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Watch: This trailer for Gerard Butler's 'Geostorm' is sufficiently crazy

Satellites control the Earth's weather. What could possibly go wrong?

Canada Day Deadlift Training - 9 Weeks out

Oh Canada - Deadlifts

Jujimufu & Antoine Vaillant Deadlift Every Chain at EliteFTS?

Some stupid curl train and then they began pulling with chains. Twenty chain per side is impressive regardless of the weight.

Grant Cardone Success Interview • Zach Even-Esh

  In This STRONG Life Podcast BONUS Episode, Grant Cardone & Zach Even - Esh Discuss Success Strategies for Strength Coaches. Here's Just SOME of the Poweful Topics We Discuss: - Why Money DOES Matter! MANY People say "money doesn't matter" but this is a serious lie. - The 4 Levels of Action People Take. …

Shawn Ray Interviews Lou Ferrigno | Ferrigno Legacy Preview

In beautiful Palm Springs, California, the Ferrigno Legacy has grown into an event you won't want to miss! It is a two-day show -- and they are re-inventing the Expo to give fans a new, one-of-a kind experience. Listen in as Lou Ferrigno, promoter Chris Minnes and the voice and spirit of the show, Lou Ferrigno Jr. give an overview of this Olympia Qualifier -- happening November 18 &19, 2017.

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Coconut Oil: Health Food or Heart Killer? | T Nation

Don't panic, there's no reason to stop using it. Not only can coconut oil improve your thyroid health, brain health, and metabolism, it's also great for your heart... despite what the AHA has said. (Remember, these are the same folks who like to slap the "heart healthy" label on Sugar Frosted Sugar kid's cereal.)

Mr. Olympia LLC on Twitter

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The Best & Worst Times of Day to Work Out | T Nation

For the naysayers who've been strength training at 6AM on empty stomachs and feel great doing it, it's hard to argue against your routine. After all, you don't have any other frame of reference. But you may be holding yourself to a standard of potential that has a lower ceiling based on the handicaps you've unknowingly given yourself. If this applies to you, and if possible, try a week's worth of workouts at a different time and see how it feels.

8 Best Non-Bench Chest Exercises

Just because it’s chest da y doesn’t mean you're relegated to park your backside on a bench for your session. While the bench is a valuable tool for overall chest strength, it can place excess stress on the delts, which can be tough for those with injured shoulders. For pure pec muscle growth, there are several exercises that will get you off the bench and on your way to chest growth in PECtacular fashion.

Tip: Do Steroids Make You Ignorant? | T Nation

Oh, I know, "He still has to work hard!" Sure, but let's not bullshit ourselves. Everyone has to work hard. But steroids and related drugs greatly accelerate progress (making motivation easy, almost as a side effect) and get you to a place you could never be without them. If drugs were only "10 percent of it" as many users like to say, then they wouldn't bother using them.

The 4 Mandatory One-Legged Exercises | T Nation

Why train one leg at a time? Because a lack of single leg stability, strength, and power is linked to lower back pain and knee injuries. Plus, single-leg training is a powerful orthopedic health indicator. But it's not always easy to get unilateral lifts right. That's where pauses come in. They force you to perfect your technique. Better technique, better training results.

Tip: The 4 Principles of Great Technique | T Nation

I totally get the desire to do whatever it takes to put more weight on the bar, but if you use suboptimal technique you'll need more weight to achieve the same end result, which means you're creating unnecessary wear and tear on your joints. Please feel free to explain to me why this is a good idea.

Why CrossFit Girls Are Stronger Than You | T Nation

How many hours a week do you work out? For me, it's between 8-10 hours. That seems like a lot, but in my conversations with a number of CrossFit coaches and competitors, high-level CrossFit competitors train between 6-8 hours a day, at least when the CrossFit Games are coming up. That means they train about 4-5 times more than you do, and manage to recover from it as well.

The 10 People That Drive Gym Owners Crazy | T Nation

Now, to those who needed to do cardio, this must've been annoying. But, I didn't care. I cared so little, in fact, that I didn't bother warning him about the puddle of sweat HE was about to dip the back of his head in. He was getting ready to do some dumbbell presses on a bench and there was a giant sweat puddle left on it by the previous inconsiderate asshole. By this time, cardio sweat man had dried himself off, changed his shirt and was ready to crack off some big reps with a pair of 30s.

9 Sex Positions You Should Never Try

I’m all about bringing more variety into the bedroom, and sex positions can be a great way to flex your creative muscles (and, you know, your actual muscles). But there is such a thing as taking it too far. I’ve seen sex positions that look like they were dreamed up by contortionists—and worse. Check out these nine sex positions to avoid at all costs! Then, consider trying these 16 sex positions to try  instead.  Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in all things sex.

5 Rookie Mistakes in the Gym

The hardest step is to make the decision to get in shape. Don't make these missteps when you hit the gym.

Tip: How to Stay Lean and Still Build Muscle | T Nation

Does lifting make women bulky? Many still seem to think so. But if you want to help them get in shape without scaring them off, here's the script you need to follow.

Tip: The Top 3 Myths About Testosterone | T Nation

Don't expect it to be some kind of magical cure-all. You still have to do the work. But testosterone therapy isn't the psycho killer some have made it out to be. What it WILL do is help put you back in balance.

The metabolic medicine ball workout routine

Work through these three supersets at a quick pace to melt fat and build muscle.

Muscle & Performance on Twitter

Improve your squat strength — and build more muscular legs in the process — with this twice-a-week training plan.

Tip: You Need to Be Doing Ring Pull-Ups | T Nation

Using rings in place of a bar is a lot like using dumbbells in place of a barbell. Since the hands aren't fixed in place on a bar, the wrists, elbows, and shoulders can move freely into the most comfortable position. Anyone experiencing wrist, elbow, or shoulder discomfort during pull-ups will find the rings to be a worthy alternative.

Tip: Get Killer Workouts With This Plant Oil | T Nation

All of that probably sounds sure-sure-fine, but check out the magnitude of the effects: After drinking peppermint water, time to exhaustion on a treadmill increased by about 25%, and work performance (amount of work done and amount of power exerted) increased by about 50%! Put another way, they ran a lot harder for a lot longer.

Tip: Master the Kettlebell Deadlift | T Nation

Any time we add velocity to a load, we're adding a progression. So to nail the swing we have to take a step back and move the load in a more controlled fashion. I'm not talking about pulling a max loaded barbell. For our purposes, the best place to start is deadlifting a single dumbbell or kettlebell from the floor.

Muscle & Fitness on Twitter

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Tip: Hip Hinge vs. Squat, Know the Difference | T Nation

To master the deadlift, RDL, or kettlebell swing, you have to know how to hip hinge. Though there are hingy squats and squatty hinges, the two are not the same. They have distinct characteristics that allow us to categorize other exercises as forms of each. Though the biomechanics of the squat and hinge are complex, the MAIN differentiating factor is the joint that each one emphasizes.

9 Exercises for Massive Forearms

Pullups already build a strong grip and thick arms. Gripping a towel instead of the bar, however, skyrockets the work on your forearms—now, you have to crush the towels just to stay up and squeeze even tighter to pull yourself up. Don’t be surprised if you can only do one or two on your first try.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

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Does Tribulus Boost Testosterone?

Tribulus is an herb that it commonly found in over-the-counter testosterone products. Without stereotyping, it’s popular with the bodybuilding community. This led me to design a scientific study 7 years ago, in which I helped two researchers put together a (never published) review on tribulus use and the impact on strength, muscle gain, and testosterone levels. I’ll be honest and admit that the research wasn’t air tight (hence the lack of publishing) and the sample size was small (n=16), but the findings were still relevant. The bottom line: Compared to a placebo group, there was no difference after 16 weeks of supplementation, which was a long enough trial period where you would expect to see something. And trust me, we looked. (Side note: ANOVAs, ANCOVAs, and multi-variate analyses are things I do not miss at all. If you’re a stats nerd you get this and probably also enjoy these things more than I ever could. And that’s a big reason why I left the research side of academia.)

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Dwayne Johnson goes full-on badass action hero. 15 reasons #Rampage could be @TheRock 's most badass film yet:

Hidetada Yamagishi - Exclusive Q & A - Vlog 32 - Hidetada Yamagishi - Exclusive Q & A - Vlog 32 In this vlog, Hidetada answers your questions and it's also Hide's birthday! Thank you for everyone who participated in the Q&A! Quick shout out to Frank McGrath who made a special appearance in this vlog! Don't forget to subscribe to the Official Hidetada Yamagishi channel! ► Connect with Hidetada on social media! ► INSTAGRAM: ► FACEBOOK: ► TWITTER: ► BLOG: ► BODI CAFE: ► HIDETADA COLLECTION: -- Videographer ► INSTAGRAM: ► WEBSITE: Content Restriction: The Content on the Service, and the trademarks, service marks and logos ("Marks") on the Service, are owned by this channel, subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under the law. Please do not download this video and upload to your channel.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Looking off into the distance is often easier for you farsighted Sagittarians than seeing something that's right in front of your nose. However, you might not get very far in your vision-questing while delusional Neptune squares the Sun in your 7th House of Partners. It's inadvisable to head out today without the company of a fellow traveler. Collaborating with a like-minded friend changes the energy now. Deepen your understanding by engaging in meaningful communication. Your presence in the present moment averts a developing power struggle in the future.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Happy birthday to @TheSlyStallone ! Celebrate with Sylvester Stallone's best movie moments from his career:

BCAA Energy by EVLUTION NUTRITION at - Best Prices on BCAA Energy!

Warnings: Do not use more than 4 total servings per day. BCAA ENERGY contains caffeine and beta alanine. Beta Alanine can create a temporary tingling feeling on your skin. This is normal and diminishes with continued use. This product is only intended for use by healthy adults over the age of 18. Do not exceed recommended serving amounts or daily intake. Do not use this product if you are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy or nursing, if you have any pre-existing medical condition, or if you are taking any prescription or OTC medications. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery. This product contains caffeine. Do not use if you are caffeine sensitive. Keep out of reach of children. Product contains 110mg of caffeine per serving.

Tip: A Common Mistake That Kills Your Gains | T Nation

Being a beginner is great because it's one of the few times in your lifting life where you can lose fat and gain muscle and strength all at the same time. You don't even have to do things very efficiently either. You could even be one of those idiots that does shoulder presses using the leg press machine and still make some gains.

Tip: 3 Tips Newbies Don't Want to Hear | T Nation

Fairly new to lifting? Here's some harsh advice you might not like, but you should definitely take to heart.

10 Signs You're Bad in Bed and Don't Even Know It

The problem: You come home after thinking about sex all day and try to stick your penis in her right away. She, on the other hand, has not been thinking about sex. She’s been thinking about work, that squabble with her best friend, and what she’s making for dinner. She’s not warmed up, therefore she's not going to enjoy it. Fix it: “Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay—I can’t say it enough!” Morse says. You may be ready to go the second you get home, but you have to remember, sex is mostly mental for women. They have to be warmed up, physically and mentally. “Most women not only enjoy foreplay, but we need it in order to get aroused before actual intercourse,” Morse says. Foreplay can even start hours before you're through the door. Send her a text about how much you can’t wait to see her or how beautiful she looked this morning. Then when you get home kiss and caress her before you start taking her clothes off. Foreplay isn’t a suggestion; it’s a requirement for most women.

The 10 Most Attractive Body Parts Ranked by Women

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a roundup—in no particular order—of the features women love on a guy; not just the body parts, but what specifically about them appeal to women. You can sculpt some in the gym, but others have already been fated by genetics (sorry). Either way, this will give you some insight on what females prefer. Hint: you’ll quickly find women are not much different than men.

9 Unique Muscle-Building Meals

Bored of the same-old bodybuilding foods? Eating well can be boring and extremely monotonous. Spice things up with these 9 unique muscle-building meals! Each meal contains the proper amount of macronutrients you need to burn fat or build muscle. The best part of it all, these meals can be done in 15 minutes or less!

6 Signs You're Lifting Wrong

If you’re experiencing pain of course you’re not lifting correctly, right? Not necessarily. Muscle soreness (which we’ll cover later) differs from joint pain. The latter of which can compromise your body’s ability to perform properly while escalating your risk of injury. That said, some people train with bad form and manage to avoid injury. There might be no immediate negative effects present, but there are consequences down the line.

The best back workout for beginners

Want to go from puny to powerful? This routine will help you forge the fundamental strength and muscle gains in your lats and traps for a massive transformation.

6 Sex Performance Problems Fixed at the Gym

Sadly, satisfaction isn’t a guarantee when you have sex in the real world. That means if you’re looking for an encore performance or a recurring role as a sex partner or friend with benefits, you need to earn your spot on the roster. In other words, you need to be on your A game. So if one of these seven sex-related issues has, uh, popped up in the past, try implementing the corresponding remedy so it doesn’t happen in the future.

Muscle & Performance on Twitter

Beef up your chicken legs and take your leg development to a whole new level in just 45 minutes a week.

Change your attitude toward working out, and it can seem easier

"Merely the belief that the shirt would help did help the 'unsporty' subjects to have a lower perception of strenuousness during the exercise," said study co-author Hendrik Mothes, Ph.D., of the Department of Sport Science at the University of Freiburg. The study showed that the findings there can be a placebo effect when exercising or playing a sport, what you think about the activity does make a difference. "Not least, the findings impressively show for all those who don't consider themselves to be great sportsmen and -women, the right product really can make sport more pleasant, if 'only' you believe in it."

Supplement Your Mass

We know why you’ve neglected to step it up – with so many different supplements on the market today, you don’t know what to take, when to take it or how much of it to take. Well, leave the planning to us. Here, we give you a supplement plan for gaining mass that starts simple and progresses steadily, brining you to a hardcore mass supplement program while building big time muscle along the way.

8 Reasons Your Biceps Are Flat

The biggest problem isn’t that you don’t have big biceps; it’s that you aren’t big at all. If you’re six feet tall and 160lbs, you’ll never have big arms. You’re too skinny. If you want big arms or a big chest, you need to get big all-over.


In a study published in the journal Obesity, overweight individuals under-went an intervention with either diet alone or diet combined with physical activity. Diet and physical activity were tracked in both types of interventions. Interestingly, increases in physical activity levels resulted in greater adherence to an energy-restricted diet and maintenance of greater weight loss over time. While many people would assume that intense workouts just increase hunger and thus calorie consumption, this study suggests that making physical activity a daily habit actually makes it easier to adhere to a calorie-restricted diet.

The 5 best barbell complex workouts to burn fat and build muscle

A barbell complex is any series of movements performed back-to-back with a barbell in which the set number of reps is completed for each movement before moving on to the next. It also means—and this is what makes barbell complex workouts so tough—that the barbell never leaves the athlete’s hands until all the lifts and reps are completed.

The Most Dangerous Form of Caffeine

Most of us rely on caffeine for a morning pick-me-up, and we know it can improve exercise performance. But not all forms of caffeine are equally safe. After a few caffeine-powder related deaths in the past year, advocacy groups are asking for a ban on sales of pure caffeine to consumers. “Caffeine powder can be very dangerous,” says Marie Spano, a Washington, D.C.–based sports nutritionist. There is no FDA regulation  to disclose how much caffeine a product contains, and even if that information were available, there’s no guarantee it’s accurate. “Studies have found that some products may contain considerably more caffeine than stated,” Spano says. And it doesn’t take much caffeine powder to overdose. Symptoms of overdose can include vomiting, diarrhea, stupor, disorientation, rapid or erratic heartbeat, and seizures.

Top 5 Natural Supplements for Better Sex

Ginseng , known as the natural Viagra, has a strong reputation for improving sex drive—and for good reason. As one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world, millions of people supplement with the root plant to treat a variety of health conditions from inflammation, to low immune function, to stubborn weight gain—and, of course, sexual dysfunction. A 2008 review of 28 clinical studies suggested that powered Korean red ginseng increased sexual arousal and treated erectile dysfunction in men. Additionally, research conducted by the Department of Physiology at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine showed that ginseng can directly facilitate erections by relaxing erectile tissue and increasing blood flow.

The Best & Worst Times of Day to Work Out | T Nation

For the naysayers who've been strength training at 6AM on empty stomachs and feel great doing it, it's hard to argue against your routine. After all, you don't have any other frame of reference. But you may be holding yourself to a standard of potential that has a lower ceiling based on the handicaps you've unknowingly given yourself. If this applies to you, and if possible, try a week's worth of workouts at a different time and see how it feels.

Coconut Oil: Health Food or Heart Killer? | T Nation

Don't panic, there's no reason to stop using it. Not only can coconut oil improve your thyroid health, brain health, and metabolism, it's also great for your heart... despite what the AHA has said. (Remember, these are the same folks who like to slap the "heart healthy" label on Sugar Frosted Sugar kid's cereal.)

Brazilian Model Natalia Borges Shows off Amazing Body

Take a look at this head-turning beauty as she strolls along a beach in Miami.

H2O for the Bodybuilder

As an athlete or a healthy person—you know soda is not the best choice for a beverage, but drinking plain water sometimes seems more like a chore rather than the right thing to do for your body. More and more people today are “hooked” on diet sodas and carbonated beverages than ever before. Bodybuilders on a contest diet like to drink it, as the carbonation keeps them full and they like the taste better than plain water. It also feels like a treat to have a diet soda in a world of plain, unseasoned contest foods. But not only can diet sodas hinder weight loss and upset your digestive process, they can also prevent your body from ridding itself of excess water. The hardest part of getting on the “drink water” bandwagon is getting of the soda roller coaster. Rather than going cold turkey and moving straight to plain water, I have a plan that I use with many athletes and clients that either have difculty getting enough fluids in or for those trying to kick the habit of carbonated drinks and sodas. If you are used to drinking diet soda and carbonated beverages, the easiest way I’ve found to kick the habit is to wean down.

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