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3 Technical Tips for Big Benches

Mike Tyson Releases New Knockout Reel

The former champ's latest compilation video features his greatest hits.

Pre-show Interviews Part 1 | NPC USA 2015

Team MD's David Baye catches up with super-heavyweight Jon Ward, welterweight Jovann Rushing & bantamweight Mark Sindayen just after the athlete check-ins at the 2015 NPC USA's.

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2015 USA Interviews Blair Mone

2015 USA Interviews Blair Mone

5 Reasons to Go See 'Southpaw'

Jake Gyllenhall’s latest tour de force performance is one of several good things going on in this flick.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015 - You're not in the mood for company now but retreat isn't an option when there are so many demands being made on your time. You need to be at the top of your game mentally, not just for your benefit but also for everyone who depends on you. Keep your eyes and ears wide open. Staying in the communication loop today will pay off over the weekend when social activities bring you the satisfaction you seek. Sacrifice your solitude if you want to maintain your credibility amongst your peers.

Best Moves for Building Big, Nasty Traps

Take a look at any accomplished Olympic lifter and you will see the effect the clean has on the traps. The clean works the traps in a couple different ways; during the first pull you want a tight upper back. This is accomplished by squeezing your scapulae together. Scapular retraction is a great lower/mid trapezius exercise. In addition, during the second pull of the clean, a shrug motion is performed completing your full extension, working the upper part of the trapezius muscle. If cleans are not something you want to take the time to learn, start by doing high pulls.

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Best Exercises For Huge, Chiseled Hamstrings

Bring up underdeveloped and stubborn hamstrings with these exercises

11 Best Supplements for Mass

Without a doubt, you can add muscle simply by eating right and lifting weights. But to truly maximize your growth potential, supplements are a requirement. Hence, we've compiled a rundown of the 11 best mass-gain supplements on which to spend your hard-earned cash. They're listed in order of priority, from the absolute most critical, can't-do-without supplements to the less crucial yet still highly effective ingredients for packing on size. The point is to help those on a tight budget decide which supplements to buy. If money is no object, then by all means knock yourself out and use them all as directed. Because after all, as far as we're concerned, you can never have too much muscle.

Ronnie Coleman vs. Jay Cutler

Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler's epic battles established their rivalry as the greatest of the past generation. But just because these two legends share 12 Sandows between them doesn't mean they shared the same training philosophies. Here we break down the differences (and similarities) of their training methods.

Celebrating the Journey

My journey as a bodybuilder began 5 years ago in 2010 where I first competed in the NPC Battle on the Coast where I won the Heavy Weight class and the Overall for the show and then the NPC MidFlorida Muscle Classic where I won the Heavy Weight Class.  It is safe to say that after going to shows for many years and to finally compete in one that I was hooked and realized I wanted to succeed in this sport.  In 2011 I competed in the NPC Hurricane Bay where I won the Heavy Weight class and the Overall and then made the 1st call out in the Heavy Weight class at the Southeastern USA.  I took 2012 off from competing so that I could put on some size and also pursue another goal of becoming a firefighter.  After conquering that goal and then going on to get hired on by the City of Eustis, Florida I was able to refocus back on competing.  So in 2013 I competed in the NPC Battle on the Coast where I won the Heavy Weight over 35 and the Masters overall classes and then competed in the Team Universe that same year where I made 1st call out in the Heavy Weight over 35 class.  Last year I competed in the NPC MidFlorida Muscle Classic where I won the over 40 and open for the Heavy Weight class as well as the Masters overall and Overall for the show, made the 1st call out at Team Universe in the Heavy Weight over 35 and over 40 classes and then competed in the Heavy Weight class over 35 and over 40 at the North American Championships.

The Complete 4-Week Beginner's Workout Program

In the fourth and final week of the program, you’ll train four days in a four-way split that hits each bodypart just once (except for calves and abs, which are each trained twice). Four-day splits are common among experienced lifters because they involve training fewer bodyparts (typically 2–3) per workout, which gives each muscle group ample attention and allows you to train with higher volume. As you’ll see, chest and triceps are paired up, as are back with biceps and quads with hamstrings, each a very common pairing among novice and advanced bodybuilders. Shoulders are trained more or less on their own, and you’ll alternate hitting calves and abs — which respond well to being trained multiple times per week — every other workout. No new exercises are introduced in Week 4 so that you can focus on intensity in your workouts instead of learning new movements.

Science Behind the Supps: Performance Series

If you’re planning to lean out in time for summer, make sure you have a strategic supplementation plan that will effectively melt fat off your body while helping you maintain a pump in the gym. A fat burner and pre-workout will be your foundation, followed by a trio of supps that will work to preserve that hard-earned muscle mass. The musclebuilding trilogy will take your fitness to new heights: expediting protein synthesis, boosting strength, and increasing energy levels. An effective yet simplistic plan is the real strategy for a summer shred.

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5 Keys to Bigger Legs

Skip the heavy leg extensions and leg curls, our bodies weren’t designed to flex and extend our knees while in hip flexion (seated position). Doing heavy weights on these machine-based exercises can cause both structural issues such as patellar tendonitis as well as muscular imbalances, either of which will set you back weeks from your goals. Instead, get your heavy work done with functional movements like the squat and deadlift . These two exercises should be the cornerstone of any leg routine. Focus on correct technique on these exercises and your legs will start to change before your eyes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Answers Your Cardio Questions

Never forget that your heart is the strongest muscle of all.

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The Two-Move Shoulder Workout

The reasons to develop big, broad shoulders are twofold. On one hand, big shoulders complete an athletic look and may even make your waist appear slimmer. On the other hand, every competitive sport, especially during block situations in football, requires shoulder strength to some extent.

6 Sweet Nighttime Protein Treats -

For those times when you're craving the classic combination of sweet cocoa and fruit, reach for this recipe. It's a tasty, pre-bedtime snack that's a favorite of fitness athlete Melih Cologlu, and it's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. As an added bonus, the bite-size slices of banana make portion control easy when you're feeling tempted to devour the entire pot.

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White rice is better for lifters than brown. Here's why: … (See no. 3)

The Breakdown Training Protocol

Bodybuilding circles encompass two vocal groups: one that advocates high reps and lighter weight, and another that asserts, “Go heavy or go home.” The high-rep group seems to worship the almighty pump, while the heavy trainers seem to view the pump as temporary satisfaction for hedonistic mirror monkeys. Like most things in life, things are not black or white. But this isn’t dating, so there is no reason you have to be exclusive. To maximally develop a muscle a holistic approach is required. This means high reps, low reps, heavy and light weight. Science Speaks A recent study out of Japan showed that when a back-off set of 20 reps was added to a regimen of 5 sets of 5 reps, muscle hypertrophy gains were 8% greater than with a stand-alone 5x5 regimen. Increased strength gains were also noted. Another recent study showed that muscle hypertrophy gains from a powerlifting and bodybuilding regimen were virtually identical. In other words, you need to mix it up to make gains. The Wisdom of Fred Hatfield My mentor, Dr. Fred Hatfield, aka “Dr.

Your Bodybuilding Dream

Are you delusional or realistic about your physique goals?

The Perfect Number of Sets for Weight Lifting

For six months, Brazilian Navy cadets took a break from regular boot camp workouts to conduct a weight-training experiment, doing either one, three, or five sets per exercise, and tracking strength gains. Result: The five-setters earned significantly more muscle mass than the other two groups, and upped their five-rep max more as well, The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research reports. The findings back the “five sets/five reps” model that trainer Don Saladino, co-owner of NYC’s Drive495 gym, uses for big lifts like the bench press and squat. But for unilateral movements like side lunges and one-legged squats, do just two to three sets, to promote athleticism, he says: “You aren’t doing it to build muscle mass.”

A WOD with the Champ

We've got some brave editors here at Men's Fitness. Not always smart, but certainly brave. I am one of them. So I'll take the credit—or blame—for volunteering to jump in a CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) with 2014 CrossFit Games women's champion Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet. At 5'2", 125 pounds, the 25 year-old Canadian-born athlete has earned the title "Fittest Women on Earth" with her incredible strength and gymnastic ability. CBL, who works out twice-a-day, three times a week, earned her first CrossFit title last August at CrossFit Games in Carson, Calif. She did all that while still completing her degree in chemical engineering.

Salt Shake Up

Sodium has about the worst reputation of any element on the Periodic Table, especially for bodybuilders. Is this bad rap justified? Not even close. You might think sodium is bad for a bodybuilder because it causes water retention. Plus, no less than the Institute of Medicine and the American Heart Association tell you that the less salt and sodium you have in your diet, the better. Here’s the problem with accepting every report from mainstream media groups: they don’t take into account the needs of hardcore bodybuilders.  The IOM recommends 2,300 milligrams and the AHA recommends less than 1,500 mg per day for people aged 19–50. Believe it or not, these recommendations could actually be dangerous. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that the National Dietary Guidelines suggested avoiding all fats, even those from nuts and olive oil, a recommendation that’s since been reversed. Could they be making the same mistake with sodium? We think so. 1 - SODIUM VS. SALT  Although often used interchangeably, sodium and salt are not the same thing. Technically speaking, salt is sodium attached to chloride, and salt is only about 40% sodium.

The 360-Degree Shoulder Workout

Just about every Muscle & Fitness reader knows that to  build cannonball delts , you need to start with heavy presses followed by an isolation exercise for each of the three deltoid heads. Astute readers even cycle the order in which they train each deltoid head from one workout to the next, knowing that the move that comes first will be trained harder as energy levels and focus are higher earlier in the workout. This workout takes that training philosophy one step further for hardcore gains. After a pair of  compound moves , you'’ll do two shoulder exercises back-to-back for the targeted deltoid head (Shoulder Workout No. 1 focuses on the front head, Workout No. 2 the middle and Workout No. 3 the rear delt head). The first of the "focused delt" moves is done just slightly heavier than what you may be accustomed to for three sets of eight reps, followed by a machine move where you just have to push a weight, not balance it,— for that same delt head. You'’ll also be doing drop sets on each set of the machine move. Finish off with exercises for each of the remaining delt heads done for straight sets, and don'’t forget to rotate workouts next time you train shoulders.

5 Fast Bodyweight Workouts For Weight Loss

Outside of sheer convenience, there are other reasons to add this type of training in to your routine: “Bodyweight workouts are great if you want to give your body a rest from heavy lifting or just to switch your program up,” says Rodocoy. While great for bulking up quickly, heavy lifting isn’t exactly gentle on your muscles and joints. So, a little low impact work—that still gets you serious results—can ensure you stay injury-free and healthy.  So You're Thinking About Having A Cheat Day >>>

Men Behaving Badly

Let’s be honest, men tend to be more concerned than women with how much weight they can lift — way more concerned. And while going too heavy is common on many exercises, no move is loaded more excessively than the bench press. This can spell trouble not only in the form of injuries (particularly to the shoulder and elbow joints) but also in unrealized gains in size and strength. Here’s why: When you go too heavy, rep counts are greatly diminished — meaning sets of five or six reps with a given weight instead of eight to 12. The latter rep range is the sweet spot for promoting hypertrophy (muscle size), which goes hand in hand with strength. So while you may think you’ll grow stronger pressing the heaviest weight possible every bench day, a chronic plateau is the more likely outcome.

Ben Pakulski Leg Training with MI40 Nation Members

Ben Pakulski Leg Training with MI40 Nation Members - - If you are looking for the proper training split to build muscle, see how IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski builds big muscle through the best and NEWEST 40 day program design routine in his MI40 Xtreme 2.0 program: Don't miss any Ben Pakulski workout or Ben Pakulski training tips by subscribing to the channel: And "LIKING" the fanpage here:

How to Naturally Raise Your HGH Levels

Panic over the loss of HGH—and greed for its aesthetic and performance-enhancing benefits—has led some to procure synthetic samples of it illegally. The only way to add more HGH to your body is by injection, and receiving such injections without a doctor’s prescription is banned in the U.S. “As a result of a federal law passed by Congress in 1990, HGH is the only drug in America that cannot be prescribed off-label,” says attorney Rick Collins, author, former bodybuilder, and the nation’s foremost legal authority on performance-enhancing drugs and supplements. To be clear, while it’s often referred to in the same breath as steroids, HGH is not a steroid but a separate compound entirely. Anabolic steroids are drugs that are derived from and mimic testosterone, and they bring with them a whole host of side effects, including shrunken testicles and severe mood swings. “Steroids can temporarily shut down your body’s natural production of testosterone, leading to a variety of potential problems,” Collins says. That doesn’t happen with HGH. “But at high doses, both steroids and HGH can have harmful side effects, just like the abuse of any other drug.

Which Supplements Should You Be Cycling? -

Cycling your supplements can be helpful as well. For instance, if you have a cup or two of coffee—a popular source of the ingredient caffeine—every day, you'll notice it may not have quite the kick it once did. It's possible to develop a tolerance for caffeine, at which point you need to drink even more just to achieve the same effect. For this reason, cycling your caffeine intake is recommended.

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Berries, Grapes and Apples Turn White Fat Into Calorie-Burning Beige Fat

"Polyphenols in fruit, including resveratrol, increase gene expression that enhances the oxidation of dietary fats so the body won't be overloaded," says Min Du, a professor of animal sciences. "They convert white fat into beige fat which burns lipids off as heat—helping to keep the body in balance and prevent obesity and metabolic dysfunction."

Joe DeFranco's Industrial Strength Show

I have been waiting for Joe D to put out a podcast for the longest time! And once again Joe has over delivered to his audience. The first show was jam-packed with so much info I can't imagine how good the rest of the shows will be. DeFranco is the most well rounded coach in the world so I expect lots of great training information for a wide range of athletes and washed up meatheads (Joe's term for former athletes) alike. He also has a knack for making things very simple and practical. Whether you're training for the NFL Combine, looking to improve your running form, or trying to get abs for the summer, this should be your #1 podcast. I could listen to this guy speak all day. Kudos coach D. Jon (DeFranco follower since 2006)

Squatting for Extreme Power

it’ll also put you at greater risk for injury.

Ketogenic Dieting: Frequently Asked Questions -

Weight is the most useless measure of success, especially for females. My girlfriend puts on 5-10 lbs through water retention during her menstrual cycle. Doesn't mean she gained fat. Did you weigh yourself under the same conditions? I put on 8-10lbs by the end of the day as compared to the morning through eating and drinking water throughout the day. Heck, I even wouldn't be surprised if the weight you put on was muscle! When Keto dieting, you need to track ketone levels if you are new to it to understand your body and if you have reached ketosis and track your body fat %. Seriously, stop using weight to measure success, it's basically useless and leads you to stress over nothing and give up on a diet which could have been great for you way too early. Try it for 6-12 weeks before abandoning it and you'll see great benefits :)

Get Stronger: 7 Reasons to Never Neglect Squats

Squatting variations like barbell back squats and front squats are a favorite among powerlifters, bodybuilders and other athletes for one reason: they work. Not only are they effective for building an insanely strong lower body; they also deliver a number of numerous benefits including increased hormone release and improved flexibility.  Read on to find out why you should put aside your pride and make squats a staple of your weekly routine.

Lend a Hand to the Novice Weightlifter

Remember that you were a new guy once. How much trial and error were you able to avoid because knowledgeable lifters took the time to straighten you out? It’s always a good time to pay it forward. Don’t wish the new guys out of your gym. So many of them are going to quit on their own without any good reason.

'Baywatch' Movie Targets 'Horrible Bosses' Director - Hollywood Reporter

Rappers N.W.A. first enraged America during Reagan. Now Dr. Dre is a mogul, Ice Cube is a Hollywood player and "Straight Outta Compton" is a film as they talk Suge Knight, a reunion tour (with Eminem) and how "this movie will keep shinning a light on the [police] problem"

EXCLUSIVE: The muscle memories of Dorian Yates, the UK's most successful bodybuilder

HIS screaming body used to wake him at night urging him to eat. His strict discipline forced him to ignore all that and it made him the UK's most successful bodybuilder.

10 Swell Substitutes for Crowded Exercise Machines

Rather than standing around for minutes just to do a certain exercise, use substitutes that target the same muscle groups, have similar intensity (if not more), and require minimal equipment. You’ll be able to get more work done at the gym, save time, keep your heart rate up, and get more results.

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Technique geeks only! A deep analysis of squat mechanics. Read it here: …

That Female Phenomenon You're Afraid to Talk About

Even though the women urinated before the stimulation began, the second ultrasound showed that their bladders had completely refilled, and a third ultrasound revealed an empty bladder. Quite the magic trick. A chemical analysis was performed on all fluid samples. The chemicals present in two women’s squirted fluid showed no difference from their urine; the other five’s had small amounts of prostatic-specific antigen, basically an enzyme which is part of the "true" female ejaculate that comes from the Skene (prostate) gland.

5 Muscle-Building Tips for Tall Lifters

That leaves us tall guys pretty envious, we want to pack on that elusive muscle. But I'll be straight up, there are some moves us tall guys do better. Here are some tips for how you can be more effective in the gym.

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Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy at

Your active lifestyle doesn’t leave much time to spare. Now there’s a convenient, take anywhere solution to fuel your day with premium whey protein and caffeine from natural sources. ON’s Protein Energy is ideal first thing in the morning, late in the afternoon or anytime you feel the need for 20 grams of quality protein stacked with 120 mg of caffeinated energy per 2-scoop serving – about as much as a 10oz cup of coffee. Each serving also delivers antioxidant vitamin E along with a blend of B vitamins.

The Top 10 Sweat Shorts For Men

The sweat short is the perfect combination of comfort and casual style. You’ll want a pair to go with  these ten sleek white sneakers  and with  these cutting-edge lifting shoes . And don’t think cutting a pair of your old varsity sweats will do the trick. The following ten we've selected are from top brands who created each bottom with a custom-like fit and to prevent the edges from fraying.

Consume More Protein Now

"The message of protein at each meal in moderation is a paradigm shift from the typical nonspecific default recommendation of a large, global increase in protein intake for populations actively seeking to increase or maintain muscle mass and function,” says study co-author Dr. Rajavel Elango scientist at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital.

Enter to Win the 1 Up Nutrition Ultimate Giveaway

1. How To Enter: Beginning at 12:00 a.m. (EST) on July 15, 2015, visit and follow the 1 Up Nutrition Ultimate Giveaway directions. Each entry must contain answers to the questions posed to qualify for the drawing. All entries must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. (EST) on August 25, 2015. Only one internet entry per person and per e-mail address, per day will be accepted. Subsequent entries on a single day will be disqualified. Subsequent attempts made by the same individual to submit multiple internet entries on a single day by using multiple e-mail addresses or otherwise will be disqualified. In the event of a dispute over the identity of an online entrant, entry will be deemed submitted by the authorized account holder of the e-mail address associated with the entry. Authorized account holder is defined as the person assigned to an e-mail address by an Internet access provider, on-line service provider or other organization responsible for assigning e-mail addresses. All materials submitted become the property of American Media Inc. ("Sponsor") and will not be returned.

How to Build the Perfect Bodyweight Workout - Born Fitness

While most people can find 30 to 60 minutes to train a couple times per week, there will be days where things get so busy you’ll only have 10 minutes to spare. Well, 10 minutes is way better than nothing. In fact, a recent study showed that a 10-minute workout had the same post-workout metabolic boost as a 30-minute workout, though the 30-minute workout burned more total calories during the session due to the higher exercise volume. The key with a shorter workout is intensity. You really have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone with such a low total exercise volume and take little to no rest between exercises. This is the exact mentality that makes so many of my bodyweight programs incredibly effective.

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He's the Golden Jet... I'm Bob. The C.I.A. will never be the same again. #CentralIntelligence MAY 2016.

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