Got Guns 2 (advanced) Video Description

Got Guns? LOL, it's my take on the "got Milk?" campaign! But I'm talking about solid, muscular biceps and triceps of course. I'm well known for my arms and I am a fan of sticking to the basics. It's what I've done and what I recommend, but even basics can go stale and have your body stagnate and that's when you invent new variations! Here's a video on one you can try out to bring up each triceps during dips. That's important!Ever notice how you're prone to favor one of your arms?  I like the grip on the dip-machine when facing away from the machine. The elbow will not tend to flare out turning it more into a pec movement rather than a triceps move. Watch this example:   Loading #triceps #specials #workout #gymmotivation View on Instagram   And now some FAQ on GUNS: Q: How com

Videos for 8/26/2015