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How To Keep The Big Three Lifts From Jacking You Up

If you don't balance out the big barbell lifts with enough strategic accessory work, you'll end up looking strong but feeling broken. Balance strength and health with this approach!

The 21-Day Shred—A Program Made for the Underdog

We all struggle with our bodies. The 21-Day Shred and Shred Series was created from the lessons learned. These 21-day plans have been tested and proven.

Some of My Favorite Strength & Conditioning Books • Zach Even-Esh

I am constantly asked about my favorite books or what I'm reading right now. My library is constantly growing, evolving, adding books on training, business, lifestyle, mindset and inspirational autobiographies. If you use the search bar on my blog you can find some OLD videos of me showing you the library from my previous home. …

Here's the First Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger in the New 'Celebrity Apprentice'

The Governator takes over for Donald Trump on the NBC reality show.

HBO's 'Ballers' Proves Why The Rock Should Be President

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's character in HBO's 'Ballers' is exactly who we need to run for president in 2016.

STRONG Life 91: STRONG Books, STRONG Body & Strength Coach Business Knowledge • Zach Even-Esh

I keep giving this book away so I have to keep buying extras for myself!! #Book #Huntsman #Winners #Success #STRONGLife A photo posted by Zach Even - Esh (@zevenesh) on Aug 22, 2016 at 1:52pm PDT STRONG Life Episode 91 is a QnA episode from My Live QnA Which I hold often at Don't …

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Dieting

First your diet goes, then your waistline follows when you commit these 7 deadly sins of dieting. Here's how to redeem yourself after the fall.

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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet | T Nation

Take for instance fish oil. If you ask 100 cardiologists about heart disease, the only thing 99 of them will agree on is that fish oil's anti-inflammatory effect is a powerful tool in preventing heart attacks. Often, when blood vessels are besieged by low-density lipoprotein (a type of cholesterol), there's an inflammatory response where white blood cells rush to the area.

IFBB Pro Talks Faith, Family, and Iron | T Nation

Dugdale: I do the preponderance of my own competition prep primarily because I don't trust anyone enough to guide my physique. I've been doing this for 23 years and nobody knows my body better than I do. That isn't to say I have all the answers and don't seek to increase my knowledge base. I'm an avid reader of T Nation and have gained a lot of insight from Christian Thibaudeau.

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Quarter squats are better at improving athleticism than full ROM. Here's why: …

7 Pros, One Controversial Question | T Nation

As a father or two young children, I wouldn't be in favor of them competing in physique competitions, or any other competitions for that matter. While physique is one hell of an emotional, physiological, physical, and psychological risk for highly plastic brains and bodies for a magnitude of reasons, I believe kids should be kids and not be lead into highly competitive activities or sports just to keep up with the Jones's.

7 Common Moves Where Form is Often Flawed

In my last article I highlighted several exercises where proper form and technique are crucial in order to prevent potentially serious injuries. In this piece I will again talk about form, but more so in relation to optimizing muscle targeting. I have chosen the seven exercises that I have seen “abused” by gym-goers most often in all my years of pumping iron. I feel this is an extremely important topic because so often people blame lack of results on poor genetics when it is actually the result of incorrect exercise performance.

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The 8-second crunch will build abs like nothing else. Take a look: …

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If your little traps still make you look like a preteen, try this exercise: …

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Build your low back and you'll squat and deadlift more weight. Try these 4 moves: …


Top 5 Muscle-Building Exercises for the Back

When you see someone walking around the gym with a  big back , you can guarantee they can jump up and kill 15-20  pull-ups  without even breaking a sweat. See the connection? Pull-ups and chin-ups are two of the best mass builders for the back. Targeting the lats, shoulders, biceps and grip, these exercises have so many different varieties, you’ll never get bored.

Weekly Twitter Giveaway Terms And Conditions

Eligibility:  The Twitter contest (the “Contest”) is open to Twitter members who are eighteen (18) years of age and older at the time of entry (“Contestant”). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union, or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant’s participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children, and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

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MuscleTech MuscleTech Performance Series Nitro Tech 100% Whey Gold at - Best Prices on Nitro Tech 100% Whey Gold!

MuscleTech® researchers reviewed numerous clinical trials on whey peptides, and the science shows that whey peptides can promote rapid recovery from exercise and even support an insulinogenic response for improved nutrient delivery. This means you are getting an ultra-pure, rapidly absorbed and quickly digested protein that allows you to recover faster, build more lean muscle mass and get better results from your training sessions! What’s more, whey peptides have one of the highest biological values (BV) of any protein source, a value given to protein sources to measure how well they are absorbed and used by the body. Here’s the research: Power et al., 2009. Amino Acids. 37:333–339

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Challenge yourself. Try the physical test the Russian special forces had to pass: …

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Take the max number of push-ups you can do and multiply it by 2.5. Got it? Now do this: …

RIO 2016 OLYMPICS: Three Traditional Sports Banned feat. Jimmy Tatro & Dennis Roady

The Olympics have a history of bizarre events that didn’t stand the test of time so Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his production company, Seven Bucks Digital Studios, reimagine what would happen if actual former events Armored Racing, Painting, and Pistol Dueling were brought back from Olympic retirement. Jimmy Tatro and Dennis Roady star in this satirical look at the international games! SUBSCRIBE for more!: Catch up on the first round of ROCK THE PROMO!: Watch The Rock and Kevin Hart invade Snapchat HQ!: Subscribe to Jimmy’s channel!: Subscribe to Dennis' channel!: Subscribe to Tay's channel!: STARRING Jimmy Tatro Dennis Roady Mo Darwiche Jareb Dauplaise Troy Guthrie Dylan Quigg Narration by Tay Zonday CREW Directed by Scott Brown Written by Scott Brown & Mo Darwiche Produced by Mo Darwiche & Erin Lardy Production Manager: Troy Guthrie Director of Photography: Luke Dejoras Grip: Darren Kwan Sound: Jason Meadows Production Design: Steve Tobler Make-up: Nicole Derseweh Edited by Dylan Sachse Sound Design: Sean Oakley Artwork: Natalie Roman THE ROCK AROUND THE INTERNET Snapchat: http://bit.

Dexter "The Blade" Jackson: "The Road To Mr Olympia 2016" I'm Here To Win

Dexter "The Blade" Jackson: "The Road To Mr Olympia 2016" I'm Here To Win

The 20-Minute Full-Body At-Home Shredding Workout

Sometimes the gym just isn't possible. And other times you just don't want to go. This circuit is a perfect one to bang out at your place. Grab a Swiss ball, a set of dumbbells, and one of those pull up bars you can put in a doorway—you're all set. You don't need heavy weights or to spend hours in the gym to get jacked. This workout will do it.

Get Bigger Shoulders With 5 Easy Moves

With the setup here, we’re stripping down to the bare essentials. You’ll perform barbell shrugs to develop your traps, then a balanced dumbbell raise attack that will keep your lats, a delicate muscle group, evenly developed and help protect your shoulders when you bench-press. Now that your shoulders are warmed up, we’re getting you yoked up by throwing in the military press as your finishing move.

Do This, Not That: 6 Better Muscle-Building Moves

Do This - Everyone loves the barbell bench press but it’s less utilized cousin, the dumbbell bench press is a great chest developer that also trains shoulder stability. You can also change hand positions very easily with dumbbells (for example, going with a neutral grip with palms facing each other) in a way you just can’t do with a bar, giving you a lot more variety. And given that you don’t have a bar to touch your chest, you can get a bit more range of motion out of the dumbbell variation.

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This free diet & training ebook is only for those who are sick and tired of being chubby:

IFBB Pro Amit Sapir - Q&A

this is a really difficult question to answer because i got into powerlifting with a very strong base of olympic lifting and already had a lot of muscle. Yes I got a lot more neuro-efficient and added a lot more weight to my squat since switching to low bar and utilizing more traditional lower volume powerlifting style training. In theory for pure strength it's more efficient but I honestly think that without the olympic and hypertrophy base, I wouldn't be as strong as I am today. I see it in a lot of powerlifters that only do power in their career - they are extremely neuro efficient but they are lacking muscle to actually move the big weights. In a lot of ways, I think the journey my career took was ideal for what i do today - started with learning perfect technique with high volume (usually twice daily squat) for 5-6 years, then switched to body building which helped me build a lot of muscle and an overall balanced, no weakness base, and then switched to powerlifting and all I had to do was teach the body to absorb heavy weight and remind my cns how to be efficient again as it was in my olympic days, just with a lot more weight.

This Workout from The 21-Day Bulk Will Force Your Back to Grow

Want to know what's so great about The 21-Day Bulk ? You can slow things down a little bit and chill out. Key words: A little bit . The 21-Day Bulk is focused on getting you that extra size you're looking for while still shredding fat. All of the workouts are solely focused on hypertrophy, or muscle-growth, and less focused on burning the maximum amount of calories. Your repetitions will be in the 10-12 range with about a minute and half of rest—a nice combination for taxing the muscles while still allowing for enough recovery. It's also suggested that you apply drop sets and rest pauses in the programming of The Bulk. Learn about drop sets and rest pauses here.

The Complete Arnold

Today, the Austrian Oak writes a column, “Arnold’s Page,” in FLEX every month. Some months, questions are answered; other months, he discusses a training topic that should be of interest to a majority of our readers. Either way, it’s the same great information dispensed by the most famous bodybuilder the world has ever known.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016 - You might consciously decide to maintain a serious attitude today while the Moon is constrained by somber Saturn in your sign. However, you can't seem to make the ripples of excitement disappear as bountiful Jupiter connects with electrifying Uranus. Unfortunately, you may already be overloaded with work and it's not a good idea to voluntarily add anything else to the pile. Nevertheless, you're driven to capture the elusive thrill before the lightning show ends. Staying calm in the midst of a creative storm is your key to receiving the gift of cosmic awareness.

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10 Ways To Burn Fat And Keep It Off For Good

It’s one thing to train and diet hard to get lean. It’s another to keep the weight off long term. Here are 10 tips to help you remove your unsightly winter weight, and prevent it from returning.

4 Moves for Bigger Biceps

This combination of free weight training, the constant tension provided by cables and a gymnastics-like strength move will provide a spark to help bring up even the most stubborn of biceps peaks. And because no good pair of arms is complete without adequate forearm and grip strength, Burwell threw in a grueling farmer’s walk with four dangling kettlebells. Expect some next-day arm soreness after this one.

Celebrate the National Parks Service Centennial This Summer With these Adventure Trips

This August 25th marks the 100-year-anniversary of the National Park Service ( NPS ), which was born when President Woodrow Wilson signed the “Organic Act” to protect the then 35 national parks and monuments across the country. Ten decades later, the NPS has grown to include more than 400 of America's most beautiful natural wonders, spanning more than 84 million acres in 50 states. It's easy to #FindYourPark (the NPS's initiative to encourage people to get out and celebrate the centennial) on just a few tanks of gas. Pack the car, lace up your hiking boots and head for the hills to personally wish a national park near you a happy birthday. If you're up for traveling a bit further, here are eight great places to explore wilderness at its best.

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Correct strength imbalances and bring up weak points with this counterintuitive workout: …

The Top 5 Cardio Mistakes

We have to talk about it. As much as you’d rather discuss bench pressing, biceps or just about anything else, most bodybuilders spend more time on a treadmill or StepMill than a leg press or preacher bench. And when dieting down, most iron men and women invest more hours burning calories than pumping muscles. Still, the majority of trainers haven’t learned how to maximize their stationary strides. This month, we shed the fat and explain how to get your cardio back on track. Class is in session.

Instagram photo by Shawn Ray • Aug 25, 2016 at 4:38pm UTC

3 Ways You're Training Your Abs Wrong

Training abs is about "feeling" the muscles being trained. Sometimes that means slowing down rather than blasting through crunches and Russian twists. Taking nutrition completely out of the equation (don't get us wrong, you need to perfect your diet), you could be working full-body moves and fine-tuning exercises that target your core, but if you're making small mistakes , your results can dwindle.

Instagram photo by Zach Even - Esh • Aug 25, 2016 at 3:51pm UTC

America's Hot Girls of the Gym

ANGT (America's Next Great Trainer) presents America’s Hot Girls of the Gym. We hit gyms across America to catch some of the hottest, fitttest girls in action. In the first of a series, this gallery showcases those who have put their time in at the weightroom to build a rockin' physique. So check these hardbodies out and get inspired to build your own masterpiece in the gym.

With Friends Like These...

Once you’re at the gym, try not to converse with others. Don’t be rude, but let your body language tell them you mean business. I would create a barrier between myself and other trainers when at the gym. Between sets, I would focus on the floor rather than peer around the room. Making eye contact with someone is the surest way to invite him to begin a conversation with you. Once your workout is complete, there’s plenty of time to talk, but for the hour or so you’re in the gym, those more talkative types will have to excuse you for wanting to train muscles other than your jaw.

The MMA Training Routine to Get Jacked and Burn Fat Fast

Most of the moves in the pages that follow mimic fight techniques, such as throwing a knee strike or defending an attack by clamping your knee and elbow together on one side. They're designed to throw your body off balance, forcing your core muscles to work hard and fight the urge to topple over. You'll also hit all the deep core muscles you miss with typical crunches and situps. The result? Abs like a plate of armor, as well as a significant calorie burn and improved endurance .

The 15 Most Stylish Headphones

through earphones—during your commute, in the office, grocery shopping, and just about everywhere else—it’s probably a pretty solid portion of your day. So it makes sense to invest in a pair that’s as sleek as it is innovative.

The 15 Best Fit Butts on the Internet

These fit ladies are the epitome of #squatspo.

8 Ways to Burn More Fat

Most think of altering the metabolism as “boosting it,” but there are things you can do that also change the way the body handles food. For example, simply by taking a fiber supplement, you can alter the way your body handles carbohydrates. Fiber stimulates carbs to bypass fat storing pathways, which in turn means they ultimately head down other pathways for muscle fueling or building. There you go — a simple nutrition step to modify your metabolism.

45 Avatar Nutrition

The Avatar system will generate your specific numbers for grams of protein, fat, and carbs that you will consume every day. As long as you remain compliant to these numbers, you will continue to see your body changing and becoming closer to the finished product you have envisioned. As your body changes, so too will the numbers that are sent to you daily. This is because your body's needs are ever evolving and what may have been optimal numbers when you first started will no longer fit your current macronutrient requirements. To ensure results that stay consistent as your body changes and adapts, the Avatar system adapts to you and adjusts automatically.

Midnight Mass

Sometime in the 30 minutes before you go to bed, take in 20-40 g of casein protein. Micellar is the best type of casein protein for this time period, because it stays with your body for up to seven hours, providing aminos so your body won’t use muscle mass for energy. Mix the casein with water or milk (or a combination of the two). You mayalso include a portion of fruit (a banana, half of a cantaloupe or honeydew melon, a large pear or a large apple) whether you are a hardgainer or a dieter. The fructose will help stock your liver glycogen, which will prevent you from going catabolic sooner during the night. If the concept of taking in carbs before crawling into bed makes you paranoid, just stick with a protein shake.

Running Tips: 2 Cardio Workouts to Improve Your VO2 Max

"These three routines can be modified and adjusted to keep things fresh; just remember the sweet spot for improving VO2 max is to work for 2-6 minutes per interval with close to equal work and recovery ratios," Corkum says. "Sometimes the recoveries will need to be 2:1," she adds. This will depend on your heart rate and breath—if the workout isn't making your breathing ragged and heart rate difficult to control, the rest period should be quicker. Just make sure you don't cut that recovery short (go into every interval sufficiently recovered)—or extend it. Keep the recommended numbers consistent.

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@BioLayne 1/2 PL meet prep boss of NorCal 9/24 - was 222 lb 8 weeks ago, now 207. Contemplating cutting a little harder these last 4 wks...

The 15 Best Pieces of Workout Equipment You’re Not Using

Atlas Stones are basically just big, heavy balls of concrete—and that’s why these staples of strongman training are so effective for building raw brute strength. Unlike barbells and dumbbells, stones and other awkward objects like kegs or barrels are difficult just to get your arms around, let alone manhandle around a gym. And if solid concrete isn’t really your style, you can always spring for an ultra-heavy medicine ball like the Dynamax Atlas or the Rage Fitness Soft Stone , which come in weights up to 250 lbs.

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