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Our track record of transforming and helping hundreds of athletes that have walked through these doors does not fit us into the Wal Mart of Athlete Strength & Conditioning.

5 Tips: How to Use Bodybuilding / Strength Machines to Build Size AND Strength • Zach Even-Esh

When I first began training in my early teens, I trained quite wrong, unfortunately. I used both machines and free weights, but I didn't go heavy on either. I did TONS of volume and it halted my strength gains. I was brain washed 🙁 I read all the wrong information and the far and few …

Fixing Dave Tate Q & A Update

Training Status Update

Fixing Dave Tate - Max Effort/Dynamic Effort Programming

The max effort and dynamic effort training I use.

Road Trip Rants: Howe, Indiana

Here I go again on my own...Goin' down the only road I've ever known

How To Set Up And Use Chains

How to set up and use chains the right way.

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1 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

If the word "dropset" doesn't strike fear in your heart, you've clearly never done one of this man's workouts. Plate after plate, set after set, Charles will take your hamstrings to some scary, but good, places.

Cobra Labs Daily Amino at - Best Prices on Daily Amino!

I like taking these during my workout to get a nice bump of energy on top of my pre.Daily Amino mixes up good with very little foam and no grit.All three flavors were good with Crisp Green Apple being my favorite and Mixed Berry Blast least.Love the transparent label so I know what and how much of each ingredient I'm getting.Only thing I would like to see are the BCAA's doubled to get 5g intead of 2.5.

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

NITRO-TECH 100% Whey Gold | MuscleTech

For over 20 years, NITRO-TECH® has been a leading protein brand. Built on a foundation of human research and cutting-edge science, it has earned the trust of countless consumers worldwide. Now the same research and development team has pioneered a new formula based on superior protein sources, quality and manufacturing. Introducing NITRO-TECH® 100% WHEY GOLD – a pure protein formula featuring whey peptides and isolate!

Develop the Ultimate Overhead Press | T Nation

Consider that the humeral head is classified into three types: Type A (smooth), Type B (curved), and Type C (hooked). Your type determines which press you'll be capable of doing correctly. We don't need to get into how to classify yourself, but suffice it to say, performing an overhead variation for eight weeks that causes you to get injured doesn't really help.

Tip: Eat Fat, But Find the Middle Ground | T Nation

That's why I like to recommend between 20-30% of total calorie intake coming from fat for the majority, or 0.4g per pound, which tends to work out to be a similar amount. There will be some cases when this goes lower (toward the final stages of a competition prep) or higher (if using a low carb diet), but for most people this is a good place to be.

'No BS' with Pauline Nordin by Pauline Nordin on Apple Podcasts

Great job, Pauline and Bosley! I loved this episode and hope you continue these. I am a podcast junkie and have all my favorites lined out...but you would be bumped to the front of the line for sure. I love Pauline's no nonsense approach and I know that I can trust the information I am getting from her! Thanks and keep up the great work.

Tip: The Cure for Narrow Shoulders | T Nation

Modify a classic exercise to really add some width to your delts. Here's how.

7 Dumb Things Lifters Argue About | T Nation

Lifting 3-4 days a week (and training each muscle 2-3 times per week) works best for the vast majority of lifters. If time and energy are super-tight, 2 days a week is almost as good. If you can afford to live at the gym and don't have any type of a real life, 5-6 days might be slightly better than 3 or 4 days.

Vincent Dizenzo Bench Press Tips at the LTTX |

Vincent Dizenzo Bench Press Tips at the LTTX |

11 Ticket Types | Mr. Olympia 2018

Copyright © 2018 Mr. Olympia, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Nothing Wrong with INTENSITY! | Manasquan

Nothing Wrong with INTENSITY! | Manasquan

UndergroundStrengthGym on Instagram: “Results or Excuses!! / #undergroundstrengthgym #manasquan #scotchplains”

Thibaudeau's Simple Fat Loss Strategies | T Nation

If you aren't going to train hard, and your goal is fat loss, then you don't need "fast fuel" that day. Note that if your goal is to build maximum size, not get lean, I recommend having carbs on off days. But when trying to get lean this is a very simple approach. You don't even need to necessarily count calories, just don't eat any carbs.

15 Tip: The Keto Diet Doesn't Like Muscle - Biotest

"This research showed no significant changes nor effect size on lean body mass, despite hyper-energetic condition and high protein intake (2.0 g/kg/d) in resistance-trained men of the ketogenic diet group. Thus, we conclude that low-carbohydrate dietary approaches would not be an optimal strategy for building muscle mass in trained men under the training conditions of this study (mechanical tension-focused resistance training protocol during 8 weeks)."

Tip: The Simple Math of Rapid Fat Loss - Biotest

Here's the math to calculate it for your own caloric needs: 2400 calories x .35 = 840 calories. To find out how many grams of protein that is we'd divide that number by 4 (because there are 4 calories per gram) and get 210 grams of protein per day.

Tip: Get Your Fat Intake Down To A Science - Biotest

I take my dose all at once because fats are much less sensitive to exercise timing. Regarding type, so many fats in a typical diet are already omega-6 (which we seriously over-consume and are a substrate for inflammation) and omega-9 (like the aforementioned MUFA). Remember, when we take a dose of omega-3 fats, we don't typically think of them as a portion of daily calories, which would be miniscule (2 g x 9 kcal per gram = just 18 kcal).


Flex Magazine with Joe Weider, early '90s timeframe.

19 Kai Greene Academy - Membership

You'll have access to a new and unique workout every single day. In fact, Kai’s Exact Daily Workout Routines and Training Splits. Every day we bring you full workouts with exact reps, and sets used from Kai. No matter what your fitness goals are, these workouts will push you to the extreme forcing new changes to appear.

10 Amazing Facts About Testosterone | T Nation

A student at Georgia State University named Jonathan Bassett had read implications in the scientific literature that females with higher testosterone levels gave birth to more boys than girls. While this doesn't make much sense off-hand, high levels of testosterone in fertile females might affect the viability of male and female zygotes after conception.

21 Twitter

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10 Elements of the Perfect Training Week | T Nation

Ideally, whenever you start a new mesocycle, you'll start with the lower end of that range on week one, and then gradually increase the number of sets you do over the following 3-4 weeks, culminating in a very tough, high volume week, followed finally by a deload week where training intensity stays high, but at a lower volume. Here's a hypothetical 5-week mesocycle:

Tip: Get Jacked Legs with 50-Percent Sets | T Nation

With no change in the weight, do another set. The goal of the second "set" is to try and get at least half as many reps as you did on the first set. So if you got 12 reps on the first set, you'll rest one minute, and shoot for at least 6 reps on the second set.

24 John Hansen

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Tip: The 10-10-10 Method for a Muscular Back | T Nation

Aim for 3-4 sets of this. Ramp up in weight after each set if you can. Go heavy enough that it's a challenge, but not so heavy that you can't feel the target muscles working. Rest long enough to catch your breath, then go again.

Tip: Build Your Back with Iso-Lateral Pulldowns | T Nation

Once you find a nice challenging weight, knock out 5 sets of 5 reps. Go heavy enough that your fifth rep is a challenge. If you underestimate your strength, no biggie, just add more weight on the next set of 5. Then after that 5 x 5, finish up with a light back-off set of 10 reps.

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✊🏾🔥cue @ballershbo music! TONIGHT 10pm on @HBO the #1 hottest show of the summer is back! The revolution begins. And I’m gonna take the establishment and all their greedy no good motherf*ckers down one by one and brick by brick. It’s personal. #ballers TONIGHT 10pm HBO

Tip: mTOR Training for Biceps | T Nation

The burn is intense, but it sure does work for triggering new muscle growth. Take a look.

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Yes, spot reducing can work with the right type of training. The effect is small, but if you're fine-tuning your physique it'll make a noticeable visual difference.…

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WOW! AWESOME! Cannot Wait to See this New Disney Classic. Our Founder Uncle Walt would Adore This. Jungle Cruise one of his Favorite Rides. Spent Much Time on developing the Ride in 1950's. Great Move Disney Company to Make this Film Hopefully u will Tribute Walt in Credits.

Training Quads + Q&A | Mike Hildebrandt

Massive, defined quads deserve a workout all their own. Try this quads focused leg workout from Mike Hildebrandt. ► Premium Fitness Plans: ► Shop Dymatize Supplements: | Flex Friday Quads Workout + Q&A | Mike Hildebrandt | 1. Front squat heels elevated: 4x12-15 2. Leg press close stance: 3x15 a. Drop set last set 50% x failure 3. Leg extension: 3x15 a. Drop set last set 50% x failure 4. Hack sissy squat: 3x15 5. Walking lunge: 3x15 6. Standing calf raise smith machine: 5x20 | Follow Mike Hildebrandt | ► YouTube: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: | Dymatize Supplements | ► Dymatize PRE W.O.: ► Dymatize ISO100: ► All 9 Amino: ► Amino Pro: ► Creatine Micronized: ► Elite 100% Whey Protein: ► Elite Casein Protein: ► Elite Protein Bar: https://bbcom.

3 Crucial In Season Athlete Strength Training Tips

3 Crucial In Season Athlete Strength Training Tips

Craig Monson Merchandise

Craig Monson went from being the leader of a feared street gang named the Avenues, a gang which Monson himself founded in the late 1960s on the Eastside of Los Angeles to, upon his release from prison, a highly-regarded bodybuilder of the 1980s.

How to Contest Prep - Week 4

Holly's weight didn't really change much her first few weeks of prep. It was very frustrating for her, but we explain why we didn't panic and still decided to have her do a diet break. Remarkably, she lost weight during her diet break eating at maintenance! Now she feels reinvigorated and back on track! This is how to contest prep, having a plan and carrying it out and not panicking when things don't always go perfectly. This is why my contest prep book spends so much time talking about diet breaks, because it's so important to include them and do them correctly Get my ebook on how to get SHREDDED: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: The BEST research breakdowns -

Tip: Skip The Cupping | T Nation

Manual therapy should involve a more highly elevated skill set than placing cups and pumping up a tissue with a glorified penis pump. And if gaming a faulty medical system seems to be the only reason this method is used, start looking for a rehab pro who will place your care above his financial bottom line. Want a more effective recovery method? Here are five.

Tip: Eat Your Oatmeal Cold | T Nation

Sounds weird, but that's exactly what I saw (and reluctantly tried) fifteen years ago. To my surprise, it was delicious and it's been a staple ever since. Now, the swanky hotel's version of this dish probably wasn't that physique-friendly. The recipe below is.


Another common theme in HFL books is the concept of synergy, which they say refers to the idea of arranging the exercises in a workout such that they reinforce each other. For example, to work the lower abs, HFL says you also have to work the upper abs; but to work the upper abs, you only need to work the upper abs. Further, you want to train the obliques before the upper abs because the upper abs are involved in the performance of rotational exercises. Thus, HFL recommends you should work the lower abs before the upper abs, and perform rotational upper ab exercises before straight upper ab exercises. For example: Hanging leg raise (lower abs), followed by cross-knee abdominal crunch (obliques), followed by pulldown ab crunch (upper abs).

Alpha Male Potentiates Muscle Growth - Biotest

This got me thinking about using the testosterone booster Alpha Male® to not only potentially eliminate the AR crash post-workout, but to even potentiate the AR response even further. If my hunch is correct, taking a dose of Alpha Male 60-90 minutes prior to training, and a second dose immediately after the workout, will supply enough T to enhance the effect and keep AR content high post-exercise.

8 Moves To Get The Perfect Butt

It all starts with the squat, assuming you do it right. Which is why even you guys can benefit big time from this lower-body blast from figure competitor Pauline Nordin.

Tip: Upgrade Your Hip Thrust | T Nation

Strong glutes make your whole body stronger. Also, having a nice butt is, well, nice. Try this twist on the now-classic hip thrust.

Fat Shaming, Witch Hunts, and White Knights | T Nation

You'll notice that those who preach the hardest for equality are those who refuse to listen to people with different opinions. In fact, they attack people who have a different opinion. Kinda ironic. But by disagreeing with them, you rob them of the approval that they need to feel good. And if you use logical arguments to show that they're incorrect, they have an emotional reaction because your argument creates anxiety. The knee-jerk reaction is simply to protect their fragile self-esteem.

Tip: Forget the Foam Roller. Do Quad Smashes | T Nation

Feeling beat up after leg day? Try this to work out the tightness and free up your mobility.

Tip: The Training Method That Improves Everything | T Nation

If you're after more fat loss, then either of the last two can be used interchangeably. The only difference is the mindset you have when doing them. Regardless, you work for about a minute (up to 90 seconds) with a similar rest period. You'll still get some muscle growth out of it, but fat loss will be maximal.

Flex Lewis: Unfiltered 4

Flex Lewis and training partner Frank “Wrath” McGrath hit legs at the world famous Dragon’s Lair gym. This is Not your typical leg day, this one is very controlled, really emphasizing the mind + muscle connection. Flex has designed and taken on this new program of time under tension leg day style these last few weeks for his Olympia prep, after years of issues with lower back pain, and knee issues this new style has not only stimulated new muscle tissue but eliminated ALL lower back pain. Flex & Frank hit their session at the Dragons Lair on the NEW Arsenal Strength equipment. It’s hard, it’s heavy it’s unfiltered. Brought to you by Yamamoto Nutrition.

Goblet Squats 101 - Biotest

Goblet squats are all the squatting most people need. If the bar hurts in back squats (I won't comment), your wrists hurt in front squat (swallowing my tongue here) and the aerobics instructor has banned you from using the step boxes for your one-legged variations, try the goblet squat.

EliteFTS on Instagram: “#Repost @saiyanstrengthgym with @get_repost ・・・ Who else is benching today? 💪🏻”

Tip: Get Ripped With 4-Rep Sets | T Nation

EMOM means "every minute on the minute." These are normally done with 2 pairings per workout. This 4-rep method is more focused on strength, so use about 70% of your maximum, using only big lifts: squats, deadlifts, bench press, military press, chin-ups, barbell rows, push press, front squats, etc. Pair one upper and one lower body exercise.

T Nation (@testosteronenation) • Instagram photos and videos

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