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Eddie Hall Sets New World Deadlifting Record

The strongman set the new mark at 1,020 pounds in Leeds, England.

Hafthor Bjornsson Is Still King of the Stones

Thor defends his Europe's Strongest Man title in England in some style.

WATCH: Tate, Dizenzo, and Goggins Present Coaching Methods from The Powerlifting Experience

Three of our best experts discuss world-class coaching of the squat, the bench, and the deadlift.

The 13 Fittest Marriage Proposals of All Time

When you love fitness, and love your partner, you have to let it show.

How To Bench Press: Layne Norton's Complete Guide -

Dr. Layne Norton is a smart guy, but he's also strong as hell! Follow his coaching tips and cues to bench press like a total beast.

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Poor blood flow to certain areas of the body = poor fat loss from those areas. How to fix it: …

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015 - Your connections with others are based upon shared history today, whether or not it is spoken in the moment. There may be acknowledged threads that interweave your lives that have never been discussed in detail. However, your love of adventure is currently at odds with the softer emotional component of your relationships. The haunting familiarity of the past seems more comfortable now than your drive to explore the unknown. Sometimes it's more courageous to stay fully present right in the emotional trenches where you are than going off in search of something sparkly and new.

Stay Honest for Bigger Biceps

"People tend to bring their elbows forward for two simple reasons," says Ernesto Osorio, CSCS, a personal trainer with One2One Fitness in Houston. "The first is trying to achieve a greater peak contraction of the biceps. The second reason is that of pride and ego - you can typically use more weight when you're not isolating the target muscle, a nice way of saying you're cheating. And while it's okay to occasionally use cheating techniques to spark growth, doing so on every rep can hamper your progress.

60 Days to Fit: The Workout Plan

This plan is that better way and was formulated by one of the most respected individuals in the fitness industry, James Grage, co-founder and executive vice president of BPI Sports in Hollywood, FL. Grage isn’t just a successful businessman, he’s also a gym rat in the trenches who’s been pounding the iron for decades with a shredded physique to show for it.

20-Minutes to Massive Legs Workout

I am sure that you have heard it all before. To get the complete physique that you want, working your legs hard is a necessity. The legs make up the largest part of your body and carry a ton of muscle. If you skip leg day, you are missing out on a ton of growth potential. Not too mention the large hormone release (testosterone, growth hormone), fat burning enzymes and caloric burn that come with working your legs. Leg day is also the toughest day of the week. It takes high volume, high reps with heavy weight, and mental toughness to get through a true leg routine that gets results. This also means that time becomes a factor. When we are pressed for time we tend to skip the hard stuff. We will fit in our chest and arm workouts since these are the show muscles and skimp on the legs. This is a huge mistake and it can be fixed. You can still get a solid leg workout in 20 minutes. With the right routine you can blast the legs in a short amount of time. There are four primary areas of the legs that need to be hit hard; the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. The key to a good leg routine is to use exercises that hit all those areas so no muscle fiber is left untapped.

10 Things to Teach your Son about True Manhood - All Pro Dad

So, how are you doing on being a true man? And, are you teaching your son about being a real man? Here are the 10 things you must teach your son about true manhood:

Rep Speed: Fast vs. Slow

When using lighter loads, slow down the tempo to increase metabolic stress, which you can gauge by the burning sensation. As the weight loads get heavier throughout your training cycle, rep tempo can increase to ensure successful completion of each set. - FLEX

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Does K-tape really help with anything? Not how most people use it! Info: …

How to Get Motivated to Work Out

If going to the gym has slowly transitioned from something you love to do into something you love to complain about doing, you’re not alone: “A lot of the athletes I work with love to work out but slowly that love of exercise can one day seem like a burden—especially if you’re not paid to do it,” says Kristen Dieffenbach, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Center for Applied Coaching and Sport Science at West Virginia University’s College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. Sometimes you’re tired, sick, or just plain not in the mood. But too often, we tend to associate fitness with the negative—as a means to an end: to lose weight, build a better body, or fend of disease. And even if you are being paid to be an athlete, a love of a sport can turn into something everyone dreads: work. Somewhere along the way, you can lose sight of the positives, adds Dieffenbach. And making fitness something you see as fun can help keep you moving, research finds.

Taking the Confusion Out of Muscle Confusion

Because of differences in stability, oftentimes the muscle is exposed to a higher load on  some exercises than others.

6 Things You Should Never Do Before a Workout

There have been hundreds of articles written about how to best prepare for a killer workout, discussing everything from what to eat, which supplements to take , and how to get your mind “right.” However, with this piece I decided to take a different approach and talk about some of the things you should AVOID doing before pushing and pulling the heavy iron . Ready? Here we go.

Mikey, A Pug With No Eyes, Can See He Has A Bright Future In His New Home

Mikey hasn’t had it easy. He’s had a lot of health problems and lost his sight. His eyes had to be removed, mostly because he was neglected as a pup. But that doesn’t make Mikey any less of a dog! His new human, a Michigan judge, doesn’t judge Mikey! She loves him just the way he is. Meet the pair but be prepared…this duo is going to make you smile and Awwww for sure! What an amazing story!

6 Sweet Nighttime Protein Treats -

For those times when you're craving the classic combination of sweet cocoa and fruit, reach for this recipe. It's a tasty, pre-bedtime snack that's a favorite of fitness athlete Melih Cologlu, and it's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. As an added bonus, the bite-size slices of banana make portion control easy when you're feeling tempted to devour the entire pot.

The Five-Move Anywhere Abs Workout

We don’t doubt your will to get  six-pack abs . Now, it’s time to be consistent and have them look the way you want them to— ripped . We caught up with IFBB men’s physique pro and certified personal trainer Pierre Vuala to see how he keeps his midsection shredded without even using equipment. “Whenever you do any ab workouts, it's always good to get all the air out as you squeeze at the point of full contraction,” Vuala says. No equipment ? No excuses.

9 Tricks to Look Bigger Instantly

But there are also times when you want to look bigger right now. The reason and the occasion may be different for every guy—maybe you’re meeting up with an old flame and want to show her what she’s been missing, or maybe you’re taking photos at the beach to post on Facebook. Whatever the reason, the following nine tricks can help you look 5–10 pounds bigger... instantly.

10 Foam Roller Moves for Your Entire Body

Lie down with your back on the floor. Place a foam roller underneath your upper back and cross your arms in front of you, protracting your shoulder blades. Raise your hips off of the ground, placing your weight onto the roller. Shift your weight to one side, rolling the upper to mid back. Alternate sides. 

6 Weeks to Super Strength and Monster Mass

Few things are more impressive than watching a dude load up five or six or more plates on each side of a squat bar and taking it deep to the bucket before driving it back up with authority—for eight reps. And to make matters worse, when you glance over, you notice legs the size of tree trunks. Likely, your first thought is: “What is he taking?” It should be: “What is he doing in his training that I’m not?” Strength is the true first test of man’s will to overcome. It’s the genesis of lifting and fitness, and dates back a few thousand years, when it was a tremendous asset for survival. Fast-forward to the late 1800s and early 1900s, and feats of strength were the main attraction at any venue. Today, strength testing is still being performed, but has taken a backseat to size-building and shaping the perfect physique. But ask anyone who’s anyone in the sport of bodybuilding, and they’ll tell you they began by lifting heavy, and that before they even considered trying to build their massive physiques, they were in the gym working to build strength. While volume reigns as the best way to build size, there’s no better way to lay down dense muscle fiber and build a rock-solid base than to train strength.

11 Food Swaps to Cut 500 Calories A Day From Your Diet

Shedding off pounds means creating a caloric deficit in your diet—that is, burning more calories than what you're consuming. But, cutting weight doesn't require starving yourself or clocking hours of cardio at the gym. In fact, rapidly losing weight is as easy as cutting out 500 needless calories a day from your diet. And with the help of Molly Kimball , RD, a nutritionist based in New Orleans, and Lauren Slayton, founder of Food Trainers in New York City, we’ve done the math for you and found 11 fat-trimming foods to swap out—and 11 to swap in—to your diet. Each food alone will reduce caloric intake by at least 100 calories per serving, so combine five and you’re already stripping away those 500 extra calories off your plate—and the more swaps, the more potential for fat loss. The best part? You won't feel like you're depriving yourself or missing out on any of the good stuff.

Burn Fat: 5 Ways to Pyramid Your Progress

If you’ve ever lifted weights before, you’ve used the pyramid method—start with a higher number of reps and then add weight and decrease the reps. The same idea can be applied to cardio, too. The crucial difference here is that you won’t be adding weight. Rather, you’ll be forced to do fewer reps as you fatigue. As the sets you’re doing take their toll, you’ll ease up just enough to keep the work-out going and the calories burning instead of stopping to take long rest periods that lengthen your training time .

The Number One Fat Loss Workout

Pairing up exercises that work opposite muscle groups (so they don’t compete with one another for recovery) burns more calories than traditional training with straight sets. For example, doing multiple sets of a chest exercise paired with sets of a back exercise shuttles blood back and forth between the working muscles, making your heart work harder. Increased heart rate means more calories burned, and training multiple areas of the body at once also leads to shorter, more intense, and more efficient workouts. Science backs it up. A 2010 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that noncompeting supersets led to greater energy expenditure relative to training time and subjects burned calories at an accelerated rate.

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Aloha to Gains: Hawaiian Chicken Kabob

Use pineapple and a low-carb sauce to take a vacation from dry chicken.

The Tree T Pee Shark Tank Episdode! Brings you to tears! A second generation farmer and entrepreneur went on ABC’s “Shark Tank” to pitch a product and story that is still resonating in the hearts of many across the country. Johnny Georges, a farmer from Florida, created the “Tree-T-Pee,”a device that, when put around the base of a tree, can save a farmer thousands of dollars in irrigation fees by containing the spraying water in a small space surrounding the base of the tree. Though it seemed as if Johnny suffered from a rough start at the beginning of his pitch due to some tough questions, he stayed true to himself when pressured why he refused to raise his prices: “I work for farmers. It’s what I do, and helping them helps us all,” Georges said.” “It’s not about the money to me. It’s about doing what’s right.” Shark investor John Paul DeJoria jumped on board and accepted Georges offer of 20% of his company for a $150,000 investment. “When Johnny said that this Tree-T-Pee saves 3,000 percent on water, you only use one-30th the water, that’s when I knew this was good for farmers.

3 Mass Building Combos

The best supplement plan won't work optimally unless you are also eating the correct amount of high-quality food. Bearing that in mind, here are three combinations that can help you add to your muscle mass gains.

Which Supplements Should You Be Cycling? -

Cycling your supplements can be helpful as well. For instance, if you have a cup or two of coffee—a popular source of the ingredient caffeine—every day, you'll notice it may not have quite the kick it once did. It's possible to develop a tolerance for caffeine, at which point you need to drink even more just to achieve the same effect. For this reason, cycling your caffeine intake is recommended.

10 Healthy Foods That Give You Energy

When you’re trying to keep energy levels high, one of the most important things to remember is to never skip meals. Once you go over 5 hours without food, your body starts running on empty. Hunger starts to overwhelm your senses, leading to thoughtless food choices (like hitting the nearest fast food joint or vending machine.) Instead, rely on small snacks of about 150-200 calories that can help replenish your energy at a slow-and-steady pace until it’s time for your next meal. You can incorporate these 10 picks, which have extra energy-boosting power, into your snack. Or, eat them as part of a meal on days you know you need that extra boost, as a pre-workout snack,

10 HIIT Workouts to Get You Shredded for Summer

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has the fitness industry buzzing because of its potential to torch maximum calories in a minimum amount of time. The idea is that you do short periods of all-out work followed by short periods of active rest to make the body work harder than it does during steady-state cardio. Now that summer is here, there are absolutely no excuses for whipping yourself back into beach-body shape. To capitalize on the benefits of HIIT, we reached out to George “Hit” Richards, celebrity fitness trainer and calisthenics expert, and Pete Bommarito, C.S.C.S., U.S.A.W., a certified MAT Jumpstart Specialist and owner of Bommarito Performance Systems, for a variety of interval workouts designed to burn fat, build muscle, and enhance sports performance. Get in the best shape of your life (and look like it, too) with these 10 fat-blasting interval workouts.

2 Key Supps For Optimal Recovery

Although we commonly add Vitamin E under the banner of antioxidants, it’s worthwhile to realize that different antioxidants work in different parts of the cell. For our purposes, it’s important to know that Vitamin E works on the lipid part, which coincides perfectly with our EFA intake. It works like this: although EFA’s in our body are great for numerous reasons, they may also be quite susceptible to oxidative damage. This is where additional Vitamin E comes into play. This nutrient can not only protect against the oxidative damage induced by exercise, it will also add a specific protective effect to the EFA’s in our cells. This is like adding strength to both our foundation and the brick house that’s built on top of it.

5 Tips for a Perfect Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell, more commonly known in Russia as “Girya,” is one of the most misunderstood tools in fitness today. When used properly it is lethal for melting fat, building muscle, and rapid improvements in conditioning. Done incorrectly and it can result in injury. When using Kettlebells for fat loss, the first exercise to learn is “the Swing.” The swing is one of the best exercises for rapid fat loss and powerful development of the hips, and posterior chain (hamstrings, quads, and glutes). Here are the five most important cues for a perfect swing.

The Muscle Matrix Workout

Perform this workout at least six hours before or after your normal training. For example, if you lift weights at night, complete this routine in the morning. Perform four sets of 15 reps for each exercise, moving slowly so that it takes five seconds to complete each repetition.

7 Machines You Need to Master for Maximum Muscle

However, it is important to understand that machines/cables also have their place, and certainly should be taken advantage of for their unique ability to better isolate target muscle, decrease the need for balance and stabilization , and also to create a more constant tension through the entire range of motion.

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Build Bigger Shoulders with the Landmine Lateral Raise

Combining the front, lateral, and rear-delt raises into one, the landmine lateral raise works the delts through a full range of motion, while your core braces you.

Diet Plans: Considerations for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, and Stubborn Body Types - Born Fitness

Just as important (and often overlooked) is that your current state of body composition (your ratio of muscle-to-fat) will significantly influence how your body responds to what you eat. It’s not fair, but very lean people can “get away” with eating more carbs and treats, whereas those with more weight to lose don’t have as much room to slip up in the amounts that they eat.

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A Vicious Workout from The 30-Second Body

Do the first four moves back-to-back for 30-seconds each, resting only when absolutely necessary. Then, rest 30 seconds and repeat, this time stacking on the fifth move. Then, rest another 30 seconds and repeat, this time stacking on the sixth move. When you finish the 6th move, immediately go into a full out sprint, in place, for 30 seconds.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey at

Whey protein is popular with active adults because it digests rapidly and is a rich source of amino acids for muscle recovery. Whey protein isolates are the purest form of whey and the primary ingredient in Gold Standard 100% Whey. Each serving provides 24 grams of rapidly digesting whey protein with low levels of fat, cholesterol, lactose and other stuff you can do without. There's no doubt this is the standard all other proteins are measured against.

The Body Cleanse: Does Juicing Really Work? - Born Fitness

So if you want to know how to potentially help your system–as well as what benefit you’ll really receive from those juice cleanses–then it’s time to sip on a drink called truth serum. In this case, the information is powered by Brad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat, research genius, and pioneer in intermittent fasting. Bottoms up.

Wimbledon Winner Novak  Djokovic’s Diet Secret for Success

Novak Djokovic, the number-one ranked tennis player in the world defeated Roger Federer in an epic Wimbledon final on Sunday — but he nearly didn’t get there at all. Here, in an exclusive excerpt from his book, Serve to Win , Djokovic explains how going gluten-free took him from second tier to the top of the rankings — and shows how you can do it, too.

8 More Amazing Fat-Burning Intervals

You can get in and out of the gym fast and still burn tons of fat. The trick? High intensity intervals (HIIT). Interspersing short bursts of working at your absolute max effort with brief rest periods can seriously rev your metabolism. How? It's an effect called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC, and triggering it can help keep your metabolic rate up for hours after you exercise. Essentially, pushing yourself to your physical limits, even for mere seconds, helps create an oxygen 'debt' and while that doesn't sound like a good thing, it most definitely is when it comes to helping you burn fat. What's more, this type of workout triggers fat-incinerating hormones like the Human Growth Hormone (you produce a lot of it when you're young, but production peters out as you get older and more sedentary.) Since more and more research is piling in confirming these facts, you need as many HIIT workouts as you can get. So, we decided to add to our  8 Amazing Fat-Burning Interval Guide published last year to bring you another 8 to add to your fat-fighting arsenal.

Explosive Power and Strength Medicine Ball Workout

DIRECTIONS: (Scroll through the slideshow for images) Have on hand two medicine balls of different weights and bounces (see specifics, below). Perform the workout once a week, on a separate day, as a supplement to your regular weight training. Rest two to three minutes between sets, except for the paired exercises (4A and 4B, 5A and 5B). Superset these lifts, resting after the second one. So you’ll do a set of A, then a set of B immediately, then rest. Repeat until all sets for that pair are complete.

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Arnold's 1974 Mr. Olympia Chest and Back Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger cut the range of motion on his bench presses one-quarter of the way from lockout in order to keep tension on his pecs. On wide-grip pullups, however, he lowered his body until he felt a deep stretch in his lats, which activates them better. Arnold used this routine on Mondays and Thursdays.

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Joe Manganiello's Beast Mode Upper Body Workout

Joe Manganiello's Beast Mode Upper Body Workout

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Cardio 4 Leanness (advanced)

Hi, my name is SGT Ryan Casperson, I am Active duty Army stationed at Fort Drum, NY. I've been following Pauline and her Fighter Diet concept for the better part of 2 years now. At first I was skeptical like I am about all fitness related mentors, but after following Pauline on Facebook and watching her interact with people and seeing her no bullshit attitude, as well as her attention to detail in everything she does, I knew from that she was the REAL DEAL. I've been using Fighter Diets " Cardio 4 Leanness" ebook recently, and let me tell you, in the Army we run about 5-6 miles every other day and I can run 2 miles in14:30 minutes but none of that has broke me off as hard as this concept has. I look forward to continuing to use her as a tool in my fitness and can't wait for more results!

Gain 10 Pounds of Muscle in 4 Weeks

The second half of the program is all about maximizing size with slightly higher reps and an emphasis on intensity. Rep ranges move up to 10-12 for most exercises, which is ideal for promoting muscle hypertrophy (growth). Overall volume increases slightly during these two weeks, mainly due to the addition of isolation exercises that you’ll perform before compound movements for your chest, back, shoulders and legs. Called pre-exhaustion, this technique dramatically increases workout intensity. You fatigue the main target muscle with an isolation exercise, then hit it in this fatigued state with a compound move, which if done right will lead to your main muscle failing before assistance muscles give out. (For example, for chest the dumbbell flye hits the pecs directly, so your triceps shouldn’t end up being the weak link and cause the termination of the set during the bench press).

Conor McGregor's Biggest Fan Arnold Cheers on HIs UFC Interim Title Win

Things got worse for McGregor in the second frame as he was held on the mat by Mendes, eating several vicious elbows in the process. However, fortunes changed in the last 30 seconds with the 26-year-old champion getting back to his feet, landing a clean left hand to the jaw of the Team Alpha Male staple, ending the bout with just a few seconds to spare in the round.

Hulking Workout: Zack Khan

“Once you start lifting and growing, you have to use heavier weights. You need heavier weights to overload the muscles and make them grow.” —Zack Khan

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