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168 | Joe "Big House" Kenn | NFL Strength Coach & AWESOME Guy! • Zach Even-Esh

Photo Above. Throwback 2008!! _______________ STRONG Life Podcast Ep. 168 with Joe House Kenn. I am fired up to share this episode with my man BIG House, Joe Kenn! I love chatting about training and life with House. He pulls no punches, he gives you his honest answer, NO filter. His decades of experience make …

Film Review: Skyscraper Never Lets Up on Escalating Its B-Movie Thrills

The latest big-budget action spectacle built around Johnson is a perfectly self-aware piece of mid-summer cheese.

NJ Strength & Conditioning | Manasquan Strength & Conditioning | Scotch Plains Strength & Conditioning

Our track record of transforming and helping hundreds of athletes that have walked through these doors does not fit us into the Wal Mart of Athlete Strength & Conditioning.

170 | Zach & The Power Athlete Crew Discuss "Brace Your Core" • Zach Even-Esh

STRONG Life Podcast ep. 170 with Luke and Tex from Power Athlete HQ as we tackle, in depth, the topic of "brace your core". It's time to Get your learn on! I have always said, the art of coaching has MANY subtleties that are difficult to teach. It's so simple it's complicated. I began coaching …

Lift STRONG Fundraiser 2018: Navy SEAL Foundation + Leukemia & Lymphoma Society » NJ Strength & Conditioning | Manasquan Strength & Conditioning | Scotch Plains Strength & Conditioning

Since the day I opened the FIRST warehouse location of The Underground Strength Gym (2007) we’ve been holding an annual (sometimes bi-annual) Lift STRONG Fundraiser.

Jay trains delts at Olympia 1 Gym in Las Vegas.


The Ronline Report with Victor Martinez

In this episode of the Ronline Report, Victor Martinez covers: Is he retired? And why both the 2006 and 2007 Mr. O shows were bitter pills to swallow.

Getting bigger arms with average genetics | Ask Ron Ep. 51

Muscular Development's Ron Harris answers questions from the MD forum. In this episode, Ron covers: Getting bigger arms with average genetics. 

Safest and most dangerous steroids | Ask the Anabolic Doc Ep. 21

In episode 21 of Ask the Anabolic Doc, Dr. Thomas O'Connor talks about safest and most dangerous steroids, and best injection sites.

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1 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

Hair, Skin, & Nails by NLA for Her at - Best Prices on Hair, Skin, & Nails!

I am a long time sufferer of keratosis pilaris (aka kp). This is the technical term for the little red dots or bumps 40% of adults have on some scale. I have it on my legs and arms and I’ve tried every soap and lotion and exfoliator out there. I started taking biotin and thought I’d give this a try. I was taking it for about a week with the prescribed 2 capsule serving and noticed my skin got very dry and rough to the touch. I cut back on my second week to just 1 pill per day and was still having the same issue. I stuck with 1/day until I finished the bottle, just to see if I needed to adjust and give it a fair try (especially since I already paid for it). I no longer take them. The kp has remained the same and my skin recovered from the roughness I experienced while taking these. I will not be ordering these again. I’ll have to find something else to try.

RSP Nutrition TrueFit Lean Protein at - Best Prices on TrueFit Lean Protein!

I recently started lifting weights again and found that I needed more protein in my diet. I do not care for the chalky taste/texture of many powders but this one is quite lovely. I have tried mixing it with both water and almond milk and both are fantastic. Highly recommend this product although I have not tried the other flavors yet.

Big Bench, Big Chest: 5 Training Secrets | T Nation

Dips. Push-ups. Chin-ups. Get good at these! I couldn't care less about your bench press or your chest development if you can't even get on the parallel bars and bang out a solid, bodyweight set of deep dips without shaking like a leaf.

Everyone Should Use Creatine | T Nation

Despite little evidence to support their use, untold millions take multivitamins every day. Contrast that with creatine. Laypeople categorize it as a steroid and something used only by guys who always smell like a gym sock, but there's plenty of evidence that regular people could benefit from it.

The Best Damn Workout Plan for Natural Lifters, Part 2 | T Nation

Go lighter for more duration and do the carries last in the workout. This way they won't have a negative impact on the other exercises due to fatigue. Sets lasting 45-60 seconds with a moderate weight would be your best option. Do 3-4 of these sets, all with pretty much the same moderate weight. If you're in good condition, a 1:1 work-to-rest ratio is optimal.

8 Kai Greene Academy - Membership

Tip: The Bodyweight Squat Test | T Nation

There are a lot of strength tests out there, many unrealistic. But here's one that you and everyone else should be able to pass.


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Platinum Multivitamin | MuscleTech

I've been using the Platinum Multivitamins for well over a year now and I've been very satisfied. They are a great blend of vitamins, minerals, and aminos (which many men's vitamins don't contain). The pills dissolve well after ingestion so I've never had an issues with an sort of after taste or reflux. The price is very reasonable for a 30-day supply of a high-quality product.

Tip: The Best Hour of the Day | T Nation

Different hours of the day are more productive than others. A one-hour shift in your day can give you a more productive hour that normally would've been squandered watching TV, eating unwanted snacks, or trolling the internet.

Eddie does Michael

This refers to this blogpost: Did you ever hear the LP The Jacksons Live!, recorded in September, 1981, for the Triumph tour? This is one of those CDs that when I finally heard it—which was only last June—I wondered, How come no ones ever mentioned this to me?! How come Ive never seen this on any Great Live LPs lists?! If I had known about this, I would have been listening to it regularly for the last three decades! Tomorrow Ill write more about the LP itself, but today I want to draw attention to one song: Shes Out of My Life. Many people my age reading this remember Eddie Murphys 1983 Delirious special on HBO. It was incredibly influential—for better or worse—on all of my peers (were still screaming, The Ice Cream Man is coming!!!!), and his bit on Michael Jackson helped formed the basis of our opinion of Michael in the 80s. Well, now after hearing this live LP from the Jacksons, Im fairly certain this is what Eddie used as the basis of his impersonation. When I heard Michael sing this song, I had a major shock, one of those moments where something from you youth finally makes sense, when all the pieces fall into place.

Get Jacked, Not Skinny Fat | T Nation

What's going on here? Think of it as the law of diminishing returns – the more you do something the less good it does for you. Every exposure to that stimulus yields a smaller and smaller favorable result. Your body gets less of a growth signal from your high-volume, hypertrophy-focused training, and you grow less in response to your high-calorie diet.

15 122- Dr. Beau Hightower- The UFC’s Top Doc on Avoiding Injury

Joining us today is Dr. Beau Hightower, the Director of Sports Medicine for Jackson/Wink MMA.  Dr. Hightower is known for keeping Jackson/Wink’s fighters in amazing health, they haven’t had a preventable injury drop out in his 3 years there.  Ben and Beau dive into best practices to prevent injury, Dr. Hightower’s unique approach to treat injuries and how he deduces what modality he should use for individual ailments. This episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic Mushrooms.  Use code Muscle to receive 15% off your Four Sigmatic order and through July 20th, 2018 you can receive an additional 10% off of the reduced prices for Four Sigmatic’s retiring blends. Highlights You should avoid stretching pre training.  Instead use light foam rolling of contributing muscles. Dynamic warmup with light weights before lifting heavy. The evolutionary reason why certain muscles seem to always be tight. How Dr. Hightower keeps his athletes healthy and ready to fight. Time Stamp 5:30 - Mitigating overuse injuries- Assessing contractile ability through AROM is key, from there Dr.

Reeves Deadlift: The Classic Lift Upgraded | T Nation

Reeves was known for having an incredible V-taper and massive upper back that was so visually stunning that he was cast as Hercules in several films. Although he used many upper back exercises in his workouts, a significant part of his Herculean physique can be attributed to the Reeves deadlift.

Tip: The T-Shirt Bench Press | T Nation

It's not quite a paused bench, but it might be better in terms of developing the bench press because of the control you're forced to apply when lowering it and at the chest. Be as explosive as you can on the concentric or lifting phase of the rep, but within reason.

86 Joon - "Kurt (Po' Up)" [Official Video]

New Song from 86 Joon titled “Kurt (Po'Up)” slated for the release of the 86EP or upcoming album coming soon. produced by GS the Genius shot/directed/edited by AddEmUp Follow

Tip: A Hidden Cause of Low T | T Nation

This type of dysfunction is one of the most complicated to fix due to the fact that the brain is the source of so many hormonal cascades. That means that a simple cycle of testosterone cypionate probably won't be enough to fix this serious issue. You'll need to find a doctor who's been specially trained for this type of breakdown.

20 Twitter

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USPA National Powerlifting Championships | Day 2 - Blue Platform

Cheer on all of the competitors at the USPA National Powerlifting Championships. ► Shop Bodybuilding Signature Supplements: ► Watch Red Platform: ► Premium Fitness Plans: | Powerlifting Meet Details Details | Date: Friday, July 13, 2018 Competitors: Women (KG): 75, 82.5, 90, 90+ & Men (KG): 52, 56, 60, 67.5 Location: Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas, NV ► Roster: | Title Sponsor | ► Kinda Fit Kinda Fat: | Supporting Sponsors | ► ► Iron Rebel: ► Granite Supplements: ► Inzer Advance Systems: ► Ivanko Barbell: | Visits the USPA | ► United States Powerlifting Association: ► USPA Apparel: | Follow the USPA | ► Instagram: ► USPA Facebook:

Terry Hollands Giants Live Britain's strongest man 2018 tshirt | eBay

Details about   Terry Hollands Giants Live Britain's strongest man 2018 tshirt

Tip: Reps & Techniques for Size Gains | T Nation

This is a great way to get a good pump and build muscle on the heels of your strength training. In fact, one recent study found that when you perform an exercise to failure with loads of 30% of your 1 rep max (very light, 20+ reps) it's nearly as effective as using loads of 80% of your 1 rep max. So when you train isolated muscle groups, do the exercise until you can't do it any longer. You'll get the pump of your life.

24 Twitter

And yeah, and am a scientist, and I am pretty confident I am more able to interpret the data than you. Also, you instantly failed to realize that I was denigrating Taubes with the modicum commentary. I know it’s Twitter, but come on.


Mentzer attributed much of his success to his unusual training methodology that took Arthur Jones's theories multiple steps further by reducing training volume and frequency to inordinately low levels. For instance, Mentzer was known for having many of his advanced bodybuilders train only once every 4-7 days with only 1 max effort set to failure on a handful of exercises. Additionally, Mentzer was known for asserting his beliefs that the traditional volume approach that many bodybuilders were (and still are) using, contributed to more failed physiques and training stagnation than any training methodology in existence.

mike O'Hearn & Mark Bell lunge for 10 minutes straight

A savage leg workout finishing up with walking lunges for 10 minutes straight

EliteFTS Power Bar Review

Snap rings are good for some types of bars and not for others. As an example, I have seen the snap rings fly out on low end weightlifting bars when dropped with as little as 225 from overhead. Pinned bars are better for this. A snap ring bar is fine for Powerlifting, and might be a better choice as you can easily disassemble the bar in about 3 minutes with a pair of snap ring pliers. This allows you to clean and lubricate the revolving ends if you choose to do so, and you should. An hour or so once every year or two cleaning and lubing your bars will extend their life by years.

EliteFTS on Instagram: “#Repost @grossettiperformance with @get_repost ・・・ Yes, growth is uncomfortable 🌋”

Flex Wheeler ® | Official 💍 on Instagram: “My last pizza extravaganza with my little princess before she heads back to California. Mix feelings ❤️💔❤️💔❤️💔❤️💔😢”

30 Official Muscular Development Magazine

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Snatch Pillar #1 | Start Position |

Max Aita kicks off our newest series, Pillars of Snatch Technique, with a tutorial of finding the best start position for you.  Check out our other series, including: Squat: Bench: Deadlift: Sumo Deadlift: Train with Team Juggernaut: Use JUGG for 10% off from Virus Intl: Get great tasting, prepared food from Trifecta: Find A Qualified Sports Med Practitioner Near You: Check out my new book: Learn more at: Shop JTS gear at:

Forget Stretching—Lifting Weights Is More Effective for Increasing Flexibility

Ditch the archaic warm-ups and static stretching sessions in favor of movement-based preparation. Research shows that not only are dynamic warm-ups preferable for performance, the simple act of lifting develops flexibility and builds muscle at the same time.

33 Back & Blood Flow Restriction Biceps Workout | Mike Hildebrandt

Change up your normal back and biceps workout to include blood flow restriction training. This BFR workout will add some size to your arms and give you a nasty pump. ► Shop Dymatize Supplements: ► Premium Fitness Plans: ► Shop Bodybuilding Signature Supplements: | Mike Hildebrandt's Back and BFR Biceps Workout | 1. Deadlift: 4 sets, 10 reps 2. Lat pull down: 4 sets,10 reps 3. Single arm row: 3 sets, 15 reps 4. Dumbbell pull over: 3 sets, 15 reps 5. Superset a. Straight arm pull down: 2 sets, 20 reps b. Seated cable row: 2 sets, 20 reps 6. Incline dumbell curl: 4 sets, 10 reps 7. Cable EZ bar BFR: 4 sets, 30,15,15,15 x 2 | Follow Mike Hildebrandt | ► YouTube: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: | Mike Hildebrandt's Favorite Supplements | ► PRE W.O.: ► ISO100 Protein: ► All 9 Amino: ► Amino Pro: ► Creatine Micronized: https://bbcom.

The 45 Degree Raise for Glutes | T Nation

To progress it, add bands. Begin bent over a hyper machine with the band held around the back of the neck. Extend to a straight position and hold for 3 seconds. Lower under control and repeat for 3 sets of 6 reps. No band? Hold a plate or dumbbells.

Tip: The Truth About Cortisol, DHEA, and Test | T Nation

This is where I'm supposed to write something about how our current "high stress" culture is killing you. Let's be real though, times are probably easier now than they've ever been in history. You don't have saber-toothed tigers chasing you, and you're probably not gonna be storming any beaches under machine gun fire in the next few months. Your physiology isn't so fragile that it'll get broken by an overloaded email inbox.

Sunday Training Session at the elitefts S5 Compound |

Sunday Training Session at the elitefts S5 Compound |

Animal Pak | Universal Nutrition

Warnings: This product is not for use by anyone under the age of 18. This is a potent bodybuilding supplement. Do not take this if you have or are at risk for any medical condition or disease. Please consult with a physician before using this product, especially if you are using any prescription drug, over-the-counter medication, or supplements. Immediately discontinue use if any side effects occur. Keep out of reach of children. Athletes should consult with their sanctioning authority before use. Do not exceed recommended dose. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Long term intake of this amount of vitamin B6 may lead to mild tingling and numbness. This amount of calcium and phosphorous may cause mild upset stomach in sensitive individuals. Long term intake of this amount of zinc may lead to anemia. Don’t exceed two packs daily. This product not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.

Seminar 2017 Mike O'Hearn parts 1-4 - YouTube

Slow Down ✅ | Live in The Moment | Part 4/4 Mike O'Hearn Seminar

Swedish Bodybuilder Joar Fällmar | Life of Iron

Joar Fällmar from Jönköping Sweden established his roots in the iron game early on in powerlifting and then transitioned to classic bodybuilding. ► Shop GASP Clothing & Accessories Supplements: ► Premium Fitness Plans: In the fast paced, ever evolving world of social media and bodybuilding vs classic bodybuilding one thing remains the same - accomplishing goals in this arena is done with laser focus and no compromises. | GASP Tee's & Tank Tops | ► Basic Utility Tee: ► HL Yoke Tee: ► Long Sleeve Thermal Hoodie: ► Ribbed T-Back Tank: ► Standard Issue Tee: ► The Sequel Tee: ► Throwback Sleeveless Tee: | GASP Pants & Shorts | ► #1 Mesh Pants: ► #1 Mesh Shorts: ► Jersey Training Pants: ► No. 89 Mesh Pants: ► Pro Mesh Shorts: https://bbcom.

40 John Hansen

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Drink This, Not That! | T Nation

As far as bottled water regulation in general, the big problem stems from the fact that while the EPA regulates tap water, the FDA oversees bottled. Further, the FDA oversight doesn't apply to water bottled and sold in the same state, which leaves upwards of 60 to 70% of water totally unregulated.

42 John Hansen

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Short of just putting too much damn weight on the bar, most people miss lifts because they are not present in the moment. Contrary to what most think, powerlifting is a very cerebral sport. Sure, we have all seen some lifters scream their brains out or bang their heads go on to make a good lift. However, during my past four decades of powerlifting competition experience, more often than not, these raving lunatics miss lifts. You just don't see those misses, because people don't often post their misses on social media. That's even truer if they were acting like a jackass before the attempt.

MuscleTech Gronk Signature Protein Candy Bar at - Best Prices on Gronk Signature Protein Candy Bar!

I really wanted to like this bar. Unfortunately, I found it extremely gritty, and the taste left so much to be desired. I actually threw it away after eating only half of it because I did not want to waste my calories. The coating on the bar had also completely adhered to the inside of the wrapper, leaving a mess that was very difficult to eat. I have over 5 different brands of protein bars at my house currently, both with and without chocolate coatings, and none of these have stuck to the inside wrapper, so it is not a matter of the temperature in my house melting the chocolate. I also have one of the caramel flavored ones of this brand, which I will try at a later date. Hopefully, it will be better than the chocolate, although I am not holding high hopes for it.

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47 Official Muscular Development Magazine

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The Perfect Carb for Lifters | T Nation

If carbs in general are the enemy, why aren't the Japanese the fattest, most diabetic and unhealthy population on the planet? After all, their starch intake via root vegetables and white rice is off the charts. Obviously, that's not the case.


It’s been said that the best workout is the one you’re not doing, emphasizing the point that to achieve your goals in the weightroom you have to experiment with a variety of training methods. Get off to a good start by trying one of these three workouts, and then become a student of the Iron Game and find out what arm exercises and training methods work best for you!

Massive Eating - Part 1 - Biotest

TEF is the amount of calories that it takes your body to digest, absorb, and metabolize your ingested food intake. This makes up about 5 to 15% of your total daily calorie expenditure. Since the metabolic rate is elevated via this mechanism 10 to 15% for one to four hours after a meal, the more meals you eat per day, the faster your metabolic rate will be. This is a good thing, though. It's far better to keep the metabolism high and eat above that level, than to allow the metabolism to slow down by eating infrequently. Protein tends to increase TEF to a rate double that of carbs and almost triple that of fats so that's one of the reasons why I'm a big fan of protein meals.

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