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5 Dairy Proteins You've Never Tried

What's more, goat milk is less likely to tousle the tummy than its moo counterpart since it has smaller fat globules that don't clump together, as well as very low levels of the allergenic casein protein, alpha-S1. To date, goats are not permitted to be injected with sketchy synthetic bovine growth hormones commonly used in large-scale cow milk production. Really, anywhere cow's milk goes—such as protein shakes, pancakes, or a bowl of cereal—so too can the goat version.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014 - Surprising conversations about your career objectives may be initiated by other people today, and you might as well go along for the ride. There's a lot of ground to cover as you concentrate on the logistics of work. Even if you would rather take it easy now, don't miss this chance to solidify a business deal or stabilize your place in the community. Your peers will follow your lead if you act with confidence and integrity.

3 Mike O'Hearn

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"During contest prep, I read many articles on I got lots of advice from the forums and ordered many supplements from the store." Gschrader5 | BodySpace Profile

A Guide to Heart-Healthy Oils

As bodybuilders we tend to shun fats, but we do need some fat in our diets. Healthy oils can be a valuable source of those needed  essential fatty acids (EFAs)  along with protective phytochemicals. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of these elixirs. Not only do quality oils add flavor to your food, they also help you build a strong body and stick with a healthy diet for the long term. You can have 20%-25% of your total daily calories from fat , but that should be mainly unsaturated fat, including flavorful, heart-healthy oils.

8 Reasons You're Not Getting Ripped

If you’ve upped your diet and training regimens these past few months but still aren’t satisfied with the results you’re seeing, now’s the time to iron out the kinks. Skirting the obvious — changing your workouts consistently, adopting better sleep hygiene, staying hydrated, and keeping cheat meals to an absolute minimum — these eight things can also hinder your goals of getting as shredded as possible .

7 Presents The 2014 Supplement Awards

Glad to see Twinlab is back in action. The proseries they have out right now is legit. Their new pwo MVP FUEL is second to none, its a must try for everyone. Grab some of their cookies and cream whey while you are at it, the taste is just amazing. They have done it right with this line and hope they will up for awards this year.

Win a year supply of product

When You Apply Sunscreen To Your Skin, This Is What It REALLY Looks Like

Artist Thomas Leveritt asked these people to apply some sunscreen to their faces and look at themselves under an ultraviolet light. What they saw left them astonished.

Are You Making These Nine Beginner Mistakes?

But even after you ditched the training wheels, you could still make grave rookie mistakes—mistakes that sabotage your progress and leave you frustrated, confused, and exhausted. Even if you worked out for years , it could still happen.

Diet 911: Turn Your Man Boobs Into Muscle

Don’t be afraid to add a yolk or two to your eggs. Testosterone is made from cholesterol, and studies have shown that dietary cholesterol doesn’t raise “bad” LDL levels in your blood. Your flax consumption is a double-edged sword. A very nutritionally dense food containing fiber, healthy fats, and vitamins, it also contains chemical compounds called lignans, which are known to have a weak estrogenic effect. For that reason, stay away from these seeds.

8 Unexpected Muscle-Building Foods

We all know that what you eat can either make or break your fitness goals. By providing your body with the raw nutrients it needs, you can ensure that your muscles are getting fed correctly in order to grow. Every bodybuilder knows the usual  “ bodybuilding foods ” like the back of their hand— chicken breast , salmon, eggs … and the list goes on. However, there is an array of unconventional food options that fit-minded individuals can benefit from. Here is a list of 8 unexpected exercise foods that can help you build muscle and stay fit.

Train to Be in Fighting Shape

Speed rope training and shadow boxing are staples of a fighter’s workout. They burn an insane amount of calories, tone your entire body, and have you gasping for air in minutes. With minimal equipment needed, they can be done almost anywhere. Incorporate these two classic exercises into your weekly workouts to change up stale routines, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to last a few rounds with one of the greats.

The Best Single Kettlebell Workout

offers a distinct set of benefits from a pair. Your body will have to compensate for the imbalance by recruiting your core muscles more intensely, and working one side at a time will make for longer sets with a greater cardiovascular demand. Done as a circuit, the exercises that follow raise your heart rate even further, making this workout a great adjunct to a strict diet for fat loss.

10 Steps To Great Squatting Technique - Juggernaut Training Systems

As the Juggernaut Squatapalooza rolls on, check out the first two parts of this series if you’re just tuning in: Part 1:  Setting up for a Huge Squat Part 2:  Dont Get Stapled – How to Make it Through Your Sticking Point   The squat, as with all the competitive lifts, requires great strength throughout […]

The Best Full-Body Muscle Workout

Any kind of pressing exercise will train your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Any pulling movement (a row or chinup variation) recruits your back, rear delts, biceps, and forearms. Squatting movements (and deadlifts, which aren’t quite a squat but require all the same muscles) take care of the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Even your calves get some stimulation as they help to stabilize your squat. Your abs, of course, get worked on all these movement patterns, provided they’re done with free weights rather than machines, and work to brace your spine throughout. The workout at right contains everything you need to put on size fast—a squat, press, and pullup—done with heavy weights, and you should be able to wrap it up within 45 minutes.

Get Stronger (& Bigger) Now!

Getting stronger —  whether it means setting a personal record on bench or moving up to the next set of dumbbells on curls — is a process. It takes months, even years, of hard training to achieve the lofty strength goals we tend to set for ourselves. It doesn’t happen overnight.

The 20-Minute Escalating Density Training Workout

The best way to get more out of your workouts is to set a time limit for yourself. Racing the clock forces you to work harder, faster, and more efficiently. Every second counts - no lolly gagging at the water fountain allowed. This is what Escalating Density Training (EDT) is all about: Pick a duration—you don’t need long—and get the best workout possible before the clock runs out. Get ready to take the concept of supersets
 to a whole new level. We’ll show you how to 
use EDT to sculpt a great upper body when you have time for nothing less.


ELIGIBILITY: The Twitter contest (the "Contest") is open to Twitter members who are 18 years of age and older at the time of entry ("Contestant"). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant's participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

10 Best Sources of Fiber

One of the keys to unlocking a lifelong lean and healthy body is fueling your body with low impact high fiber foods. These are foods that contain ample amounts of fiber but don’t contain a lot of other carbohydrates that will send your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride. Fiber provides bulk to your diet allowing you to feel fuller while eating less calories (even though you will often be eating a larger volume of food). Fiber also acts as a speed bump for digestion, slowing the rate in which the nutrients enter your body; this is good for weight loss, sustained energy , and managing hunger. Here are 10 must-eat foods for maximizing your fiber intake.

Healthy Recipes: 5 Muscle-Building Protein Goodies

Muffins make for a great on-the-go snack, but they're generally so calorie- and sugar-laden that their dietary pitfalls far outweigh their convenience. Thankfully, these muffins not only pack a substantial dose of protein but also sneak in some kale to provide a huge boost of vitamins and minerals to each muffin.

NFL Fit: Training Tips from the Cincinnati Bengals

has gotten an inside look at how five NFL teams changed their game in preparation for the 2014 season. These hard-hitting stories will reveal what the players have been doing differently during this offseason compared to last year, in addition to providing workouts for you to try on your own. Check out what it really means to be NFL Fit with our exclusive preseason coverage.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

Eat Like A Man

It’s no surprise that nearly all lifters have favorite foods they feel help to increase strength and size. While some might be skewed by personal taste or bro-science, clinical studies clearly show that certain foods do indeed support testosterone production. Testosterone is a hormone primarily produced in the testes and in small amounts in ovaries in women; it’s most often associated with virility, libido, strength and muscle mass, and is strongly linked to decreases in body fat. Testosterone levels can be wildly influenced by external stimuli, not the least of which is the food you eat. Add these foods to your weekly menu in order to support your testosterone production.

Nutrition Fix: Eat on the Cheap

>>CHOOSE NEGLECTED CUTS: When you do buy meats, branch out from chicken breast and salmon by turning more often to cheaper items that get overlooked, such as chicken thighs, mussels, turkey drumsticks, pork tenderloin, and skirt steak. These are almost always cheaper by the pound than more popular meats but still deliver all the protein you can stomach.

Exercise May Change Kids' Brains for the Better

What the results do show, however, is that physical activity may be an important part of keeping children’s brains active and open to learning. Physical education class and recess may be just as important to doing well in school as time spent in a classroom. “We are hoping our work encourages more support of physically active lifestyles,” says Chaddock-Heyman. She and her colleagues are continuing their work with a five year trial in which children are randomly assigned to an aerobic fitness program or not, so their white matter changes and their academic performance can be tracked.

Peanut, almond and nut butters recalled on fears of salmonella

(CNN) -- The Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday that nSpired Natural Foods Inc. is voluntarily recalling several lots of peanut, almond and other nut butters on fears of salmonella contamination. The company was made aware of the risk after routine testing showed a potential link between consumption of these products and four instances of illness.

Inflate Your Upper Pecs

If you’re not already doing these pec pounding moves, here are a few more reasons.

5 Ways to Beat Workout Soreness

Lifting weights damages muscle tissue—but that’s OK, because muscle damage as a result of resistance training contributes to hypertrophy (increase in muscle size) if the training is done properly. When muscle tissue is damaged, you may feel soreness within the next couple of days. While there are many theories as to why delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs, most research suggests that it's a result of pain receptors being sensitized by the inflammatory response to muscle tissue damage. Luckily, there are ways to quickly recover from DOMS and get right back into getting strong. Use these strategies immediately after your workout to speed up healing so you build muscle faster.

Ask Men's Fitness: Do Girls Enjoy It When You Talk to Them During Sex?

The second reason to talk to her in bed is to turn her on by keeping her mentally in the action. This is the trickier one because what does it for one woman may gross out the next. So pick up cues. Terms like “cock” and “pussy” can be polarizing, so unless she starts talking about them first, keep those words holstered. However, here are some fail-safe options that any woman will respond to: “You’re so sexy,” “You’re amazing” (if she’s on top), “I just want to please you” (if you’re on top or about to pleasure her in any way), and “I don’t want this to stop.” Be sure to continually remind her that she’s turning you on and that you’re going to concentrate on her pleasure—those are things no woman can argue with.

The Unbiased Truth about Marijuana - Blog

Frequent marijuana use will turn this blood flow increase into a decrease, once the CB1 receptor is internalized. Very heavy usage, meaning five or more joints a day over a period of several years, can actually cause the ACC to shrink. This can hurt attention span and may increase the risk of developing psychosis. If the ACC is affected in this way, it may not return to normal even if marijuana usage is stopped.

Cutler's Quad Quiz

Jay Cutler knows quads. Not only is he propelled through life on two of the world’s widest wheels, but he has also analyzed how to train, rest and diet to make those legs bigger and better. Do you know what he knows? Jay Cutler is featured frequently in these pages, so you may feel you know all there is to know about his training. OK, hotshot, prove it. Grab a number-two pencil and take the Cutler quad quiz. No cheating (Cutler advocates strict form) and no talking (Cutler believes results should speak for themselves). Those who score a perfect 10 are Cutler quad experts. All others should commit the answers to memory and march to the nearest squat rack.

Ain't Nothing But a Peanut

According to a new study, talking to yourself may be the extra boost you need to enhance performance. Researchers allocated subjects to either a control group or a self-talk group. All subjects first completed an incremental power test to establish peak power output andthe subjects were asked to cycle to peak exhaustion. For the self-talk test, they were reminded to use positive self-talk statements. When comparing the self-talk with no talk, there were no physiological differences between the groups in respect to heart rate at exhaustion, and blood lactate concentration sampled three minutes after exhaustion between the two groups. They found that the motivational self-talk increased time to exhaustion by 17.9% from pretest to post-test but not in the control group. The researchers also found that the self-talk group had lower psychological distress than the control group.

Mastering Kettlebell Snatches with MHP Athlete Sean Thomson

Head Trainer and Extreme Athlete Sean Thomson takes you step by step through the proper and most efficient technique for the kettlebell snatch.

Explode, Load & Hold for a Full-Body Bruising

Explode >> Training explosively (after a good, general warm-up) early in your workout is highly beneficial for multiple reasons. First, explosive movement excites your central nervous system, making it function at a higher level for everything that is to follow. Secondly, power-focused moves mainly use fast-twitch muscle fiber – those that are most prone to growth. If you look at the bodies of elite sprinters, whose routines include sprints, plyometrics and Olympic lifts, you’ll get a sense for what this type of training can offer. Also, performing explosive movements first, can actually enhance performance on the exercises that follow.

A Damn Good Egg White Omelet Recipe

Looking for a healthy breakfast? This low-fat recipe from chef Bobby Deen is packed with vegetables and lean protein.

Marvelous Delts

This year, Ronnie Coleman made me add his up-the-rack dumbbell laterals and they’ve substantially increased the size and hardness of my deltoids. These are performed nonstop through four rapid pyramided sets of 25 reps, 15, 12, then eight reps, after which I take a 45-second to a minute rest, and then repeat. I go through each of these four-set sequences four times for a total of 16 sets.

Flex Model Search Online 2014 Voting

2014 NPC Flex Lewis Classic Bench Press Exhibition

Get Monster Shoulders

Do it: Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your lower back in its natural arch, bend at the hips so the weights lower to just above your knees. Explosively extend your hips and knees and "shrug," powerfully pulling the weights up to chest level. Then flip your wrists over so that the momentum carries the dumbbells to shoulder level. Press the weights overhead. (You should finish in the starting position of a shoulder press.) try these as your main lift of the day and do two to four sets of five to eight reps.

Q&A with the 'Ninja Weatherman'

JM: I really do think there’s a correlation between the weather and this Ninja Warrior stuff and some people might not realize it. With weather, what got me interested when I was kid, and you will hear this from most meteorologists, is the severe weather. It’s exciting, it’s an adrenaline rush. If you’re outside and you hear this huge clap of thunder, if you've ever been within a few hundred feet of a lightening strike, and you hear thunder, you will never hear something louder than that on this planet. It’s so amazing. I enjoy doing that stuff and it kind of goes hand in hand with Ninja Warrior because it’s like an adrenaline junkie sport. You have all these crazy obstacles, you are 16 feet over the water, the cameras are in your face, the lights are on, and the crowd’s going crazy. It’s kind of the same thing where you get this huge adrenaline rush and it doesn’t compare to anything else.

Supplements for Men: What is the Best Multi-vitamin for Me?

Most nutritionists will tell you that you don’t “need” to take a vitamin supplement. That is, not if you’re following a balanced diet consistently. Now does that sound like you? Doesn’t sound like us, either, despite our best efforts. Multivitamins not only provide insurance that you’re covering your nutritional bases, but they can also be specially formulated for individual needs, such as if you’re an active man, an older man, or just a man in general. We sampled what’s out there to help you decide which formulation best suits your lifestyle.

Muscle in Minutes: Shoulders

Building well-capped shoulders , some would say, takes years and years of heavy pressing and experimentation. Those folks aren’t entirely wrong but it’s not exactly what you want to hear if you’re already behind the curve in this department. By training your delts with a simple, exercise-minimal routine, twice per week, you can start to make up ground on the lifetime pressers pretty quickly. Delts are fast to respond to proper overload and they can handle a reasonable amount of volume. So even if you can’t overhead press 250 pounds for 3-4 reps, you can still reap some appreciable gains from a more conservative press-first approach.

How to Train for A Marathon Without Sacrificing Muscle

It's an age-old problem: You want to run a marathon, but maintain all the muscle you've built over years of weight lifting. Stringent cardio definitely has benefits, but no one wants to lose muscle mass. We asked Seth Gottesdiener, ACE-certified, LA-based celebrity trainer to give us a few tips on keeping the size while gaining lung capacity.  12-Week Marathon Training Plan>>>

8 Boredom-Busting Smoothie Recipes

Strawberries and frozen banana—again? Power out of a smoothie slump by blending new ingredients, like hemp seeds, winter squash, and dried figs, into a health-boosting beverage your taste buds will love.

Secret Weapon | Za’atar: The Ultimate Spice Blend

The Middle East is no stranger to strife, and its kitchens are nearly as contentious as its borders. The catalyst for all the culinary unrest? A regional spice blend called za’atar. The exact formulation varies across countries—nay, across  households even—and each believes its recipe to be superior. We here at Guy Gourmet take a more moderate stance: I’ve never encountered za’atar I didn’t like, and I’ve yet to encounter a dish that didn’t benefit from its addition. So what exactly is this wonder ingredient? Za’atar is a blend of sumac, sesame seeds, thyme, and salt, with cumin, oregano, and other spices occasionally being included as well. Earthy, savory, and tremendously aromatic, it's responsible for much of the pervasive, iconic flavor associated Mediterranean food. True purists craft their own, but packaged blends are readily available online or at Mediterranean specialty shops, and many mainstream grocers, including Whole Foods, carry it as well. Oh, and before you hit the store? It’s pronounced “zAH-tahr,” with no nasal “aeh” inflection. (Remember: It’s a spice, not a strep culture.

The Growing Menace

James lived in Thailand, so he didn’t know many bodybuilders in his region. His boundaries were set by meager tips such as “dry chicken and dry tuna” from the few people around who had any experience at all. From 1992 to 1995, his diet allowed few options. Eager to learn, James searched for nutrition articles in magazines to try to expand his horizons. He bought a nutrition book that listed calories, protein, carbs and fats to teach himself the basics. “That’s when I started learning about oatmeal, dropping carbs and increasing fats,” he explains. “To me, everything was the same. I ate until I was full and then I stopped. I didn’t know starving was on the menu.” For the first four years, James competed in the European-centric NABBA Mr. Universe, winning the medium-tall class in 1995, but that organization had a restricted reach, and media coverage of it was almost nonexistent in North America.

Lie to Your Workout Buddy for Better Results

For workout partners, this justifies a little friendly ribbing. Go ahead and tell your buddy you’ve seen your great aunt do ten more pullups than he just did. The little white lie in the gym might hurt his ego, but it won’t hurt his results.

Break the Box: How to Hack "Fran"

For some out-of-the-box hacks to help you improve your performance on three of the most popular CrossFit WODs—called “Angie,” “Fran,” and “Fight Gone Bad”—we got in the box with Rob Orlando, a Reebok-sponsored CrossFit competitor and the owner of Hybrid Athletics in Stamford, CT. For each WOD, we suggest first giving it a try on your own to establish a baseline, then implementing Orlando’s tips as you improve.  Men's Fitness Exclusive: CrossFit Confessions>>>

Optimal Approach to Postcontest Rebound

If you have been involved in competitive bodybuilding for any length of time,  I am sure you have witnessed what many refer to as “the postcontest rebound.” You may have witnessed someone go from a granite-hard, shrink-wrapped, work of art to a puffy, doughy, and water-retentive catastrophe!

Squared Away

Don’t bother suggesting anything to Juan Morel to make his workout easier. As a matter of fact, don’t even think about it. The native New Yorker has no desire to simplify his gym time and will even look to make it harder on himself to push it to the limit—with each and every rep.

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