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Terry Crews' Latest Old Spice Ad Reveals Lots About His Muscles

To say there is a story behind every body part is an understatement.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015 - You can't help but second-guess a recent decision, as today's events test your ability to maintain your integrity. You might know what's right in your heart, even if it doesn't necessarily agree with your logical conclusion. Making a choice may be particularly stressful now. However, going along with the majority is the right thing to do if you feel like part of the family or a valuable member of the group. Determine what choice you can live with and then stick with it, no matter what.


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Hulking Workout: Kai Greene

“To become a champion, to be the best, it can’t boil down to a formula of sets and reps. It’s the accumulation of all the knowledge and training that person has done over the years.” —Kai Greene

10 Ways To Burn Fat And Keep It Off For Good

It’s one thing to train and diet hard to get lean . It’s another to keep the weight off long term. Here are 10 tips to help you remove your unsightly winter weight, and prevent it from returning.

10 Best Moves to Lose Your Love Handles

You’ve tried situps, cardio, and dumbbell side bends, but nothing seems to get rid of that stubborn belly fat on your sides. Commonly called “love handles,” this area of your torso is part of the waist-to-hip ratio, an indicator of overall health. If you have too much cushion around your waist, ask yourself, "How hard am I really working in the gym?" To get the best moves for a slim torso , we asked Sadik Hadzovic, IFBB Men’s Physique professional for his 10 favorite exercises to keep love handles away. "This workout is effective because it's fast paced and designed to target both the rectus abdominals and the transverse abdominals," says Hadzovic. "To burn fat you must do more then just crunches and situps; You need to recruit your entire body to enter a thermogenic state that leads to an accelerated rate of fat loss." Complete your dream physique with these 10 moves that will carve up your core fast.

5 Fat-Burning Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

Genetics, schmanetics! Yes, it may be true that your genetics contribute to your metabolism’s performance, but you can give your metabolism a boost by simply eating the right foods! Here's the scoop on which foods you should include in your daily diet to get your fat-burning gears in motion. Stay on track and you'll have your six-pack abs peaking through in no time.

Everything You Should Know About the Alkaline Diet

The good thing about the alkaline diet is the foods that are supposed to help alkaline your body are great for you. The typical American diet contains many foods that are considered "acidifying". These foods include; meat, dairy, corn, wheat and many other processed foods. The standard American diet does not include enough alkaline foods to balance this out. Foods recommended to be eaten with this diet are; a wide array of fruits and vegetables, while avoiding processed foods. This aspect of the diet I really like. It emphasizes the importance of whole foods and getting in a lot of micronutrients.

Take Your Training to the NEXT LEVEL

Follow our 8-week video series for expert advice from Sadik Hadzovic on how to raise the bar on your workouts by taking conventional exercise to the NEXT LEVEL. Push through plateaus, challenge yourself, fight boredom and see results with these NEXT LEVEL moves.

Behind the Scenes: Roelly Winklaar Leg Photoshoot

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a leg-training FLEX Photoshoot with 'The Beast', Roelly Winklaar and world-renowned photographer, Per Bernal.

10 Tips To Break Through Your Fat Loss Plateau

If you’re carrying too much fat — specifically around your lower abs — you might have low testosterone levels. But the consequences of “low T” resonate far beyond love handles: it can hurt your health, sex life, and overall mood (which might be related to sex life). To raise your testosterone levels, you need to focus on heavy, total-body lifts that stimulate a lot of muscle growth, demand an intense neural drive, and unleash a massive hormonal response. Heavy strength exercises also speed up your fat loss compared to bicep curls and calf raises, which will shed fat faster. Your workouts must consist of heavy squats, deadlifts, lunges, barbell presses (flat bench or overhead), heavy rows, and carries. Also, lift as heavy as you can while using great technique.

6 Most Important Post-Workout Nutrients

The good news is they’re also primed to take up whatever nutrients you throw at them and turn this state of disarray into an anabolic state of recovery and muscle growth. You’d better hurry, though. Research suggests there’s a 45-minute window after workouts when muscles will take in higher amounts of nutrients. Miss this opportunity, and recovery and muscle growth will be compromised.

8 Ways to Build Shoulder Strength and Stability

Follow these tips to save your shoulders so you can keep going strong at the gym.

The 10 Best Hangover Helpers

'Tis the season to let loose, but when you throw back one too many hard ciders and wake up with a pounding headache, you'll be desperate for relief. That's where we come in. With the help of New York City-based dietitian, Tanya Zuckerbrot, M.S., R.D., we’ve gathered the 10 best foods and drinks to alleviate holiday headaches. If you want to stay well into the New Year, keep these items on hand to ease post-party pain.

Walk With Me

Shawn Rhoden’s step-by-step leg workout

The One Chest Move You Should be Doing

All of us meatheads are the same. We love to bench press and incline press. We have done these exercises so much that we may have had to take a break from them at times to either progress or avoid injury. The bench press is fun to do, but it is not the only chest exercise that you should be doing.

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"Moving explosively can be like learning a foreign language." Figure athlete tries CrossFit: …

Training Style: FST-7

The pump-it-up philosophy of Mr. Olympia Phil Heath.

The 7% Body-Fat Diet

We estimate that the average weightlifting guy walks around at about 15% body fat. This is well within healthy levels, but it’s not going to turn many heads on the beach. (Reminder: Beach abs are carved in winter.) To look that good, you need to get below 10%—the point at which most guys can see some definition—and preferably as low as 7%. That seems to be the magic number associated with adjectives like shredded, diced, and genetically gifted (haters always gon’ hate). The plan is simple: six-pack, 7%, eight weeks. let’s go.

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Flex Lewis on Twitter

Last day! Take 25% off everything in the Flex Lewis store using code AMERICA at

The 10 Best-Tasting Protein Bars -

Don't disappoint your taste buds or fail your muscles with a chalky, underpowered protein bar. Check out this list of the top 10 best-tasting, muscle-fueling bars on the market!

Shake It Up With 8 Power-Packed Superfoods

Refuel more efficiently with the right ingredients in your post-workout shake.

6 Leg Workouts To Supersize Your Lower Body! -

Your days of hiding your stems end here. These 6 jean-busting leg workouts from the forums are guaranteed to make you grow—if you're up to the challenge!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains Why Bodybuilding Today Sucks

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a true pioneer of the sport. The man was a force of nature and dominated the bodybuilding scene in his youth. These days the seven time Mr. Olympia has taken it upon himself to try to elevate the sport to a higher level. But there are some bumps in the road that can make things difficult.

7 Tips for Burning Fat and Building Muscle

Go outside and take a walk. Do some pushups , do some lunges – just get moving. And if you think you need hours and hours each day, you’re wrong. 10-15 minutes of moving, stretching, doing bodyweight exercises will add up very quickly in a week. Start slow and do 3 times a week and as you progress, do 4 or 5 times a week if you want. Now do this each week over the course of a month, 3 months and a year. Be consistent.

Like Hoss

Fouad “Hoss” Abiad knew he wanted to be a bodybuilder when he attended his first bodybuilding event, the 2000 Toronto Pro. The pro portion of the show was dominated by such bodybuilding legends as Markus Rühl (who won) and future Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson (runner-up), but it was the amateur part of the contest that stoked Abiad’s competitive fire. “A friend of mine, who I worked with at a bar, was competing,” remembers Abiad. “He was 220 or something like that, and I just thought it was crazy that he was up there, and I wanted to do it.”

6 Simple Moves for Crafting Bigger Calves

Assuming your training volume and intensity are sufficient and your nutrition is on point, it’s going to come down to exercise selection. Let’s take a look at six easy moves to help bust out some bigger calves.

Add One Inch to Your Arms

Band Pushdown Grab an exercise band and tie it to the top of a squat rack or cable machine column. Grab the middle of the band with both hands and tuck your elbows to your sides. Extend your elbows just like in a cable triceps pushdown. Try for 60 reps in 30 seconds (if you can't do it, use a lighter band). It's OK if you break form and rock back and forth a bit.

The Get Ripped Anywhere Outdoor Workout Series

Your body weight can be used to generate any number of training stimuli. Instead of going heavy with weights, you can use explosive, jumping movements to recruit fast-twitch muscle fibers. Rather than perform high reps, you can slow down the tempo you move at, forcing your muscles to stabilize you for an endurance challenge. Finally, you can do a circuit of body-weight moves just as easily as you can do the machine circuit in your gym, but using your whole body and burning more calories as a result.


Scientists think this is due to the fact that Monday night football games begin at 9 p.m. EST regardless of game location, which means West Coast teams are starting to play at what feels like 6 p.m. This is closer to the advantaged time for peak performance when body temperature is warmest.

Daily Session: Pull-Up Bar Workout

The gym is crowded, sardine can packed - and the only thing available is the pull-up bar and the small amount of floor space directly under it. You could just decide to skip your workout , but you know it’s a slippery slope. Your missed workout today will totally derail your whole plan. Enter Bianca Sultana, NCSF-CPT and founder of BODYbyBianca Training System. She provided us with a workout to get the most out of that small space.

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Keep the Carbs

It's true that cutting chips, cookies, candy, and other carbs from your diet can help you uncover your abs. But if you think eliminating all the carbs is the key to reaching your weight-loss goals, we've got a few reasons to reconsider.

The No-BS Jacked Back Workout Routine

Back training is like the tax code of physique building. The methodology is as diverse as it is mystifying, and as complex as it is confounding, but in the end your goal is simple: You just want to get as much back as possible (pun intended). You experiment with new workouts and flirt with multiple angles, all with the hope of adding a little swole to your rearview. If this sounds like you, breathe deep and let this simple strategy wash over you: Pull heavy stuff. Rest. Repeat.

Straight-Up Biceps Workout

For a workout that hits the biceps from all angles, we called upon Ryan Sullivan, a competitive bodybuilder and the owner of Sci-Unison Fitness (sci-unisonfitness .com) in North Babylon, NY. His routine employs dumbbells, a barbell, and cables and puts the upper arms in various positions: in front of the torso with preachers , behind it with incline curls, at the sides with barbell curls , and, to finish, the arms elevated and parallel with the floor via high-cable curls. Such variety will help ensure that both heads of the biceps get maximum stimulation to grow bigger and stronger.

Plan For Success

Although there are a broad range of variables involved in programming your best workout, the five listed above will be a great start to making your workouts more efficient. Be structured, but be flexible with your plan. Have a reason for doing every single thing you do in the gym. If you cannot answer the question, “Why am I doing this?” then you ought not to be doing it. No one will get huge or ripped without a solid, programming structure. It hasn’t happened yet, and you won’t be the first. FLEX

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The Bodyweight Workout That Builds Strong Legs

Leg training is often associated with heavy barbell squats and leg presses stacked the brim with plates. Yes, that’s one way to train legs, but there's another way to work your lower body that’s sure to transfer into athleticism: bodyweight exercises.

Phil Heath’s 50 Incredible Arm Training Tips

The Big 5-0. The 50th Mr. Olympia contest was held on September 19–20. From initial champ Larry Scott to seven-time victor Arnold Schwarzenegger to current title-holder Phil Heath, awe-inspiring arms have often distinguished bodybuilding’s one-and-only best from all the rest. So, to salute this year’s half-century milestone, the man known as “The Gift” has lots and lots of presents.

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Sticking to a program for too long can invite injury. So can changing programs too often: …

Six Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Mix 1/2 tsp of baking soda with 1/2 tsp of water to form a paste. Then, using a toothbrush, brush the paste onto your teeth for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse. You can repeat this every other day for one or two weeks, and then cut back to once a week to prevent too much abrasion.

16 Nutritional Rules for a Full-Body Shred

Shortcuts to packing on new muscle mass and getting ripped to the bone are frequently peddled on late-night TV, but sadly, these feats cannot be accomplished with quick fixes or next-day miracles. You can, however, implement certain dietary practices that, over time, will guarantee your investment in fitness. Yes, getting in your best shape ever requires hard work in the gym, but without the proper nutrition to fuel your gains, you’re dead in the water. Feeding your body the right way is just a matter of repetition—learning and developing the kinds of dietary habits that leave your body with no choice but to respond with cover model-worthy size, strength and detail. By applying the bulk of these 16 strategies to your diet, you’ll find that things really do fall into place automatically, even if they don’t happen overnight.

Gain Mass With this Beefed-Up Benedict

Breakfast for dinner? It makes sense whan you pack on the protein in eggs Benedict by adding steak. Turkey bacon will still give you that smoky flavor without as many calories, and our proprietary mixture will make you forget all about hollandaise sauce.

The 120-Second Ab Routine

Many gym goers traditionally throw abs in at the end of their workout . Time is spent focused on the major muscle groups leaving little time to hit the core. With warmer weather just around the corner, here’s a quick core finisher focusing on both strength and stability. Just find a mat, Swiss ball and a stopwatch.

The 42 Best Arms in Hollywood History

Our 21-gun salute of the greatest bicep-building celebrities we've ever seen.

Straight Up Quads Workout for Bigger, Stronger Legs

For a typical gym rat who’s neither a competitive bodybuilder nor a serious athlete, the best bet may just be a leg workout that incorporates mass-building principles as well as a quick dose of explosive movements. The following workout offers just that. It addresses power through box jumps; hypertrophy via front squats in a moderate rep range and drop sets of hack squats ; and, for good measure, a hefty workload for your stabilizing muscle fibers with unbalanced lunges. Frankly, it’s a great routine for the guy who wants to look good from the waist down at the pool this summer and also have the ability to engage in the occasional pick-up game without getting embarrassed.

Old-School Training Techniques That Will Never Die

With a constant wave of new workout plans, supplements and studies that provide different ideas on how to approach your training, it can be easy to lose focus of the big picture. Truly maximizing your results may always be a bit debatable, and it depends a lot on specific personal goals, but it’s more important to adhere to classic, foolproof training concepts that you’ll always be able to remember. These old-school techniques are simple and proven, and should remind you to avoid overthinking your training regimen – no need to make things complicated. We spoke with natural health expert Tony Hale and David Schenk, the owner of Cross Train LA, to get the best tips. Are You Making These 5 Workout Mistakes?>>> Find Supplements to Fuel Your Training at GNC Live Well >>>

5 Reasons to Never Neglect Water

Research has shown that water speeds up your metabolism, cleans the body of toxins and generally helps to make everything in your body run smoothly. Considering an adult male is usually 60 percent water, this all makes sense. You need that water to digest food, circulate blood, keep your mouth from drying out and do a number of other things we often take for granted. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty – be proactive about it.

Burn Fat On A Budget

If supplements are already part of the budget that you're trying to maintain, you can still save yourself some bucks by simply making smarter choices. Instead of buying your usual two-pound jug of protein , for example, maybe you should invest the $10-15 extra and get yourself the five-pound jug. Instead of buying the fancy, high-end, designer fat-burners, maybe you can try this stack out.

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