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IIFYM Pizza with Jorge

IIFYM Chef Extraordinaire Jorge Rosado (@Fitness_IQ) on instagram came by and made some amazing looking and tasting pizza's with ingredients that keep them w...

BioLayne Weekly Training Summary with Accessory Work 8-16-2014

This week I was definitely starting to 'feel it' more in terms of approaching overreaching. Total volume was over 50,000 lbs for squats for the week, over 40...

Building a Bigger Bench by Brandon

Brandon Lilly, owner of a 584 raw bench press, takes you step by step through warmup, setup, execution and programming for maximum pressing power. Check out ...

Ben Pakulski Teaches Chest Training for Hypertrophy with John - Part 2 - Ben Pakulski Teaches Chest Training for Hypertrophy - IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski shows how bodybuilders isolate the chest for mass...

Asia Monet Ray Performing with #WORLDOFDANCE #AMRTV

Asia Monet Performing with #WORLDOFDANCE on August 30th at Universal City Walk. I will be performing my hit single "Go Back" and sharing the stage with the J...

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4 Reasons to Front Squat

For far too long, the front squat has served as the red-headed stepchild of squatting variations . You can’t front squat as much as you can back squat, so you simply discard it – toss it into the pile of lifts less regarded. But this in the realm of physique-building is a catastrophic, tactical mistake. The front squat engages your quads to a greater degree and, because of the more upright body positioning required, hammers your core to its minerals.

12 Healthy Foods That Aren’t Really Healthy

Don’t be fooled by the labels–these foods aren’t what you think.

6 Bench Press Variations

The bench press is responsible for adding more slabs of muscle to the chest, shoulders and triceps than any other exercise – it’s the unchallenged champion for development in those areas. But when the flat bench press fails you, there are some other options you can use to get your gains back on track. Let’s take a look at some bench press variations that can change the muscle recruitment in your pecs and lead you to a mightier max.

Training Tips from Mr. Olympia Phil Heath

-Saying, “Oh, I’m just going to focus on higher reps and shred up”—that’s a fallacy. I don’t buy into that anymore. Early on in my career, before I started working with Hany (Rambod), I believed that, but not anymore. I realize that a stronger muscle is always a bigger one and that you should be able to lift heavy throughout your contest prep until maybe the last 10 days. And quite frankly, I lifted heavy up until three days out from the (2011) Olympia.

10 Workouts To Burn Off Your Beer Belly

You don’t have to give up your favorite beer in order to loose that beer belly you’ve been rocking. Give these 10 workouts a shot to make your gut disappear.

Caramel Coloring in Soda | Artificial Food Coloring | 4-MeI - Consumer Reports

Based on our results, Consumers Union, the policy and action arm of Consumer Reports, is taking several actions. First, we are alerting the California Attorney General’s office of our test findings regarding Pepsi One and Malta Goya. We are also petitioning the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to set a federal standard for 4-MeI and in the meantime to require manufacturers to list the type of caramel color they use on their products’ ingredient lists. That’s important because there are four types of caramel coloring. Only the two made with ammonia compounds can contain 4-MeI. However, manufacturers can use the general term “artificial color” interchangeably with “caramel color.” “Europe has labeling requirements and consumers in the United States should have the right to make an informed choice about what they are drinking and eating,” says Dr. Rangan.

8 Things You Should Know About Protein

Get the scoop on this essential macronutrient for optimal muscle gains and training performance.

Healthy Tip of the Day

Avoid processed meats, anything that’s been cured, salted, or smoked (i.e. ham, bacon, pastrami, salami, sausage, and hot dogs). Adding preservatives during the curing, salting, or smoking process can create carcinogens. If you’re buying chicken that’s packaged with an ingredients list, you’re buying the wrong chicken. The only ingredient should be “chicken.” If eating red meat, choose lean cuts and smaller portions, and avoid frying or charbroiling it.

Conquer Your First Marathon

The last two weeks before the race are known as the “taper.” “You’ve accumulated a lot of [mileage] over 10 weeks,” says Gisselman, “which has enhanced your car- diovascular system and strengthened the tendons in your lower body.” Now the goal is to maintain it and recover until race day.

High Volume, Great Results Workout Program

In our May issue , we introduced you to Joe Donnelly, a former college and professional football player turned fitness model. Back in his playing days, he was big and lean. Now, he’s big and downright shredded. And best of all, he’s more than willing to show you the training program he uses to stay that way. You saw his chest, triceps and biceps routine in the magazine. In the following pages you’ll see what he does for the rest of his muscle groups.

Tough Mud and Warrior Blood: The Endurance Race Workout Plan

Preparing for an athletic event that requires such a diverse array of fitness qualities—strength, explosive power, and cardiovascular endurance—requires a training regimen that is equally diverse, and we’ve got all your bases covered here with this four-week program. This template provides a perfect balance of strength and endurance training. Since these races take place outdoors, it’s good if you can get outdoors to train. If you take a kettlebell, a sandbag, a pair of dumbbells, and a weight sled to an outdoor area, the whole thing can be done outside. But, if you’re like many guys and lack the outdoor space, the entire workout can also be performed in a gym setting, as we illustrate here. At the very least, strive to complete the running portion of the program outdoors. No treadmill can properly approximate a hill run.

6 Remedies for Lagging Upper Pecs

Bodybuilder Gunter Schlierkamp knows a thing or two about building a chest that's thick and rock solid. Here are his top 6 tips for building your upper pecs.

FD The Women's Guide (Athlete)

Hello Pauline Nordin & Fighter Diet, I was into sport all my life. I was a tri-athlete for more than 15 years. I still like to go for a run or a long bike ride. It was really important to me to try not to lose muscle during these long hours of cardio . I tried to eat more carbs but it always ended up in fat . I met Pauline and she told me about fighter diet. I tried it and I have to tell I could not find anything like it. It keeps me in shape,no fat at all and also I do not loose the muscle mass I built during years. I have also competed and done it for fitness competition prep. I never feel hungry since the veggies fill me up. The only thing I miss is the desert but this diet let U eat once a week desert and it satisfies me. I love fighter diet! It is simple to follow and combined

America's Hot Girls of the Gym: 3

ANGT (America's Next Great Trainer) presents the 3rd installment of America’s Hot Girls of the Gym. We hit gyms across America to catch some of the hottest, fitttest girls in action. In this 3rd series, we pick up where we left off by showcasing those fit and sexy ladies who have put their time in at the weightroom to build a rockin' physique. So check these hardbodies out and get inspired to build your own masterpiece in the gym.

5 Healthy Summer Snack Recipes

Do you have a birthday party or barbecue coming up? Forget bringing the usual potato salad and try one of these healthy recipes instead. They're easy to make, look amazing, and taste even better!

The Truth About Fish Oil

Some people can do alright with just 2-3 meals of fish per week. It won’t necessarily mean that you get the recommended 1-2 grams of EPA and DHA combined (the amoutn shown in studies to have effects), but if you ended up checking your blood levels you might not be at risk for a deficiency. Most people don’t eat enough fish, though, and that's why I give the general recommendation of 1-2 grams of fish oil (EPA and DHA combined) daily. Are there any negative effects of supplementing with fish oil? No. There is no risk that we know of from taking fish oil. One of the concerns has been that fish oil is easily oxidized, so when it gets into your system it can theoretically cause some inflammatory responses. But that hasn't really been shown under experimental data. I'd say that at lower doses there seems to be no risk, just like with eating fish. Should I refrigerate fish oil? Fish oil capsules stay relatively fresh at room temperature. Some people freeze them because it reduces "fish burps." If you have fish oil in liquid form, refrigeration is recommended because it's more exposed to the air than the capsules.

10 Healthy Late-Night Snacks

Midnight hunger pangs? Satisfy your cravings without inflating your gut.

We 'Mirin Volume 80: 18 Amazing WBFF Bodies

This weekend, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas will host the 2014 WBFF Worlds. Here are 18 talented competitors who worked hard to earn their rep! Beauty, fitness, fashion? We 'Mirin!

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

Get That: The Abdominal V

We've asked founder of TRyMFitness and training correspondent to HUMANFITPROJECT ,  Tim McComsey, NASM-CPT for a write-up and demo of a two-day per week routine to land those lower abdominal and oblique cuts that some women (we asked them) like to refer to as "sex lines."

5 Things to Know Before Getting Tatted Up

Today’s generation is lucky because it has the Internet. Most good shops will have good things written about them in reviews on the Internet nowadays. You always want to look at a shop’s cleanliness, and everyone there should have portfolios of their specific work. You want to look for clean and crisp lines and shading that doesn’t look choppy but smooth. All the color should be solid and bright.  When you're looking at any black or gray work, check for varying degrees of weight in the shading and smoothness. Unless you’re looking for something superspecific, it’s always good to look at versatility and how long the artist has been doing it. How long has the shop been there? Have they had the same guys working there for a long time? Ask around to see what people may say about the place. Talk to heavily tattooed collectors, and they'll usually point you in the right direction.

Refreshing Summer Drinks: 7 BCAA Mocktail Recipes

Many health-conscious individuals don't partake in the tradition of sipping summer cocktails, but that doesn't mean anyone has to get stuck with water. Here are 7 fun and delicious BCAA mocktail recipes!

10 Ways to Never Overeat Again

Arm yourself with the following science-backed strategies to keep your appetite in-check—and survive the season without ending up with a Santa-sized gut.

Setting up for a Huge Squat - Juggernaut Training Systems

Getting set up for the squat is like building the foundation of a house. It needs to be stable and secure to create something great. The setup is frequently overlooked but is vital to a massive squat. The squat setup will be broken down into two phases – the unrack and the walkout. 1.  The […]

12 Healthy Foods and Drinks That Can Make You Fat

Avocado is everywhere, and rightfully so. It’s a superfood. Each fruit is packed with 10 grams of fiber and more than twice the potassium of a banana. Avocado has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, reduce cancer and diabetes risk, and improve skin health . The drawback: Due to its high-fat content (heart-healthy monounsaturated fat is still fat) and the heavy praise avocado receives for its health benefits, it’s all too easy to go overboard. “While they’re packed with more than 20 vitamins and minerals, avocados are still calorically dense,” says Tanya Zuckerbrot, R.D., author of The Miracle Carb Diet . “Use moderation when adding them to your salads, sandwiches, and anything else.”

Skip the Sugar

It’s also always preferable to take in some natural sugars rather than the processed sugars like high-fructose corn syrup that are added to most sports drinks. If you can supplement the fruit with a protein shake made with skim milk (which provides more helpful carbs through lactose), it should provide optimal recovery. Or, as Mohr suggests, just toss the fruit into the blender while you make your post-workout shake . Greek yogurt with fruit is another option.


Optimum Nutrition Lean Whey Is High Protein Powder With CLA, L-Carnitine & Green Tea Extract! Get the Lowest Prices on Lean Whey at!

Obesity Linked to 10 Cancers

Obesity is associated with increased risk for 10 common forms of cancer, according to a groundbreaking study.

Seven Ways to Eat More Superfoods

Stocking up on superfood  supplements can feel overwhelming and can get expensive, fast. How do you even consume them all anyway? While you may have blended your fair share of less than palatable superfood smoothies, there do exist products that do the work for you. From bars and cereals to powders, here are seven ways to sneak more superfoods into your day without popping a single pill. 

Monster Chest

Notes: Bench presses have played an important role in the training of virtually all iron game athletes that sport a big, beautiful hood with strength to match. Full range of motion is the name game; make sure every bench press touches your chest. Do not bounce reps. Sets are performed in a rest-pause style, meaning you start with a weight you can perform five to eight repetitions with. Lift the weight for as many reps as possible, take a 20-second rest interval, and do the same weight again. This will probably be two to three repetitions. Repeat this process twice, for a total of three sub sets. Take a 3-4 minute rest interval between rest-pause sets. Lower weight 10 percent for the second rest-pause set.

The Online Dating Profile Tweak That'll Get You More Replies

The Online Dating Profile Tweak That'll Get You More Replies

Kick-Start Your Metabolism: Part 1

In order to lose weight and put on lean muscle, the formula is pretty basic: Follow a healthy and balanced low-fat diet, rid your program of processed foods and preservatives, control your portions, and adhere to a solid workout program that includes both resistance and cardiovascular training. It sounds uncomplicated, and in most cases it is—as long as you stick to the program you’ll receive the desired results you’re looking to achieve. However, what do you do when your body and metabolism have had enough and your system shuts down, and no matter what diet you follow, no matter how long and hard you train—you simply can’t lose weight and all progress has halted? Whether you’re a serious athlete who has come off a long, intense preparation, an athlete who had to go into “system shock mode” and basically starve yourself to achieve your results, or if you’re an individual who has gone from one extreme to the other with your body and are experiencing a sluggish or what seems like a nonexistent metabolism—you can get back on track. In this article, I’ll lay out the necessary steps to recharge your metabolism to have it running more efficiently than ever.

Grill Your Caesar Salad

Lettuce on the grill? Okay, your skepticism is warranted. Won’t the heat cause the leaves to burn and wilt? Actually, if you use hearty romaine lettuce, the hot grill grates will only singe the leaves slightly, imparting them with a subtle charred flavor. Won’t it taste boring? Well, not if you use the following recipe, which pumps up the traditional Caesar dressing with two types of heat—chipotle peppers and Tabasco. Plus, you also top the salad with grilled avocado and grilled croutons. It’s spicy, garlicky, cheesy, crunchy, and creamy all in one. Where’s the protein? This salad tastes great on its own, but, sure, it would also work well with grilled shrimp, steak, or chicken, too. Is it hard to make? Enough with the questions! Just grill it! (And, no, not at all.) Grilled romaine and avocados with spicy Caesar dressing and torn bread croutons Recipe by Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, chefs and co-owners of Border Grill What you’ll need: 5 garlic cloves 1 chipotle in adobo from can 1 ½ Tbsp Dijon mustard 1 ½ Tbsp red wine vinegar 1/3 cup fresh squeezed lime juice 3 oz.

12 Hottest Movies of Summer 2014

Whether it’s date night  or a weekend meet-up with your buddies, going to the movies is an entertaining way to start or end a night. To save you the back-and-forth over the dreaded "So, what are we gonna see?" we've compiled this quick list of the most anticipated flicks of the summer.

Too Much Protein Limits Gains?!

In a recent study, scientists focused on how dietary protein activates satellite cells. Satellite cells are precursors to skeletal muscle cells and thus play a key role in the body’s adaptive response to exercise. They examined 21 healthy male subjects, randomized them to two groups consuming either 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight or only 0.1 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, and then had them lift weights. They then performed muscle biopsies from their legs and measured the post-exercise recovery. What they found was that satellite cells along with myostatin decreased significantly soon after exercise cessation in both diet groups. But then something interesting and almost contrarian happened at 48 and 72 hours. Although satellite cells and myostatin returned to baseline levels in the higher-protein group, the levels remained lower for longer in the lower-protein group. In fact, at the 72-hour point, myostatin protein expression was significantly elevated in the higher-protein group, whereas myostatin expression was significantly reduced at 72 hours in the lower-protein group.

The 4 Week Speed and Agility Training Plan

Perform the speed ladder drills, sprints and single leg deadlift twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays, for the next four weeks. Sprint on an open surface such as a football field or hill.  Walk back to starting point for sprints.

Top 5 Muscle-Building Exercises for the Back

When you see someone walking around the gym with a  big back , you can guarantee they can jump up and kill 15-20  pull-ups  without even breaking a sweat. See the connection? Pull-ups and chin-ups are two of the best mass builders for the back. Targeting the lats, shoulders, biceps and grip, these exercises have so many different varieties, you’ll never get bored.

5 Ways You're Wasting Your Workouts

Working out three or more days a week is a big time commitment. Don’t you want to make sure you’re getting the best results for your effort? See faster gains by eliminating these self-sabotaging habits.

Master the L-Sit to Get Stronger and Shredded

The L-sit hold is a deceptively brutal exercise with benefits that go beyond merely the visual. Not only will this exercise help fill out your sleeves and chisel your abs , it will improve the health of your shoulders, help you with your deadlift, and build functional core strength as well. How do you do it? The L-sit hold is best done on a pair of parallettes. They look like a tiny version of parallel bars (hence the name) you’d find in a gymnasium or outdoor park. Most CrossFit gyms will have a few of them lying around, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one in a commercial gym. However, nearly every gym has dip bars, and you can even do L-sits on a pair of pushup bars, on kettlebells, yoga blocks, or even on a pair of benches. You just need two sturdy and secure platforms of the same height that will lift your butt off the ground when you lock your arms pushing down in between them.

Diego Sebastian Arm Training

Diego Sebastian has a burning passion for training, and it shows in the smokin-hot body he displays. The Buenos Aires–born, Los Angeles–based trainer, model and actor famously fell into the fitness lifestyle on his way to becoming a fireman. So, rather than putting out fires, he sets muscles ablaze with growth-promoting workouts like the sizzling superset arm routine he described in a recent conversation.

Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein at

Elite Whey provides 25 grams of 100% Whey Protein per serving powered by Whey Protein Isolate. Whey is considered to be the best source of protein to build muscle and recover from training due to its high Biological Value (BV), Amino Acid Profile, and fast absorption.* At Dymatize, we do not include inferior sources of protein in our products, and Elite Whey uses only whey proteins derived from cross-flow microfiltration processing to preserve the many important whey protein fractions including lactoferrin and immunoglobins which can be lost in other forms of processing.* Furthermore, we only claim actual protein on labels and do not consider added amino acids (e.g., glycine, taurine) or creatine as protein (nitrogen) on our labels.

Back on Track

In 2008, FLEX editors undertook a rather daunting task, journalistically speaking —they gathered to choose the 20 bodybuilders who, in their estimation, represented the best back development of all time. The list was stacked with greats, from Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates at the top of the heap to Melvin Anthony and Albert Beckles snagging the final two spots. You could argue vociferously for a favorite who didn’t make the list (and have a valid point), but all told, no one could debate the quality of the final 20. They were giants in a sport that boasts more than its fair share of larger-than-life physiques.

Ramp Up Your Race Prep - Spartan Race

The Spartan is no ordinary race. You'll need to lift heavier, run faster, jump higher, and compete smarter than ever before just to survive. That's where we come in. If you plan on conquering 10 punishing miles of diabolical obstacles, typical race training will have you falling painfully short. Ancient Spartans trained for decades to prepare for battle. We'll have the unbreakable new you ready in time for race day.

Instant Muscle: Back and Core

Attach a single-grip handle to the pulley of a lat pulldown station and grasp it with one hand. Face away from the machine and kneel on the floor with your opposite leg forward. Keeping your torso upright, pull the handle down to your collarbone. Perform the one-arm lat pulldown in the middle of your back workout, or as an assistance exercise in your bench- or overhead-press workout. Aim for 3–5 sets of 8–15 reps with each arm.

A New Skinny Melo

Returning Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James previously showed off the results of his new no-carb diet with a similar Instagram photo. LeBron's new, slimmer physique seems to have Melo following in his footsteps. Here's a look at the guys side-by-side:


Rhode to Olympia, Episode 5

VPX Presents, Rhode to Olympia! In this episode, Shawn Rhoden talks about his drive and motivation heading into the 2014 Olympia.

Examining Variations of Resting Metabolic Rate of Adults: A... : Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

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Born Fitness

Adam is a New York Times Best Selling author and an award-winning fitness and nutrition writer and editor. Named ”one of the most influential people in health”, Bornstein was previously the editorial director for LIVESTRONG.COM and the fitness editor for Men’s Health magazine. He is the author of Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha, as well as 5 other health and fitness books. Bornstein is also the founder of Born Fitness, a health and fitness publishing and consulting company. He has appeared on Good Morning America and E! News. For more about Bornstein, visit

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