Tips for Training High School Athletes • Zach Even-Esh Video Description

It’s also my opinion that the basics should be taught early. Of course, I’m not nearly as experienced as you, and I look up to you in many ways, but I disagree with things here and there. For example, I believe the Bench, Squat, Dead, and even Power Clean should be taught as early as possible for HS athletes with very light weight to work on their form, while slowly and incrementally loading the bar each week. Once their form looks clear cut, than Linear Progression each week is applied to the basics. This is all done during the offseason. This is safe, effective, and I also believe it teaches them a lot about body awareness as well. The Squat will teach proper lumbar activation and spinal awareness and leg/hip drive, just like the Dead will. I’m not advocating this over body weight workouts, but having both is good and I don’t see how a 16 year old with a proper coach could injure himself performing proper basics.

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