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‘Tour de Pharmacy’: Andy Samberg and HBO Take a Hilarious Look at the Cycling World

The ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star is debuting a new mockumentary—and superstars like John Cena, Daveed Diggs, Dolph Lundgren, Kevin Bacon, and Mike Tyson are coming along for the ride.

7 New Back Exercises To Explode Your Lats!

Want to get mile wide? Team athletes share their most unique back moves.

Watch: This trailer for Gerard Butler's 'Geostorm' is sufficiently crazy

Satellites control the Earth's weather. What could possibly go wrong?

Maxwell Spinal Wave Protocol - Diesel SC

Because we just released the new Ageless Athlete program, I wanted to readdress Steve Maxwell’s Spinal Wave protocol that I first talked about in 2011. Steve and I did a seminar together back in 2011 and during the downtime, I was asking him about his best low back rehab exercises – and he showed his …

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5 tips for maximizing your lat exercises

5. Another great lat exercise is the bar row or dumbbell row, and this tip applies to both: Besides pulling your arms toward your sides, your lats also pull your arms down and back. A good way to visualize the movement: using both hands to close the trunk of your car. This definitely over-simplifies the motion, but it should give you a picture, and emphasize why you should not swing backward to complete even heavy reps .

Tip: The Top 3 Myths About Testosterone | T Nation

Don't expect it to be some kind of magical cure-all. You still have to do the work. But testosterone therapy isn't the psycho killer some have made it out to be. What it WILL do is help put you back in balance.

Tip: Do Steroids Make You Ignorant? | T Nation

Oh, I know, "He still has to work hard!" Sure, but let's not bullshit ourselves. Everyone has to work hard. But steroids and related drugs greatly accelerate progress (making motivation easy, almost as a side effect) and get you to a place you could never be without them. If drugs were only "10 percent of it" as many users like to say, then they wouldn't bother using them.

Tip: Combat Muscle Loss With This Fat | T Nation

The exact mechanisms for why this anabolic effect is taking place is unclear. Some research has indicated that in combination with an anabolic stimulus, the mTOR pathway's activation gets augmented. Other researchers link this muscle-building effect to the anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3s or increased amino acid utilization because of the enhanced insulin sensitivity.

The Best & Worst Times of Day to Work Out | T Nation

For the naysayers who've been strength training at 6AM on empty stomachs and feel great doing it, it's hard to argue against your routine. After all, you don't have any other frame of reference. But you may be holding yourself to a standard of potential that has a lower ceiling based on the handicaps you've unknowingly given yourself. If this applies to you, and if possible, try a week's worth of workouts at a different time and see how it feels.

Tip: Supplement Your Training With Band Work | T Nation

There are several ways you can vary these movements, such as simply changing band thickness or the positions in which you perform your band work. Things like banded pushdowns can be done with a single-arm variation, and banded pull-aparts can be done from a variety of positions: eye-level, behind the neck, etc.

The 10 People That Drive Gym Owners Crazy | T Nation

Now, to those who needed to do cardio, this must've been annoying. But, I didn't care. I cared so little, in fact, that I didn't bother warning him about the puddle of sweat HE was about to dip the back of his head in. He was getting ready to do some dumbbell presses on a bench and there was a giant sweat puddle left on it by the previous inconsiderate asshole. By this time, cardio sweat man had dried himself off, changed his shirt and was ready to crack off some big reps with a pair of 30s.

9 Shawn Ray

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The 4 Mandatory One-Legged Exercises | T Nation

Why train one leg at a time? Because a lack of single leg stability, strength, and power is linked to lower back pain and knee injuries. Plus, single-leg training is a powerful orthopedic health indicator. But it's not always easy to get unilateral lifts right. That's where pauses come in. They force you to perfect your technique. Better technique, better training results.

Tip: Master the Kettlebell Deadlift | T Nation

Any time we add velocity to a load, we're adding a progression. So to nail the swing we have to take a step back and move the load in a more controlled fashion. I'm not talking about pulling a max loaded barbell. For our purposes, the best place to start is deadlifting a single dumbbell or kettlebell from the floor.

Cheating on Back?

I wouldn't cheat on vertical pulls because of potential damage to the shoulders. However, I will start with my head under the bar and lean back slightly while pulling the bar towards the ground during pulldowns to engage the lats. This is NOT cheating even though there will inevitably be some momentum as a result of this.

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

Testosterone-Induced Water Retention - How To Combat It

Yet, many bodybuilders and lifters using anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), or men beginning testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), develop edema within a matter of days or weeks of beginning use, despite having previously been free of any such symptom. In TRT, dependent edema can lead to discontinuing treatment that is necessary to correct a hormonal deficiency that has direct consequences on metabolic health and even longevity. Certain gyms are filled with young men with transiently large, but doughy arms. Yet, what if this edema is not a significant adverse event that requires discontinuation of treatment (in the case of TRT), but a physiologic event that arises in men who generate an abnormal but treatable response to certain androgens? What if this treatment was not only safe and effective, but also may be instituted to treat a common condition that may pre-exist or develop over time eventually, regardless of exposure to or absence of TRT or AAS?

Today's Workout

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9 Sex Positions You Should Never Try

I’m all about bringing more variety into the bedroom, and sex positions can be a great way to flex your creative muscles (and, you know, your actual muscles). But there is such a thing as taking it too far. I’ve seen sex positions that look like they were dreamed up by contortionists—and worse. Check out these nine sex positions to avoid at all costs! Then, consider trying these 16 sex positions to try in 2016 instead.  Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in all things sex.

Tip: How to Stay Lean and Still Build Muscle | T Nation

Does lifting make women bulky? Many still seem to think so. But if you want to help them get in shape without scaring them off, here's the script you need to follow.

10 reasons your muscles have stopped growing

“When gaining muscle mass is the goal, it’s common for people to focus on ingesting carbs and proteins. But when it comes to water and adequate hydration, many guys leave their muscles out to dry,” says Cardiello. “Water is crucial for digestion so when you don’t get enough of it, it can negatively impact this process.” The result: Your muscles won’t be fed the nutrients they need to grow. “Plus when you’re not adequately hydrated, it’s more difficult to go all out at the gym, which can further impact your results.”

Shoulder and Back Attack

Wilmore’s back training focuses mainly on movements for thickness, since he feels he has more than enough width at this point. “Early in my training, I did plenty of chins and wide-grip lat pulldowns,” Wilmore remembers. “I still do those movements, but they take second billing to free-weight rowing exercises. The more mass and thickness you have in your back, the deeper the separation and detail once you diet down. That adds a three-dimensional quality to it.”

Top 5 Natural Supplements for Better Sex

Ginseng , known as the natural Viagra, has a strong reputation for improving sex drive—and for good reason. As one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world, millions of people supplement with the root plant to treat a variety of health conditions from inflammation, to low immune function, to stubborn weight gain—and, of course, sexual dysfunction. A 2008 review of 28 clinical studies suggested that powered Korean red ginseng increased sexual arousal and treated erectile dysfunction in men. Additionally, research conducted by the Department of Physiology at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine showed that ginseng can directly facilitate erections by relaxing erectile tissue and increasing blood flow.

8 Best Non-Bench Chest Exercises

Just because it’s chest da y doesn’t mean you're relegated to park your backside on a bench for your session. While the bench is a valuable tool for overall chest strength, it can place excess stress on the delts, which can be tough for those with injured shoulders. For pure pec muscle growth, there are several exercises that will get you off the bench and on your way to chest growth in PECtacular fashion.

15 cheap muscle-building foods besides chicken

If you’re trying to build muscle, you’ve surely been told that you should load up on chicken—and with good reason: Each serving of chicken breast has about 28 grams of protein. But it’s certainly not your only option if you’re trying to supplement all of the hard work you do at the gym by stocking your kitchen properly. We consulted with several experts to get their best suggestions for other foods that help you bulk up—without draining your wallet.

RSP Nutrition AminoLean Energy Formula at - Best Prices on AminoLean Energy Formula!

Amino Lean energy formula gives you the energy and nutritional value you need to build muscle and burn fat.* You can take AminoLean any time on both training and non-training days for energy, weight loss and muscle recovery.* The comprehensive Amino Acid blend contains BCAAs and essential amino acids to help build and sustain lean muscle.* The Fat Loss Blend contains CLA and L-Carnitine which breakdown body fat and convert it to a usable energy the body.*

Operation Build A Bigger Deadlift!

It’s hard trying to keep up with the guys while training but somehow I always manage. Today’s training was nothing short of hard, extreme, exciting and different. In fact, I haven’t squatted for months and months and today, I decided to try some squats. To my surprise I didn’t forget how and I had no knee pain.

Tip: A Common Mistake That Kills Your Gains | T Nation

Being a beginner is great because it's one of the few times in your lifting life where you can lose fat and gain muscle and strength all at the same time. You don't even have to do things very efficiently either. You could even be one of those idiots that does shoulder presses using the leg press machine and still make some gains.

The 10 Most Common Sex Mistakes

There are a number of things that can go wrong the first time you're in bed with a new partner, and most consenting adults understand that. There's a lot to feel out about another person before reaching the right comfort level and sexual rhythm. Any awkward post-sex vibes that you project will make her uneasy as well, so you're better off relaxing and basking in the glow, bro.

The metabolic medicine ball workout routine

Work through these three supersets at a quick pace to melt fat and build muscle.

Tip: Fake Natties Are Unethical Losers | T Nation

And don't give me the "yeah but lots of people use steroids in the Olympics and they're banned" excuse. True. But that's probably not much better. There is no Natural Olympics or Non-Tested Olympics. So everybody who wants to compete ought to compete at the same place.

Tip: Get Your Head Out of Your Science-Butt | T Nation

Another thing to keep in mind while frowning over ingredients lists and palpating your torso for tumors is dosage. Chemicals are often measured in parts per million (PPM) or parts per billion (PPB). One part per billion is equivalent to one piece of lint from a gym sock floating around in your average 24-Hour Fitness center. Stuff that's truly dangerous in large amounts isn't going to be a problem when we're talking about PPM or PPB.

The Advanced Lifter's Peaking Cycle for Lower Body

Recently in searching for an old article in a binder of keepers, I came across my training log from the 2005 Ironhouse Open where I squatted 825 and deadlifted 705. I had finally put both lifts together in one meet. But I didn’t expect to do as well as I did. My meet cycle was written for a meet that was actually three to four weeks earlier. When the other gym members decided they wanted to go to a different meet I had to adjust. I give you both my training log and the training written as a plan to follow. Use both for ideas in creating your own training cycle.

shawn ray on Twitter

"You can't reach your goals if you don't try." - Kathy Seligman Saturday, November 4th at The Modern Honolulu Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Looking off into the distance is often easier for you farsighted Sagittarians than seeing something that's right in front of your nose. However, you might not get very far in your vision-questing while delusional Neptune squares the Sun in your 7th House of Partners. It's inadvisable to head out today without the company of a fellow traveler. Collaborating with a like-minded friend changes the energy now. Deepen your understanding by engaging in meaningful communication. Your presence in the present moment averts a developing power struggle in the future.

Tip: You Need to Be Doing Ring Pull-Ups | T Nation

Using rings in place of a bar is a lot like using dumbbells in place of a barbell. Since the hands aren't fixed in place on a bar, the wrists, elbows, and shoulders can move freely into the most comfortable position. Anyone experiencing wrist, elbow, or shoulder discomfort during pull-ups will find the rings to be a worthy alternative.

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Hidetada Yamagishi - Exclusive Q & A - Vlog 32 - Hidetada Yamagishi - Exclusive Q & A - Vlog 32 In this vlog, Hidetada answers your questions and it's also Hide's birthday! Thank you for everyone who participated in the Q&A! Quick shout out to Frank McGrath who made a special appearance in this vlog! Don't forget to subscribe to the Official Hidetada Yamagishi channel! ► Connect with Hidetada on social media! ► INSTAGRAM: ► FACEBOOK: ► TWITTER: ► BLOG: ► BODI CAFE: ► HIDETADA COLLECTION: -- Videographer ► INSTAGRAM: ► WEBSITE: Content Restriction: The Content on the Service, and the trademarks, service marks and logos ("Marks") on the Service, are owned by this channel, subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under the law. Please do not download this video and upload to your channel.

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Men's Fitness on Twitter

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15 Ways to Gain Lean Mass

Despite popular thinking, you can gain fat from one meal. Binging can ruin a lean physique. Binging is going off the deep end and eating everything with no end in sight. While these things happen, frequent binges can add 10 pounds to your physique in a few days. I have seen competitors gain 15 pounds in a weekend. Besides the physical downfall, binges also wreck havoc on your mental state. Post binge, you usually feel a huge sense of guilt; this guilt can lead to depression and more binging. This is why I like point number one. By following a flexible diet, you can fit in little treats here and there without causing you to binge or feel guilty.

Why CrossFit Girls Are Stronger Than You | T Nation

How many hours a week do you work out? For me, it's between 8-10 hours. That seems like a lot, but in my conversations with a number of CrossFit coaches and competitors, high-level CrossFit competitors train between 6-8 hours a day, at least when the CrossFit Games are coming up. That means they train about 4-5 times more than you do, and manage to recover from it as well.

The 10 Most Attractive Body Parts Ranked by Women

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a roundup—in no particular order—of the features women love on a guy; not just the body parts, but what specifically about them appeal to women. You can sculpt some in the gym, but others have already been fated by genetics (sorry). Either way, this will give you some insight on what females prefer. Hint: you’ll quickly find women are not much different than men.

The Benefits of Creatine

Creatine supplements are popular among bodybuilders and competitive athletes.  Creatine increases lean muscle mass by boosting intracellular water content, but other studies have shown that creatine increases the activity of satellite cells, which increases the potential for growth of muscle fibers and also aids in muscle recuperation.

Body Fat Raising Too High in Bulk Cycle

I started my bulk cycle 6 weeks ago. Started at 9 % body's fat. Have made good gains but body fat is now 15%. I've lowered my calories already to not make it anyway worse. My question is should I do a "mini cut" within bulk cycle to shed some excess fat or keep going on the bulk?

How to build muscle and burn fat at the same time

Don’t be the person in the gym who checks your phone between every set, breaking any intensity you could have established. Instead, work in a focused, continuous manner that stimulates muscle growth and fat burning. Leave the phone at home or in a locker. Instead of resting between three sets of the same exercise, consider alternating an upper body pull (such as pull-ups) with an upper body push (push-ups) or a lower-body push (squats).  That way you keep yourself moving. There’s a reason CrossFit’s philosophy of performing AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of a workout circuit in the allotted time is so challenging—and effective.

10 Pec-Inflating Tips For a Dominant Chest Day

You have weak links that stop you from progressing. For instance, weak rear shoulder muscles like infraspinatus and teres minor. These help the shoulders stay where they're supposed to be (pulled back). You might have a winged scapula, which means your shoulder blade is flaring out due to weak subscapularis or serratus anterior. A solution for the latter one is to do a lot of great pushups.

Kai's 10 Big Back Principles

The most unorthodox aspect of Greene’s back training is evident before the workout even begins, when he warms up for 15 minutes with trisets of various exercises, including bent over dumbbell rear laterals (which focus on the rear deltoids), upright rows (which focus on the traps),and dips (which target the chest as well as the front delts and triceps). In one workout we observed, he did six warmup exercises: trisets of wide-grip pullups, dips, and parallel-grip pullups followed by trisets of rear laterals, upright rows, and straight-arm pulldowns. Weights are kept light, and the sets fall well short of failure.“This is just to get the blood flowing and get my mind into it and kick things off,” he says of the warmup exercise selection. Greene never thinks of one bodypart in isolation. He’s always focused on the complete picture of his physique, thus he’ll include dips with pullups, and he’ll string together work for rear delts and traps with lats. “I’m always thinking of different ways of contracting my muscles and getting the most effective rear double biceps and rear lat spread.”

Need Advice for Breaking into Intermediate

at least try to do pull ups and push ups when you can while traveling. You could actually build appreciable back mass/strength in a month if you really dedicate yourself to doing a lot of pull ups. As for diet, I would not cut while you're traveling. It's hard to retain muscle at a calorie deficit if you aren't also lifting. If you diet down and don't hit the gym at all, the overall effect may not be what you want. You'll likely lose as much muscle as fat if your diet isn't spot on.

The 20-30-40 Minute Workout

Keeping your hard-earned progress intact in the midst of a hectic schedule doesn’t have to be difcult as long as you focus on working the right muscle groups. The idea is to implement a three-day schedule that relies primarily on heavy, multi-joint exercises performed circuit-style to burn more calories and fat. “The smartest choice you can make is a high-intensity full-body plan that stimulates as many muscle fibers as possible,” Bell says.

The 10 Greatest Bodybuilding Career Turnarounds of All Time

Here we salute the turtles. Some on our list stumbled badly in their debuts but quickly recovered. Others languished in mediocrity for years. Those ranked highest both stumbled and languished but eventually contended for Sandows. Let these 10 turnaround tales stand as proof that it’s not about how you start, it’s about where you finish.

Rock Solid Arms

Most bodybuilders’ nicknames are a bit of an exaggeration, purposely intended to conjure up images of sheer size and/or portray an individual as inhuman or even immortal. There was “the Oak” (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and “the Myth” (Sergio Oliva) in the 1960s and ’70s, and now we have “the Big Bad Wolf” (Dennis Wolf) and “the Gift” (Phil Heath) in the current crop. Impressive physical specimens, all of them, with monikers that progress their legends even further. One current competitor, however, has a nickname that, while substantial, seems to fall short of his stature. They call Frenchman Morgan Aste “the Big Rock,” but most stones don’t weigh 350 pounds like Aste does in the off-season. (He competes at just under 300 pounds.)

How Do People Stay Diet Motivated?

Hi guys I wanted any advice on how to stay motivated whilst on a diet ?? I try to stick to a carb cycling type method of eating but at times I just crave bread. My training always goes well and don't have a problem sticking to the wendler 531 routines with 15 min prowler finishes after each session. I'm 41 years old 90kg at about 25% bf. I have a 227 kg squat for 2 reps and it's the same for my deadlift OH press is 100kg for 1 rep and bench is 130kg for 1 rep, all help and advice will be greatly appreciated

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