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FD Got Guns 2 Yielding Isometric Incline DB Bench - 130's x 6

In the final phase of testing our "Built to Last" program. The results thus far have been amazing. Stay tuned... Want to improve YOUR Strength? Check out the...

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014 - You might precipitate an emotional meltdown if you try to play the role of a wise philosopher today. Assuming a spiritual position could just be another clever attempt to circumvent your feelings. Paradoxically, you will feel much better if you can get out of your head now long enough to express what's in your heart. Those around you will breathe a sigh of relief too, especially if they're tired of you pretending like everything is okay. Allowing others to see your weak spot isn't as scary as you think.

Asia Monet Ray

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Lou Ferrigno's Tips for a Hulking Back

While thickness of the erector spinae muscles are key to a powerful back, it's the development of the lats and all the smaller muscles that add immeasureably to the detail and awe-inspiring sight of a fully-developed back. And in order to achieve that detail, you need proper form. Too often, builders focus on power when building a muscle like those in the back. That's a shame, because all that pain—and maybe even injury—is for nothing. When power wins over form, you'll be disappointed with your results.

Get Crushed: Bench Press Death

Then there are some days you just walk into the gym feeling extra pumped and super focused. Sure you could bang out your regularly scheduled training program. Hell, the way you’re feeling you could probably hit a couple of PR’s. But, today, you’re same-old training program just won’t do. You want to tackle something tough. You want a challenge. You want to train so hard that you crawl out of the gym. You want to GET CRUSHED.

The 2-in-1 Kettlebell Leg Workout

If you're comfortable with your usual leg routine, you could be missing out on some big-time gains, whether it be in strength or endurance. When you're looking for something other than the traditional squat, leg press and lunges, it's time to hit the kettlebells. We asked Mike Stehle, owner and trainer at Training Room Online for one of his secret 2-in-1 workout routine to leave your quads and hams screaming.

Calf Training: Build Bigger Lower Legs

Try going through a full calf-training session and then some heavy leg curls (toes pointed up). You'll notice the leg curls will be much more difficult if you pre-exhaust your calves. To mix it up, do the initial sets with a short range of motion at the peak-contracted phase, followed by partial sets using full range of motion.

Protein Packed Wrap

We all get bored with different foods. Tuna is a clean diet staple that you’ve probably ruined for yourself a while back, simply draining a can and combining it with some mayo and eating it for days, weeks, or even months on end. Nothing wrong with that: It’s high-protein, easy, healthy, and low-carb. But when’s the last time you made yourself some tuna salad and were actually excited about it? The recipe for my tuna Provençal wraps adds tons of flavor, healthy fats, and extra protein with hard-boiled eggs. It’s a bit more work than the old mayo-and-tuna mix, but it’s well worth the effort. Follow this recipe once, and you’ve got lunch for the whole week.

19 Things Every Man Should Own

We're grown-ups now. It's time to put down childish things. Your PlayStation is no longer your most prized possession. Air Jordan's have moved from everyday attire to casual wear. Most of all, you've started doing things for yourself. That means you require a list of necessities, and that's where we come in. We've done the leg work. Some items you might have already and others might be on your wishlist. But here's a rundown of everything a man like you needs.

32 Pictures That Will Change The Way You See The World

I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me. The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class. We are out, like you now. I’ve known you were gay since you were six. I’ve loved you since you were born.

10 Best Ways to Get Better Sleep

With beeping smartphones, crying babies and the distractions of work and relationship issues, getting a “good night’s sleep” is a tall order these days. Although deep sleep —also known as slow-wave sleep and essential for physical restoration—and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep—a lighter type of sleep that restores the mind—are both important, a helpful strategy would be to focus on “solid, unbroken sleep,” says J. Todd Arnedt, Ph.D., associate professor and director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the University of Michigan.

Recored-Setting Bencher Shares Secrets to Success

What does it take to become one of the strongest-ever, pound-for-pound benchers in the world? Here’s a hint: it ain’t a fancy suit.

Men's Fitness

Prior to the mag's redesign last year, it was unreadable. Now it's the coolest fitness mag out there. And the digital version is better than the print one. Food photography that jumps off the page, intuitive design and a fantastic monthly round-up of exercise videos. It's all I need to keep working on that six pack. I'll get there one day. I'm still fascinated that the ads are still stuck in the 90s.

Train Around Your Injuries, Not Through Them

Try to ignore your injury and train through the pain. A lot of guys go this route due to either stubbornness or the desire to look tough to their friends. It’s one thing to gut it out if you’re a professional athlete, but if you’re simply a fitness enthusiast who trains for enjoyment and health, it’s a poor choice that often turns worse—and that can ultimately lead to a forced layoff from training altogether.

6 Surprisingly Healthy Beers

While many wouldn’t equate beer with a healthy diet, it’s been said that a few brews per serving/outing isn’t the worst thing for you—as long as they’re light beers, and hence, low in calories and carbs. The problem, of course, is that most “light” beers tend to be “light” in flavor and therefore your enjoyment. Which begs the question; what’s the point of drinking two beers if they taste like watered-down crap? So here’s a list of beers—sans the “light label”—that are either surprisingly low in cals and carbs, or provide a nutritional/health kick that few know about. As always fellas, drink in moderation.

The Body Shocker Workout

Thomas Jefferson said, “It’s a poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.” Had our founding father known his way around a gym, he’d surely have found the same to be true of how we use a piece of exercise equipment. Just because a tool is designed for one purpose doesn’t mean it can’t serve others. Here’s how to get more out of common training equipment to hit your muscles in new ways, work around injuries , and cut minutes off your workouts.

The Beast is BACK!

Roelly Winklaar trains back as he prepares for the 2014 IFBB Chicago Pro!

The 6 Leanest Cuts of Meat

Build more muscle while keeping your bodyfat on the low.

Size Secret #5: Neurological Overload Set

BEN PAKULSKI: “Neurological overload set training is something I do that contributes to muscle growth and overcoming plateaus. On the final set of a given exercise — usually for each exercise in a workout — I perform four consecutive drop sets in 20% increments and try to knock off at least 5–6 reps with each weight. I find this to be a great way to overload the muscle, as well as overload the nervous system to force adaptation.

Here are the states where you can buy fireworks

If you're looking to partake in this time-honored tradition, this map might be helpful. It shows the 42 states where consumer fireworks are generally permitted, the four states (Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, and Vermont)  where only sparklers and other low-level combustibles are legal, and the four states (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Massachusetts) that ban all sorts of commercial fireworks.

Six Grilling Tips Every Guy Should Know

Cold grills are no place for burgers and sausages. Without that ample surge of heat to kick off the cooking, food will stick to the grates and you’ll miss out on those coveted grill marks. Even if a recipe calls for medium or low heat, the grill should be preheated first. Lift the lid, fire up the coals or burners, close the lid, and let the grill do its intensely hot thing for 10 to 15 minutes—the internal temperature should reach about 500°F.


Tip #10: Train the Shoulder Girdle Arm swing can increase vertical jump performance because it improves the transfer of power down the posterior chain, translating into more “air time.” Research shows that when athletes try to jump as high as they can, range of motion at the shoulder increases and there is more activation of the shoulder and upper arm muscles, effectively “pulling” the rest of the body upwards. If you are not convinced that arm swing and strength of the shoulder girdle contributes as much as 15 percent of the vertical jump, try jumping while keeping your hands on your hips. A study in the Journal of Biomechanics found that arm swing will increase jump height by as much as 28 percent and velocity by 72 percent at take-off. Researchers suggest that arm swing enhances performance because it shifts muscle activation to the posterior chain from the quads, resulting in greater work done by the muscles at the hip joint than the knee joint. Without arm swing, the knee joint contributes more and power output is less, leading to weaker jumps.

20 Cocktail Recipes Every Man Should Know How to Make

From a classic martini to the perfect Manhattan, there are a few key drinks you need in your entertaining arsenal. And these recipes, from the book World’s Best Cocktails, are guaranteed to turn you into an amateur mixologist.

We 'Mirin Vol. 74: SWOLE ON THE 4TH OF JULY

For the community, no holiday is complete without a collection of awesome physiques. This Independence Day, we salute Old Glory with muscles!

A Spotlight on Training Frequency

As a result, triceps training will go from a total weekly volume of 13 sets,

Hammer Time

The same goes for back machines. I used to do reverse-grip pulldowns on a lat machine before I ever touched a piece of Hammer Strength equipment. When the Hammer Strength version came out, I was pleased. What I like most about it is the arc of the pulling movement. On a lat machine, the pulldown motion is in a straight line, but the function of the lats is to pull both down and back, so the Hammer Strength machine is more effective. The seated row is equally good and is something I used quite a bit. I especially liked to perform these in single-arm fashion. In fact, I became known as such a proponent of this exercise that I was later consulted during the development of a reverse-grip rowing machine.

Hand Spacing Q & A

For example, when I performed barbell bench presses, I liked using a relatively wide hand spacing, with each hand placed about a foot beyond shoulder-width. With my hands positioned there, more stress was placed on my outer pecs, which resulted in making me look wider. Had I taken a narrower grip, say with my hands aligned with my shoulders, I would have hit more of the center of my chest muscles. If I’d used a close grip, the stresswould have been focused on my triceps, as well as the inner edge of my pectorals, which is where all the striations appear when you hit a most-muscular pose. The rule of thumb for chest is the wider the grip, the more you work the outer edge of your pecs; the closer the grip, the greater the stress on your center line.

Rothman's Heroic 9.40 in Peru - ASP

Hawaii's Makua Rothman jumps ahead of the competition with a massive ride in the Final at the 2014 Billabong Pico Alto.

10 Essential Rules of Good Health

When it comes to achieving overall well-being, you need to balance many key aspects of health, including diet, exercise, sleep, professional care and socialization. Even just remembering to smile is a way to stay healthy and keep your blood pressure down, notes Dr. Steven Lamm, director of the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health at New York University Langone Medical Center, and author of No Guts, No Glory: Gut Solution—The Core of Your Total Wellness Plan.

The Dominican Dominator's Massive Plan

“When I first started, I focused on powerlifting. It was one of those things where the other kids would ask how much you could bench rather than how big your chest is. So in the beginning, it was just about lifting heavy rather than lifting to look like a bodybuilder. But even to this day, I love the feeling of lifting heavy barbells and dumbbells. It doesn’t feel like a workout until I’ve lifted some big weight. From very early on, one thing that was important to me, as far as training goes, was form. I used to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger training in Pumping Iron, and I’d look at experienced guys in the gym and pay attention to the form they used. Then I would visualize what I had seen them doing and I’d do it myself. When I saw guys doing those quick half-rep bench presses, I knew their form was bad because Arnold would bring the bar all the way down to his chest and all the way back up. So I learned to train the right way, lifting through a full range of motion and never using a weight that I couldn’t handle."

Brian Stann's Silver Star Workout

Brian Stann's physique has been conditioned for victory both on the battlefield and in the Octagon—and it shows. Though recently retired from the UFC, Stann continues to perform workouts that reflect the high intensity and never-quit attitude of a pro fighter.

Put Your Weight Belt to Work

That’s not to say a belt doesn’t have uses aside from max lifting. Here are three unique ways to get more action out of your belt the next time you hit the gym.

Flex Lewis Back Attack

Lewis does sets of rack deadlifts with 315 and 405, and a set with 495. The bar begins each rep from power-rack supports set just above his knees. He uses straps, chalk, a belt with FLEX LEWIS on the back and his iPod. “Deads off the floor is a different exercise, and it works glutes and hams, too. Deads off a rack works lower back. I’ve always done them explosive. I psych myself up so much that I go completely blank. I don’t know what I do with reps. I have my training partners tell me.” I count for him. He knocks out 11, plates clattering, banging each rep off the supports.

Max Muscle Supplement Stack

No single product can satisfy all your supplement needs for muscle building . That’s where stacking comes in. At some times of day you need specific supplements that you may not need or want at other times of day. Caffeine is a classic example—great for boosting energy during workouts, but when taken too late, can disrupt sleep, and in turn, recovery. Nitraflex was designed as a pre-workout supplement and Supertein is its protein complement, providing the raw materials needed for growth and recovery.

Dads: Why You MUST Be STRONG - Zach Even-Esh

It actually, truly does ache. This September will be the FIRST year that BOTH of my kids will be in school full time. Since they’ve been born, I’ve been used to them knocking on my door, climbing through my office window, shooting me with nerf guns while being interviewed and spending amazing times with my kids.

Officially a member of the #SHREDZARMY

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Magnum Nutraceuticals Rocket Science at

Nicholas Conley, Doctorate of Pharmacy Candidate undertook a study at Wingate University School of Pharmacy with 20 healthy human participants between the ages of 18 to 29. To be considered, participants had to be involved in at least one sport at least three times per week. This study used a double-blinded, between subjects experimental design. Three capsules of Rocket Science or a placebo were provided 15 minutes prior to activity. Four dependent variables were measured: (1) increase in performance on the memory test (2) the increase in repetitions performed during pushups (3) the time elapsed before fatigue for the treadmill test, and (4) the energy survey score. Results were quite positive: those taking Rocket Science showed an increase of 13, 22, 65 and 67% in exercise performance, mental focus, endurance and energy survey score.*




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