This 18-Year-Old is Proof that Genetics Don't Dictate Physique Video Description

According to Eric, undergoing a transformation is 33% willpower, 33% body conditioning and 33% nutrition, “I started to eat more, too. At the time I was eating very, very badly. I worked at a movie theater so my diet consisted of fried mozzarella sticks, chicken and popcorn -- it was awful so I cleaned up my diet and started eating more quality foods.” He mentions that he discovered Quest and fell in love with the new Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Quest Bar . “My friends who tried them can’t believe that it’s a protein bar and not a candy.” After three months of working out in his basement he built up enough courage to join his local YMCA. This was a huge deal for Eric as the kids with athletic physiques from his school would go there to play basketball. Then something amazing happened…absolutely nothing. No one made fun of him and he conquered his fear of being judged – a large part of this, he said, came from the fact that the majority of the people in the “Y” were “older.”  This is one of the only times I’m reminded that I’m speaking to an 18-year-old, it’s not even an insensitive comment, but there comes a certain age where you stop referring to anyone over 40 as old, and that age is 30 (A club of which I’m a member). He jokes with me about how he’d get glares and looks if he’d drop the weights or grunt through a final rep. I start laughing as he explains how “Relentless” the elderly members of the gym are “if you step away from a machine for a second, they jump right in there. They don’t care.” We’re full-on laughing at this point. We compose ourselves and he continues.

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