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The Lost Art of Showing Up, Working HARD & Being AWESOME • Zach Even-Esh

I told my son who just turned 9 that I already had a job at his age, delivering papers everyday after school. My neighbor told me he wanted his newspaper in the morning so he told me I should deliver the paper before school to the neighbors, that it was the right thing to do. …

STRONGER In Mind, Body & Spirit with Mark "Smelly" Bell • Zach Even-Esh

I am fired up to bring you episode 125 of The STRONG Life Podcast with a long time friend, Mark "Smelly" Bell. In this episode, Smelly and I dig into what I like to call the intangibles of training, the things that you can not truly measure yet they are the things that inspire us …

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7 Dumb Things People Say About Nutrition | T Nation

I've written about this before, but it needs to be repeated. Chemicals are the building blocks of the natural world. You yourself are nothing but chemicals. In fact, the current value of the chemicals in your body (compiled as basic elements), according to the Mayo Clinic Libraries, is about $4.50. That's $3.50 for the skin and about a buck for the rest of the carbon, calcium, phosphorous, sulfur, iron, etc.

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SciVation Xtend at Best Prices for Xtend

I've been drinking the BCAA's for the past few days post workout. I got the fruit punch flavor. It tasted quite artificial and sweet, but after a few days, I'm more used to the flavor. Just add in more water to reduce the sweetness. It tasted quite salty too due to the high sodium level. But I'm experiencing much less DOMS after my workouts (30 mins of HIIT followed by 30-40 mins of weight lifting). All in all, I'm happy with the purchase. Edit: I recently opened a new tub of the Lemon Lime flavor one. It tasted just like lemonade. I would highly recommend anyone who is into lemonade/limeade or sour drinks.

Tip: Eat This Food for Better Sex | T Nation

Quinoa is not a cereal grain but a seed, and it can be used practically anywhere you'd use rice. And while I'm not aware of any specific studies to support quinoa's ability to turn you into a sack master, just about every nutrient in quinoa has the potential for improving your sexual ability and even increasing your muscle mass.

How to Look Jacked in 3 Weeks | T Nation

Losing muscle is a protective strategy your body uses to allow you to survive. But it's a last resort. The first thing your body will do is make you lazy. You'll subconsciously reduce how much you're moving and how much effort you use in everyday life. Next, your body will give you cravings and hunger pangs. If that doesn't work and you're able to fight off hunger, the next thing it'll do is decrease the T4 to T3 conversion (T4 is pretty much inactive and T3 is the thyroid hormone that has the highest impact on increasing metabolic rate). When that happens you'll start to feel colder. If that still doesn't work, then you might risk losing muscle.

Tip: The Most Important Key to Workout Consistency | T Nation

The researchers said it takes a month or more to develop a habit. Others have pegged it at around the 21-day mark. Whatever the case, the secret is simply to make your gym time consistent for a few weeks until the habit solidifies. That takes willpower, but only for about a month or so. Then it's habit, which doesn't require willpower.

Tip: Hack Your Hip Mobility | T Nation

Warning: This is a yoga pose. Don't worry, it's a yoga pose that improves your lifting and relieves pain. Check it out.

Tip: A Vitamin for Headaches, A Drug For Sociopaths | T Nation

Personally, I take 5000 IU daily of vitamin D3, maybe a little less in the summer months. (I also haven't had a headache in a decade or more. Hmm.) Remember, it's almost impossible to take too much; you'd have take 20,000 IU of vitamin D every day for months on end to get a negative effect. Given all the other benefits of supplemental vitamin D, it should be a staple supp for most folks.

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Cut fat, build your endurance, and get set for summer with this workout from the @humanfitproject :

The Top 10 Questions Men Ask About Sex

Imagine you had an hour to sit at a bar next to a beautiful woman—who also happened to be a sex expert—and ask her all of the questions you wanted to know about women and sex without being slapped (or judged). Minus the beer, we did just that. Meet your professor—Emily Morse, sexologist, host of the top downloaded sex and relationship advice podcast Sex with Emily and co-founder of Emily & Tony. Since she doesn’t have time to sit with each and every one of you, Morse divulged the top 10 questions men ask her about women and sex. Check ‘em out here—in order of most popular to least—with her candid answers so you’ll know exactly how to proceed with the women in your life.

Tip: 3 Proven Habits That Keep the Fat Off | T Nation

Let's set something straight: all diets work if calories are low enough and/or activity is high enough. But not all diets are healthy and most aren't sustainable. They do lead to fat loss, but it's your responsibility make the transition from "dieting" to everyday healthy and enjoyable eating. Your initial diet plan can't do that for you.

Tip: Insulin Sensitivity and Protein Pancakes | T Nation

The most important thing is to have a source of rapidly absorbed protein in there. Eggs (if you tolerate them) are likely the best choice. And you need some yolks to maximize growth and overall health. If someone is trying to gain maximum muscle, they might go with 3-5 whole eggs. And if they're leaning out maybe one whole egg along with 6-8 egg whites.

Tip: The Probiotic-Prebiotic You've Never Heard Of | T Nation

So you probably already know about the value of prebiotics, probiotic supplements, and eating fermented foods. But you're probably not eating dirt yet. Yes, dirt. More specifically, something called "soil-based organisms" or SBOs. Nope, this isn't hippy stuff. This is actually science-based stuff.

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Tip: Train Between Extremes | T Nation

This is dumb. The idea that "if some is good, more must be better" pervades the meathead community. A lot of lifters feel the need to beat the shit out of themselves day in and day out. In fact, most strong people go through a phase in their first few years of training where they treat every workout like it's their last and they refuse to take time off out of fear that they'll lose all their progress.

5 sex toys men shouldn't be afraid to buy or try

This small, stretchy vibrating penis ring is the perfect starter sex toy for the guy who may be intimidated by this type of stuff. And sure, The Pivot is great for use on your own—but its comfort and stability make it even better for use with a partner. It allows for a variety of positions, and your lady will love the hands-free clitoral stimulation it provides. "Most women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm," says Nelson. "Why not be hands-free—to use them for other things—while at the same time getting stimulation to the areas you need it most?"

Protein Cycling

P.W. Lemon, PHD, one of the world’s most reputable protein researchers, has often stated that muscle building occurs with a protein consumption of roughly 0.7 g per pound of bodyweight a day (140 g a day for a 200 pounder). If you consumed less than that on a daily basis, you probably wouldn’t make significant gains. Although 160 g might be enough protein for a 200-pound bodybuilder, FLEX still recommends 200 g for a trainer that size, just to be on the safe side.

6 full-body UFC workouts for strength, endurance, and fat loss

Strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance are cornerstones of a fighter's training regimen. Together they build the kind of athleticism that determines your downfall or your domination. And it’s not limited to the Octagon. Whether you’re traversing an obstacle course race or competing in an amateur CrossFit competition, you need to be well-rounded—you need muscle and agility, endurance and explosiveness.

The Best Bodyweight Exercises for Triceps

Looking to get that horseshoe shape in your triceps? To do it, you need to focus on all three heads: the lateral head, medial head, and long head. The good news is that you don't need heavy weights, or any weight at all for that matter, to strengthen and define your triceps. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises that are sure to exhaust your arm muscles—as well as call your core and other upper body muscles in on the action!

Transformation Tuesday: How one man lost 100 pounds in 6 months

He's been on both ends of the spectrum. In his early and mid-teens, he battled anorexia—only to then become obese in his early 20s. Eventually, Ramos got fed up with his appearance, tired of constantly buying bigger clothes, and was embarrassed that his belly was blocking the steering wheel—it was time for a quality change.

4 compound exercises that will forge massive biceps and triceps

Barbell curls.  Preacher  curls. Extensions. Pressdowns. On arms day, these are a few of our favorite things. But why do so many guys use single-joint isolation exercises for biceps and triceps, and then bombard larger muscle groups, such as the chest, back and quads, with an array of multi-joint moves that allow for more weight? Is it possible to use that same strategy on your arms? Justin Grinnell, C.S.C.S., owner of  State of Fitness , believes it is.


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Tip: Are Online Coaches Worth It? | T Nation

Online coaching has plenty of potential. But certain prerequisites should be established for it to work well. A lifter interested in hiring the services of an online coach needs to be self-motivated, disciplined, and ideally have a reasonable background of general exercise experience. Someone who doesn't possess these traits will be difficult to work with remotely. They need in-person coaching first.

Muscle & Performance on Twitter

We've found the 11 best dumbell exercises for building tons of lean muscle, strength and power.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Looking off into the distance is often easier for you farsighted Sagittarians than seeing something that's right in front of your nose. However, you might not get very far in your vision-questing while delusional Neptune squares the Sun in your 7th House of Partners. It's inadvisable to head out today without the company of a fellow traveler. Collaborating with a like-minded friend changes the energy now. Deepen your understanding by engaging in meaningful communication. Your presence in the present moment averts a developing power struggle in the future.

Tip: The Testosterone-Boosting Breakfast | T Nation

While it's often portrayed as the poster boy for bad eating, bacon is actually one of the healthiest foods. It's of course a protein source, but its nutrient density is almost unparalleled and its fat is benign, if not downright healthful. Nearly 50% of the "grease" it floats in as you cook it is oleic acid, which is the same stuff we worship in olive oil. The rest of the fat is mostly stearic acid, which is, yes, a saturated fat, but the body converts most of it into, again, oleic acid. And both bacon and eggs contain relatively large amounts of arachidonic acid, which, while pro-inflammatory in some instances, plays an important role in testicular production of testosterone.

Instagram post by Zach Even - Esh • Jul 19, 2017 at 12:24am UTC

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5 sex positions that burn serious calories

Any position in which you’re supporting some or all of her weight (as well as your own) is going to be a better workout than when you’re, well, not. The wheelbarrow position is sort of a modified doggy style: She puts her hands on the floor and you stand behind her, lifting her legs up and holding her ankles (her legs will be bent) so you can penetrate her from behind. And if you’re looking for something a little more challenging, you can adjust the angle of the wheelbarrow by getting into a squat position, Van Kirk says.

How to use dropsets to bulk up

We'll let you in on a little secret about training for muscle growth: Most of the old-school techniques you've seen bros doing in the gym your whole life have little to no science behind them. They were made up on the fly by lifting enthusiasts—not trained experts—and passed from generation to generation until they were universally accepted as unwritten rules.

The Ultimate Beginner 3-Day Full-Body Routine!

If you are a beginner the routine below is ideal for you. DO NOT imitate routines of advanced bodybuilders! You'll only grow LESS in MORE time! Combined with performance nutrition, smart and hard training and sufficient rest a "lean tissue" gain of 24-36 pounds is realistic in the first two years of consistent training.

10 Signs You're Bad in Bed and Don't Even Know It

The problem: You come home after thinking about sex all day and try to stick your penis in her right away. She, on the other hand, has not been thinking about sex. She’s been thinking about work, that squabble with her best friend, and what she’s making for dinner. She’s not warmed up, therefore she's not going to enjoy it. Fix it: “Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay—I can’t say it enough!” Morse says. You may be ready to go the second you get home, but you have to remember, sex is mostly mental for women. They have to be warmed up, physically and mentally. “Most women not only enjoy foreplay, but we need it in order to get aroused before actual intercourse,” Morse says. Foreplay can even start hours before you're through the door. Send her a text about how much you can’t wait to see her or how beautiful she looked this morning. Then when you get home kiss and caress her before you start taking her clothes off. Foreplay isn’t a suggestion; it’s a requirement for most women.

7 Less Common Sources of Muscle Building Protein

Greek yogurt is thicker because it's separated from much of the liquid and contains around double the protein of regular yogurt. You'll get a whopping 23g of protein per 8 oz serving. Plus you will be eating a low sugar alternative to regular yogurt while gaining friendly bacteria to help with digestion.

How To Squat: Proper Techniques For A Perfect Squat

Take a deep breath, contract your abs and descend. It should feel like you are sitting back on a chair behind you; not going straight down. Keep your knees in line with your feet. DO NOT LET YOUR KNEES BOW IN anytime during the lift! I have a Grade 1 knee sprain (MCL) from doing just this. Keep the load light enough so you won't do this and gradually build up. Many people say to try to keep your shin at a 90 degree angle to the ground. This is impossible with the regular stance squat and is only possible by a few using the wide-stance variety. Try to keep your knees from going out past your toes. Alter the width if need be. Most people can and should descend till their thighs are parallel to the ground. This is actually pretty low. A very small majority of people can't and may be better stopping just above parallel.

How Walter Fisher dropped 70 pounds, got below 10% body fat, and won a million-dollar bet

At an all-time low in his life, the professional poker player went all-in, accomplishing an unfathomable challenge to ditch his gluttonous ways and transform his physique in just six months.

Indian Rambo: Tiger Shroff Steps Into Sylvester Stallone's Role in Bollywood Remake

The new Rambo remake starring Tiger Shroff will follow "the last surviving member of an elite covert unit of the Indian Armed forces who returns home to discover a war waging in his own land. Forced into the dangerous jungles and frozen mountains of the Himalayas, he unleashes mayhem and destruction, becoming the unstoppable machine he was trained to be."

HIIT Your Abs For a Ripped Six-Pack

How do you lose that extra layer off your belly? I’m talking about that spare tire or the little bit of love that keeps hanging around the bottom of your stomach. Time to say goodbye to that unwanted fat on your stomach. Quickly get rid of your belly fat with this efficient and intense abs workout .

9 Best Exercises You're Not Doing

Grasp a relatively light Olympic barbell in a power rack with a very wide, overhand grip (aka snatch grip), with your feet shoulder-width apart, your back flat, and your chest out. Push press the bar overhead so you’re in a standing position, arms fully extended, shoulder blades squeezed together. The bar should be slightly behind your head, not directly over or in front of it. Maintaining this bar position, slowly squat down as if sitting on a stool, keeping your chest out, until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Press through your heels to stand back up to the start position.

Taking BCAAs does help build muscle—but don't stop there

Branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs, are leucine, isoleucine, and valine, and they are used to increase muscle mass and battle fatigue, but a  new study  published in  Frontiers in Physiology  has found that they may not work so well on their own. For the small study, researchers put 10 trained lifters through experiments where they downed a BCAA drink (5.6g) or placebo and did some one-rep max leg extensions and legs presses. They then took muscle biopsies and found that though the BCAAs did increase muscle protein synthesis rates by 22%, it didn’t compare to when a whey protein supp with a similar amount of BCAAs was taken. In that case, the muscle synthesis response doubled.

Increasing Strict Pull-Up Number

Calculate your pace/how long it takes you to do 30 pull-ups....add 50% to that time (let's say that doing 30 strict pull-ups took you 50 seconds it means 75 seconds)... at the end of EVERY workout hang from the pull-up bar for one set of that duration (75 sec in the example). Ideally work up to a point where you can use heavy added weight for that duration

Photo: This is what happens to your legs after 16 stages of the Tour de France

Photo: This is what happens to your legs after 16 stages of the Tour de France


Get the fitness tools you need with hall-of-fame supps from MusclePharm.

Emily Ratajkowski is Too Hot for Malibu

The beautiful model reveals plenty of skin at popular Southern California beach.

8 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout

“Most pre-workout supps are similar in that they contain caffeine and amino acids that’ll help your veins and arteries dilate to increase blood flow,” he explains. “Take it 30-minutes prior to your workout so by the time you’re in the gym you’re at the peak of its effects.”

16 Sex Positions to Try in 2016

Have your New Years resolutions already fallen by the wayside? Try replacing them with some resolutions you'll actually want to keep, like a resolution to get more creative in the bedroom. Sex therapist Vanessa Marin is here to share 16 sex positions you should try in 2016. You'll find detailed descriptions of each position, along with tips for taking the positions to the next level with sex toys, lube, fantasy roleplays, and more. Look through them with your partner and pick one position to try each month. Ranging from easy to acrobatic, romantic to raunchy, you're sure to find a new favorite position. Disclaimer: Always make sure your partner is comfortable and up for trying new things in your sex life, no matter what that may be.

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