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Strength Chat Podcast 35: Dave Tate, CEO of EliteFTS

Quick Recipe: Super Peach Shake

Forget those expensive chain-store smoothies: Our peach protein shake has everything your body wants.

Maxwell Spinal Wave Protocol - Diesel SC

Because we just released the new Ageless Athlete program, I wanted to readdress Steve Maxwell’s Spinal Wave protocol that I first talked about in 2011. Steve and I did a seminar together back in 2011 and during the downtime, I was asking him about his best low back rehab exercises – and he showed his …

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Build confidence and muscle with this 4-day beginner workout growth plan from Men's Fitness.

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Why CrossFit Girls Are Stronger Than You | T Nation

How many hours a week do you work out? For me, it's between 8-10 hours. That seems like a lot, but in my conversations with a number of CrossFit coaches and competitors, high-level CrossFit competitors train between 6-8 hours a day, at least when the CrossFit Games are coming up. That means they train about 4-5 times more than you do, and manage to recover from it as well.

Coconut Oil: Health Food or Heart Killer? | T Nation

Don't panic, there's no reason to stop using it. Not only can coconut oil improve your thyroid health, brain health, and metabolism, it's also great for your heart... despite what the AHA has said. (Remember, these are the same folks who like to slap the "heart healthy" label on Sugar Frosted Sugar kid's cereal.)

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9 Best Exercises You're Not Doing

Grasp a relatively light Olympic barbell in a power rack with a very wide, overhand grip (aka snatch grip), with your feet shoulder-width apart, your back flat, and your chest out. Push press the bar overhead so you’re in a standing position, arms fully extended, shoulder blades squeezed together. The bar should be slightly behind your head, not directly over or in front of it. Maintaining this bar position, slowly squat down as if sitting on a stool, keeping your chest out, until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Press through your heels to stand back up to the start position.

The Best & Worst Times of Day to Work Out | T Nation

For the naysayers who've been strength training at 6AM on empty stomachs and feel great doing it, it's hard to argue against your routine. After all, you don't have any other frame of reference. But you may be holding yourself to a standard of potential that has a lower ceiling based on the handicaps you've unknowingly given yourself. If this applies to you, and if possible, try a week's worth of workouts at a different time and see how it feels.

9 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

Nuts can be a delicious and healthy snack option, but only if you choose the right kind! The next time you're feeling a little nutty, try one of these fit-friendly varieties to fuel your body.

The 4 Mandatory One-Legged Exercises | T Nation

Why train one leg at a time? Because a lack of single leg stability, strength, and power is linked to lower back pain and knee injuries. Plus, single-leg training is a powerful orthopedic health indicator. But it's not always easy to get unilateral lifts right. That's where pauses come in. They force you to perfect your technique. Better technique, better training results.

5 Rookie Mistakes in the Gym

The hardest step is to make the decision to get in shape. Don't make these missteps when you hit the gym.

Tip: The 4 Principles of Great Technique | T Nation

I totally get the desire to do whatever it takes to put more weight on the bar, but if you use suboptimal technique you'll need more weight to achieve the same end result, which means you're creating unnecessary wear and tear on your joints. Please feel free to explain to me why this is a good idea.

Tip: Get Killer Workouts With This Plant Oil | T Nation

All of that probably sounds sure-sure-fine, but check out the magnitude of the effects: After drinking peppermint water, time to exhaustion on a treadmill increased by about 25%, and work performance (amount of work done and amount of power exerted) increased by about 50%! Put another way, they ran a lot harder for a lot longer.

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When @RedHourBen calls me out.. Told em just roll the camera and let me riff... 80's wrestling promo style. @omaze @stillerorg #TeamGlobo

The 7 best exercises to build brute strength

With a deadlift, you're challenging your true strength by lifting as much weight as possible off the floor. That means it’s essential to keep the bar as close to your legs as possible, so that you don’t alter the center of gravity and put strain on the low back. “There’s a saying that on a good deadlift, your shins should bleed—I put tape on my legs, or else there’s blood everywhere,” Herbst says. The instep of your feet should directly under the bar, toes slightly pointed out, knees soft. With straight arms, hinge the hips back into roughly a half-squat to reach the bar, keeping the head up. To initiate the lift, brace the abs, pull the “slack” out of the bar (so it comes up against the plates), and flex your lats. Press your feet into the floor as you bring the bar up along the legs, pushing the hips forward once the bar clears the knees and clenching the glutes at the top. If you’re doing reps, don’t let the bar bounce on the floor between reps; pause and reset so you don’t cheat.

Tip: 3 Tips Newbies Don't Want to Hear | T Nation

Fairly new to lifting? Here's some harsh advice you might not like, but you should definitely take to heart.

Dwayne Johnson on Twitter

When @RedHourBen calls me out.. Told em just roll the camera and let me riff... 80's wrestling promo style. @omaze @stillerorg #TeamGlobo

Tip: Do Steroids Make You Ignorant? | T Nation

Oh, I know, "He still has to work hard!" Sure, but let's not bullshit ourselves. Everyone has to work hard. But steroids and related drugs greatly accelerate progress (making motivation easy, almost as a side effect) and get you to a place you could never be without them. If drugs were only "10 percent of it" as many users like to say, then they wouldn't bother using them.

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Tip: You Need to Be Doing Ring Pull-Ups | T Nation

Using rings in place of a bar is a lot like using dumbbells in place of a barbell. Since the hands aren't fixed in place on a bar, the wrists, elbows, and shoulders can move freely into the most comfortable position. Anyone experiencing wrist, elbow, or shoulder discomfort during pull-ups will find the rings to be a worthy alternative.

Tip: How to Stay Lean and Still Build Muscle | T Nation

Does lifting make women bulky? Many still seem to think so. But if you want to help them get in shape without scaring them off, here's the script you need to follow.

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Fast Abs: 4 Fat-Burning Finishers | T Nation

How to do it: Start by pushing a sled back and forth, hard and fast, along a 20-meter stretch for as many rounds as possible in 60 seconds. Next, jog to the pull-up bar or rings and perform as many reps as possible in 60 seconds (you'll most likely need to stop at least once during that time to avoid hitting failure, because if you do hit failure, it'll probably be impossible to knock off anymore reps in that time). Then jog back to the sled, push it hard for 50 seconds and jog over for 50 seconds of pull-ups (again, avoid failure). The next round is 40 seconds of each, followed by 30 seconds and 20 seconds of each. Finish with the hardest, fastest 10 seconds of the sled push and pull-ups your body can muster.

Tip: Eat Rice Without Getting Fat | T Nation

It's also inexpensive, and its tiny grains make it the most physically adapted to mixing with hunks of chicken, beef, pork, or fish. The trouble is, most people have no restraint when it comes to rice. They shovel out a portion size as big as a rice-picker's head and when their definition starts to blur, they don't take the blame; they lay it on the grain.

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

26 Supplements for Serious Athletes - Biotest

Includes E-Book – The Velocity Diet is a science based, rapid body-transformation program that's so powerful and so effective that results border on being unbelievable. But this system is not for everyone.

25 Tips for Greatness

After his stunning second to Coleman at the 2001 Mr. Olympia, it seemed inevitable Cutler would soon have a Sandow on his mantel. He sat out the 2002 Mr. O when an undersized Coleman looked especially vulnerable. Then came 2003, when a nearly 300-pound Ronnie Coleman shocked the bodybuilding world. Cutler was second again, but the gap between him and first had widened. In the aftermath, Cutler, who had been relying increasingly on machines and cables to refine what he assumed was enough size, went back to the basics. He knew he had to pack on pounds to hang with Ronnie, so he trained Ronnie-style: deadlifts, barbell rows, T-bar rows, barbell bench presses. Free-weight basics formed the core of his routines in 2004 and have remained there ever since.

Tip: The Ultimate Push-Up Finisher | T Nation

Add this Tabata-style workout to the end of chest day on Monday. Don't plan on moving around a lot on Tuesday.

Tip: 4 Convenient Foods You Should Be Eating | T Nation

"Ricing" just means to grind certain foods up into little bits. Riced cauliflower trended during the low-carb craze as an alternative to regular rice, but making it was a pain in the ass. You either needed a really good food processor (and motivation to clean it up afterward) or you needed to spend a lot of time with a cheese grater and a stack of Band-Aids.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Happy birthday to @TheSlyStallone ! Celebrate with Sylvester Stallone's best movie moments from his career:

The 5 Worst Things CrossFitters Do

CrossFit borrows heavily from gymnastics. The reason for being is that both sports are focused on moving the body specifically and with control through space. Many CrossFitters use their momentum to do a kipping pull up and focus on how many reps they can get instead of focusing on correct pull up form. Although many CrossFitters would say kipping is an advanced movement, they should be performed with base of strength developed by doing the strict version first.

Maxx Charles' 6 Tips for Arm Training

When Charles trains arms, he does up to 41 sets of 18 different exercises for biceps and triceps. He’s the first to volunteer that what he does isn’t for everyone, whether it’s the sheer volume of his training or the exercises he uses. Charles is a guy who studies others in the gym and makes up his own exercises based on his specific needs. Instead of looking at each exercise in detail, let’s consider some of the principles Charles utilizes as he trains to help us reach a better understanding of how he built one of the biggest pairs of guns in the pro ranks.

The Squat and Athletic Development — How We've All Been F*cking It Up

This journey started with me wanting to punch a brilliant track coach, Chris Korfist, in the face. Over a year later, it will end with one of the biggest revelations in the sports performance industry. In part one of this article series, I will reveal why 99% of our research and the criteria by which we have judged the squat for athletic development is wrong. This is a bold statement, but it is not a theory, it is an irrefutable fact and I will show you why. Before your mind starts racing, this is not the same old article arguing about 1/4 squats vs. full squats or powerlifting vs. Olympic lifting style squats. This is a mind-blowing discovery that speaks to a much more fundamental issue. That issue is how we have been incorrectly analyzing the squat for athletic development by using faulty evaluation criteria and it must change. At the end of this article, if you take nothing else out of it, you must learn that the terms “depth” and “parallel” are arbitrary and have absolutely no place in athletic development training.

BCAA Energy by EVLUTION NUTRITION at - Best Prices on BCAA Energy!

Warnings: Do not use more than 4 total servings per day. BCAA ENERGY contains caffeine and beta alanine. Beta Alanine can create a temporary tingling feeling on your skin. This is normal and diminishes with continued use. This product is only intended for use by healthy adults over the age of 18. Do not exceed recommended serving amounts or daily intake. Do not use this product if you are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy or nursing, if you have any pre-existing medical condition, or if you are taking any prescription or OTC medications. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery. This product contains caffeine. Do not use if you are caffeine sensitive. Keep out of reach of children. Product contains 110mg of caffeine per serving.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Looking off into the distance is often easier for you farsighted Sagittarians than seeing something that's right in front of your nose. However, you might not get very far in your vision-questing while delusional Neptune squares the Sun in your 7th House of Partners. It's inadvisable to head out today without the company of a fellow traveler. Collaborating with a like-minded friend changes the energy now. Deepen your understanding by engaging in meaningful communication. Your presence in the present moment averts a developing power struggle in the future.

Tip: A Common Mistake That Kills Your Gains | T Nation

Being a beginner is great because it's one of the few times in your lifting life where you can lose fat and gain muscle and strength all at the same time. You don't even have to do things very efficiently either. You could even be one of those idiots that does shoulder presses using the leg press machine and still make some gains.

Build Mass, Lose Fat, and Get Crazy Strong

Y3T (Yoda 3 Training) is the brand name of my training method, which incorporates a three-week structure based on utilizing low, medium, and high reps with varying training volumes and rep tempos to target all muscle-fiber types. Other people put the “Yoda” tag there. The ideology of Y3T has grown from more than 2 1/2 decades of testing methods with a wide selection of athletes, including four-time Olympia 212 Showdown winner Flex Lewis and IFBB pro William Bonac.

Muscle & Fitness on Twitter

Today, the one and only @TheSlyStallone turns 71! We here at M&F wish you a happy, healthy, and legendary birthday! #HappyBirthday #TheMan

Low-Carb Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Skip the guilt of traditional sauce-covered noodles and indulge in this plate of protein-rich comfort food. This reimagined alfredo recipe will satisfy your pasta cravings without leaving you in a food coma.

5 At-Home Cardio Workouts for Fat Loss

Burpee/Pushup/Broad jump Reps: 5 Stand with your feet about 6 inches apart. Bend at your knees/waist and put your hands down in front of you. Kick your legs out at the same time behind you. Do a pushup. Kick your feet back in and then jump forward as far as you can. As you jump throw your arms forward to help propel you as far as possible. Land on both feet and get ready for the next repetition.

9 Sex Positions You Should Never Try

I’m all about bringing more variety into the bedroom, and sex positions can be a great way to flex your creative muscles (and, you know, your actual muscles). But there is such a thing as taking it too far. I’ve seen sex positions that look like they were dreamed up by contortionists—and worse. Check out these nine sex positions to avoid at all costs! Then, consider trying these 16 sex positions to try  instead.  Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in all things sex.

Advanced Back Workout

Go to almost any gym and you’ll see a lot of guys with thick pecs, but backs that pale in comparison. While nearly everyone has a love affair with the bench press and related pushing movements, the fan base for pulling exercises (that is, back training) is dramatically smaller. Yet the back makes up the largest area of muscle on the torso, and should be worked at least as diligently as the chest, not to mention every other body part.

43 Shawn Ray

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The 21 Hottest Girls in Surfing

Summer, we hate to see you go, but we love to watch you leave… For our farewell ode to warm weather and lazy-days, here are the current hottest women of surfing. As the wave competition still snaps on for these ladies in hotter locales, these top athletes prove that the end of our favorite season has never looked better.

Jonah Hill’s body transformation: 13 photos of the actor's new lean, athletic build

The ‘Superbad’ actor has shed weight and dramatically transformed his physique after gaining 40 pounds for a film role in 2016.

BONUS: Zach Even - Esh Interview | "Don't Talk About It, BE ABOUT IT" from The Zach Even - Esh STRONG Life Podcast

Episode Info: In this BONUS episode of The STRONG Life Podcast, Zach Even - Esh gets Interviewed by Jason Woods. The theme of everything we discuss in this episode: "Don't Talk About It, BE ABOUT IT" Enjoy this Bonus and standby for the next hard charging STRONG Life Podcast Episode! STRONG Life Resources: Sponsored by / Use code zach100 for 10% off - Underground Strength Academy - Online Training with Zach - Bodyweight Bodybuilding - STRONG Life FREE Strength Training Courses Read more »

Want more women to 'like' you on dating apps? Choose black and white photos, don't smile with your teeth, and never pose on the beach.

Researchers studied 1,000 user photos, assigning photo tags (35 in all) to each. They ran the gamut from guys taking selfies to women posing with their hair up. The researchers then ranked the tags to see which type of photos get liked more (and, therefore, who gets more matches) on the app.


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Scientists may have found the root cause of going gray and balding

Next up: Studies on humans to see if the pigmentation and baldness genes show up in people as they get older and their hair thins and gets gray. In the meantime, if you’re going gray, we say: embrace it. More and more dudes are rocking salt-and-pepper beards and hair, and looking good while doing it. If you’re going bald, there’s only one option once it gets too far along—shave it. (Hey: It works for The Rock.)

How to eat barbecue without getting fat

Sage advice from Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly ’s first-ever BBQ editor: “Eating tons of salty meat can sneak up on you and dehydrate you before you know it.” So drink even more water than you would for a typical outdoor event.

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