN! This powerful, new formula updates the original AMINO BUILD formula with a new electrolyte complex and even better flavor! And unlike other underdosed products that have little or no research to back up their claims, AMINO BUILD NEXT GEN is back by four different clinical studies that demonstrate its muscle-, strength- and performance-enhancing abilities!*

Asia Monet Cover " Open My Heart" by Yolanda Adams

Asia Monet Cover " Open My Heart" by Yolanda Adams

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

ISO100 Whey Protein Isolate | Dymatize

BDay cake was a flavor thats highly talked about highly by the good forum bros so it certainly had a lot of hype coming in. Needless to say, it certainly lived up to the hype and even exceeded it. The Bday cake flavor was enjoyable in the multiple ways tried and shined throughout. My only gripe was it didnt have sprinkles lol. The cinnamon bun flavor certainly lived up to its name tasting like the liquid version of the cinnamon buns I use to get from the mall. I could even tasted the frosting with it as well. Definitely one of the top cinnamon roll versions ive tried and definitely the best iso version of it hands down. The cookies and cream was a flavor that shined well with dairy products (milk and cottage cheese) and even water, but with oatmeal it didnt stand out. The pancake still needs to be retested. I wouldnt put it in my top 3 cookies and cream flavors I had had but I would recommend if someone was looking for that flavor in an ISO. Fudge Brownie is one of the top chocolate flavors ive ever had. It literally tasted like a liquid version of a brownie out of the oven. My favorite way to enjoy was in milk but im excited that it taste awesome in water as well since it will be a nice sweet treat I can enjoy when I get deep in my cut.

Tip: Avoid Habit Profiteers - Biotest

Of course, significant fat gain isn't caused by the rare splurge. It's caused by the chronic consumption of crap. But if the environment you find yourself in repeatedly profits from your failure, then you'll only make it harder on yourself to change the way you eat on a daily basis. You have to change the places you go and the things you're surrounded by.

4 Exercises: Upper Body Strength Training Complex

4 Exercises: Upper Body Strength Training Complex

Matt Wenning & Zach Even - Esh Strength & Sports Performance Seminar • Zach Even-Esh

Matt & Zach will be talking Sports Performance / Strength & Conditioning during this 1 Day Seminar.

10 Bodyweight Workouts That Are Better on a Beach

“ Sand is a slightly unstable surface, which means your core muscles work harder to help you maintain your balance,” says Robin M. Gillespie, a personal trainer based in Philadelphia. And, because sand is soft, it absorbs your energy and you have to work much harder to propel yourself forward when you run or jump on it—it’s also easier on your joints .

10 At-home Abs Workouts to Get Six-pack Abs

Directions: Begin each of these workouts with a five-minute warmup, or go through the moves after you’ve done your usual cardio or strength training when you’re already warm. Each should also begin with 20 reps of what Fitzgerald calls “transverse pullbacks”—where you pull your navel toward your spine, as if bracing yourself against a sucker punch—as a way to activate the muscles for the work you’re about to ask of them. You’ll also need some dumbbells for some of these moves.

Tip: The Intuitive Training Challenge | T Nation

If you haven't tried this yet for a full phase, or at least one week, let this be your chance to toy with the idea. Your body will probably thank you, and you'll learn a whole lot in the process if you take it seriously.



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Terry and Jan moved back to Austin in 1983 where he joined the faculty of the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. With them came more than 300 boxes of books, photographs, magazines, and other materials related to strength training and physical culture. Todd had realized when writing his dissertation in the 1960s that many academic libraries had little information about strength training, bodybuilding, and weightlifting, and so he and Jan, began collecting such materials with the dream of one day establishing an academic library for the strength sports. The Todds realized that dream in 2009, when they moved what had grown to more than 3000 boxes and many pieces of art, into the now internationally famous H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports located in the North End Zone of the U.T. football stadium. Now used by scholars from around the world, the Stark Center has changed our understanding of what belongs within the field of "sport history". The Center is a repository for the large collections of physical culture and sport materials donated by the Todds, by UT Athletics, and by many other donors.

Stop Doing Box Jumps Like a Jackass | T Nation

Let's fix that. Let's examine the muscle and strength building benefits of box jumps, along with how to do them properly, and how to program them into your workouts for rapid gains in explosive power.

Ditch The Barbell Bench Press | T Nation

In other words, someone with "bencher's chest" has pecs that look more developed from the outside-in than from the inner-pecs outward. Their pecs lack that thickness-cleavage at the center of the chest. And this look always seems to be connected to a guy who did a lot of heavy bench pressing, especially in his earlier years.

If I decided that I wanted to be a golf coach, would you hire me?

Although I am inexperienced, I don’t see the need to volunteer at a high school or at any club level. I don’t believe in working without pay. That would be taking advantage of my time, and no education is worth that! I think that the best experience is the real world, so I’m offering a 1/2 price rate to the first 5 to sign up for my online golf group.

19 How to Lose Belly Fat for a Shredded and Stronger Midsection

Photos: Sylvester Stallone's Best Movie Moments of All Time

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than 40 years since the man they call “The Italian Stallion”—yes, Sylvester Stallone—first laced up his gloves for a chance to make a name for himself against the great Apollo Creed.

3 Unconventional Exercises to Get Abs Like a UFC Champ

But MMA fighters don’t need to do situps and crunches to have flat, defined abs. Their training is so intense it works their abs hard (and incinerates fat) without them even having to think about it. As they work out and prepare to fight, MMA stars get the abs everyone wants: a hard six- or eight-pack that leaves everyone at the gym (and the PPV audiences at home) staring in disbelief.

5 flexibility marks every man should hit

Unfortunately, simply bending over and touching your toes post-workout isn’t going to do the trick. It comes down to the right exercises and time. To help you decide where you need some extra work, we’ve outlined five flexibility tests that examine nearly every part of the body. Go through each test and find out where you fall short. Then, prioritize those areas to help increase your flexibility and ward off potential injury.


This is the only protein powder I would feel comfortable giving a 10, and one of the very few with no ace-k, or sucralose. The ingredient list is great for me. Even the order in which the different types of protein are dosed works for me as a post- workout shake. It mixes very easily. No clumps with just a few shakes. Blending with other products has not caused any problems with texture in my experience. The one thing to note is a problem I had recently with the packaging. Unless I am mistaken the natural is always in a white tub, and I thought the black tub was for the unnatural flavors. Well, I got half way through a tub thinking it was the natural before I realized it wasn't because the label looked exactly the same as I was accustomed to except- upon closer inspection- I realized the word natural was missing. Either I accidentally ordered the wrong thing, or I was sent the wrong thing. Either way, the labels look far too similar. If you are like me, and do not want to consume artificial junk, read the label closely when you receive your order.

24 John Hansen

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Total Athleticism: The Workout | T Nation

Legs: Take a look at Olympic lifters and powerlifters. To keep it simple you should: A) squat, and B) lift things off the floor in some way. This is going to make your body strong overall, not to mention that moving huge weights is badass.

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27 A Meat Lover’s Guide To Healthy Animal Products

Aside from being an appalling life for the animal, factory-raised meat has a number of nutritional drawbacks. Factory-farm cows are raised on a grain-rich diet, leading to higher levels of the omega-6 fat that is pro-inflammatory when consumed in large quantities. In comparison, grazing is a natural behavior and cows that are raised and finished on grass provide a better dietary fat profile of anti-inflammatory CLA and omega-3 fat. Grass-fed beef provides a more favorable omega-6 to omega-3 fat ratio between 1.4 and 2.75. Grass-fed beef also provides more stearic acid, which is a type of saturated fat that doesn’t raise blood cholesterol and is considered better than other forms of saturated fat.

The 30 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Men

When you walk into a crowded gym  and every single bench and machine is taken by a bigger, stronger guy—or, worse yet, by that guy doing curls in the squat rack—you could just turn around, walk out of the gym, and say you’ll come back later. Or you could put together a routine with the best bodyweight exercises for men.

Tip: Rest Days – Are You Taking Too Many? | T Nation

Build confidence, improve body comp, boost insulin sensitivity, and increase your cardiovascular capacity. Here's how.

10 Dietary Myths Destroyed | T Nation

But I don't think anybody eats that much salt, so let's cast that study aside. Even so, very little subsequent research (on humans) backs up the connection between salt and hypertension. In fact, one huge study found that salt intake correlated negatively with death rate. In other words, the more salt people ate, the longer they lived. Still, a small percentage of humans are salt sensitive and need to be careful.

Beyond 5/3/1 Program 1.1 - Biotest

The changes and tweaks in this book represent years of training, research, injuries, and mistakes. Hell, there's even a new program – Beyond 5/3/1. When I first wrote the original program in 2008, I had no idea that I'd be able to expand the program into what it is today. After 25+ years of training and writing programs, I still have that burning desire to create something new, unique, and awesome. When you lose that, you lose life.

Tip: Surprise! Red Meat Improves Health | T Nation

Now you can add clean red meat to the diet, or at least, if you're already eating red meat, enjoy it without worrying about it. The people in the study carnivored up about 500 grams of it a week (a bit over a pound), but there's probably no reason you can't eat more without harm, provided it's lean (less than about 10 grams of fat per serving) and unprocessed.

The Best Foods to Eat After Morning Workouts

Bottom line: Make sure you’re getting 30-40g of protein post-workout (or at least 20g). Aim to eat leucine-rich protein foods (the amino acid is found in eggs, chicken, etc.). Include quality carbs, especially after long aerobic work to refill those energy stores befor your next workout.

Fat Loss & High-Protein Breakfast | T Nation

Unless you've been living under a rock, you understand that six meals a day is no longer the gold standard. We can survive, thrive, and make gains without carrying around a cooler packed with organic, free-range turkey that's had a shiatsu massage every day of its short life.

6 Ways to Pack on More Pounds and Build Quality Mass

Most exercisers out there are looking to lose some weight and inches off their waist, which typically means having to cut down on food intake. However, there are always hard-gainers out there too—guys who want to put on weight but it doesn’t seem to come easy no matter what they try. In many cases, these are guys who work out a lot but simply don’t pack in enough food to gain the weight and build the muscle for which they’re looking. If this sounds like you, have a look at the following tips.

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Tip: Hammer Your Hamstrings With Landmine RDLs | T Nation

Lastly, as coaches and athletes, we aren't in the business of placing increased load on shoddy movement patterns. So an athlete who can't hinge worth a shit with a traditional barbell or even dumbbell setup loses the ability to load the posterior chain meaningfully until they "fix" their pattern enough to place loading on it without negative repercussions.

Tip: The 1-Minute Bodybuilding Challenge | T Nation

This is that unique type of discomfort felt when you do 1-3 reps of a very heavy weight. It's a grinding, straining pain that makes your head feel like it's going to pop off, roll under a nearby treadmill, stop the belt, and send some poor fella flying off.

Tip: The Shoulder-Friendly Overhead Press | T Nation

That said, most lifters have to earn the right to overhead press. The ability to move the arms overhead requires a lot to happen in concert between the humerus (upper arm bone) and scapulae (shoulder blades) – ample upward and downward rotation, i.e., scapulohumeral rhythm – in addition to possessing the requisite stiffness in the anterior core to serve as the "anchor" to access and control that range of motion.

Tip: The Hammer Strength Romanian Deadlift | T Nation

This can be remedied with bands of course, but what works even better is using the Hammer Strength shrug/deadlift station. Due to the way these machines are designed, the resistance curve is greatest at the top of the movement. When you use it for your RDLs your glutes and hams have to generate a lot of tension from start to finish.

41 Shawn Ray

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42 Shawn Ray

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High-quality calories are king when it comes to muscle building. High-quality means the most nutrient-dense whole (not processed) foods on the planet. Research suggests that for maximal muscle growth to occur in conjunction with intense, frequent training, you should eat between 44 to 50 calories per kg of body weight daily. For a 150-pound person, that’s 3,000 to 3,450 calories a day.

Tip: Are Men's Physique Competitors Juiced? | T Nation

Now, this might not seem like that much but understand that Arnold was around 225 pounds at 6'2" in contest shape, and he wasn't as lean as people are getting at now. So a 6'1" guy would actually have to have more muscle than Arnold to exceed his class limit. We all can be bigger than Arnold naturally, right?

Partial Reps | Road to Olympia Transformation Challenge | 2018

Tip: Women Shouldn't Fear Big Weights | T Nation

In a new study, women trained with light or heavy weights. The actual weight didn't matter much, but something else sure did.

Oil Bags: Rise of the Idiots | T Nation

At the risk of sounding racist, it's obvious that most of these idiots reside in a Latin country, frequently Brazil, Columbia and Argentina. It's true. You can see for yourself in ten minutes on Google. The majority of oil bags are found in South America. (There's a good reason for it that I'll get to in a minute.)

Tip: The 36,000 Reps Challenge | T Nation

As they say, you're only limited by your imagination, and maybe your slothfulness. After a year, you'll have added over 36,000 reps to your training, and you're loopy if you don't think that'll make a difference in how you look or perform, even if the reps are low resistance.

UFC 226: Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar Octagon Interviews

Relive the wild moment when Brock Lesnar shared the Octagon with Daniel Cormier following Cormier's KO win over Stipe Miocic to become heavyweight champ at UFC 226. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: Experience UFC live with UFC FIGHT PASS, the digital subscription service of the UFC. To start your 7-day free trial, visit To order UFC Pay-Per-Views, visit Connect with UFC online and on Social: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: UFC Periscope: Connect with UFC FIGHT PASS on Social: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Steroids: What Pro Bodybuilders Are Really Using | T Nation

Insulin is very dangerous if the bodybuilder is uneducated. If you really know what you're doing, you can use it safely. But if you're using it for extended amounts of time and not following appropriate protocols you can run into fatal issues.

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