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Predator (1987) - "Dillon, you son of a bitch!"

TJ Dillashaw: Belief Is A Powerful Thing

"When I got the call to fight Renan Barão, there was only one outcome in my vision. I believed I was gonna be the champion. The odds for that fight were some...

2014 Olympia Sizzle!

2014 Mr. Olympia Sizzle Reel

Calves Training for Huge Gains - Ben Pakulski and Brandon Crowe - Calves Training for Huge Gains Taught by Ben Pakulski- Learn from the master of calf training, Ben Pakulksi, on how to build ...

Raw Powerlifting Priorities with Brandon Lilly and Chad Wesley

Chad Wesley Smith and Brandon Lilly presenting on Raw Powerlifting Priorities at Sorinex Summer Strong 7 in Columbia, SC. Check out the full version at... ht...

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Get Crushed: Lift, Press, Pull & Puke

Then there are some days you just walk into the gym feeling extra pumped and super focused. Sure you could bang out your regularly scheduled training program. Hell, the way you’re feeling you could probably hit a couple of PR’s. But, today, you’re same-old training program just won’t do. You want to tackle something tough. You want a challenge. You want to train so hard that you crawl out of the gym. You want to GET CRUSHED.

5 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Diet for Sharper Abs

Getting the abs you've always wanted doesn't have to be a goal that you spend your entire life chasing. Most people can have that sleek, shredded abdomen if they just train hard and eat right. It is always the latter of these two components that keeps people from getting there. Sometimes, it's for a pure lack of discipline. But for some people, it's a matter of information - too much or too little of it can send your six-pack spiraling into Kegville. These five tips are the only things you should focus on with regards to what goes into your ab-focused nutrition. Pair these principles with some of the abs training programs in M&F and your chase for the midsection you've always wanted might start nearing its finish line.

Best Moves for a Bigger Back

Sumo deadlifts, conventional deadlifts , beyond the range (from a deficit), rack pulls - it doesn’t matter, just do them. The back not only works antagonistically to stabilize the torso (and spine) it works to lock out the weight to finish the movement. Deadlifts, by definition, are an exercise where you can move big weight .

FDX2 Build Muscle Burn Fat (Athlete)

Hey Pauline Nordin & Fighter Diet, i've attached some pictures for you...I have, gosh, many of your ebooks...the Fighter Diet cardio, pyramid, butt bible 2, badass vol.2, and Fighter Diet fdx2 build muscle burn fat book..  I have put on few pounds of muscle in such short time with that plan...and of course I freaking lift heavy as hell... i recently entered a powerlifting competition..and got first in my weight class... ohhhh the power of veggies, what can I I get sooo many compliments from all walks of life and the only thing I can thing of is how awesome that makes me feel, how awesome you are for sharing all this with us... ur the best, ur the shit and I'd like to call myself P Jr. If that's ok with Anyways, i cannot stress how great all your stuff are! I

Double-Duty Arm Workout

Can't gain size on your guns? The training team at  HUMANFITPROJECT  designed this high-volume arms workout to pump up biceps and triceps super fast. Since you're working the biceps followed by the triceps, the triceps will have full capability to be pushed to the limit. Watch your arms grow with these eight effective arm exercises.

10 Essentials for Every Great Workout Routine

Is your training program missing one of these important elements? Make sure you're getting a well-rounded routine.

Muscle in Minutes: Legs

When I think of athletes with huge quads, I think immediately of Olympic lifters. The key to their quad-bloated success? They perform a ton of fronts, heavy. So we start the week off with heavy front squats to get the quads growing and move right on to hamstrings. The hamstrings are made of primarily fast-twitch muscle fibers, so a hearty diet of high-rep sets on leg curls isn’t really doing them any favors. It’s important to with stick with heavy weight, in this case via the Romanian deadlift, which targets the muscle across two joints (the knee and the hip). By the time you get to the lunges, you are pretty spent but it’s crucial to hit the glutes, hams and quads just a little more in this short of a workout.

The Hardcore Smolov Squat Workout

Perform the 13 weeks of our modified Smolov squat program without taking time off between phases. The weight you squat is always a percentage of your one-rep max, or 1rm (see our calculator on page 78 if you don’t know it); Weeks 4 and 5 add specific poundages to that percentage. Do not go heavier than prescribed—don’t add extra exercises, sets, or reps. heavy squatting is demanding work, so you could easily experience central nervous system burnout if you push it too far. Finally, the stretch/foam roll days are not off days: foam rolling and dynamic stretches like spidermans are hugely important, as your hips, hamstrings, quads, and glutes will all need TLC to overcome chronic soreness.

Summer Full-Body Workout Routine

You will keep the weight on the lighter side, and execute more reps so that you do not over-train or fatigue your body to where you can't finish each set. You should incorporate a variety of techniques into your workout routine and superset smaller exercises that can be done with the H.I.T. principles but you don't train the WHOLE body in one workout setting for this routine. You will stick to 1 or 2 muscle groups and train them in accordance with a planned resistance training schedule as follows.

The Cardio Fat Loss Plan - Born Fitness

Even worse? Oftentimes those people doing cardio to lose fat are also on a low-calorie, low-carb diet. When this happens, you’re body doesn’t have much stored glycogen (the carbs you store in your muscles) so your body goes searching for other sources of energy. One of those energizers? Protein. And when that happens, you might start tapping into your muscle stores, which isn’t exactly what you want to do on a fat loss plan.  Just to prove the point, in the same study by Wilson et al, people who did slow steady state cardio lost more muscle than those who performed the high intensity intervals.

JISSN | Full text | Creatine monohydrate supplementation on lower-limb muscle power in Brazilian elite soccer players

This was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel-group study. Brazilian professional elite soccer players participated in this study. During the pre-season (7 weeks), all the subjects underwent a standardized physical and specific soccer training. Prior to and after either creatine monohydrate or placebo supplementation, the lower-limb muscle power was measured by countermovement jump performance. The Jumping performance was compared between groups at baseline (p = 0.99). After the intervention, jumping performance was lower in the placebo group (percent change = - 0.7%; ES = - 0.3) than in the creatine group (percent change = + 2.4%; ES = + 0.1), but it did not reach statistical significance (p = 0.23 for time x group interaction). Fisher’s exact test revealed that the proportion of subjects that experienced a reduction in jumping performance was significantly greater in the placebo group than in the creatine group (5 and 1, respectively; p = 0.05) after the training.

#CaughtBeingHealthy: Show Us Your Fit-Inspired Instagram Photos

Whipped up a #nofilterneeded nutritious dinner? Share your next healthy moment on Instagram with the hashtag #CaughtBeingHealthy and you could win a bike and hike trip to Yosemite National Park!

So Now Kale is Bad For You? - Born Fitness

I often feel exactly how you felt when writing this article. Fats are bad now theyre good for you.. carbs are good now carbs are bad.. no food before bed it hinders GH vs eat before bed so you can repair.. kale is superfood vs kale is bad due to oxylates so avoid.. butter is bad vs shovel it in to your coffee.. 8 meals a day vs 1 meal per day.. lift heavy.. no you need volume… arrrgh…i could go on forever. Full range of motion is key…no you need partial reps for that extra burn and growth! Yup, now I just do my own thing and take a pragmatic approach to nutrition and training. Science changes. There was ripped guys in the 60s just like their are now with all our science.

4 Secrets to Real Core Strength

Sporting six-pack abs doesn't necessarily mean your core is super strong. Follow these steps to build strength from the inside out.


ELIGIBILITY: The Twitter contest (the "Contest") is open to Twitter members who are 18 years of age and older at the time of entry ("Contestant"). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant's participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

6 Delicious Protein Shake Recipes!

It doesn't take too many protein shakes before you realize that a mixture of powder and water isn't going to top any chef de cuisine's "Best Beverages" list. But that doesn't mean all protein shakes have to taste bad. Kick up the plain-Jane whey-and-water combo with these recipes that will please your taste buds and help you pack on lean muscle!

Stuck in the Middle

Bodybuilding isn’t just about building muscle. A good physique is balanced—every body part is developed proportionately, and nothing important is missing. Yet many advanced competitors (even some in the pro ranks) display huge backs and wide lats but have very little middle-back definition. Because the back consists of several muscles, different areas of the back need to be trained using a variety of exercises and techniques. Virtually all back exercises involve some kind of rowing or pulldown movement (pullups fall into the latter category), but various muscles in the back respond differently to changes in grip width, range of motion, and weight. GRIP WIDTH AND RANGE OF MOTION Grip width is closely related to range of motion. When you use a narrow grip for rows and pulldowns, your potential range of motion increases. To focus on the muscles of the middle back (namely, the rhomboids and the middle traps), use a grip that allows for the widest range of motion possible, especially when doing rows. Bodybuilders often perform heavy rowing exercises to develop their lats. While this practice is effective at building wide, thick lats, going too heavy limits your ability to train the middle-back muscles.

Could A $17,695 Grill Change Your Life?

When Kalamazoo came to pick up the grill they had loaned me, I thought of those steaks. I wondered: "If I had to put a price on that steak-eating experience, how much is it worth?" I crunched the numbers. I factored in futures. But whatever computations I tried to rationalize, I couldn't bring myself to a price tag that was close to $17,695. Was the grill the best I had ever used? Yes. Would I be sad that it was gone? Of course. But did I feel like the price point was part of the marketing? Like a Maserati, an Audemars Piguet, or some Agent Provocateur garb, you pay, in part, for the fantasy of luxury. (For most guys, the Kalmazoo K750HB is simply out of reach. Consider these key features as you scout for the Grill of Your Dreams .)

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

5 Hydration Myths—Busted

Hydration plays a major role in performance, yet there’s plenty of confusion around what to drink, when to drink, and how much to drink.

Steve's Strength Tips: Fix Your Kicks

About the Author Steve Pulcinella has been passionately strength training since he was 13 years old and competing in strength athletics since the age of 14. Fueled by his early influences of Strength and Health Magazine and the Wide World of Sports airing the World's Strongest Man, he strived to build the biggest and strongest body that he possibly could. He started out as a powerlifter and progressed into doing Strongman. His biggest pro Strongman title was the 1993 North American Champion, and he was selected as a competitor in the 1994 Worlds Strongest Man Contest. He has also been a Highland Games professional since 1994 and still competes as a top ranked master competitor. In 1995, Steve started Iron Sport Gym, a commercial gym in Philadelphia specializing in strength training, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and Strongman. For more information, visit .

Protein Power: 6 Easy Ways to Eat Yogurt

Now, if your mind draws a blank when faced with the supermarket's endless wall of yogurt, simply stick with the high-protein Greek variety for post-workout snacks, says Langford. Then choose either low-fat or fat-free to limit the extra saturated fat in your diet, and if added sugar’s a concern, buy it plain—and add your own fruit.

Look At Me - Born Fitness

Beautiful. Truly a very accurate portrayal of a behavior we are all guilty of at one time or another. It’s so easy to judge and throw stones, I’ve done. I do it. It’s wrong. Who am I to judge? My failings are many. Thanks Adam, for continuing to hold our us all accountable for our actions and to ensure that we are each looking closer to home when it comes to exercising our critical judgements.

H.U.G.E. Gym Class: Cardio

We have to talk about it. As much as you’d rather discuss bench pressing, biceps or just about anything else, most bodybuilders spend more time on a treadmill or StepMill than a leg press or preacher bench. And when dieting down, most iron men and women invest more hours burning calories than pumping muscles. Still, the majority of trainers haven’t learned how to maximize their stationary strides. This month, we shed the fat and explain how to get your cardio back on track. Class is in session.

Shredding Strategies

Are there really any secrets left in the world? With the advent of the Internet and the explosion of information across the globe, "secrets" are now few and far between. That's especially true when it comes to dieting tips. That's not to say all the tricks for getting lean are widely known. In a few cases, far from it - there are a handful of techniques bodybuilding pros regularly employ that don't get much play elsewhere. But they work, and here, I'm going to share six of them with you.

Time Crunch Training: 15-Minutes to Wider Shoulders

The workout is another 4-exercise giant set , combing different loading patterns and movement speeds. If you’re unfamiliar with the clean high pull, you can replace it with a Barbell Upright Row to the chest. As you fatigue in the later rounds, during the overhead press, avoid leaning backward and over arching your back. Try placing one foot in front of the other, to help you stay upright.

What's the Best Home Gym Equipment? - Born Fitness

Editor’s note: Every month I write a column for  Muscle & Fitness  magazine called “Born Fit.” In it, I answer real questions asked by real people on Twitter. This post focuses on home gyms. Because magazines have limited space (and I like to write too much), sometimes my responses need to be condensed. These are my unedited answers to those questions. If you want to potentially be featured in the magazine tweet at me and ask a question using the hashtag #BornFit . -AB

The 21 Day Shred Ab Workout

Late last month we launched our newest transformation program, the 21 Day Shred . It's a full training routine with full body circuits, traditional bodybuilding splits, intervals, and cardio challenges. Here is one of the staple ab routines from the program. So whether you're taking on THE SHRED, or working on your own routine, here's something to add to your arsenal.

Size Secret #9: Giant Sets for Giant Guns

DEXTER JACKSON: “I found that training arms [bi’s and tri’s] on their own, in one workout, worked best for me and allowed for maximum growth. Training arms on their own — not with a larger bodypart like chest, back or shoulders — allows you to focus all your attention on them and lift the heaviest weights possible. br>The specific technique I used that brought on the most growth in my arms was giant sets. I would do one giant set for biceps and one for triceps, and do that four times through. Giant sets give you a great pump and are effective at shocking a stubborn muscle group into growing.”

Ask Men's Fitness: Will Running on Pavement Every Day Kill My Knees?

Science would tell you to run on, brother. “There is a lot of research that shows your body and muscles can ‘tune’ themselves to whatever surface you run on,” says Reed Ferber, Ph.D., an athletic therapist and director at the Running Injury Clinic in Canada. “In other words, your muscles will adapt and minimize impact forces and joint loading regardless of whether you run on a hard or a soft surface.”

Jalapeno and Goat Cheese Omelet - Born Fitness

If you search “Adam Bornstein” in Google, one of the top suggested searches is “eggs.” For most humans that might seem odd. But considering that I’m known for my love of all things scrambles, omelets, and benedict, it should really come as no surprise. After all, I’m the same guy who once ate 3 eggs every day for 3 months all in the name of science. (The aptly titled, “ Eggsperiment. “) Truth be told, I have my own egg recipe book, which includes everything from the simple Born Scramble, to complex dishes. This meal is a favorite because it’s simple but also has a unique taste. Combining delicious eggs with cheese and a little spice delivers a recipe that will certainly satisfy. (Note: The smoked salmon is an optional addition, but is pretty awesome as it adds a little bit of saltiness.)

4 Ways to Use Alternating Overhead Presses

Adding weight to your presses isn’t the only way to dial up the intensity. Here’s how alternating presses can trigger new growth while increasing safety.

The Art of the Deload - Born Fitness

If you’re a beginner guess what? Time to act like you pay rent in the gym and stop worrying about overtraining. Because the total weight you use is less, the likelihood of needing an entire week for a deload is reduced. (Instead, just train 3 to 4 day per week.) The higher your training age (more advanced lifters) the more frequent you need to deload. New lifters can sometimes go 12 weeks (or more) without needing a deload. But if you’ve been lifting for more than 5 years, it’s wise to schedule a deload every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how you feel.

Break the Box: How to Hack "Fight Gone Bad"

THE LOWDOWN  Named after  MMA  legend B.J. Penn, who tried the workout and compared it with a “fight gone bad,” this WOD tests mental toughness as much as power endurance. Perform each of the following exercises for one minute at a time—don’t rest between them. Give yourself one point for every rep you complete, except for the row, where you should count each calorie you burn as a point. Rest one minute between rounds and perform three total rounds; count up all your points and note the score.

Greene Screen

So what then can we make of one of bodybuilding’s most eccentric characters? Because Kai Greene—he himself a star of the screen, one of seven IFBB pros featured in Vlad Yudin’s 2013 documentary Generation Iron— has a training approach that defies plausibility.

5 HIIT Kettlebell Workouts for Fat Loss

DIRECTIONS Partner 1 holds a  plank  while partner 2 performs 10 reps of the kettlebell clean and press, with one kettlebell in each hand. Without rest, partner 1 then performs 10 reps of the clean and press while partner 2 holds a plank. Repeat this for nine reps and continue counting down to 1 rep. Rest for 5 minutes and repeat the workout, but this time, start at 1 rep and count up to 10 reps. THE WORKOUT Set 1 Partner 1: Plank Partner 2: 10 KB Clean and Press Partner 1: 10 KB Clean and Press Partner 2: Plank

WATCH: SS Yoke Bar Throwdown

In an attempt to make sure we never miss another Dave Moment in the gym, we’re keeping cameras on him twenty four hours a day. Last week, we sent intern Derek Dolgner out to the gym to squat with Dave (or to at least make sure Dave was still alive). Here’s what happened:

The Problem of Oversimplification

Let me explain. I’m a short-armed bench presser with a very high arch whether benching in a shirt or raw. In fact, many people who have watched me bench have jokingly said that I’m pretty much doing a two- or three-board press range of motion when I bench to my chest. If we examine joint angles, I’m calling on my triceps to do a large portion of the work even when I bench to the chest. There really isn’t a whole lot of movement at the shoulder joint due to the range of motion and the angle, which is why my triceps training didn’t work. I trained with limited range of motion exercises (board presses, rack lockouts) and then did accessory movements that didn’t have a similar structure to the competition bench press. I became weak in the range of motion. I really should have trained with more movements to the chest that had a similar structure to bench pressing (benching with various grips) or that emphasized the weak range of motion (paused benches, isometrics, benching with limited range of motion from the chest to halfway up).

6 Summer Post-Workout Smoothies and Juices

It's time to make your blender work overtime. Build more muscle and lean out your physique with these cleansing, protein-packed recipes from chef Candice Kumai.

Life Happens - Born Fitness

One of the bigger problems in this industry is that we have too many details to worry about that we lose sight of what really matters. We stress over all the small things and in doing so living a “healthy life” feels like a burden that we either reject the healthy behaviors or become obsessed to the point that it cannibalizes other areas of our lives.

How Cardio Helps Your Brain Work Better

The study found that not only did older adults have slower times on the Stroop test compared to younger people, but also within the older group, those who had faster times had less stiff arteries and better cardiovascular fitness (VO2max). Overall, the older group had lower VO2max compared to the younger group. A decline in vascular health as we age ultimately leads to cognitive decline and cardiovascular exercise is a way to mediate these vascular changes and improve cognitive health , the researchers concluded.

PharmaFreak RIPPED FREAK at

Directions For RIPPED FREAK: Read the entire label and understand all warnings before us and follow the directions. As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule of RIPPED FREAK with an 8-ounce glass of water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning before breakfast. OPTIONAL SECOND SERVING: Take your second serving (1 capsule) early afternoon, on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before you eat a meal. On workout days, take 1 capsule 30-60 minutes before your workout. Never take more than 2 capsules daily. Drink at least ten 8-ounce glasses of water daily. For maximum results, combine RIPPED FREAK with a healthy diet and a hardcore training program. CAUTION: RIPPED FREAK is so powerful that 1 capsule is all you need! For maximum absorption and effects take RIPPED FREAK on an empty stomach with at least 8 ounces of water.

Jay Ferruggia's 40th Birthday

So I am asking you, my friends, to help me celebrate my 40th birthday by making a contribution to this cause and helping to ease the suffering of those in need.

20 Hip-Hop Workout Songs

From Eminem to DMX to Missy Elliot, we think these 20 hip-hop songs will deliver the perfect amount of fun, intensity, and energy, along with a delicate a hint of nostalgia. There's no way you'll get through all of these songs without cracking a smile, nodding your head, or remembering "that one time." We only have one request: Don't let the awesomeness of this playlist distract you from killing your workout.

Grooming How-To Guide: Summer Skin Survival

From sunburn to pore-clogging sweat, summer doesn’t exactly play nice with skin. Use these tips and picks to get through the season unscathed.

Federer serves up Jordan III-inspired sneakers at the US Open

One of the greatest tennis players of all time took the court at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in New York City rocking the Jordan III-inspired Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour AJ3. The shoe, which has Federer’s initials embedded on the forefoot, is an ode to the classic Jordan IIIs that debuted in 1988, a sneaker bound to land on any sneakerhead’s top 10 list.

Eight Alternatives to Tap Water

The benefits of staying hydrated range from aiding fat loss and fueling  muscle growth  to promoting digestion and clearing up skin. And while there's nothing wrong with getting the job done with tap water (except maybe its taste, depending on where you live), the stuff that comes out of the faucet doesn't contain the potentially workout-enhancing ingredients that today's trendiest tap alternatives do. Not sure if your H2O needs an upgrade? Read up on the eight most popular bottled waters.  5 Hydration Myths-Busted >>>


FLEX Spotlight On: India Paulino

India Paulino is a chameleon alright. From her soft and sassy sex appeal, to her fast and furious attitude, she loves feeling free and living on the edge. As the 2013 Bikini International Champion she is ready to put the world on notice, that she is hungry for the 2014 Bikini Olympia title.

8 Ways To Make Your Rear Delts Roar

Here's a rear-delt finisher that's super-intense: Grab a pair of dumbbells and sit at the end of a flat bench. Bend over and complete a set of seated bent-over lateral raises to failure (adjust the weight so that you reach failure at about 10 reps). But instead of ending your set here, you're going to now introduce a bit of body English to enable you to continue the set. Immediately get off the bench and do the same exercise from the standing, bent-over position. Because you're able to generate a bit of momentum through your knees and hips, you can keep the set going, intensifying the burn. Do as many as you can. If you still want to up the ante, by all means add a dropset to the end of that.

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