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Warrior - "What's YOUR Passion" http://www/ Special thanks to Mr Frank Bruenjes

Warrior - "What's YOUR Passion" http://www/ Special thanks to Mr Frank Bruenjes

Train As Hard As You Want To Breathe (Eric Thomas)

Speech by Eric Thomas (AKA The Hip Hop Preacher). Audio from Greyskale Multimedia: http://ZachEv...

Steve's Selfie Strength Tip- Limiting your potential with e

Day 9 - LES BROWN - Self Commitment LES BROWN - Self Commitment /lecture - part 9/ .. Motivational speaker Les Brown gives a motivational and inspiring ...

Bicep and Tricep Training Active Range of Motion - Ben Pakulski & Brandon Crowe - Bicep and Tricep Training Active Range of Motion with Ben Pakulski - Ben Pakulski teaches training biceps and triceps with th...

Raw Powerlifting Priorities with Brandon Lilly and Chad Wesley

Chad Wesley Smith and Brandon Lilly presenting on Raw Powerlifting Priorities at Sorinex Summer Strong 7 in Columbia, SC. Check out the full version at... ht...

BioLayne Weekly Training Summary 8-23-2014

Check out this week's training summary including AMRAP squat set of 530 X 8, AMRAP deadlift set of 585 X 10 and guest appearances by Isabel, Brad Couillard, ...

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Hugh Jackman Deadlifts Massive Weight to Play Blackbeard

Looks like pirates loved to lift too! The Aussie is in shape to play Blackbeard the Pirate in "Pan."

Back-Up Plan for Building Bigger Lats

It’s pretty much impossible to truly isolate the lats and upper back , and due to their complex muscle fiber arrangement – the fibers run in several directions – pulling in one plane won’t build sufficient back size and strength. You’ll have to separate each movement and lift at every angle to help with symmetry and size. Most importantly, you may have to cut back on how much weight you use so that you perform your reps with a full range of motion (ROM) and only use your helper muscles on the last few reps of each set; otherwise, you’ll never build a solid foundation.

Hot Water Debate: How Much Water Do You Need?

Those carrying more muscle need more water for adequate hydration (muscle contains more water). If you're exercising, expect to drink more too. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends getting in about 20 ounces before exercise, 10 ounces every 15 minutes of exercise—40 ounces for an hour workout—and about 32 ounces after. That alone is 92 ounces of water for anyone who workouts daily, well over the 64-ounce (eight, eight-ounce glasses of water) helping recommended by the Telegraph. Research shows that as little as a 2% decrease in body weight (from water loss) can cause significant decreases in muscle endurance and muscle strength.

Get Complete with the Front Squat

You may also notice that your wrists are sore from supporting the barbell in the “rack position,” which finds you resting the bar on your front deltoids, with your elbows up. In this position, a lot of guys put only their fingertips on the bar for added balance, but it still requires a good degree of wrist flexibility. These aches and pains are normal, so don’t be alarmed by the soreness you experience the first few times you do the 5x3 front squat workout with very heavy weight.

The Bigger, Badder Bench Press Program

Heading into the gym, making a beeline for the dumbbell rack, and doing curls in the mirror until you can’t lift your arms anymore won’t give you a big bench press. You need to work the muscles that support your chest during the lift - your triceps, your lats, your delts and your traps. Your triceps lock out the bar at the top, and the other muscles mentioned provide the base from which you press. The bigger and stronger they are, the more you’ll be able to bench.

Trainer Q&A: How Much Protein Do I Need After a Workout?

In terms of timing, you’ll often hear individuals reference the “anabolic window” - a period of time after your workout that leads to the best recovery. Usually this time frame ranges between 45 minutes to an hour post-workout. According to Miyaki, what you eat post-workout is important, but not for the reasons most people think. “The primary goal post-workout should be to provide your body with an immediate fuel source to prevent it from breaking down muscle tissue for energy.” As a result, Miyaki advises lifters to include some fast digesting carbs along with protein after a lift. The carbs will help spare your body’s own energy source and the protein will help to repair muscle and encourage muscle growth . Don’t be extremely worried if you can’t get food in immediately after exercise. Although the anabolic window is important, “building muscle is not just about what you do immediately post-workout, it is about what you do with your overall diet,” Miyaki cautions.

Conquer Your First Marathon

We know, 26.2 miles seems crazy, but you’re going to have to trust us. You’re ready. Completing your first marathon, and even scoring a competitive time, is within the reach of any experienced recreational runner willing to go the distance. With this 12-week program, broken into three simple steps, you’ll be ready to race with confidence.

The Gun Show Workout

You’ll finish the giant set with a high-rep flush on the overhead rope extension, which also targets the triceps’ long head. Using a slow, rhythmic style, the set should take at least 60 seconds to complete – ideally between 90 seconds and two minutes. Do not stop -- keep continuous tension on the triceps. Make sure you get a good stretch each rep to maximize muscle fatigue. This is a long range of motion move designed to enhance the size and appearance of your tri’s, so don’t cheat with partials. If you fail before 40 reps, turn around, set the pin to a lower weight and continue immediately.

Calf Training: Build Bigger Lower Legs

Try going through a full calf-training session and then some heavy leg curls (toes pointed up). You'll notice the leg curls will be much more difficult if you pre-exhaust your calves. To mix it up, do the initial sets with a short range of motion at the peak-contracted phase, followed by partial sets using full range of motion.

High Intensity Training Gets Intense Results

Challenge your muscles & metabolism with this high intensity training workout.

11 The Fitness Industry Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge

Have you stepped up to the bucket to help combat ALS? The biggest names in health and fitness have! Join them as they take a cold shower for a good cause. Warning: shrieking, splashing, and swearing ahead!

The Best Full-Body Fat Loss Workout

Perform the first exercise as straight sets. Exercises 2A through 2D are done as a complex, so choose one pair of dumbbells and use them for each move. Use a load that allows you to complete your reps on your weakest exercise in the series. Perform six reps for each of the exercises. Rest 90 seconds and repeat.For exercises 3A through 3D, adjust your equipment and loads as necessary, but perform them in the same circuit fashion. If you choose to repeat the workout, vary the sets and reps you perform on these last four exercises each session. This will help you to continue milking gains from the circuit for months on end. Rotate between 3 sets of 10 reps, 4 sets of 5 reps, and 2 sets of 15 reps.

Morning Muscle Meal: Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Scrambling eggs in the microwave means no caked-on-egg skillet to clean, but be careful of overcooking. In the microwave, eggs can very quickly go from just right to rubbery. Canadian bacon is cut from the pork loin, so it has about half the fat of traditional bacon. If you prefer, you can swap out the English muffin for toasted sprouted bread. If you don't mind some kick, Franks's RedHot adds negligible calories and can make you feel full faster.

6 Delicious Protein Shake Recipes!

It doesn't take too many protein shakes before you realize that a mixture of powder and water isn't going to top any chef de cuisine's "Best Beverages" list. But that doesn't mean all protein shakes have to taste bad. Kick up the plain-Jane whey-and-water combo with these recipes that will please your taste buds and help you pack on lean muscle!


ELIGIBILITY: The Twitter contest (the "Contest") is open to Twitter members who are 18 years of age and older at the time of entry ("Contestant"). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant's participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

12 Foods to Remove from the Fridge Forever

Growing up, your fridge was probably always stocked with staples like milk, cheese, yogurt, pickles, and on and on. Problem is, if you haven't smartened up about the contents of your kitchen, these everyday eats could explain why you can’t seem to drop those last five pounds, or why your doc has suddenly taken an interest in your blood pressure .

8 Ways to Get Stronger Than Ever

Break through strength plateaus and open up a whole new world of weightlifting with these eight ways to overload your lifts.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

7 Ways to Improve Flexibility

Improving your bending ability is crucial for more than just preventing injury. In fact, flexibility training is an important aspect of gaining strength and size. The typical lifter spends most of their day outside of the gym hunched forward over a computer further deteriorating any chance at proper posture. Outside of just preventing injury, having better posture helps to show off the muscular physique you worked so hard to build. Proper flexibility also goes hand in hand with full range of motion exercises like squats and deadlifts, which are major muscle builders . Having tight hips and shoulders is a limiting factor for proper form on these exercises and can limit your program.

The 6 Best Ways to Recover from Your Workout

We know we don’t have to tell you to get your ass in the gym, but we might have to tell you that spending hours lifting day-in-and-day-out will stall your progress. Rest and recovery are essential components to any strength and conditioning program and most coaches and trainers would argue it’s just as or more important than the lifting itself. Recovery must occur before progress can be made. It’s important for staying injury free, long-term consistent training, and maxing out from time to time.

Six Moves for a Shredded Six-Pack

Ah the six-pack. The goal of most every fitness enthusiast. A tight, lean, shredded stomach not only looks great, but also feels great and builds more confidence. Whether you're hitting the beach or hangin' by the pool, a chiseled midsection is something we all strive to strut. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort to build this work of art. For those that do however, the rewards are well worth the struggle.

20 Fittest Foods for Men

19) Olive Oil 119 calories per tbsp Eat 2 tbsp per day Olive oil is rich in good monounsaturated fat, making it an ideal food for heart health. In fact, studies show that replacing two tablespoons of saturated fat (found in butter and lard) with monounsaturated fat may reduce the risk of heart disease. But that's not the only reason to eat it. A study in the journal Nature reports that olive oil also has potent anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can help reduce pain and swelling just like a dose of ibuprofen. In addition to cooking with olive oil and using it as a dressing for your salad, you can get even more in your diet by mixing a tablespoon or two into your daily protein shake.

The Big Arms Solution

It may seem obvious now that we’re having the conversation but your best bet is to use heavy weight and low reps and perform compound movements that require the arms (triceps and biceps) to take up a lot of the work with the help of some larger muscles. By infusing some calculated bouts of heavy work into your arm training, you will build greater strength, which allows you to use more weight on your higher-rep “pump” work days. If you want your arms to be huge like a strongman and ripped like a gymnast, follow this workout program 2-3 days a week until you curse the tightness of your sleeves.

This never before seen footage of Elvis left me speechless » Unexpected Entertainment

This never before seen footage of Elvis left me speechless 5.00 / 5 5 1 / 5 2 / 5 3 / 5 4 / 5 5 / 5 2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (94% score) In rare footage from a 1977 concert in Rapid City, South Dakota, Elvis Presley performs a live version of “Unchained Melody” for everyone in attendance.

The Intricacies of Peri-workout Nutrition

In this video, Hartman and Harris discuss the intricacies of peri-workout nutrition in ways that only lifters who are as abundantly educated as the two of them are capable. If it seems difficult to understand, don’t worry — even some of the best bodybuilders in the world struggle to keep up with their insight.

Legendary fitness gym, home to Hulks, closes its doors

In his 2002 autobiography “Hollywood Hulk Hogan,” the pop culture icon who grew up in the Tampa Bay area credits the West Tampa gym owned by Morales and his wife Elisa — Hector’s-Elisa’s Health Club — for his physique. It was Morales who took a chubby out-of-shape teenage Hogan under his wing, taught him how to pump iron and sculpt his legendary arms.

The Hidden Value of the Unpaid Internship

It seems that those who are trying to enter this field often feel that they are entitled to being paid just because they’ve earned a degree. But in all honesty, who cares?! What is it about a degree that makes you special? Everyone who is applying for strength and conditioning jobs has a degree. I haven’t met one intern, including myself, who has been qualified to be a coach. Why? College programs are inefficient in preparing students to be strength coaches. Most programs’ curriculum focus more on the general population, youth fitness, or the elderly. Those that do cover the athletic population are very general in nature. I recently spoke to an undergraduate exercise science student who told me that his classes never covered any aspect of speed training. Yet, the students coming out of programs such as this feel that they are qualified to be paid for coaching. On the contrary, the majority of graduates are not prepared to handle the workload or mental demands of a graduate assistant, much less a full-time coach.

Four Tips for your Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy football sunk its teeth into Evans back in 1995 when he would look up box scores in the newspaper and create his own spreadsheet to tally stats by hand. Now, he spits out stats like a machine gun. “Drew Brees has averaged over 5,000 yards and 35 touchdowns since 2007,” he interjects while making a point. “He’s in a passing offense that averaged 658.7 attempts since 2009.”  But his delivery isn’t that of a numbers geek. He’s more like a guy you would argue with at a bar, and he invariably ends up being right (but he is not infallible- he was positive that Johnny Manziel would be a Week 1 starter).

3 Prehab Moves for Any Workout

Lying Dumbbell External Rotation Lie on your right side, supporting your head with your right hand. Hold a dumbbell with your left hand, keeping your left elbow bent 90 degrees. Hold dumbbell in front of stomach with left elbow at side. While keeping left elbow tight to side, rotate dumbbell upward until forearm becomes vertical. Pause. Return dumbbell to start. Do all reps then switch sides.

Finding the Sweet Spot

There are many variables to think about when putting together a training routine , including which exercises, how many reps, how many sets, how much weight, how often to train each muscle group, not to mention diet and supplements. One of the most important of these variables is weight load. There are two factors critical to inducing muscle hypertrophy: load stress and metabolic stress. Load stress is applied by lifting and lowering a weight, as well as forcing a passive muscle to bear a load (e.g., loaded stretch). Metabolic stress is created by actively contracting a muscle against resistance, which leads to the accumulation of metabolic byproducts such as lactic acid and free radicals. Both load stress and metabolic stress activate anabolic signaling pathways within the muscle cell. Loading acts through a mechanism called mechanotransduction, whereby membrane-bound mechanosensors, which are activated when the muscle cell membrane is strained and stretched, turn this mechanical signal into chemical signals that tell the cell to build more structural and contractile proteins. The buildup of metabolic stressors such as lactic acid and free radicals activates anabolic signaling pathways, although the exact mechanism is still being ironed out.

FLEX Magazine Presents: Flex Lewis at the Olympia 212 Showdown

FLEX magazine presents the trailer for an exclusive DVD project in collaboration with AMI/Weider athlete Flex Lewis. The unique documentary will take you behind the scenes, up close and personal with never before seen footage at the Olympia Weekend events and 212 Showdown. All this and much more, on this Olympia DVD. © 2013 FLEXtraordinary Productions. Trailer music by Kevin MacLeod.

Video: Pose for Pose from Prague

Video from the 2013 IFBB EVL's Prague Pro!  Watch Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson, and Branch Warren go pose for pose as they battle for the win!

5-Step Fat Burning

As a fitness model and former successful natural bodybuilder, I have tried every diet in the book to get lean while holding on to muscle – carb backloading , carb cycling, ketogenic and even paleo. Each has its pros and cons. But just “dieting” isn’t enough. There are multiple branches of that tree and there are some particular training protocols that need to be observed along the way. The truth is that there are a number of factors that contribute to real fat-burning – the kind put on display by the guys you see on these pages. Here are five fundamental strategies that you can piece together to speed your shred .

Eight Alternatives to Tap Water

The benefits of staying hydrated range from aiding fat loss and fueling  muscle growth  to promoting digestion and clearing up skin. And while there's nothing wrong with getting the job done with tap water (except maybe its taste, depending on where you live), the stuff that comes out of the faucet doesn't contain the potentially workout-enhancing ingredients that today's trendiest tap alternatives do. Not sure if your H2O needs an upgrade? Read up on the eight most popular bottled waters.  5 Hydration Myths-Busted >>>

5 Fitness "Rules" You Can Completely Ignore

Want to know the best thing you can do right now to improve your physique , strength, and health? Stop sweating the small stuff. If you’re eating healthy and working out—imperfect as your approach may be—you’re already well on your way to a better body. That’s because most of the fitness rules you supposedly have to follow to see results are bunk. The following are some classic fitness falsehoods, many of which you’ve likely fallen for in the past. It’s time to set the record straight.

The Hottest Stars of the VMAs

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards took place on Sunday at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, California, and featured a stacked red carpet of pop stars and celebrities. We've cobbled together a little gallery of some of the most beautiful women who graced the awards ceremony with their presence. You're welcome.

12 Surefire Ways to Build Muscle with Your Diet

The following compilation of sound nutritional tips is for those who already know the difference between carbs, fat and protein and who are looking for a dietary edge that will help them to maximize their muscle gains. That, we're guessing, is you.

Programming for Speed Development

Continuous progression is a must. The law of diminishing returns means that the more experienced an athlete is and the longer he has been performing a specific program, the less able the body is to continue to progress and get stronger and faster. For this reason, programs must be structured in mini and macro cycles that vary the training in very precise ways to ensure training remains specific to the task at hand and allows ongoing progression in the long term. For an effective sprint program, I recommend having three different seven-day training cycles that vary the stimulus. Week one can be strength dominant with an emphasis on big lifts of the compound movements and fast lifts like cleans. During this cycle, the athlete will still undergo sprint sessions, but they will be basic in nature and lower in volume. Week two can be short-sprint based with an emphasis on speed and power, and with a lot of acceleration drills, take off drills, resisted sprints, assisted sprints, and only a limited or even regressed level of strength training. Week three is balanced between strength training and speed-endurance.

Strength, Size, and Endurance Back Workout

Perform the two workouts with 2‚ 3 days of rest in between: If you do Workout 1 on, say, a Tuesday, do Workout 2 on Friday. Training pace is key so each session hits the back muscles in its own unique way. The second due to the shorter rest periods, but you should feel a good burn throughout. In the first workout, don't be afraid to go heavy, even if it means extending the rest periods by 30 seconds or so. Think of Day 1 as your strength and size workout, and Day 2 as endurance training.

The Best Total Body Cardio Workout

Reps: 12 Rest: 0 sec. Get into pushup position with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Push your body backward so your hips rise in the air and your torso points toward the floor. Keeping your legs straight, lower your body until the top of your head nearly touches the floor, and then press up.

Finishing Moves: Partials For A Pec Pump

On your last set, start the same as the first set, doing 10 reps in normal fashion, but once you hit 10, go right into quarter reps. In fact, you're going to do as many quarter reps as you can: 10, 15, 20, 25, just keep going until you can't do any more. You're going to take your inner pecs to total failure. Get help from your partner, use a faster rep speed and a little momentum. Just keep going. By this point, you literally can't do any more, and your chest workout is completed.

Break Through Muscle Failure for New Gains

If you were benching 250 pounds, the failure threshold was being unable to do an 11th rep with 250—not that your pec muscles had absolutely no strength left. You could have done that 11th rep, and probably a 12th and 13th, with 200 pounds, taking you nearer to real muscular failure. Coming on top of those first 10 reps at 250, the last three reps would'’ve stressed your pecs substantially more and led to greater muscle-fiber damage. And greater muscle damage means the body'’s recovery system must adapt to meet this new level of stress by building your muscles bigger and stronger. Bottom line, if you prolong the set, you prolong the intensity, increase muscle stress and enhance muscle gains.

How Arnold Built His Legs And Abs

If you've ever done a grueling leg workout—lots of heavy sets of all the most challenging thigh movements—you know it takes several days to recover. Even walking up a flight of stairs can be test of iron will. But for one professional bodybuilder whom we know as The Austrian Oak, the task was made three times as difficult as he completed his high-volume leg workout on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. A monster front-and-rear-thigh crusher that included up to 46 sets—not counting calves and abs, which were also done in the same workout—that would cripple mere mortals.

MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite at

Now, you can get the raw power of HYDROXYCUT HARDCORE® ELITE in a delicious, convenient powder format – just mix and drink! With its own unique, powerful formula that delivers an amazing thermogenic experience, HYDROXYCUT HARDCORE® ELITE POWDER is the perfect solution for when you’re trying to get your sweat on in the gym. Featuring a potent green coffee dose shown to aid weight loss, HYDROXYCUT HARDCORE® ELITE POWDER also features caffeine, L-carnitine L-tartrate, L-theanine, and yohimbe for an unmatched sensory experience.

The Perfect Pump

Pro Tip: Starting a workout with skullcrushers is a great way to destroy your elbows. But by this time in the routine the arms and elbows should be plenty warm, so executing movements that place more stress on the elbows is okay. Since you’ve already pre-exhausted the muscle and your primary focus is on the stretch, there’s no need to use a lot of weight. You can enhance the triceps stretch by allowing the bar to go way behind your head. Then press the bar up to about three-fourths of full extension. I’d suggest using an EZ curl bar, which might be gentler on your wrists than a straight bar.

Head and Shoulders Above

This brings us to Phil Heath’s shoulders. What was once a deficit is now a surplus. We should also mention the head on those shoulders, because the changes happened and continue to happen only because of meticulous planning and methodical execution.

I Am Not a Weight Lifter

It’s equally impossible to nail him down on a general chest workout, since the exercises, the order in which they’re performed, and the number of reps and sets is constantly changing. Maybe he can tell you what he did in his last chest workout; there aren’t a lot of straight answers with Greene. Most of the explanation is going to be about his mental state and how he hopes other weight trainers are thinking and little to none of the usual nuts-and-bolts, three-sets-of-10 palaver.

Phil Heath Trains at the Mecca 9 Weeks Before the 2014 Olympia

Phil Heath trains at Gold's Gym in Venice Beach, the Mecca of Bodybuilding, 9 weeks out from the 2014 Olympia.

iForce Nutrition Thermoxyn at

Warnings: Exceeding the recommended servings, not following the directions, or not following the warnings may lead to unwanted effects. This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not consume synephrine or caffeine from other sources, including but not limited to, coffee, tea, soda, and other dietary supplements or medications containing phenylephrine or caffeine. Contains caffeine. Do not use for more than 12 weeks. Consult with your physician prior to use if you are taking medications, including but not limited to MAO inhibitors, anti-depressants, aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or products containing phenylephrine, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or other stimulants. Consult your physician prior to use if you have a medical condition, including but not limited to, heart, liver, kidney, or thyroid disease, psychiatric or epileptic disorders, difficulty urinating, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, recurrent headaches, enlarged prostate or glaucoma. Discontinue 2 weeks prior to surgery or if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, sever headache, or shortness of breath.

Big Wide Nasty

Ever since Lee Haney, a big, detailed back has been an Olympia requisite.  Eight-time champion Haney, six-timer Dorian Yates, and eight-time winner Ronnie Coleman each upped the ante in dorsal development, pushing the boundaries of what was possible (and what came to be expected) when we’re talking Olympia-level back building. The Mr. Olympias since—Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson, and Phil Heath—have built on and refined what the TotaLee Awesome One, the Shadow, and the Big Nasty ushered in.

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