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Define Your Delts: 5 Must-Do Shoulder Exercises

Improve the appearance and strength of your delts with these science-based exercise tips that will put you head, and shoulders, above the rest.

Dave Tate on Human Potential

Throw back video from 2010 seminar...Looks like this was deleted from the original source but I was able to find this version.

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The Busy Guy's Guide to Getting Lean | T Nation

No matter how busy you are, if you prioritize a goal you'll get it done. And unless you make getting lean a top priority, it probably won't happen. But you're busy, you say. Your schedule is tight. Sorry, not an excuse. You just need to learn to become efficient with your time spent in the gym and kitchen.

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Rebuild your skinny chicken legs, flabby man-boobs, and pudgy love handles with muscle with these no-nonsense regimens from Men's Fitness.

Tip: The Core Strength Party Trick | T Nation

Crow also teaches "functional core." That means you'll be working your core in the way it was meant to work, making it more functional in every day life. You won't have to think about engaging your core as much because you're teaching it to do what it already wants to do.

Tip: Build A Sufficient Base Of Strength | T Nation

Bodybuilders, and even those who just lift weights to look good naked, don't need to train like powerlifters, always chasing one rep maxes. But everyone needs to build a foundation of strength. This will help you to create enough tension and make higher-rep pump work more effective.

Ten Tips To Stop Overeating Post-Workout

We don’t recommend long training sessions that last much more than an hour because training quality is reduced and stress hormones are elevated. But if you’re preparing for a long-distance endurance event or are practicing for a team sport, long workouts may be necessary. For workouts over 90 minutes, refueling with a mixture of protein and high-quality carbs can provide your body with the fuel it needs to avoid out-of-control hunger in the post-workout period.

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MR. HYDE by Pro Supps at - Best Prices on MR. HYDE!

This is one of the WORST tasting pre workout I have ever consumed. At first, when I read reviews I decided to try some. A local poppeyes let me have 5 sample scoops for free so I thought that was nice. My first flavour was Fruit Punch. The wlst flavour of them all, in my opinion. It's disgusting. Has no flavour at all (4 scoops was in my bottle). The flavour was so awful I spat it out the moment it touched my tongue. That speaks for itself because I drink a Walmart brand of Walmart strawberry protein shakes. Now, after 20 minutes it didn't touch me. But then 15 minutes after it hit me. The beta alanine isn't strong with this one, but again you don't know what's in your scoop with powdered formula. The energy was really good though. I was able to do a few extra reps. However the energy wore off very, very fast. Within 10 minutes of me having that pump, it left. This pre-workout is literally for those days where you are low on cash and don't want to get a Walmart blend pre-workout. All flavours I have tried were disgusting. Fruit punch, by FAR takes the Cake for being the most foul, rancid, and disgusting out of all of the flavours.

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8 Protein Shake Recipes That Will Get You Jacked

Here, we give you eight super easy and delicious smoothie recipes that will build muscle and burn fat. These shake recipes call for your standard protein powder but also feature protein-rich foods—like chia seeds, almond milk, and Greek yogurt—to give you the maximum muscle-building boost you need. Get blending!

Arnold's Bench Basics

This isn’t the ideal way for bodybuilders to bench press. As you lift the bar, think about pushing your shoulders forward and squeezing your pecs together at the top of each rep. This increase in range of motion is fairly small, but it’s nonetheless significant: It prevents you from using your triceps too much at the top and keeps maximum tension on the pecs. Locking out your elbows will do little for you as a bodybuilder. Powerlifters also adjust their grip width on the bar (wider or narrower) according to what allows them to lift the most weight. The grip width used by bodybuilders will vary depending on individual proportions, but you need to make sure the pecs do more of the work. With too narrow a grip, you end up working the triceps rather than the pecs. I suggest keeping your bench-press grip outside shoulder width for maximum pec development. Another key benching technique for powerlifters is keeping the elbows in tight to their sides to increase power output. For bodybuilding, keep your elbows out to your sides, to the point where your upper arms are about perpendicular to your torso.

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7 Diet Missteps That Cause Weight Gain

Don’t fear the fats. Dropping your fat intake actually increases your BMI. One of the biggest nutrition myths that has been perpetrated for decades is that dietary fat contributes to obesity. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If we lower the amount of fat we take in, we often wind up adding more carbs to compensate, and we know that more carbs leads to more fat. But increased consumption of healthy mono-saturated fats, like avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil, actually controls weight gain. Bottom line: eat fat, get fit.

Victoria's Secret Angels: The top 10 hottest models ever

The first of three original Victoria’s Secret Angels to make our top 10, Daniela is arguably the shyest on this list. Of course, that hasn’t stopped this blond Czech beauty from becoming one of the most accomplished models in history—she's the only Victoria’s Secret model to be featured on the cover of the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue on three separate spectacular occasions. WATCH: Daniela Pestova's reel here .

Bodybuilding 101 Featuring Cody Montgomery

So you’re not as jacked as any of the guys at your gym—including the dude behind the desk. Follow this road map to massive strength and size gains and you can be. It won’t be easy, and results won’t appear overnight, but stay the course and the goal is 100% attainable. The catch? It’s on you to execute the game plan we’ve put together. That includes following the workout plan; forcing yourself to train when you’re dog tired; eating clean; and pushing yourself to finish when all you can think about is throwing in the towel.

10 stupid mistakes to avoid in the gym

If your goal is to  build "big-rock" strength , leave the BOSU balls and other balance accessories out of the equation. Sure, they can certainly build all-around proprioception (body awareness) and balance, helping to eliminate muscle imbalances. But if you're lifting heavy, they'll just waste your time, since imbalance tools can potentially make heavy-duty lifts unsafe. It's better to use them at the end of your workout to improve coordination.

How to lose weight in 5 days

To achieve rapid weight loss, you’ll have to alter your diet. Fat loss has always been energy balance: calories in versus calories out. For most people, an effective way to start dropping carbs in favor of more protein and fat. Carbs like pastas, rice, breads, potatoes, etc. tend to be calorie-dense, making it harder for you to rapidly lose weight. On top of that, they bind to more water than protein or fats—within days, guys will often lose a few pounds because of the drop in water weight.

Yoke Your Traps for the Ultimate Upper-Body

As long as you're  training upper  traps for that Dwayne Johnsonesque, yoked-out look, it’s a good idea to hit the other two portions of the trapezius muscles as well: the middle and lower traps. Not so familiar with those? They’re part of the back musculature and are involved in most pullup, pulldown, and rowing movements, but zeroing in on them via isolation exercises promotes balanced development that enhances posture and reduces injury risk.

Where to Start with Powerlifting?

5/3/1 is a great program to move to. Wendler makes it very simple. I’ve trained conjugate for about 8 months now and have seen good results from that (Google Westside method). It’s a method and not a program, so it’s more about you knowing yourself and how to troubleshoot your weak points (and what they are- basically the complete opposite of Wendler in terms of simplicity). I’m thinking about running a cycle of Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method to change things up a bit. Chad Wesley Smith has the Juggernaut Method which has produced some good results as well. Ed Coan did his own linear periodization that he’s talked about on several occasions.

Which Breads Are Best for Bodybuilders?

Dark breads offer more nutritional value -- if they're whole-grain, not just white bread with coloring added. Ideally, the optimal sports diet would have more whole-grain than refined-flour products. That's because refining removes nutrients and fiber, and enriching replaces only four of the lost vitamins, plus iron. Look for the term "100% whole wheat" or other whole grains at the beginning of the ingredients list. Some breads may have only a little whole wheat, bran or oatmeal added, which may not make much difference nutritionally.

The ultimate workout program to be an all-around athlete

With a combination of strength training, hardcore conditioning work, and "pre-hab" movements to keep you operation at 100%, this five-day program will hone your mind and body into an athletic marvel.

10 Rules to Control Your Appetite

Bodybuilders know that eating multiple meals a day leads to better leaning out. You end up with more muscle mass and less bodyfat than you do when eating the same number of calories per day in fewer meals. In terms of appetite control, spreading food intake over six to eight daily meals can also have a huge impact on your appetite. Every time you eat — even a very small meal — the appetite center of the brain is stimulated, relaxing a sometimes-urgent appeal for more food or an overwhelming desire to eat. Eating constantly — within your daily calorie requirements, of course — will tame your appetite and help accelerate the loss of bodyfat.

Get Bigger Arms by Correcting This 1 Bicep Curl Mistake

Go right into the next rep—and stop one rep shy of failure each set.  This keeps constant tension on the muscles and induces the fatigue you need to signal muscle growth.

Everything You Need to Know About IIFYM

Mother Nature isn’t stupid. All of the foods that are considered “bad” for us are of our own creation; sugar and fat-laden processed foods — while all of the foods that are full of nutrients and minerals are found in nature. While IIFYM promotes diversity in one’s diet, you need to make sure that your food choices are coming mostly from the right sources. Nate Miyaki, a ISSA certified specialist in sports/fitness nutrition, is a proponent of what he refers to as an island style diet; eating animal proteins, fruits, veggies and starches such as rice and potatoes.  “Emphasizing your diet on whole foods automatically improves most peoples’ numbers,” says Miyaki. “If you’re eating the typical highly refined American diet, you’re eating 3,000 calories and you don’t even know it ... and it’s just unfunctional nutrients. If you switch to whole foods, you can get the same amount of functional nutrients and feel more satiated with half the calories. It is food choices that are important for those reasons.”

10 Rules to Eating for Mass

However, although there may not be any secrets to eating for size, there are rules — 10, to be exact. Know and live by these rules and you will gain the mass you want. And when we say live by them we mean live by them. Bodybuilding, after all, is a life- style, not a part-time hobby. You shouldn’t expect to grow following a diet only some of the time, any more than if you hit the weights only some of the time. It’s about a commitment to the body- building lifestyle that counts, which means 24/7/365 focus, discipline and drive. Remember: every time you eat a meal, you are bodybuilding. So, eat well and eat often.

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This kettlebell killer will torch calories and fat in 12 minutes:

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Watch: Insane behind-the-scenes footage of the #GameofThrones dragon battle. You won't believe how they filmed it:

Instagram post by Shawn Ray • Aug 11, 2017 at 3:19am UTC

How Thomas Firshing Defied the Odds and Got Fit

What do you do when you wake up in an emergency room after suffering two heart attacks only to hear a priest reading you your last rites? Thomas Firshing was almost left for dead. After locking himself in his room for an extended period of time, his depression led him to find comfort in food. So much so that at his heaviest, he topped 702 pounds.

10 Tricks for Bigger, Healthier Shoulders

There is no denying it, great shoulders complete a physique. They give you width and top off that coveted V-taper. Your waist can be as small as can be, but without a killer pair of delts it will just not look right. Sadly, great or even good shoulders are rare these days and it is not due to lack of effort. If one takes a look around in most gyms, they’ll find that most shoulders are slopped forward and/or injured. Rarely do your see a nice pair of cannonball delts so I made it my mission to change that sorry state of affairs.

The Ultimate Protein-Food Meal Plan for Bodybuilders

With all that said, it’s time to start considering other protein options… ones that aren’t as mainstream. Enter: protein bread, protein chips, protein ice cream, and more. As for the protein chips and ice cream, they won’t destroy your fat or carb macros, containing little as 2 grams of fat and 5 grams of carbs. For once you’ll enjoy eating several times a day. Click on through to find out more about these protein alternatives and how to incorporate them into your daily eats, sample meal plan provided.

The leanest meat proteins—Ranked

McDaniel tapped into the  USDA's  National Nutrient Database and considered research from the journal  Meat Science   to rank 17 different sources of meat. Rotate through these top-rated poultry, beef, pork, and game meat choices the next time you're at the butcher or grocery store. The change-up will no doubt excite your palate and encourage you to get more protein in your diet ( since you're probably not eating enough ).

The Ultimate Bodybuilding Photoshoot

Take a step back in time and come behind the scenes to the ultimate photo shoot – with a dozen of the world’s best bodybuilders ( Melvin Anthony Jr., Chris Cormier, Brandon Curry, Jay Cutler, Moe El Moussawi, Toney Freeman, Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Dennis James, Flex Lewis, Peter Putnam, Silvio Samuel), and one man who started it all, Joe Weider.

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These smart swaps allow you to take your nutrition game to the next level without the side order of deprivation.

3 Bodybuilding Contests, 3 Weeks in a Row - Good or Bad?

For sure, will keep you guys posted. Here’s a pic from 8 weeks out. But I’ve been thinking about the 3 contests in 3 weeks and I don’t think I’m going to do it. It does add a higher level of stress and wear and tear. For now, I’m only committing myself to two contests, having one week break in between. But maybe things will change ! haha I dont know… but I do know they can get expensive and that is just another stress, you know what i mean? ProgressPic8weeks.JPG1080x1080 505 KB

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Smoking Shots from Ronda Rousey's SI Photoshoot

Ronda Rousey has had her ups and downs in recent months. "Rowdy" will have to put her devastating loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 behind her as best as she can, as she will be busy in the upcoming months shooting Road House  before she turns her attention to a possible rematch with Holm (as long as the new champ defends her title successfully against Miesha Tate). One of the more upbeat times for Rousey was her recent Sports Illustrated photo shoot in the Bahamas, where she modeled in a painted-on swimsuit, and looked incredible. Check out some highlights from that day in the sun.

5 ways you're wasting your workouts

A couple hours of missed sleep, unexpected bad news, or even a traffic jam on the way to the gym may make it more difficult to get in the zone for a workout, but if they make you bail on your training, you need to question how serious you are about your goals. Some of the best workouts happen on days when you least expect them, so get in the habit of at least showing up at the gym and going through your warm up. You may not feel up to grinding through your whole workout, but you can still get enough work done to make it worthwhile, and you’ll keep the habit of exercising regularly—no matter what.


Day 32: Holy Back-man - Tips For The Mike O'Hearn Pro Secrets Fitplan App

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Improve your squat strength — and build more muscular legs in the process — with this twice-a-week training plan.

4 Fat-Loss Habits You Need This Year

Tired of the stale New Year's goal-setting advice? Stop focusing on the end goal, and devote your attention to building these behaviors that make fitness resolutions into reality!

Lose Fat Fast

Eating small meals throughout the day may not be the best way to lose fat after all. In a study published in a recent edition of the journal Cell Metabolism, researchers compared the effects of grazing throughout the day with those of intermittent fasting, a strategy that involves forgoing food for a certain period of time. The researchers divided healthy mice up into two groups: One group was allowed to eat at will throughout the day while the other was limited to an eight-hour feeding window each night. Both groups consumed the same amount of food each day and were administered identical diets that consisted of the equivalent of pizza, ice cream, and beer.

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@BioLayne so no plus sets on the first week of each phase of PH3? Or is that a site mistake?

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more to do with other postings than this one. Just see @tferriss as above this kind of debate. I follow/enjoy lots of other smart IIFYM guys

45 Shawn Ray

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Aaron Rodgers is a #GameofThrones superfan. He has some crazy theories, too. Warning—spoilers ahead:

Pro Cheerleading Houston Texans Style

Many girls start cheering when they are in elementary school and continue through college. There's only a few outlets they can continue cheering for after that point. Making it into a professional team is difficult, due to the number of women all competing for the same chance to shine. The dream of performing in front of 73,000 Houston Texans fans at NRG stadium is an alluring opportunity for any aspiring pro cheerleader.

Pasta is great for you. Here are 3 healthy dishes to prove it.

When you’re cooking with whole grains, says Campanile, try to avoid anything generically labeled “wheat”—95% of wheat produced today is a modern species known as “common wheat,” which has been genetically altered for increased yield and pest resistance, not flavor and nutrition. So when you’re cruising the supermarket aisles, be on the lookout for names like einkorn, spelt, and khorasan. These are all ancient grains that are high in protein and fiber and come packed with a clean, tasty, “wheaty” flavor.

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