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Dorian Yates - Into The Shadow - REDUX | London Real

Dorian Yates is a Professional Bodybuilder & 6 time Mr. Olympia Bulletproof Coffee SUBSCRIBE:

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Karina Baymiller's Plyo Legs Workout -

Get the full workout here: Leg day is so nice, you better do it twice! I go heavy on legs early in the week and then finish them off ...

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Train As Hard As You Want To Breathe (Eric Thomas)

Speech by Eric Thomas (AKA The Hip Hop Preacher) Audio from Greyskale Multimedia: http://zacheven-es...

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - You're on an emotional high while planning for an upcoming journey, yet a quiet uncertainty is beginning to take root and you don't understand why. Concerns about your family or your own personal security may prevent you from traveling anywhere now. Happily, you can go somewhere magical without even leaving home. The advantage of a mental excursion is that no one has to know that you are gone. You can explore the far reaches of the universe in your imagination and still return in the blink of an eye to answer your phone.


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The Hardcore Smolov Squat Workout

Perform the 13 weeks of our modified Smolov squat program without taking time off between phases. The weight you squat is always a percentage of your one-rep max, or 1rm (see our calculator on page 78 if you don’t know it); Weeks 4 and 5 add specific poundages to that percentage. Do not go heavier than prescribed—don’t add extra exercises, sets, or reps. heavy squatting is demanding work, so you could easily experience central nervous system burnout if you push it too far. Finally, the stretch/foam roll days are not off days: foam rolling and dynamic stretches like spidermans are hugely important, as your hips, hamstrings, quads, and glutes will all need TLC to overcome chronic soreness.

Kai Greene Trains Before Guest Posing

The Predator gets in a full body workout and practices posing before guest posing in Pittsburgh.

Add Two Inches to Your Chest

The rate at which your muscles apply force determines the number and type
 of muscle fibers that are recruited, and recruiting them all is the path to complete growth and development. We’re prescribing speed bench presses, done with light weight for maximum velocity, to target your most explosive muscle fibers. (These also happen to be the largest.) Speed training serves another purpose too: training you to blast through sticking points in your bench press so you can lift heavier weights in subsequent workouts and therefore apply a more intense muscle- building stimulus.

10 Abs Workouts in 10 Days

Sun’s out, guns out! Summer is upon us and that means that we will have plenty of opportunities to put your physique on display. Depending on the shape you’re in presently, that either excites or terrifies you. And since your abs are a focal point when the shirt comes off, you’ll want to make sure that they are lean and tight. Of course, diet is a big part of that – now isn’t the time of year to be overdoing it with the Corona, gents – but with some serious, dedicated abdominal training , you can give yourself a drastic, visual upgrade in just 10 days.

9 Foods that Should be in Your Refrigerator

You'll want to have these foods on hand to help support your muscle building efforts.

The Best Barbell-Only Ab Workout

Target your core like never before with this super effective barbell abs workout

25 Tips for Greatness

3.  Embrace change. “I’m not doing anything the way I did it before. I’ve changed everything,” said Cutler when I interviewed him in 2004, expecting to get a fairly “routine” routine. In preparation for that year’s Arnold Classic (which he won), he had indeed changed everything. The sport’s greatest advocate of volume training had dramatically reduced his workload and developed a pre-contest schedule that kept him up most of the night and napping thrice during the day. Before the year was over, he reverted back to something closer to his usual regime, but his ’04 adventure illustrated his willingness to experiment. He’s never adopted a rule he’s not willing to break.

The 21-Day Calf Challenge

This one little word is what’s holding you back from getting your calves to grow. You need to train them more than once per week in order to make them grow. This is where the 21 Day Calf Challenge originated. The premise is to challenge yourself and train your calves for 21 days straight.  If you can get through the pain, you will ignite growth in your calves that you’ve never seen before. This has been proved by guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Pearl, Steve Reeves, and Chad Waterbury.

Hyper Growth Lean Mass Meal Plan

Don’t you hate when sample diets come out and have specific serving sizes with no guidance to match your body type. Should a 200-pound person consume the same 4 oz chicken breast as the 150-pound person? Nope. So this nutrition plan will help you modify your plan accordingly. As a rule of thumb when it comes to gaining strength, you want to eat a little more, shooting for as much as 20 calories per pound of bodyweight per day. But for losing fat and maintaining muscle, you want to shoot for closer to 12 to 13 calories per pound unless you have a fast metabolism and know it, in which case you can jump that up. On workout days, you should add an extra 200 calories per day to that total. While this seems counterintuitive to losing weight, the worst thing you can do when dieting is to prevent your muscles from getting the nutrients they need to build themselves up. Don’t get caught up in cutting too much. And finally, if a day goes over your regular total calorie intake, it’s okay provided it is not way over. But then modify your next day eating by cutting a few extra calories. Again, don’t panic—your body takes time to balance out, so messing up a single day is not a bad thing.

FD Fighter Diet Extreme Plus (Fitness)

"Hi Pauline & Fighter Diet , Here is my 6th week results with Fighter Diet Extreme....last day I am so happy and excited with my results. Its hard getting a six pack, but thats my goal. Having 3 kids and with a FULL time job and still having the time to go workout is tough. But what i want, i go out and get it. I luv lifting and now its part of my life. You made me see workout routines and meal plans differently. Now im eating huge portions with less calories and full of protein and carbs and of course the veggies. Im doing all this for myself cause it makes me feel good and i must admit, i just love the HIGH. Who knows how far I'm willing to go, but as long as i feel good, ill just DO IT. Well now my next challenge is doing Fighter Diet Badass workouts. I cant wait to see how bad u ki

Get Negative for More Muscle Gain

One effective method is tempo training. This means drawing out the eccentric for a specified amount of time. Try starting out with a 4-5 second negative, then forcefully completing the concentric. With muscle hypertrophy as the objective, the set should take between 30-60 seconds. So, if on a dumbbell bench press you take four seconds to lower the weight and one second to push it back up, you are looking at performing 6-12 repetitions total. Slowly evolve to heavy eccentrics, forced reps and different set-ups on tempo training.

9 Habits That Make You Look Older Than You Are

The fountain of youth has yet to be discovered, but there are still ways to delay the aging process. Make these lifestyle changes if you want to start feeling and looking younger now.

Paleo Diet Could Be Killing The Planet

While Paleo-heads are definitely leaving more of a footprint than their vegan peers, the moral of the story here is that diet does have a small impact on the planet. You don’t need to stop eating meat altogether if it works for you and is a part of your healthy diet. However, the key is moderation. Like the research suggests, the more meat you eat, the greater the effect. Let’s be real, there are bigger fish to fry in the fight against climate change (we’re looking at you, power plants and automobiles).

Are Avocados Healthy? - Born Fitness

Studies like this oftentimes make you excited about certain foods, but ultimately we shouldn’t make overarching statements because any direct relationship between the food (avocado) and the result (better health) wasn’t investigated. Instead, we can learn is that people who eat avocados also happen to be healthier, but don’t guarantee you will be healthier. Which is to say, eating avocado is a good habit. And in a world where health is built on habits that are both good and sustainable, eating avocado is a behavior you should add and use as a gateway to other healthier habits. (Have you ever tried a salad with avocado? I don’t have a study to prove it, but I’m pretty sure avocado improves taste and satisfaction by 200 percent.)

The Meal Timing Myth? - Born Fitness

But if you still need more direction for your post-workout meal, your top priority is probably protein. That’s because research shows that if you eat protein any time around your workout (before, during, after) then you have a similar increase in muscle protein synthesis. Anywhere between 20 and 40 grams of protein before or after (or both) should do the trick, and based on Aragon’s research, a similar amount of carbs should work—although the science is not as definitive. And if you’re worried about eating fat in your post-workout meal, well, don’t. The idea that post-workout fat will slow down an “anabolic effect” of protein is unsubstantiated in any research. While protein and carbs are still the preferred nutrients, having some fat (think eating eggs) is not going to slow your process.

Why Am I Hungry All the Time? - Born Fitness

Very interesting, I am going to get the book…..I assume this counts for women as well as men? I have been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out why I am always starving, I mean it is so bad, and while I have been a little overweight for a long time, in the last few months, I’ve not been sleeping well at all and I’ve gained about 12-15 pounds! I hope this is what’s doing it because I think I can fix this! Thank you!

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

Build Bigger Pecs with the Pullover

The pullover was a favorite move of some of the greatest athletes of the Golden Era of bodybuilding including The Oak, Reg Park and Franco Columbu. This exercise works not only the chest but also the lats, intercostals and serratus anterior (the muscles of the ribcage). Maximally developed intercostal muscles will give the illusion of a bigger rib cage when taking a deep breath or holding a pose because the ribs are pulled up by the intercostal muscles. Modern chests seem to be lagging behind those of the classic physiques that put this move to use on a weekly basis.

9 Foods That Should Be In Every Diet

9 Foods That Should Be In Every Diet

Add-On Sets to Add On Size

While using an Add-on-set workout, you will decide which exercises will be prioritized and thus get the most work sets. This will result in a radically intense workout with laser-like muscle-sculpting precision. Check out this bi-peaking and tri-sweeping Add-On-Set workout to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Is Criticism Helpful? - Born Fitness

Think about it. We share our opinions and beliefs so that we can influence others and promote progressive thoughts, actions, and behaviors. We’ve all been in positions where we’ve been criticized—both in deserving and undeserving situations. As an employee and a boss, I’ve seen it from both angles. I’ve never had an issue with criticism. In fact, I encourage it. I’m the guy who walks around with a chip on his shoulder at all times. Find my flaws and it will fuel me to become better. But when my mistakes or inadequacies are identified, I want the criticism to be directional not static.

3 Rules For Building Bigger Arms - Born Fitness

Time under tension is just a fancy way of saying the how long your muscles are moving a load during any given set. From what I see, most sets are just too short to deliver the maximum muscle building effects. The sweet spot seems to be between 30 and 50 seconds per set and there are two ways to hit this mark. The first would be to set a timer for, say, 40 seconds and rep out until the alarm goes off. The second is to dictate the tempo of each rep (for example, lower the bar for 4 seconds, lift for 1). This way you’ll know that each rep lasts 5 seconds. Knock out 8 reps and you are right in that 40-second sweet spot (5 seconds x 8 reps = 40 seconds). If you’ve never trained with tempo in this manner, be warned. It’s much tougher than just pumping out reps so you’ll have to keep your ego in check and lighten the loads that you’d normally use.

'Peoples Champ' Does TD Dance

Former University of Miami football player Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shows off his unique touchdown dance.

Coming Soon! FLEX Bikini Model Search 2014

Alright ladies, it's almost time for the 2014 FLEX Bikini Model Search, presented by BPI, to take out your camera and your hottest swimsuit and get ready to submit your best bikini photos!  The Rules & Regulations and Entry form will be coming soon. Keep following FLEX Magazine on Facebook and Twitter for the official "entry period" announcement.

The Secret of Change - Born Fitness

One of the most common (and popular) cover lines for health magazines is, “Get Back in Shape.” It’s popular because it works. When those words appear on the front of a magazine, more copies are purchased. It would seem these words translate well because, at some point, we’re all just trying to recapture what we once had, thought we had, or always desperately wanted.

H.U.G.E. Superiority Complex

Well, supersetting is not the be-all and end-all of training techniques, but it’s certainly in the conversation when you’re talking about the most effective ways to increase your intensity. Supersets are simply two sets of different exercises performed one after the other without resting between the two. Officially, under the Weider Training Principles vernacular, “supersets” refers to sets done alternately for opposing muscle groups, such as triceps and biceps, and “compound sets” refers to doing two movements for the same muscle group; these days, however, “supersets” is the more commonly used term for any back-to-back exercise combo.

4 Elbow-Friendly Moves for Bigger Triceps

Very few exercises will pack mass on your triceps like dips. But, here is the problem. Dips can be very problematic for many lifters who have had a previous shoulder injury or a shoulder that isn’t working quite right. So here is what we do; use chains. We’ve used chains for everything from deadlifts, to curls, to pressing exercises; and we can use them here.  Using chains for dips offers a unique solution for beat up shoulders.

17-Minute Quads

You’ll finish the workout with three, minute-long squat holds. These can be done against a wall if you’re really trashed but you should strive to perform them in open space. For your first go, get your thighs below parallel and hold. If you fail before 60 seconds, stand up, shake it out and get right back to it. Your goal should be to hold for the full 60. On each subsequent set, it’s permissible to hold your squat a little higher. Trust us…that quarter squat on your last set will feel like you’re holding 400 pounds across your back.

August 9-10, Manasquan NJ - CrossFit Football

The CrossFit Football Seminar is an introduction to the Power Athlete concepts, movements and level of intensity required to build a “Power Athlete.” In the Seminar, attendees will be provided with a foundation for training for “Power Sports.”  When we evaluate “Power” as it relates to sport we define it is  the dynamic expression of absolute strength over a short period of time .  That skill is transferable across many sports in addition to football, which is why this seminar is an extremely valuable event for any coach or athlete.

Cutler's Quad Quiz

Jay Cutler knows quads. Not only is he propelled through life on two of the world’s widest wheels, but he has also analyzed how to train, rest and diet to make those legs bigger and better. Do you know what he knows? Jay Cutler is featured frequently in these pages, so you may feel you know all there is to know about his training. OK, hotshot, prove it. Grab a number-two pencil and take the Cutler quad quiz. No cheating (Cutler advocates strict form) and no talking (Cutler believes results should speak for themselves). Those who score a perfect 10 are Cutler quad experts. All others should commit the answers to memory and march to the nearest squat rack.

Eating for Abs: The Beach-Body Diet Handbook

Now we’re left with carbs, and while there’s been much controversy over their role in a fat-loss diet in recent years, there shouldn’t be. “You need a moderate amount of carbs to support the fueling and recovery demands of high-intensity, anaerobic-based training,” says Nate Miyaki, C.S.S.N., an amateur bodybuilder, nutrition coach, and author in San Francisco. Extreme low-carb diets, especially those that substitute bacon, cheese, and other fatty foods in place of carbs, don’t work long-term and (surprise!) don’t support optimal health. “Training suffers when you’re on low carbs,” says Bryan Krahn, C.S.C.S., a New York City personal trainer. “If your carbs are really low, you can lower your metabolic rate. It’s a sledgehammer approach to weight loss and it’s unnecessary; you can just lower your calories.”

5 Muscle-Building Breakfasts

Sunny-side up, scrambled, a nice hearty omelet—whatever way you like 'em, eggs are the perfect muscle-friendly food, so make them a morning staple. “Eggs are full of omega-3s, protein, and amino acids,” Kumai says. And those compounds are crucial for building lean muscle mass . A protein-packed breakfast in the a.m. will not only speed up muscle recovery from yesterday's workout, but it will also give you energy and prepare your body for the grueling training session you've got on tap today.

Muscle Mass Index Vs. BMI: Build Muscle To Live Longer

Imagine a man who is 5-foot-9 and weighs 260 pounds. At that height and weight, the man would have a BMI greater than 40, placing him in the third and most severe tier of obesity. What the BMI doesn't tell you is that this man could be a professional bodybuilder on stage at the Olympia. He has low body fat and has a lean mass percentage bigger than you or I could even imagine. This BMI error doesn't occur only in professional bodybuilders . Well-muscled people are often given higher BMIs and the subsequent "medical" diagnosis of being overweight or obese.

Will It Grill? | Grilled Cheese

I set one section of the grill to medium-high, leaving the other section cold. Then, on went the sandwiches, which I “seared” first over direct heat to add crunch to the bread and then transferred to the cold section of the grill, closing the lid to allow the cheese to melt. Some of the grilled cheese sandwiches crisped nicely, adopting a pleasant char, while the gooey melted cheese helped hold the slices together. Other sandwiches, however, resulted in burned bread before the cheese had a chance to melt. The verdict: When you want grilled cheese, you really want toasted cheese. In terms of achieving a truly transcendental Grilled Cheese, what you can cook on the grill is really not much better than what you can make indoors. With a pan, it’s easier to control your heat, resulting in less of a chance you’ll burn your sandwich. Should you choose to attempt a real grilled cheese, however, learn from my mistakes… Don’t grate your cheese By breaking the cheese into smaller pieces you’re making it easier to melt, right? Well, that may be true for toasted cheese, but grated cheese on the grill usually just equates to a messy grill.

Top 5 Benefits Of Minimalist Style Workouts - Zach Even-Esh

I was driving up to Diamond Gym on a cold winter night. It was just past 5 PM and I was sitting in a boat load of traffic, literally, moving nowhere. I was stressed out of my mind, up to my ears in work for Grad School, teaching, coaching wrestling and trying to manage it all.

How a 200 Lb. Man Should Eat to Get Lean

If you're 200 pounds, you're in luck. We've prepared a diet plan specific for you. For heavier, or lighter guys, refer to our Eating for Abs feature from the July/August 2014, available now.

Conquer Your First Marathon

We know, 26.2 miles seems crazy, but you’re going to have to trust us. You’re ready. Completing your first marathon, and even scoring a competitive time, is within the reach of any experienced recreational runner willing to go the distance. With this 12-week program, broken into three simple steps, you’ll be ready to race with confidence.

5 Foods You Can Overdo

Yes! It’s possible to drink too much water. “There is a point where water can be fatal because in excess it dilutes the electrolyte balance in our bodies," says Lemond. "The upper limit of water varies by age, gender, activity level and health condition,” says Lemond. (You can estimate your suggested water intake using this handy calculator .) Dehydration is also dangerous, so it’s important to stay in tune with your body and its needs throughout the day.

Assault Your Triceps with These Lost Moves

Before you bring out the pitchforks about recommending a false grip despite the dangers of using one, this section is targeted towards intermediate and advanced lifters. As far as triceps training is concerned, it’s worth noting that you’ll get more triceps activation from the palm of your hand. You can more effectively squeeze through the pinky finger, which has a huge effect on how much you activate your triceps on a given pushing exercise. It also creates a much more direct “shelf” above your carpal bones (the wrist) for the bar to sit on, rather than sitting higher in the hand, which creates a lower power output and extra energy to keep the bar centred over the forearm.

The Best Swiss Ball Ab Workout

The Swiss ball gives some distinct advantages over other pieces of equipment or bodyweight  alone. It can extend the range of motion on the crunch, activating more ab muscle. It can also create instability, which forces your abs to contract harder to brace your body, and even serve as a source of resistance itself—like a weight—if you lift it. (Don’t think it’s heavy enough to give you a good workout? Try the V-up and pass on the next page and then tell us.)

We 'Mirin Vol. 75: 15 BACKS IN ACTION

A great back is a crucial part of a complete physique. These 15 amazing photos prove that, even though you can't see your own back very well, the rest of us are definitely 'mirin!

60 Seconds to Fit: Episode 9

60 Seconds to Fit: Episode 9

Protein Power: 6 Easy Ways To Eat Shrimp

Cold shrimp with cocktail sauce is more than a party hors d’oeuvre—it also makes for a quick and easy protein-packed snack. Take the easy route and use frozen shrimp for cocktails. To prepare, peel the shell off from the inside curve, leaving the tail intact. Serve with a simple cocktail sauce, made with 1 cup chili sauce (like Heinz), ½ cup prepared horseradish, 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, and a little ground black pepper.

60 Seconds to Fit: How Do I Get Wider Arms?

James Grage answers all your pressing fitness questions in 60 seconds. In this episode, he gives us his three favorite workouts to build bigger, wider arms.

7 Frequently Asked Questions, Answered by Chad Wesley Smith - Juggernaut Training Systems

A: There is no distinction by strength that needs to be made in regards to wearing knee wraps (i.e. you don’t need to squat X amount of pounds before you wear wraps), but as with the belt, working with less equipment will allow you to build your strength and musculature while equipment will allow you to overload your body and accommodate your CNS to heavier loads. As I have mentioned with the SlingShot though, an overload of more than 10% will be at the point of diminishing returns for the raw lifter. Squatting in wraps is a specific skill outside of just squatting, but I would say the time to acquire this skill is fairly minimal and for this reason I would advocate squatting in your wraps fairly rarely to allow your body to work harder under less maximal loads and also build the strength in your joints. Of course there are some very successful lifters (Andrey Malanichev and Eric Lilliebridge) who almost always squat in wraps (and maybe this is my aversion to wrapping my own knees talking), but ultra-tight knee wraps can actually add stress to the knees. Wear your wraps as much as you need to feel comfortable in them and accommodate to the heavier loads, but do not neglect heavy wrapless work as well to build your body and joint strength.

The Best Dumbbell Only Triceps Workout

2B. UNDERHAND KICKBACK Sets: 4 Reps: 8–12 Rest: 120 sec. Stand holding a dumbbell in each hand and bend your hips back, lowering your torso until it’s almost parallel to the floor. Turn your palms to face in front of you and, keeping your upper arms against your sides, extend your elbows until your arms are parallel to your torso.


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Prep to Get Lean

This by-product of soap manufacturing is a colorless, viscous fluid with many benefits of its own. One of these is as a preworkout supplement. Taking glycerol before workouts helps you get leaner and harder, and improves vascularity. Another crucial benefit of glycerol as a sports supplement is its ability to support hydration for better performance. Glycerol boosts hydration by increasing osmolarity, allowing liquids to move to where they’re needed in your body; staying hydrated boosts both energy and endurance.

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