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James Grage's Rewired Fitness Trainer - The Provider -

Get the full program here: You're a Provider! Here are the pitfalls associated with your fitness personality and how to overcome them....

Hercules Movie - Revealed

Dwayne Johnson is HERCULES, in theaters July 25th. Visit the official site:

Cpl. Kyle Carpenter | Just Getting Started

The White House announced today that Marine veteran Cpl. William "Kyle" Carpenter will receive the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in Marjah, Helmand p...

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka! Theme Music

The mighty Bernie Casey being mighty, to a classic Isaac Hayes tune. This thirty second clip from a ninety minute movie is used under the Fair Use doctrine.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, July 3, 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014 - You might precipitate an emotional meltdown if you try to play the role of a wise philosopher today. Assuming a spiritual position could just be another clever attempt to circumvent your feelings. Paradoxically, you will feel much better if you can get out of your head now long enough to express what's in your heart. Those around you will breathe a sigh of relief too, especially if they're tired of you pretending like everything is okay. Allowing others to see your weak spot isn't as scary as you think.

5 Top Moves for Shredded Lower Abs

If the answer is no then you need to tighten up your diet and add these five lower ab moves into your current routine. That’s because the lower abs are the toughest area to dial in. Guys either overlook it or just have a genetic tendency to carry more goo in that area. These exercises will help you chisel your abs , giving you the well-defined waistline that you want when it comes time to strip down.

8 Reasons Your Biceps Are Flat

Wondering why your arms won't grow? See what's missing from your diet and training regimen.

Croton Watches | Mike O'Hearn Giveaway

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3 Gut Check Moves that Burn Fat Fast

New challenges hold new results for those willing to take them on. Try these three dynamic, multi-joint moves for a jacked metabolism.

Super High Intensity Back Workout

M&Fer’s are always looking for a solid back workout . In this video, Mike Chang of demonstrates a high-intensity cardio and back routine! Chang’s workout will not only burn a ton of calories, it will also strengthen your back.

The 8 Best Things You Can Do For Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a fancy word for how your body regulates energy consumption. Someone with a higher metabolism burns more calories even at rest than someone with a lower metabolism, and can therefore get away with eating more food —even junk food. But a high metabolism isn’t a privilege reserved for a select few who were lucky enough to be born with it. You can raise yours and reap the benefits. Here are the 8 best things you can do.

60 Seconds to Fit: Episode 6

60 Seconds to Fit: Episode 6

10 Key Pieces You Need for Summer

While you might think that pair of jorts (that's jean + shorts, if you've been living under a rock) from 2006 look just as good now as they did then, we’re here to tell you the truth: You need to get rid them. The same goes for cargos and short-sleeved plaid shirts. (Basically, a good rule of thumb is that if it looks like something that belongs to a high school junior, it’s time for it to go.) After you've done some spring cleaning, replace everything you tossed with any or all of following pieces, perfect for the summer season. D'aww, look at you, growing up and being all fashionable and stuff. How to Dress for a First Date>>>

Six Fat-Burning Ingredients You've Never Heard Of

Trying to get all of these ingredients would be overkill and a waste of your money. Instead, look for supplements that have two or more of these ingredients along with other known, effective fat-burners like green tea extract and caffeine. Sesamin is one product you can readily find as a stand-alone, and it goes great with any multiple-ingredient fat-burner. Regardless of the product you choose, follow label instructions closely for the best and safest way to take them. Supplements with the following ingredients will get you ripped up instead of ripped off.

The Best Bodyweight Abs Workout

Men's Fitness training director Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S., assembled a team of the best trainers in the world to create boredom-beating, plateau-busting routines that cover any amount of time you have to exercise and whatever tools you have available to do it. Programs cover every body part, every implement (barbells, dumbbells, bands, etc.), and cardio. There's a nutrition plan, too.

Monster Muscle Building Shoulder Workout

Do this high intensity, delt blasting workout to build muscle fast.

Pauline's Fat Loss Pak

Fighter Diet Fat Loss by Mind Power: Ways to Win Over Your Mind So you want a ripped physique? No one said it would be easy. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication. It’s not just about gym time; it’s about what foods you put into your body. Having the mental discipline to make the right food choices time and time again is what this book is all about. Are you doing great with your workouts, but not seeing great results? Then take a look at your diet – no REALLY take a look at what you are eating every day. Are you cheating? If so, Fat Loss by Mind Power is here to help you get in the right mindset to stop that cheating. Want to know why you want to cheat? Pauline explains that here. Once you understand that, you can set yourself up mentally to avoid cheating. Here are some key el

Beginner's Training Tips: Do Protein Types Matter

is a lifetime natural athlete with over 15 years experience in the fitness field. He's the creator of the iPhone/Android app Nutritionist, the revolutionary app that's transforming lives around the world. He's also an Optimum Nutrition athlete where he helps in the formulation of their supplements. In addition, he's an internationally published cover model and a former United States Marine.

RGIII Looks Like Old Self in Workouts

Robert Griffin III just didn't look right last season as he continued to recover from a serious knee injury, but judging by the workout videos he posted recently, the Washington Redskins quarterback's knee looks pretty good.

Dominate Your Morning Workouts

Step away from the treadmill, says Charlie Cates, a Chicago-based performance enhancement specialist. “You need something that’s going to excite your nervous system and major muscle groups.” Try burpees instead. From a standing position, squat down and touch your hands to the floor. Then shoot your legs out behind you so you end up in a pushup position. Reverse the motion quickly as you come back up. Continue for 15 seconds, rest 30 seconds, and repeat for five minutes.

Change Up Your Reps and Sets to Get Bull Strong

The second part of getting stronger is resting enough to properly recover . You’re in the gym only three days a week with this program, so some gym rats get antsy and think it’s not enough. Get that out of your head. For the entire four weeks, you’ll be lifting at 80– 100% of your one-rep max (1RM) for most lifts. This is incredibly taxing on your central nervous system, so unless you get sufcient rest, you’ll burn out early and miss your time to peak. Train smarter and get stronger.

Grill Masters 101

After all, it won’t be long before summer’s over and it’s time to retreat to the kitchen, where you’ve prepared your meals for the past eight months, so take advantage while you can. Gentlemen, it’s time to grill everything.

10 Ways to Get Smarter Instantly

Striving to boost your 1-rep max is great, but sharpening your mind is something that deserves as much, if not more, of your attention. Richard Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S., the seventeenth surgeon general of the United States and author of  30 Days to a Better Brain,  knows what it takes to expand the capacity of your mind and maintain it for years to come. Integrating these 10 tips will not only boost brain power, but will improve your complete health profile by way of stress management, diet, and exercise.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

15 Worst Muscle & Fitness Covers of All Time

Not every issue can be a home run and in 75 years we were bound to have some atrocious, cheesy and lousy covers.

Optimizing the Female Athlete - Rib Position - Juggernaut Training Systems

Stacey Schaedler runs her own personal training business within the largest yoga studio in Boston.  Stacey is an ACSM CPT, RKC as well as RYT through the National Yoga Alliance.  Her focus is strength training with a strong emphasis on postural integrity and alignment. This, paired with solid nutritional education for her clients creates the foundation for their success.  Not only do her clients learn to move properly, gain strength and eliminate pain, they learn to start listening to their bodies. As a result of her diverse fitness experience as a collegiate athlete, avid yogi and former professional figure competitor, Stacey is a wealth of knowledge for those looking to attain their ultimate fitness and nutrition goals.

5 Healthy Meat Marinades Every Man Should Know How to Make

It’s hard to imagine summer without the sweet aroma of barbecue sauce-smothered meat cooking on a backyard grill. While marinades definitely make protein taste great, the packaged varieties are typically void of any healthy nutrients. This summer, toss the bottled steak sauce, put on your chef hat, and mix up the homemade variety. Not only will a sauce made from scratch add flavor without excess calories or fat, but the right recipe may also cut down on the potentially cancer-causing substances that form in meat cooked over an open flame.

7 Best Bodybuilding Foods

The greatest performance diets may seem complicated and fancy, but they are all built on a foundation of basic principles and simple foods. Eat the right ones, and your body will respond accordingly. If your current regimen doesn't include the following body-builders, beeline to the grocery store and stock up on them, stat. Bonus: They're also all pretty delicious. 1. EGG WHITES Show us a bodybuilder without egg whites in his diet, and we'll show you someone who's missing out on the best protein money can buy. Paired with oatmeal, an egg-white omelet can turn your breakfast into a power meal to fuel the rest of your day. Buy It: When purchasing eggs, do the basics: Always check the date and open the carton to check for cracks. Also, be sure the eggs are refrigerated in the store and when you get home with them. Although eggs stored out of the refrigerator won't necessarily cause illness, they do lose a grade per day when not refrigerated. Prepare It: Although many gadgets promise an easy way to separate the yolk from the white, the quickest, easiest method is to simply use your own clean hands.

The 5 in 5 Gain Plan

Today’s bodybuilder is interested in not only the quickest, but also the smartest and healthiest way to add mass. FLEX, ever ready to serve, has answered this call for an efficient mass-gain strategy by constructing a program that will help you, the average reader, gain five solid pounds of muscle in five weeks, without an accompanying layer of lard around your middle.

Fat Loss Mistakes (and How to Lose Weight For Good) - Born Fitness

Weight training is designed to provide faster results with less time in the gym. Not only do you have to work out fewer times per week (you’d be shocked what you can do in just 3-4 workouts per week) you’ll also have shorter sessions. That’s because intensity is much more important than duration for eliminating fat. So you can spend a fraction of the time in the gym and still kiss your tummy good-bye. In fact, research has shown that 8 to 12 minutes of intense intervals can burn as many calories as 25 to 30 minutes of constant moderate exertion exercise. Does that mean you only need to exercise for 8 to 12 minutes to see your abs? Unfortunately, no. But don’t be surprised when you spend less time on the cardio machines, pick up a few dumbbells, have less time in the gym and suddenly don’t even recognize your own body.

Master the Three Most Important Lifts

Whether you want to pack on muscle, burn fat , or just fend off the decrepitude that comes with aging, the list of exercises that will help you make the most progress in the least time is surprisingly short. When done properly, the good-old squat, bench press, and deadlift each draw on miles of muscle fibers, toughen up bones and tendons, and light a raging fire under your metabolism.  To master these three all important lifts, follow these steps—and watch your fitness goals fall into place.

The That’s What She Said Quiz

We polled Shape magazine readers to find out what makes a man—on the outside, anyway. How well can you predict women’s responses?

STRONG Life Ep. 26: 3 Tips To Start Your Day with POWER to Maximize Success - Zach Even-Esh

Zach's inspiration in training comes from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding & Days of Old School Strength. His mission is to help You kick ass & take names in Life AND Lifting without the hype, fancy fads or gimmicks. Zach's Commitment To Your Success Is Unmatched. He Knows What It's Like To Go From A Weakling To An Unstoppable BEAST In Charge Of His Life, Business & Destiny. Zach Made It Happen Through The Iron and Now it's Your Turn!

4 Rules for Making a Muscle Building Shake

Using the whole fruit is a much better option that using fruit juice. When you use just the juice you miss out on all of the phytochemicals and fiber that the flesh and skin of fruits have in them. Using just the fruit juice also can add up to a lot of calories fast, with almost all of the calories coming in the form of sugar. The only way you should use any fruit juice is to mask the greens food flavor, if necessary, or to add a big burst of nutrients. Good “juice-only” tactics would be to add an ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate or pomegranate juice. These two juices provide a ton of antioxidants with fewer calories, so they do make the grade.

10 Foods That Fight Fatigue

These ‘shrooms are a great source of the B vitamins riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and niacin, and are a good source of thiamin, vitamin B6, and a good source of folate, say Lakatos and Shames. “B Vitamins are essential for energy production. Riboflavin does several things to help our bodies produce energy. First, it’s important in aerobic energy production, while it also protects the cell’s energy production house, mitochondria, from damage,” they say. To boot, pantothenic acid fights fatigue during times of stress by supporting the adrenal glands, and niacin helps convert food into usable energy.

Get a Harder Core With These 4 Midsection Moves

When people refer to “core stabilization,” this collection of exercises is exactly what they’re talking about. You can’t successfully perform any of these four moves without your midsection remaining solid and stable throughout every set. If you’re unstable, you’ll quickly learn why core strength is necessary and how it can help you reach your goals.

The The Laws of Optimizing Body Composition - Juggernaut Training Systems

Fats are important for health and proper hormonal function, as well as multiple essential body functions. Because healthy fats are so easy, tasty, and beneficial to eat, they can round off the calories of most daily diets. Thus, the recommendation for fat intake is simple: find out your daily calorie needs (approximating is just fine), subtract your protein intake and carb intake using the above recommendations, and consume the remainder of your calories from fats! This means that if you want to add muscle, feel free to consume more fat (in the form of mostly healthy sources like nuts, nut butters and healthy oils like olive oil). If fat loss is your goal, slowly cut down on fat intake before you reduce protein and carb consumption.

Why Are We Fat? - Born Fitness

That’s not to say focused behaviors that limit food options don’t work. The Paleo movement has shown there are plenty of people that can and are willing to cut out all processed foods. The low carb movement has stricken bread, pasta, rice, and all other starches from diets and people have lost weight. But these are relatively small sub-segments and inadvertently designed for people that are wired a certain way. Fitness communities love to berate “fat people” for not being able to make certain changes. Words like “lazy” or “lack of willpower” are tossed around at ease. But what if the changes that are being suggested aren’t sustainable for their lives, their habits and mindset, or even their budget?

The Hottest Grilling Trend for 2014

Add flavor and smokiness by cooking salmon on a slab of wood.



The Stupid Things Bad Trainers Say

Other trainers , however, will make your head shake. Worse, if you're their client, they’ll turn your training into a vicious cycle of injuries and lousy results with nothing to show for it except wasted money and time. Don’t let that be you. Below is a list of some of the things that only a bad trainer will say. If they ever utter these phrases, it’s time for a breakup. Your body will thank you.

Rig For Pain: Ashley Horner's Full-Body Circuit Workout

You're about to go on one wild ride! Join fitness athlete Ashley Horner as she takes you through her favorite circuit workout. Try not to puke!

Dumbbell Wide Row for Serious Back Muscle

>> Stand holding a pair of dumbbells in front of your thighs with a palms-down grip. >> With your chest up, back flat and knees slightly bent, lean forward at the waist until your torso is roughly parallel to the floor and the weights hang straight down in front of your shins. Keep your head in a neutral position and your eyes fixed on the floor in front of you. >> Inhale deeply and begin the pull. As you pull toward your upper abs, bring your elbows out and up in a wide arc, similar to how you pull a barbell using a wide grip. >> At the top of the lift, squeeze your back hard for 1-2 seconds before lowering the weights along the same path.

BSN Presents: Roelly Winklaar's Road to Recovery

Roelly Winklaar, a BSN and Weider/AMI athlete, has been quickly rising among the bodybuilding ranks. Roelly made a particularly loud splash with his role in Generation Iron and his very impressive showing at the 2013 Mr. Olympia, where he placed 7th in an incredibly competitive lineup.  There was building anticipation to see Winklaar on the 2014 Arnold Classic stage, but as the day drew near, Roelly was in an unfortunate motorcyle accident and was left with no choice but to pull out of his upcoming competition(s). Roelly Winklaar's nickname "The Beast" fits him well, however, as this warrior is fighting and training like a beast to come back to the competitive bodybuilding stage, bigger and better than ever! Follow along on his journey as BSN presents: Roelly Winklaar's Road to Recovery !

The Dent - Born Fitness

I talk all the time with my online clients who struggle with health and fitness about how we beat ourselves up for past failures. We are all our harshest critics. At times it’s good because it propels us forward. But there’s a line we cross where self-criticism becomes harmful. We don’t allow ourselves to see a better version because the prior mistakes cast a permanent shadow. Sometimes it progresses to the point where we are incapable of seeing our own success, but always dwell and magnify failure.

2014 NPC Flex Lewis Classic Bench Press Exhibition

The final lifts of Jason Lawson & Ryan Hebron at the 2014 NPC Flex Lewis Classic Bench Press Exhibition.

M&F Elite: Tim Howard and Everton FC's Workout

When I was 17, I started playing semi-professional football, though I still had hopes of breaking into the pro ranks. I realised one of the main things was to be the best athlete I could be, so I started looking into training methods to make myself quicker. I started athletics training at Liverpool Pembroke, picked up some good training methods,and decided to study it more deeply. I did a few courses with the British Weightlifting Association and became a S&C fitness instructor, then an Olympic weightlifting instructor. I was then able to apply the knowledge with some of the football players and athletes I was working with, and then moved into training rugby players and boxers. While playing semi-pro, I completed my football coaching badges and began coaching for Everton at their summer camps and later, at their School of Excellence. After a few years of S&C coaching experience, I went to Liverpool’s John Moores University in 1997 where I earned my degree in Sports Science and Exercise Physiology. Once qualified, I was given the opportunity to join the academy at Everton where I completed my Research Masters, using academy players as subjects After three years with the academy, David Moyes asked me to work with the first team and I am now in my tenth season at the club.

GAT's More Muscle Stack

GAT's More Muscle Stack


Weider Principle #22: Partial Reps

There is no Weider Full Range of Motion Principle. I just made it up. Perhaps the fact that you should strive for complete reps that go from an all-out stretch to a thorough contraction was simply too obvious for Joe Weider to codify in a tenet. It has long been an exercise fundamental— and we’re about to break it. You don’t have to go all the way. Sometimes an exercise is made more effective by using only part of its range of motion. The Weider Partial Reps Principle increases tension by decreasing movement.

7 Things You Didn't Know Yoga Could Do for Your Body

7 Things You Didn't Know Yoga Could Do for Your Body

Grill Protein-Loaded Mahi Mahi

Take mahi mahi, otherwise known as dolphinfish ( no relation to Flipper ), which carries a whopping 40 grams of protein per six ounces. Mahi mahi is hearty enough that you can buy a fillet skinless and the fish won’t flake apart on the grill. Grilled, dolphinfish tastes incredible with summer’s best flavors: zucchini, yellow squash, leeks, corn, and lemon. Don’t skip the champagne vinegar in the recipe that follows—the ingredient holds a bracing kick that punctuates the freshness of the fish. Grilled Mahi Mahi, Corn Relish, Charred Leeks, and Summer Squash Recipe by Greg A. Daniels of Salt Air in Venice , California What you’ll need: 2 ears corn, shucked, silk removed ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil, plus more for brushing Salt and black pepper, to taste 1 large zucchini, cut into 3-inch by ½-inch-thick planks 1 large yellow squash, cut into 3-inch by ½-inch-thick planks 1 large leek, trimmed of root and dark green parts, cut into 3-inch pieces, halved, rinsed well 4 5-oz. skinless mahi mahi fillets Olive oil, for brushing White pepper, to taste ½ lemon 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and diced small 1 fresno pepper, seeded and diced small ½ cup champagne vinegar Zest from ½ lemon Cilantro or basil, for garnish How to make it: 1.

Renew Your License to Grill

Six ways to cut the carcinogens in grilled meat.

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