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Lifting & Life: Follow Through

Video inspired by Mark Bell's video entitled "Follow Through". Mark, Zach Even-Esh, and Dave Tate give their insight on what it takes to find success. Savage...

BioLayne Weekly Training Summary 8-9-2014

Another week of training in the book. Showcasing a bit of my workouts from the end of the week with AMRAP (As many reps as possible) sets for squat & deadlif...

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A Better Joy Than Envy

Looking at the historical record of man, one of great renown comes to mind. I’m talking about a man who accomplished more than you or I will ever come close to accomplishing. He experienced more wealth, success, and power; accumulated more stuff; was more entertained; experienced more comfort; and oh yes, had way more sex than you or I. Even Hugh Heffner looks pathetic in comparison. In fact, his list of accomplishments is so vast by worldly standards that pretty much anything any other man achieves in human history will simply be a repeat of what he already did on a grossly elementary school level. So what if I said we could sit down with this man who lived such an epic and envied life and learn from his experiences? Personally, I would jump at the opportunity…so I did.

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Emergency Shred: Eat Your Way Ripped

Every day for two weeks you’ll be either training or recovering from training. That means that a careful balance of macros—rather than a wholesale carbohydrate fast—is the best bet. This sample day of eating, put together by nutritional counselor and former executive chef Eric Diggs (Team Banks Bodybuilding), maximizes muscle repair while minimizing breakdown.

Top 10 Squat Mistakes

But with any complex exercise, there’s a lot of room for error and the squat is no exception. Here are the top 10 mistakes people make with squatting, why they’re bad and exactly what you need to do to avoid them.

Inflate Your Upper Pecs

If you’re not already doing these pec pounding moves, here are a few more reasons.

Sylvester Stallone's Full Arm Workout

Sly trains fast, moving from exercise to exercise without rest. Not only does this get him muscular, but it conditions him, as well. The following biceps, forearms and triceps routines should each be done for 4-5 cycles without rest. This will ensure maximum muscle growth so you can start building guns like the big boys.

Clear Results Program: The Workout

Build groundbreaking strength and shirt-busting size with this 12-week training program.

The Beach Body Abs Workout

This highly demanding abdominal workout is specifically designed to train the core region throughout the three planes of motion and produce muscle shredding results in every muscle of the core. Celebrity trainer, Jay Cardiello has used this same routine with 50 Cent, Kevin Love and Tyson Chandler. Leave no muscle behind with this intense 13-move ab circuit engineered for getting a six-pack quick.

The Million Dollar Arm Workout

It might be a long shot developing a 95mph fastball to make the big bucks in the big leagues, but you certaintly can build yourself some solid beach muscles. Here's the only 30-minute arm workout you'll ever need.

Best 10 Moves For Herculean Triceps!

To see the full array of triceps exercises, check out the Exercise Database, which hosts video demonstrations of hundreds of exercises with top models from the industry. Below are the top 10 triceps exercises as rated by you—our users!

Rookie Mistakes: The Bench Press

Mistake 2: Your grip is too wide Many lifters use the ring markings on most Olympic bars to identify where the hands belong on the bench-press bar. The most common cue I’ve personally heard is to line up the middle fingers with the rings. The truth is, when it comes to the classic, standard bench press, hand placement really depends on two things: arm length and shoulder health. If your arms are shorter, a grip that’s too wide may put your body into a mechanical disadvantage, since your elbow angle will exceed 90 degrees while lifting. Also, if you have a history of shoulder problems, a wider grip will encourage a flared elbow, which puts the shoulder at a higher risk for joint stress. Instead, use a slightly narrower grip and keep the elbows closer to the body. Your body will thank you.

Ultimate Recovery Guide: 6 Keys to Recovery

You cannot, as many people think, “catch up on” sleep. The body doesn’t work that way. You need to get at least eight hours of sleep every night - 10 if you can. Consider it part of your workout, and schedule it just as you would a training session.

Five Eastern Practices to Boost Your Western Workout

Don't worry—warming up to Eastern medicine won’t make you a monk. These treatments can give you a boost whether you’re running a marathon or rehabbing a muscle you messed up in the gym.

Become Unstoppable Seminar 3

Alex Viada -Powerlifter and Ultra-Marathon Runner…what? Alex Viada is truly a different breed, he is a hybrid athlete, capable of amazing feats of strength (705 raw w/ wraps squat) and endurance (4:15 mile PR) at the same time. Alex understands how to push the body to levels not thought possible. Through his company, Complete Human Performance and his own seminars, Alex is helping educate athletes about how to pursue excellence in an array of physical qualities.

Mind Over Muscle: Your One-Rep Max Mental Checklist

Getting angry is a "to each his own" type of process. I can't offer you a step-by-step primer on rousing your inner beast to let loose on a barbell. I can, however, recommend that you find a dark place in your psyche and provoke it. This provocation coincides with ramping up your mental intensity lever. The combination turns aggression into applied performance.

9 Exercises for Massive Forearms

We’ll show you the best exercises to quickly build massive forearms and increase your grip strength. For all these exercises, try adding chalk for extra activation.

Build Bigger Pecs with the Pullover

The pullover was a favorite move of some of the greatest athletes of the Golden Era of bodybuilding including The Oak, Reg Park and Franco Columbu. This exercise works not only the chest but also the lats, intercostals and serratus anterior (the muscles of the ribcage). Maximally developed intercostal muscles will give the illusion of a bigger rib cage when taking a deep breath or holding a pose because the ribs are pulled up by the intercostal muscles. Modern chests seem to be lagging behind those of the classic physiques that put this move to use on a weekly basis.

Prep to Get Lean

This by-product of soap manufacturing is a colorless, viscous fluid with many benefits of its own. One of these is as a preworkout supplement. Taking glycerol before workouts helps you get leaner and harder, and improves vascularity. Another crucial benefit of glycerol as a sports supplement is its ability to support hydration for better performance. Glycerol boosts hydration by increasing osmolarity, allowing liquids to move to where they’re needed in your body; staying hydrated boosts both energy and endurance.


This program is based on the use of three exercises (leg extensions, leg presses and hack squats) that directly target the quadriceps with little stress placed on the hamstrings and calves. If your quads are a weakness, you should prioritize them by training them all-out after a rest day, when they are freshest.You can substitute front squats for leg presses, but that may fatigue your hamstrings, glutes and lower back before your quads get enough work. Since any type of squat requires balancing the weight under control and consideration of protecting the back, leg presses can be more effective in keeping full attention on the quads.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

How to Wear a Tie Bar

One of the smallest pieces of your style arsenal can also be the trickiest to get right. The tie bar has been picking up steam in recent years, and while it seems like a simple addition to any outfit, we care too much to let you get caught on the scene committing a tie bar faux pas. Here's everything you need to know.

Improve Your Form by Changing Your Focus

According to Wulf, the world’s best athletes don’t have to think about how their bodies move because practice has made their competition and training automatic. Her research suggests that the rest of us can trick our minds into making movements feel automatic, mimicking the mental state of the pros and improving workout efficiency and form. Follow these tips from Wulf to harness your brain for better performance in the gym.

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Hulking Biceps

For example, let'’s say I a’m doing barbell curls, which is usually my first biceps exercise. I'’ll start with a light weight and do 10 quick reps (still using good form) just to get the biceps warmed up. My next set will again be 10 reps, with a weight that gets difficult to lift on the seventh or eighth rep. For my third set, I'’ll add another 20 pounds and shoot for eight reps. Then, for my final set, I'’ll add another 20 pounds and go for eight again. I struggle to get eight on the third set, so when the fourth set comes around, it'’s a real test of will, after having increased the weight, to try to equal the same number of reps.

26 Signs a Girl Likes You

No matter how much women argue that men are difficult, it's usually a lot harder to navigate the crazy twists and turns inside the female mind than the relatively simple eat-sleep-sex thought process that dominates the male mind. Which is why it always helps to pick up on the subtle things women do to show men that they're interested.

FDX2 Build Burn Fat Build Muscle Vegan Style (Fitness)

The key to build muscle and burn fat is to hit that sweet spot of nourishing the muscles but not the fat cells. FDX2 is all about that!

3 Ways to Improve Your Pushup

Yes, believe it or not, quads impact your pushups. If you have weak quads , it's hard to hold your knees in the fully extended position that a pushup requires. An inability to do this will cause the knees to fully lock out, which is great for the end of a squat. Holding those knees fully extended leads to two things: decreased blood flow to the muscles that need it (the blood sits in the legs) leading to decreased muscle activation and therefore decreased results; and raised, posteriorly tilted hips, leading to rounding of the lower back and possible disk injury. Be sure to work squats into your routine 1-2 days per week for 3-5 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

The Best Single Kettlebell Workout

offers a distinct set of benefits from a pair. Your body will have to compensate for the imbalance by recruiting your core muscles more intensely, and working one side at a time will make for longer sets with a greater cardiovascular demand. Done as a circuit, the exercises that follow raise your heart rate even further, making this workout a great adjunct to a strict diet for fat loss.

Captain Jacked: Zach McGowan's Black Sails Workout

It is an absolutely staggering workload that would make most gym rats reflexively call bullshit. We’re inclined to be jaded because we’ve all known the storytellers—the guy who says he can bench 450 but has
 a shoulder problem at the moment that won’t let him load more than 225 on the bar. But while the 33-year-old McGowan might make his living in fiction, his training regimen is anything but. He’s been an athlete his whole life, playing running back at Fieldston Upper High School in the Bronx, then at Carleton College in Northfield, MN. Back then, he weighed 220 thanks to a training regimen that was heavy on the bench, squat, and clean, and a nutritional philosophy that saw him eating as much as he could to better absorb the hits he’d take during games.

Fighter Diet Muscle tips

You can be a hardgainer regarding muscle but a hardloser regarding fat aka a skinny fatty! If you're a skinny fatty your body is resistant to build muscle and prefers to have a high body fat % on a normal BMI. For cut to the bullshit here you can define yourself as a skinny fatty if you see no muscle definition and have a smooth but thin body. Skinny fatty is usually the result of an inactive lifestyle and can be remedied with weight training, some cardio and proper diet.


Seabrook, Joan.  Snacks For A Fat Planet. The New Yorker. 2011 May 16. Philpott, Tom. Anna Lappé Is Ready to Bust the Food Industry's Biggest Myths. Mother Jones. 2 October 2013. Retrieved 12 December 2013.

The Importance of Tracking Volume

One thing to keep in mind is if some of those numbers (higher qualifications such as Class I and above) seem high, the fact is they are for most traditional 3-4 day workout weeks. Olympic lifters in the higher qualifications trained with multiple sessions a week and at times twice a day. I would not necessarily recommend that anyone attempt to perform those volumes unless they have tangible data of their own training and can see that it is the next logical progression. That being said, I do feel there are a lot of people that favor intensity based loading at the expense of volume, or never increase volume for the fear of doing too much. However, if your progress has stagnated, you may need to introduce higher workloads to create further adaptations.

Size Secret #5: Neurological Overload Set

BEN PAKULSKI: “Neurological overload set training is something I do that contributes to muscle growth and overcoming plateaus. On the final set of a given exercise — usually for each exercise in a workout — I perform four consecutive drop sets in 20% increments and try to knock off at least 5–6 reps with each weight. I find this to be a great way to overload the muscle, as well as overload the nervous system to force adaptation.

18 Easy Paleo Diet Recipes

With its attention to lean proteins and fresh produce, you don’t have to be on the full Paleo plan to reap the diet's rewards. Time to get cooking.

MUTANT Stimutant at

Warnings: Not intended for use by persons under 18. Use of this product is at your own risk. This product should not be consumed by certain persons including but not limited to those who cannot tolerate caffeine or stimulants, or persons with cardiovascular disorders, anxiety or sleep disorders. One serving of this product contains as much caffeine as three large cups of coffee in addition to other stimulative ingredients. Individuals may experience the following symptoms, including (but not limited to) restlessness, nervousness, tremors, headaches, anxiety, palpitations, increased heart rate or difficulty sleeping. Do not combine with other sources of caffeine or stimulants. Caffeine can cause dehydration - consume adequate water before, during and after each serving. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Immediately discontinue use and consult a medical doctor if you experience unusual symptoms including by not limited to rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headaches or shortness of breath. This product contains ingredients that are or may be banned by some sports organizations. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.

The Best Health Breakthroughs for November 2013

A dirty secret about hand-washing, and more of the latest research you need to stay healthy.

Physique Training: 5 Keys To An Aesthetic Body

Building a proportional, symmetrical body takes a special kind of training. It requires more than just pulling heavy deadlifts—it's an art. Here's a guide to creating your own statuesque physique!

6 Summer Post-Workout Smoothies and Juices

It's time to make your blender work overtime. Build more muscle and lean out your physique with these cleansing, protein-packed recipes from chef Candice Kumai.

MRM CLA 1250 at

CLA plays a key cardiovascular role in supporting healthy blood vessels.* With regular CLA supplementation, researchers have found higher concentrations within the heart muscle.* This concentrated abundance is thought to be the mechanism that improves the efficiency of fat transport and metabolism in cardiac mitochondria, both of which may result in supporting a healthy heart.*

5 Underrated Supplements For Health

Healthy living includes training and eating right, but it doesn't end there. Consider these five often overlooked supplements to boost mental acuity and support a wide range of important health markers!

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Get the best of two extreme experiences in one incredible South American adventure. Enter the Go To Extremes sweepstakes and you and a guest will fly roundtrip from anywhere in the US, on LAN Airlines, to southern Chile. Your adventure begins aboard the Skorpios II, an expedition ship specifically designed to explore the magnificent glaciers, fjords and rivers of the Aysen Region. After five days on the ship, you’ll fly to the other extreme, the Atacama desert. Spanning over 600 miles of northern Chile, this is the driest place on the planet. Here you’ll bike, hike and explore amidst breath-taking scenery. Two extreme experiences in one extraordinary trip. Plus, you’ll be outfitted with Marmot gear to help thrive throughout your adventure.


How to Survive Without Cable

Cable is quickly becoming a thing of the past, as TV shows and movies become more accessible than ever (thanks, Internet!). So it’s not a surprise that many men are tossing out their cable boxes for streaming services and devices. Who needs live TV when you can catch up on your own time for much less cash? Plus, many services allow you binge watch new and classic series in full, wherever you want, when you want—your rusty box just can’t beat that. Below, we analyze four streaming services and four streaming devices to help you decide the best new way to watch TV.

Short Bursts of Running Just as Beneficial as Logging Long Miles

The findings, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology , suggest that running can add three years to your life, and it doesn't matter whether you clock 50 minutes per week or 180 minutes per week. Going slow didn't matter either; runners who ran at less than 6 m.p.h. still experienced the same benefit.

Save Yourself 200 Calories This Weekend

The extra 200 calories from the fast food or full service meals made up about 10% of participants' total daily intake. The study estimated there was a 20% increase in daily sodium from the restaurant meals, only 13% from fast food meals, making the restaurant meals worse in some cases. What's more, researchers note that on days when study participants dined out, they didn't cut calories during other meals.

46 EliteFTS - Superior Products and Knowledge for Lifters, Athletes, Coaches, and Trainers

I did this John Meadows Program 17 (Carnage) arm workout last Friday at 5:30am and it was too good not to post. Here is the workout� EZ Bar Curls Sets 1 thru 3 x 15 reps with 30lbs (warm-ups) Set 4 thru 8 x 10 reps with only 10-second breaks using 60lbs *The key is to only set the weight down long enough to count to 10 and then pick it up and perform another 10 reps. Do this 5 times and your arms will be screaming. Hammer Curls Sets 1 thru 5 x 10 reps with only 10-second breaks using 25lb dumbbells *Same thing as on with the EZ Curls�10 reps followed by a 10 second break, then go again for 10 reps, etc. Perform nice, full range reps by bringing the dumbbells to your ears and flexing as hard as you can at the top. EZ Bar Preacher Curls Sets 1 thru 3 x 8 reps with 70lbs *The key here is to really work the eccentric by going really slow as you extend your biceps. Curl up and flex hard at the top. I stretched my biceps for 15 seconds between each of these three sets. Dumbbell Forearm Curls John didn�t have this in the workout, but my brachioradialis was so pumped I felt my extensor muscles needed a little work.

Twitter / mrojaycutler: Good to see my boy @PHILHEATH ...

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Highlights of the 2014 Tampa Pro Finals: Men's Open Bodybuilding

Highlights of the 2014 Tampa Pro Finals: Men's Open Bodybuilding

Five Ultramarathon Races You'd Be Crazy to Run

Some men strive to stay fit for health reasons, some for vanity, and others just for fun. Then there are guys who take fitness to another level, pushing their mental and physical capabilities to the max. This is the guy who says "been there, done that" to a 26.2-miler and registers for an ultramarathon.  With Six Days in the Dome taking place this week and the Self-Transcendence 3,100-Mile Race  wrapping up, we took a look at five of the craziest races on the planet. Could you handle these extreme endurance events?

Official Score Sheets from the 2014 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro: Saturday Finals

Official Score Sheets from the 2014 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro: Saturday Finals