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Ready The Relish: It’s National Hot Dog Day

Whether you support ketchup, relish, or mustard, we can all get behind Nat'l Hot Dog Day.

Craig Capurso's 14 Tips For Bigger Legs -

Overcome poor leg development with IFBB physique pro Craig Capurso's incredible array of training tips and his unorthodox approach to leg day!

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The Legendary 13: Part 2

What makes something great? You can’t plan it. You can’t predict it. It just happens.  In bodybuilding, Joe Weider's Olympia is the ultimate proving ground. With the 50th Mr. Olympia looming on the horizon, we pick up where we left off with Part 1 and look at the remaining 13 men who seized the opportunity of a lifetime, immortalized their names, and in the process, helped us remember that greatness endures.

Real People, Real Results: The Total Life Transformation - Born Fitness

It forced her, amazingly, to eat healthy foods. “If I ate something that was made with chemicals, it tasted disgusting to me, like a filthy ashtray or a science experiment. I ended up with a bizarre craving for spinach. I couldn’t get enough of it. Even though chemo is the nastiest thing in the world, it gave me clean eating that my body craved. So I ended up with an appreciation for clean eating that I never had before.”

Mike Quick Swick on Twitter

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday, July 23, 2015 - You are inspired to climb up onto your soapbox and rhapsodize on the virtues of liberty and justice today. You could slip right into playing the role of a modern-day Socrates because of your natural philosophical orientation. It's perfectly fine to share your lofty ideas as long as you don't believe you're the only one who has the exclusivity on the truth. Don't suck all the oxygen out of the room. Give everyone the breathing room to respond with their opinions, too. Never forget that you can learn something valuable from every person you encounter.

Get A Grip

Hook In this variation of a closed grip, the thumb is angled inward on the bar, and the index and middle fingers are placed on top of it (and the bar); the other two fingers are wrapped around the bar as usual. The thumb works harder than in a closed or thumbless grip, and the index and middle finger apply pressure to both the thumb and the bar. Olympic lifters favor this grip. At first, it’ll probably feel less secure and more painful, but with practice, the thumb-finger interaction makes this a strong hold.

Beat the Pain

My personal belief is this could be the main culprit in a lot of the nagging injuries we all have.  Obviously lifting heavy no matter what is going to produce "wear-n-tear" but we can slow it down by eating the right things. I'm known for having bad elbows and inflamed tendons.  Since making these small switches in my diet and increasing my fish oils, I've noticed a marked improvement in my tendonitis and lifting feels much better.

6 Times Stringer Bell Taught Us All We Needed To Know About Business

The Wire ‘s Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) was a ruthless drug kingpin who snatched lives when he had to, ordered the torture of a rival’s lover, and laid with another man’s woman while he was plotting his demise. He wasn’t a good guy, but of course, there’s that other side to the man. The enterprising young businessman, working in the shadows to step up in the world of Baltimore real estate and business by making the right friends and greasing the right palms — all while trying to inject a little bit of economic theory and practicality into the vicious Baltimore drug wars. You can say a lot of things about Stringer Bell, but you can’t say that he wasn’t ambitious or driven, and despite the illegal bend of his actions, there’s a lot to be learned about his business approach by watching his scenes on The Wire (which you can stream on HBO Now )

The Titan of the Fitness World Says He's All Natural

If classmates wondered about him at 16, the rest of the world’s been wondering about him—and eager to knock him down a peg—ever since he appeared as Thor on the first run of American Gladiators in the early ’90s. Many of O’Hearn’s cast mates later admitted to using steroids, thus implicating him by association. But O’Hearn always maintained that he was natural, even though he was bigger and stronger than his juiced-up colleagues. When he went on to become the only member of the original cast to appear in the 2008 reboot—this time as Titan, and in even better shape—it made you scratch your head even more.

The Beginner's Foolproof Guide To Six-Pack Abs -

Building your abs requires more than just nailing the best exercises. Here's how to build up your six-pack musculature while chiseling your midsection!

Build a Set of Monstrous Quads with our "Quad Thrust" Routine

Start with a moderate weight that you can handle for at least 15 reps. Varying your foot position will allow you to hit your quads from a variety of angles. Keep your back against the pad during the full movement; don't risk injury to your lower back by rolling your tailbone under as you lower the weight. Lower the weight slowly, then push through your heels on the upward portion of the movement. The pace should be slow and controlled on the way down and explosive on the way up. Consider pyramiding up in weight for each set, but make sure to get at least 10 reps.

4 Bodyweight Finishers

Since muscle failure is one of the keys to muscle growth , most lifters like to finish their workout with a few exercises that allow for higher reps. This technique can increase blood flow to target muscles, break down additional fibers and instigate protein synthesis. But after a while, the selections tend to grow stale: flyes on chest day, straight-arm pulldowns on back day, leg extensions for quads. Yawn. Why not spice up your playlist with some challenging bodyweight moves ? These exercises test your mettle and provide greater functional finish than you can find at the cable station.

The Butcher

Today you will train hamstrings and calves.  Among hardcore trainers and rows of underused equipment, you’ll do 15 sets for hamstrings and nine for calves while being observed by an inquiring FLEX scribe and a tireless FLEX photographer. You live for this. You are Jay Cutler.

Summer Shred Workout

Summer is here, and there are no more excuses. lucky for you, in just four weeks you’ll be able to take your shirt off, hit the beach, and be damn proud of the way you look.

Bottled Water is as Fattening as Soda

When I first saw the title I thought this was surely going to be crappy science. I mean water having calories and making people fat? Psh c’mon. The author has surprised me though with her discussion of BPA. I had no idea about BPA’s estrogenic activity and was shocked to see that it can worsen symptoms of menopause despite menopause itself being caused by a lack of estrogen. Again she makes another point of BPA being leeched out from a flight from France. I mean I have no idea how much is leeched out but I’m sure it’s bad! Water, as most scientific minds like the author know, is considered the “universal solvent” as it dissolves many compounds easily. This is why you never see plastics clogging up our waterways being an eyesore and by making this connection the author shows how easily bottled water dissolves the plastic it’s contained in, thus exposing us to BPA. The author’s arguement is further support by scientific authority Dr. Mercola, a man’s man of science. Dr. Mercola is so devoted to warning the public that he ignores all distractions in his life such as warnings from the FDA to cease activities or other scientific, peer reviewed research contradicting his ideas.

The 15 Most Important Exercises For Men

Every guy who’s into fitness has some methodology, piece of equipment, or program they like over anything else. Some like to circuit train every day, some follow bodybuilding protocols, and still others participate in any number of fitness trends and fads. However, there is a list of exercises that has withstood the test of time, and these moves have become staples in every serious lifter’s plan.

Fat-Free Mass Gains

One of the hardestnutrition programs to put together is a mass-gaining plan for the formerly fat guy or the person who continually wrestles with bodyfat. The problem: whenever the individual’s mass gains start to kick in, lo and behold, he starts to balloon up and add too much bodyfat. It’s a never-ending struggle and exercise in frustration.

7 Keys To Lifelong Strength Gain

Now in his mid-40s, Stan Efferding knows how to beast the weights and look the part. Here are his top tips for extending your strongman prime.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Rears in High Gear

Big, broad shoulders come in three parts. Don’t let lagging rear delts destroy your V-taper.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Nevermind the myths. Follow these 5 rules of fast fat loss.

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Rip it Good

There are many different types of “fat burner” supplements on the market, but perhaps the most popular and effective category is thermogenics. Thermogenics work by boosting the body’s metabolism. That is, you burn more calories during a given activity, even if you’re just sitting on your butt watching Pumping Iron again. Most products achieve this effect by increasing norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter that the nervous system releases; it is basically a form of adrenaline). Synephrine is one supplement that raises norepinephrine. Try doses of five to 20 milligrams (mg), from a standardized Citrus aurantium extract, once or twice daily for amaximum of 40 mg per day.

Five Hot Dogs That Aren't Too Hard on Your Body

Light a fire under the classic cookout staple with a host of healthy and tasty ingredient alternatives.

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The Best Swiss Ball Ab Workout

The Swiss ball gives some distinct advantages over other pieces of equipment or bodyweight  alone. It can extend the range of motion on the crunch, activating more ab muscle. It can also create instability, which forces your abs to contract harder to brace your body, and even serve as a source of resistance itself—like a weight—if you lift it. (Don’t think it’s heavy enough to give you a good workout? Try the V-up and pass on the next page and then tell us.)

5 Less Traditional Ways to Get a Killer Workout

Sure, gym standbys like barbells and dumbbells are among the top tools of the fitness trade—they’re standbys for a reason, after all. But even the most dedicated iron-pumper should mix it up on occasion. “The body is really good at adapting to repetitive stimulus,” says Jair Lee, CSCS, a performance specialist at EXOS training center in Phoenix, who trains international soccer teams and Olympic and collegiate athletes. “When you complement your training with alternative equipment, you stimulate different activation and recruitment patterns that will make the body adapt and get stronger.” These are five of Lee’s favorite alternative tools of the trade.


Fighter Diet is proud to offer superlative excellence in customer service and support to our global customer base. Our product lines are perpetually expanding and we welcome your inquiries for improvement. We value your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

Fighter Diet Deadlifts (advanced)

Pauline Nordin & Fighter Diet, I just wanted to say thank you for your DAILY inspiration and encouragement to all of us who buy your ebooks, and follow you on Facebook. I recently posted a picture on my Facebook and was shocked at how many positive comments I got, and disgusted at a couple females who thought “muscles” were gross, and even asked me what I was doing to get so defined, implying what? ! I was proud to say “FOLLOW FIGHTER DIET ”!!! At 45 years old I am THRILLED when folks at the gym think I am a “sister” to my 21 year old son who is a United States Marine! Haha I have 8 of your ebooks and am excited to get more as my financial situation improves. My favorites have been the butt bible 1 & 2 and deadlifts, but I love every single one I have gotten! J I have a

The Simple Running Trick to Avoid Knee Pain

Lean from your ankles, not hips, almost like you’re falling forward (think: skiers stance.) But, the best way to get in the right position—and protect your knees and other joints—is actually to shorten your stride length and take more steps per minute, says Metzl. Doing so will propel your body forward so you’ll get that lean naturally, without having to think about how you stand with ski poles. “It’s a lot easier to change how quickly your feet turn over than it is to change your body position, but it will get you a similar injury-prevention effect,” says Metzl. Plus, this simple trick can also make you a more efficient (read: faster) runner, per other research.

Mike O'Hearn & Sergi Constance - Chest Day At The Mecca

Chest day at The Mecca, Gold's Gym in sunny Venice, California with The Titan Mike O'Hearn and IFBB Pro Sergi Constance. Check out the video to see two aesthetic beasts go at it in the gym! Complete destruction! Surprise cameo by the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What Does Your Pee Say About Your Health?

What does your pee say about your health? More than you’d think. “Most of the variation in urine color has to do with a person’s hydration level and the subsequent concentration of urine,” says Phillip Pierorazio, M.D., Assistant Professor of Urology and Oncology, and Director of the Division of Testis Cancer at the James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute.

Improve Vascularity for an Impressive Look

Training for a pump can bring more blood flow to an area, which will make the veins in that body part more pronounced. Unfortunately, the effect is temporary. High rep, high volume training works better for bringing out vascularity. Lower rep, lower volume training has its place for building muscle but will do nothing to help you get a pump. Training for vascularity does not really exist. As stated earlier the only method to revealing your veins is to lower your body fat. Focus on training with progression and on building slabs of muscle. Being veiny doesn't really look appealing unless you have the muscle to back it up.

T NATION on Twitter

Suck it, Starbucks. Make these coffee shop cookies... with protein powder. Get the recipe: …

The Protein Smoothie Guide EVERYONE Can Follow -

With a powerful blender and a few basic guidelines, you'll be whipping and whirring your way to a variety of healthy, high-protein smoothies you can customize to your exact tastes and preferences! Sure, you can continue to buy the premade stuff in bottles, but making your own lip-smacking concoctions gives you full control over the ingredients, the nutrients, and the exact macros in each smoothie. Best of all, you can tailor them to your individual fitness goals.

5 Caffeine-Free Ways to Beat the Midday Slump

You’re staring at your computer monitor, watching your mouse cursor blink—it's taunting your efforts to focus. You try your hardest to zone in on your project, but before long, your eyes are falling to the hands of your watch and the staring contest resumes. It’s 3pm. You’re tired. Everyone’s tired. It’s the midday slump that lasts an eternity — but it doesn’t have to. And you don’t need to stick your head in the freezer for a quick jolt either.

M&F Iron Maiden: Hope Beel

We caught up with fitness coach Hope Beel who gave us the 411 on her favorite workout (glute day) and hobbies. Oh, she also had a bunch of pics to share.

Southpaw: A Fight Worth Paying For

Jake Gyllenhaal's down-and-out fighter Billy Hope makes Southpaw a worthy homage to classic boxing films.

High-Protein Lemon Berry Chia Yogurt - Born Fitness

The chia seed adds texture and is the richest plant source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fat. Not to mention, it’s a complete source of protein. Blueberries contain pterostilbenes, which make them a rich source of antioxidants and have shown potential to decrease the growth of cancer cells.

Ask Men's Fitness: What's A Good 30-Minute Lunch-Break Workout?

You don’t need to change the exercises you do in a typical workout, just the speed with which you do them. “When we move at top speed, we engage fast- and superfast-twitch muscles, which send a ‘fight or flight’ signal to the brain,” says Justin O’Connor, head trainer of the Under 20 Workout fitness program. “This engages the pituitary gland, which releases human growth hormones and speeds both muscle building and fat burning.”

SHOP: Training Camp with Hall of Famer Steve Goggins

At this training camp, you will have the opportunity to learn everything you need to be a better powerlifter. Steve Goggins will spend significant time on each of the three main lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift), and offer technical demonstration and hands-on coaching for a very limited number of attendees. This is an opportunity to work in an intimate setting with one of the greatest powerlifters of all time.

Forced-Rep Training

Most people don’t understand what a forced rep truly is. To them, it’s having someone assist with a rep when they begin to tire at the end of a conventional set. To me, a forced rep is one that’s performed when you are so completely fatigued that you can’t possibly complete another without assistance. It comes only after the body fails, not merely when it’s tired.

Dissecting Mark Wahlberg's Workouts

Mark Wahlberg is famous for his transformations; that is, his transformation from a Boston kid with eight siblings to a 90s rapper and underwear model to a clean-cut family man (and hugely successful movie star). The one thing that's been consistent through these incarnations? His toned, muscular body. With massive biceps, tight abs and a big chest, he embodies the ideal for many men.

Ketogenic Dieting: Frequently Asked Questions -

Weight is the most useless measure of success, especially for females. My girlfriend puts on 5-10 lbs through water retention during her menstrual cycle. Doesn't mean she gained fat. Did you weigh yourself under the same conditions? I put on 8-10lbs by the end of the day as compared to the morning through eating and drinking water throughout the day. Heck, I even wouldn't be surprised if the weight you put on was muscle! When Keto dieting, you need to track ketone levels if you are new to it to understand your body and if you have reached ketosis and track your body fat %. Seriously, stop using weight to measure success, it's basically useless and leads you to stress over nothing and give up on a diet which could have been great for you way too early. Try it for 6-12 weeks before abandoning it and you'll see great benefits :)

10 Ways CrossFit Is Different From Other Forms of Exercise

If CrossFit has a cult-like following, what’s making so many people drink the (Paleo approved) Kool-Aid? Basically, that CrossFit takes an approach to fitness that is different than what anyone else in fitness is doing. It steps up where other workouts fail, and, after every rep is said and done, is way more than a workout. Read on to learn the 10 ways CrossFit is different from every workout you’ve ever tried.

6 Things You Should Do After Every Workout

Get the most out of your training efforts by incorporating these practices into your post-workout regimen.

5 Best Power Moves for Every Body Part

You may be wondering, Why would anyone want to train solely for power? The answer lies in the research: Various studies in exercise science have shown that the more power you possess, the  stronger  you’ll be when it comes time to put some real weight on the bar, as  power and strength  go hand in hand. And the stronger you are for a one-rep max lift (1RM), typically the stronger you’ll be for an 8- or 10-rep max. This, of course, translates directly to muscle growth. That said, the following five exercises are the best in the business for maximizing muscular power, which will in turn boost strength and size. Now who said power training was counterintuitive?

It's a HIIT: Intense Cardio Puts Your Fat to Good Use

Young individuals in the study either completed a moderate-intensity exercise or a high-intensity exercise before ingesting a fat-packed milkshake. The results: 25 minutes after completing moderate-intensity cycling, there was less of a decline in blood vessel function after consuming the shake. But in just eight minutes for the high-intensity cycling group, there was not only a preventitive fall in blood vessel function but also a significant improvement in overall blood vessel function that was greater than the moderate-intensity exericse group.

John Cena Cranks Out the Cleans

Watch as the WWE superstar powers through a workout.

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad - Born Fitness

Don’t remove carbs from your diet. Find better options like this quinoa-based dish to fuel your body.  The blandness in your diet can usually be blamed on one of three things: a lack of time, creativity, or variety. An easy way to solve all three issues: a good side dish, which can be added to almost...

Real World Training

When it comes to keeping fit for better performance on the job, it’s everyday guys like these that best demonstrate the importance of being in peak physical condition. From pulling people out of burning buildings, to chasing down bad guys, to working on their feet up to 16 hours a day, these men demand a lot from their bodies.

The Perfect Penis According to 105 Women

New study had women rate eight "factors"—you'll be surprised where length falls on the list.

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