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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016 - You might consciously decide to maintain a serious attitude today while the Moon is constrained by somber Saturn in your sign. However, you can't seem to make the ripples of excitement disappear as bountiful Jupiter connects with electrifying Uranus. Unfortunately, you may already be overloaded with work and it's not a good idea to voluntarily add anything else to the pile. Nevertheless, you're driven to capture the elusive thrill before the lightning show ends. Staying calm in the midst of a creative storm is your key to receiving the gift of cosmic awareness.

Top 10 Best Biceps Exercises

How-To: Grasp a barbell or EZ-bar and lean your chest against the angled side of a preacher bench, keeping your back tight and knees slightly bent. (You can also use a dumbbell and train one arm at a time.) Make sure your armpits fit securely against the top of the pad, with your triceps pressed into the flat side of the bench. Hold the bar straight toward the floor with a supinated (palms-up) grip. With your head neutral and eyes focused forward, curl the weight in a smooth arc, squeeze your biceps hard for a one-count, and slowly lower back to the nearly elbows-straight position.

Top 5 Triceps Training Mistakes

As the name suggests, your triceps have three heads: long (upper inside), medial (lower inside) and lateral (outside). The heads always work together, so it’s impossible to isolate one from the others. However, the angle of your arms changes the emphasis, stressing the heads differently. Too many bodybuilders are unaware of how various exercises hit their tri’s, and thus they typically overemphasize their lateral heads and underemphasize the long and medial heads.

Welcome to the Big Guns Club

Bodybuilding's premier gun club give their best biceps shots.

20 Foods an Athlete Would Never Eat

Top performing athletes know that nutrition is king when it comes to gaining an edge over their competitors. However, no matter what your goal is—carving out your six-pack, increasing your stamina—the gateway to success lies on your plate. An athlete’s diet is more than just calories in and calories out—it’s fuel. The right foods increase your energy, promote muscle growth, and aid in muscle repair. The wrong ones set you back. When it comes to chowing down, there are certain eats a serious athlete just won’t touch.

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Lou Ferrigno's Mass Class

Before and after he was the Hulk, Lou Ferrigno was bodybuilding’s ultimate behemoth. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was winning Olympias at 235, Lou was 275. And when Dorian Yates was collecting Sandows at 265, Lou was 315. In fact, the future not-so-jolly green giant first broke the 300-pound barrier in the off-season at the age of 20—an unprecedented muscular body weight in the early ’70s. At 6'5", he towered over competitors, but whereas most tall bodybuilders have trouble filling out, Ferrigno carried his mass proportionately with pleasing symmetry. He’s the best over-6'2" bodybuilder of all time, and if he hadn’t spent 17 years off posing stages, he may have collected a mantel full of Sandows. In celebration of what was and what could’ve been, Lou serves up his 30 best tips for hulking mass.

7 Must-Dos for Muscle Growth

Stay true to these growth guidelines and your muscle manufacturing will multiply.

16 Sex Positions to Try in 2016

Have your New Years resolutions already fallen by the wayside? Try replacing them with some resolutions you'll actually want to keep, like a resolution to get more creative in the bedroom. Sex therapist Vanessa Marin is here to share 16 sex positions you should try in 2016. You'll find detailed descriptions of each position, along with tips for taking the positions to the next level with sex toys, lube, fantasy roleplays, and more. Look through them with your partner and pick one position to try each month. Ranging from easy to acrobatic, romantic to raunchy, you're sure to find a new favorite position. Disclaimer: Always make sure your partner is comfortable and up for trying new things in your sex life, no matter what that may be.

The Jacked Back Workout

Back training is like the tax code of physique building. The methodology is as diverse as it is mystifying, and as complex as it is confounding, but in the end your goal is simple: You just want to get as much back as possible (pun intended). You experiment with new workouts and flirt with multiple angles, all with the hope of adding a little swole to your rearview. If this sounds like you, breathe deep and let this simple strategy wash over you: Pull heavy stuff. Rest. Repeat.

11 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat

Burn fat, lose weight and start seeing real results by getting rid of these bad habits.

Best Post-Workout Foods

“It all comes down to the carbohydrates and protein,” says Manuel Villacorta, R.D., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. “They’re the two key things your body needs—and right after you work out is when your blood circulates best.” If your main goal is to build muscle, try to eat at least 30 grams of protein and 30 to 35 grams of carbs within about 15 minutes of your workout. If you’re just trying to stay in shape or shed a few pounds, you can take your time and eat within 45 minutes or an hour after your workout.

20 Muscle-Building Bar Exercises That Are Insanely Effective

They don't call it a jungle gym for nothing. Jon Hinds, owner of the Monkey Bar Gym , says monkey bars are one of the most effective and versatile workout tools you probably never think to utilize. They can accommodate tons of bodyweight exercises, they're available to pretty much anyone within distance of a playground or park, and they're adaptable for athletes of every fitness level, Hinds says.

Tiger Fitness - Bodybuilding & Workout Supplements

want to burn fat or build muscle? no matter what your goal may be we're here to help you make the best choice for you!

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4 Simple Recipes For Sweet, Protein-Rich Treats!

Cheesecake, cookies, and chocolate bars, oh my! Skip the packaged stuff on the shelf and whip up these homemade, high-protein treats instead.

Top 10 Squat Mistakes

But with any complex exercise, there’s a lot of room for error and the squat is no exception. Here are the top 10 mistakes people make with squatting, why they’re bad and exactly what you need to do to avoid them.

18 Six Fat-Burning Ingredients You've Never Heard Of

Trying to get all of these ingredients would be overkill and a waste of your money. Instead, look for supplements that have two or more of these ingredients along with other known, effective fat-burners like green tea extract and caffeine. Sesamin is one product you can readily find as a stand-alone, and it goes great with any multiple-ingredient fat-burner. Regardless of the product you choose, follow label instructions closely for the best and safest way to take them. Supplements with the following ingredients will get you ripped up instead of ripped off.

6 Alternative Protein Recipes for Packing on More Muscle

Your protein palate shouldn't be limited to chicken and beef. Pork, bison -- and even ostrich -- are all lean sources of muscle-building protein, loaded with nutrients you might not be getting. Check out the two healthy ways to prepare each meat.

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The Best Bodyweight Workout of All Time

HOW IT WORKS The circuit we’ve designed here doesn’t let up. When you train any squat variation, plus the pullup and the dip, you work nearly every muscle in your body, and your heart will race to supply them with blood and oxygen. Performing a decreasing number of reps—10 to 1—helps you keep the workout going even as you get fatigued. It'll also get you leaner, and build the endurance that'll build the fitness you need to rattle off a high number of reps in one shot. Plus: Feel free to use this workout to  win bar bets about how many pullups you can do.

The 15 Best Fat-Burning Foods

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The Very Best Push-Up For Pecs and Power | T Nation

In a push-up, hand release or regular, you have to lift 60-65% of your body weight. So if you're 180 pounds you're pressing between 110 and 120 pounds. This can be fairly light if you're remotely decent at any horizontal press. So if you can bench 265 pounds, then your push-up will be 45% of your max – not hard. Of course the hand release will make it a bit tougher, but it's still fairly light.

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The simplest thing you could add to your training = walking with weights. Here's how: …

5 Fat-Fighting Strategies to Make Weight Loss More Effective

"Muscle weighs more than fat, so it’s easy to think you aren’t making head- way,” says Bauer. Instead of gauging your progress by the pound, track the size of your waist or simply look at the way your clothes are fitting. Or monitor tests of your fitness. “Track how long it takes you to run a mile or how many pushups or situps you can do,” says author and celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler. You can also measure everything you’re eating each day and make sure the amounts of calories and fat are going down while the protein and fiber rise.

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Lift + raise your heart rate + build muscle + kick your own ass. Try this: …

Strong Traps, Healthy Shoulders | T Nation

The upper traps have gotten a bad rap in recent years and training them directly has become somewhat of a fitness no-no. But for athletes and lifters who are stuck in spine-extension based postures and can't raise their arms overhead, training the upper traps can be a game changer for overall shoulder health and performance. The key? Ensure they're trained with upward rotation.

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2 ways to diet that will mess you up if you're not careful: …

Tip: Eat Your Oatmeal Cold | T Nation

Chris Shugart is T Nation's Chief Content Officer and the creator of the Velocity Diet. As part of his investigative journalism for T Nation, Chris was featured on HBO’s "Real Sports with Bryant Gumble." Follow Chris Shugart on Twitter

The Three Types Of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Movies

The next several films in this category were bad outings for Johnson. “Doom,” in which he plays a main character that I never ended up learning the name of, is easily the second-worst movie he has ever been in. On that note, “Be Cool” is the worst. Don’t get me wrong. “Be Cool” is a massive milestone for Johnson — it’s the very first film in which he acquits himself as an actor, one who can do comedy and not merely muscle — but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s an awful movie.

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The mighty deadlift has its drawbacks. Mainly, it doesn't build much size. (Gasp!) Info: …

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Recipe: Chocolate Protein Flan

When the milk gets hot enough to drink but not hot enough to burn your mouth, remove it from the heat and add it to a big glass bowl containing your whey and gelatin.

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FitJoy Protein Bar at - Best Prices on Protein Bar!

These bars are very good!!! Not dry at all but are also not like eating a candy bar which I think is nice. Not a fan of bars being overly sweet. My husband who is not a fan of protein bars... spreads... and such took one bite and shook his head in approval saying that is good. They taste nice and are chewy and also have some texture and crunch to them which is really nice. It is a very balanced bar with good proteins to carbs to fats ratio which can be hard to find in a bar. Most bars taste too good to be true which is the case or they taste dry and like cardboard ... these bars have a great combo. I think everyone should order one of each bar and give them a try! One other great thing about them is they do not taste artificial either which is a major plus! Feel free to reach out and ask questions if needed!

Weekly Twitter Giveaway Terms And Conditions

Eligibility:  The Twitter contest (the “Contest”) is open to Twitter members who are eighteen (18) years of age and older at the time of entry (“Contestant”). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union, or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant’s participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children, and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

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Human Growth Hormone: Everything You Need to Know About HGH

The body naturally produces growth hormone (HGH or simply GH) in the pituitary gland, and, as its name implies, it is responsible for cell growth and regeneration. Increasing muscle mass and bone density are impossible without GH, but it also plays a major role in maintaining the health of all human tissue, including that of the brain and other vital organs. When secreted, GH remains active in the bloodstream for only a few minutes, but this is enough time for the liver to convert it into growth factors, the most crucial of which is insulin-like growth factor-1, or IGF-1, which boasts a host of anabolic properties. Scientists began to harvest GH from the pituitary glands of cadavers in the 1950s, but didn’t synthesize the first HGH in laboratories until 1981, with its use as a performance-enhancing drug becoming popular shortly thereafter.

Five-Day Workout Plan: Timeless Bodybuilding

Working out has gotten so complex. So many classes, so many new pieces of equipment, supplements—even the clothing. Options are great, but sometimes you just need someone to give it to you straight. If your number one goal is to build muscle and burn fat to look and feel better—at the end of the day—you’re bodybuilding. Like I said, there’s many different ways to get there but this is a surefire, straight-forward way of getting it done—and very effectively.

Instagram photo by Clark Bartram • Aug 16, 2016 at 5:37pm UTC

22 Pushup Challenge: Why The Rock, Chris Pratt & More Are in on 'New Ice Bucket Challenge'

That's thanks in part to a slew of Hollywood stars already jumping on board with Chris Pratt making the first high-profile attempt at the challenge with wife Anna Farris. The couple do a great job at speaking from their hearts and talking about the cause, plus it's also super entertaining to watch the stars attempt the challenge.

Are You Really Overtraining? (Or Just A Little Sore)

If you’re concerned that you’re not recovering correctly, test your heart rate again. If your resting heart rate is significantly elevated, there’s a good chance you’re pushing too hard and need a break. Or, you can try HRV (such as the product by BioForce), which assesses your heart rate variability and provides biofeedback on your stress levels and recovery. It can indicate what days are best to push hard or back off. It’s new technology that makes it much easier to “listen to your body.”

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At-Home Barbell Blast

After performing this routine every other day for a week increase intensity by knocking 15 seconds off your rest period. That means resting 45 seconds between sets instead of 60. After 3-4 more sessions at 45 seconds reduce the rest period to 30 seconds. Finally, after another week's worth of training, see if you can get your rest periods down to just 15 seconds. With each successive drop in rest period you'll not only bolster your aerobic capacity, but increase the stresses placed upon your muscles. They'll be screaming for mercy halfway through the routine with only 15 seconds between the last grueling set and the next.

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