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HcG for shriveled balls? Ask the Anabolic Doc Ep. 23

In episode 23 of Ask the Anabolic Doc, Dr. Thomas O'Connor talks about HcG for shriveled balls.

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If the word "dropset" doesn't strike fear in your heart, you've clearly never done one of this man's workouts. Plate after plate, set after set, Charles will take your hamstrings to some scary, but good, places.

Syntha-6 Protein Powder | BSN

I love Syntha 6 and have been using it for 2 years on and off now. When taking right I can feel and see the difference. Nothing beats the taste of it too. By taking it right, that means using it twice per day. I've been stacking it with KM isolate in the morning. So immediately after working out, I take km isolate, then I wait 15-30 minutes and take Syntha. It gives me the all day amino coverage that I love. Plus the tastes are amazing. I then take a scoop of Syntha at night before bed. Chocolate cake batter is their best flavor. The birthday cake Remix is amazing too, but it's not as thick and they put too many sprinkles in it. They just sink to the bottom so you get a ton of sprinkles in your last sip. Chocolate milkshake is good but if your a chocolate fan, chocolate cake batted is 10x better. Love this stuff!

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

Should You Go Keto? | T Nation

I'll play devil's advocate and mention that on a keto diet you'll eventually increase intramuscular fatty acid storage, which can have a positive impact on fullness, but can't completely compensate for the glycogen depletion. In Quebec, low-carb dieting among coaches is still popular (probably one of the last places on earth where some bodybuilders use low-carb diets). We see a common denominator – physiques that look hard, but are super flat.

Tip: How to Fight Late-Night Cravings | T Nation

Having a TV-induced craving? Don't suffer needlessly, but don't blow your diet either. Here's what to eat.

Tip: The Hamstring Exercise That Beats Leg Curls | T Nation

The amateur anatomists might be screaming right now because the third hamstring muscle, the semimembranosus, wasn't tested. But the REAL anatomy geeks know that you can't put an EMG electrode on the deep semimembranosus, and it's tough to isolate anyway.

Tip: A Cheap Way to Improve Your Diet | T Nation

Why frozen? It's as good as fresh, they come in a variety of blends and can be flavored to suit your tastes, plus they require just a few minutes in the microwave or on the stove. Portion sizes be damned, just remove and prepare as much or little as you like when you eat a meal. (Eating large portions early in the week simply leaves less to consume later and vice-versa.) The bags typically cost just two bucks.

Tip: The Case for Full-Fat Dairy | T Nation

So, for those of you busting your ass to gain some size, why in the world would you choose low-fat or fat-free dairy options? You're trying to sneak calories into your diet, not out of it! Full-fat versions, especially from grass-fed cows, are vastly superior for health and for growth.

The Simple Plan For Stubborn Body Fat | T Nation

Yep, the fat in these areas is the first to show up after a break in your diet and the last to leave when you're looking to build your best body. We'll talk about how to fight it, but first let's get into why stubborn body fat is, well, so damn stubborn.

How to Set Up a Basic Conjugate Template |

How to Set Up a Basic Conjugate Template |

Tip: The Daily Stretch Every Lifter Needs | T Nation

When the biceps become tight over time, they start to have an effect on how your shoulders and elbows feel. Many people don't even realize how tight they are until they try this stretch.

Tip: How NOT to Do Shrugs | T Nation

If you insist on doing your part to keep rolling shrugs in style, at least roll your shoulders backward when you do them. That way you can say you do it to give your scapular retractors (rhomboids, middle, and lower traps) a little extra work. No, it doesn't work them well at all since the resistance is going down and your retractors pull back, but hey, at least it's something.

Tip: Lessons from Mike Mentzer | T Nation

To say that Mentzer thought outside the box and went against the bodybuilding establishment is a massive understatement. In fact, reading his writings and books helped shape my own career in this field, not so much because I held strongly to his training beliefs, but because it taught me to think outside the box and question everything, even if it was considered popular.

Tip: Weed and the Munchies | T Nation

Who's right? Well, until recently, the "munchies" wasn't a scientifically proven phenomenon, but weed can lower your inhibitions. And it definitely enhances the smell of delicious foods (journal Nature Neuroscience). Now, some newer studies are pointing to the exact mechanisms.

Tip: Restore Mobility Through Your T-Spine | T Nation

Your thoracic spine sits between the cervical vertebrae in your neck and the lumbar vertebrae in your lower back. A healthy T-spine should be able to move forward, backward, and side to side, as well as rotate. This is not only important for everyday function, it's also vital for people who like to push their limits in the gym.

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No BS with Nordin ep 158 Guest Ashley Borden

Meet Ashley Borden, one of the top female trainers in the industry. We talk Butt implants, being a strong female in a man’s world, being child free and our thoughts about social media.


In 1945 a US research paper said we should drink six to eight glasses of water a day, a recommendation that many in the health care and fitness industry endorse. Others say to let thirst be your guide. There is also a belief that except for extreme environment conditions or after long periods of exercise, as long as you’re eating healthy the optimal number of glasses of water needed for optimal health may be zero. Let’s take a closer look.



20 Dynamic Effort Method - Brief Outline

Berardi's Top 10 Tips - Biotest

So what's one to do when the inevitable occurs? Well, for starters, keep training. Let me clue you in on my basic training philosophy: I never take extended periods of time off from the gym. Sure, if I'm overtrained, I'll be sure to take a week off and ease back into the gym, working systems of the body that will allow me to expend energy without taxing my recovery resources. For example, if my CNS is fried, I'll take a week off and then ease back into the gym with hypertrophy type training or, if it's really bad, some lighter aerobic work that won't overload the nervous system.

Flex Lewis: Unfiltered 3

Flex Lewis is joined by training partner "Wrath" Frank McGrath to go through a chest workout and world famous Dragon’s Lair gym. Dealing with lack of sleep/ sickness/ stomach issues, it doesn't matter for Flex. Chest day is still chest day he’s 9wks out. Flex & Frank hit their session at the Dragons Lair on the NEW Arsenal Strength equipment. It’s hard, it’s heavy it’s unfiltered. Brought to you by Yamamoto Nutrition.

23 John Hansen

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Predator v. Prey

Over the years I've lost a step or a dozen, but always have felt like I could still crank off a 4.5 forty yard sprint.  The day my son out ran me doing sprints I needed to reevaluate my predator skills.  I realized then that when the range of motion starts to go, so does the speed.  The day the speed goes is the day you become less dangerous.  Crap!  How are you going to run down an Impala for a kill to feed yourself and your family?    We are designed for the hunt and the kill.

20 Surefire Ways To Raise Your Metabolism For Easier Fat Loss

#8: Do intervals for cardio for a greater bump to metabolic rate during the 24-hour recovery period after your workout. Try 8-second bike sprints followed by 12 seconds active rest, repeated for a total of 20 minutes. 

Fruits and Veggies - Biotest

If you haven't heard of the wonders of broccoli, you may want to relocate? out from under your rock. With bountiful phytochemicals,(5) including cancer-fighting indoles (also found in cabbage and cauliflower), this is great stuff. Remember that cruciferous veggies provide indole-3-carbinol which has been shown to be anti-estrogenic.(20, 21) And let us not forget the soluble fiber and very few kcal that make broccoli a filling, satisfying boon for dieters. It's a nice big guiltless side dish with grilled chicken, it's a substantial salad improver, and it's even something dip-able to replace chips when eaten raw. I wouldn't personally start eating it by the bushel due to the gassy side effects but a slow progression toward more, in a diet that currently lacks veggies, is a winning move. There's plenty more to discuss but suffice it to say that mom was right: eat your friggin' broccoli.

Cauliflower Casserole | Fuel & Gainz by Fit Men Cook

Few meals are as comforting as a warm, hearty casserole, but enjoying the rich, warm flavors of this baked classic can be difficult without watching your abs disappear. ► Get The Full Recipe: ► Premium Fitness Plans: ► Shop Bodybuilding Signature Supplements: This casserole uses lean ground turkey and cauliflower—the low-carb savior of all comfort foods—to deliver hearty, delicious flavors without expanding your waistline. Use your favorite fresh herbs and spices to add your own twist to this home-cooked favorite, and don't worry if the casserole looks a little dry when you put it in the oven. The heat will pull more moisture out of the cauliflower as it cooks. | Follow Fit Men Cook on Social | ► Youtube: ► Instagram: ========================================­===== | Follow Us | ► Twitch: ► YouTube: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: http://bit.

Deconstructing the Deadlift | T Nation

In a deadlift, the correct start position finds the hip angle more closed and the knee angle more open than in the low-bar squat bottom position, with the hamstrings stretched slightly beyond their resting length, allowing them to contribute primarily isometrically as they hold the back angle in place, as well as contributing to hip extension at the top of the pull as they return to their resting length.

Tip: The Perfect Multi-Purpose Breakfast | T Nation

I demand a lot of things from my Monday through Friday breakfast. Weekends are of course for bacon, eggs, and flapjacks. After all, I'm no purist. But during the week? I want tons of protein. I want scads of polyphenols. I want a wheelbarrow of fiber so I can poop like a police horse (not while walking or anything – that's disgusting. I meant, you know, with regularity).

30 Official Muscular Development Magazine

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7 Ways to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt | T Nation

Those in APT should avoid sleeping on their stomachs. This will only encourage more of an extension-bias and leave you wondering why your back is in pain in the mornings. It's just not comfortable for the spine to stay locked in a position it's already too far into to begin with. So sleep on your side or back. It won't be an easy transition, but it'll be worth it when you see your posture improve.

The Flat Butt Fix | T Nation

The goal is to tax the heck out of your glutes, not your entire lower body. So if you do a glute-intensive exercise, pump a ton of blood into the area, and then can't get a mind-muscle connection with your glutes anymore, call it a day there, or move on to a finisher, HIIT, or abs.

MIKE O'HEARN The TITAN on Instagram: “Tag your psycho training partner”

From Average to Athlete | T Nation

And don't mistake physical tests as sports skill. Just because you can bench press more than the guy who plays in the NFL doesn't mean you can outplay him. It just means that if football were played on a bench press, with no ball, pads, hitting, blocking, tackling, running, catching, skill, talent, guts, determination and no play recognition or play calling, you'd make the big money, too. Lastly, these tests are for those of us who have many years of training experience. If you're new to training, they're not for you.

13 Ways to Improve Your Deadlift, Fast! | T Nation

The deadlift is just as much a pushing exercise as it is a pulling exercise. You need to think about pushing the barbell away from the floor by putting as much force into the ground as possible. A common cue is "try to make a heel print in the floor," and it works like magic. Not, like, you know, Gandalf defeating the Eye of Saruman magic, but more so like, "Holy shit, I just lifted 20 more pounds than usual" magic. This will be a little trickier for those who pull sumo style compared to those who pull conventional, but it's still a good idea for both.

Old Man Training

Well today was not as planned. I was going to take 315 with the @mad_scientist_duffin Transformer bar to a high box just above where the hip usually hurts (15 1/2") + the big foam, but I got Russ'd. Everyone's favorite coach came over as I was warming up with 225 and said (read in the Russ voice) I have 2 suits in the office that'll fit you. So I said I'm feeling stupid. Lemme just try one on. Out comes the Metal canvas and it looked pretty sweet so I tried it on. Then it made me squat in it. 1st video 405. 2nd video 455. The bar clearly exposed a weakness in my upper back, but the weight moved fast and felt light. And! No hip pain! After not being able to squat for such a long time, having this much weight move pain free felt AWESOME. The boys said to go to 545 but I played it smart. Maybe next week...... #tpsmalden #bostonsstrongest #whiskey #elitefts #powerlifting #canvas #metal # transformer #oldguysrule #brokeasship #gettingbetter #tpsmethodforpowerlifting #teamtps #teamelitefts #multiplytillidie #gometal @underthebar @nateharvey2600 @kabukistrengthlab @clint_darden

Tip: Lessons From Bruce Lee | T Nation

And then you'd realize he was one of the strongest pound-for-pound athletes on the planet, and he wasn't scrawny at all but rather ripped to shreds. His name was Bruce Lee and he was a martial artist, philosopher, and cultural icon that completely transformed the way the world viewed Asian men and fitness in the short 32 years he was on the planet.

Instagram post by Victor Martinez • Jul 28, 2018 at 10:31pm UTC

Tip: Fix Your Push-Up | T Nation

For my client shown in the video, I'll have her work on the supporting muscles that augment the push-up. We'll hit some repetition work on the shoulders (front-delt focused), triceps, and abs to increase absolute strength. By pairing the two elements of a good push-up – skill practice with the banded rack variation and strength work – she'll progressively get better and stronger and one day do push-ups unassisted.

40 Official Muscular Development Magazine

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Tip: Better Than Dumbbell Flyes | T Nation

Using dumbbells during chest flyes does this, but incompletely; they only zero in on the pecs for about half of the range of motion. On the top half of the lift, the force angle is directed downward, thanks to gravity, and the chest muscles really have little to no involvement in holding the weight up.

Dexter "The Blade" Jackson on Instagram: “My amazing stage by @chrisminnes see you guys tonight. You’re guna be in for a treat!”

Tip: 6 Suspension Strap Moves for Serious Lifters | T Nation

Most lifters are chronically internally rotated at the shoulders. They have the posture of a camel. To make matters worse they have a hard time feeling their upper back and rear delts. This exercise solves all of that. Your posture will improve, your back will contract with ease, and those stubborn posterior delts will finally get some love. To perform, simply row up, bring your hands back, and make a W.


Public health officials have absolutely vilified salt, stating that reducing salt in the diet will improve health and will prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke. Unfortunately, the data doesn’t pan out. This article will provide ten myths and facts about how salt impacts your health with tips for getting just the right amount of salt in your diet.

45 Official Muscular Development Magazine

Kroc: From Matt to Janae | T Nation

I was head over heels in love with Lauren and still am to this day. We had an amazing relationship; we were together for four years. The reason we split up was because of me being transgender. It got to a point where we both knew it wouldn't work because Lauren was 100 percent straight and she was attracted to Matt. She understood Janae and was very supportive, but at the same time, Janae is not who she was attracted to.

Beans and Nuts - Biotest

This interesting effect may have something to do with the bean's capacity to increase (mostly larger, fast twitch) skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity. Research suggests that both insulin receptor mRNA and glucose transporter (Glut-4) mRNA rise pretty dramatically after eating kidney beans!(10) Of course, a rise in messenger RNA suggests that said receptors and transporters will soon take shape. And due to the potential for temporarily-reduced nutrient availability/feed conversion (i.e. food becoming body mass), I immediately start thinking about dieters. Losing fat, or preventing its gain, while maintaining lean tissue is one of sports nutrition's holy grails.

Tip: Do the Peterson Step-Up for Quads | T Nation

Though typically performed with just bodyweight, don't underestimate this exercise, especially as a primer for other quad exercises. It can also be used as a higher-rep finisher on leg day. The "burn" is intense.

Tip: Do the Anti-Press for Real Core Strength | T Nation

In response to Dr. Stuart McGill's research regarding spinal health, much of the new-age core training focuses on "anti" movement stability training: anti-rotation, anti-extension, and anti-lateral flexion. I called this exercise the "anti press" because it addresses all those categories simultaneously.

Tip: Use This Simple Trick to Cook Eggs | T Nation

Hard-boiled eggs are a convenient source of portable protein as well as testosterone-level supporting saturated fat. (Yep, free Testosterone levels are higher in those who include some saturated fats in their diets.) Trouble is, most people screw up the simple act of boiling an egg.

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