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Who Do You Want to Be In Life?

Inspirational words from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Matt Puglia Leg Workout 20 Days Out | IFBB North Americans 2015

NPC super-heavyweight Matt Puglia is turning his once weak bodypart into a formidable one. In this video, we find him training that bodypart (legs) at Bayshore Athletic Club, 20 days out from the 2015 IFBB North Americans. Matt has taken different tips & training techniques from various coaches & pros & incorporated them into his own leg-building regimen.

Dexter Jackson Hamstring Workout 8 Weeks Out | Mr. Olympia 2015

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Dexter Jackson trains hamstrings at the MECCA, Gold's Gym Venice, 8 weeks out from the 2015 Mr. Olympia contest. In this video Dexter explains how he's been working around a leg tweak & tells what he is weighing at this point.

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Crowdfire - Grow, publish and analyze on Instagram and Twitter

Build a powerful, relevant network on Twitter and Instagram

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015 - You often gravitate toward the most outrageous projects, since you enjoy living life on the edge. But the problem is you may not always attend to all the details and sometimes they can come back to haunt you. You don't have a strong inclination to return from your current dreams yet if you're wandering through the outer limits of the universe. However, you might not have a choice if unexpected changes at work require you to be on your toes. Everyone will be extremely relieved if you take your cues from reality now; save your explorations for another day and choose the responsible path.

Build Boulder Shoulders with the Ahrens Press

Ahrens had no choice but to press the dumbbells in this style because he used special loadable dumbbells that were very long; in other words, it was impossible to press them straight because they would hit each other with the massive poundages he routinely threw overhead. Because of the lateral pressing motion, this exercise forces the medial delts or “caps” to work harder.

4 Arnold Schwarzenegger - "Who do YOU want to be in life?"

INSTAGRAM: steventoozer Whenever you feel like you have lost your way or you are in need of that extra bit of confidence to move forward, play this film. Believe in yourself and never ever listen to the naysayers! Kind thoughts Steven Music by Alex Khaskin My other two Arnold videos

The Complete Calves Workout

You don’t need to spend forever training your calves—15 minutes or so three to five days a week should suffice, provided you’re lifting with focus and a purpose during that time. The one thing that should always be on your mind is range of motion. Half reps of calves are a waste of time, so go light at first if you need to. Just make sure you feel a stretch at the bottom of each rep; and at the top, get those heels up high so that you’re up on your tippy-toes. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that he tried to reach the en pointe position of a ballerina on each and every rep of calf raises. It’s a painful position, being up that high on your toes, but that’s what you should be trying to achieve.

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Making Volcano Traps Erupt

Here’s the bad news: You can’t have great traps without them. Now for the good news: They’ll give you the thickest and highest traps possible. “Deads” are the perfect trapezius exercise, because they combine all total-mass principles for this fractious bodypart: maximum poundage, full range of motion, and intense stress on the traps through all dimensions and from top to bottom. As you start the lift, you’re bent over, which pulls your traps forward and stresses them over their entire area of mass, from bottom to top and side to side. As you raise your body, the stress moves progressively downward, from the top of your traps, across your rhomboids, pulling hard at the lateral extremities. At the top, you “lock out” the lift, shrugging your shoulders up and back, which serves as a peak contraction, especially for your upper traps. As you lower the weight, the entire process is reversed, but with the same beneficial effects. You can’t ask for more. Always do deads.

9 Tricks to Look Bigger Instantly

But there are also times when you want to look bigger right now. The reason and the occasion may be different for every guy—maybe you’re meeting up with an old flame and want to show her what she’s been missing, or maybe you’re taking photos at the beach to post on Facebook. Whatever the reason, the following nine tricks can help you look 5–10 pounds bigger... instantly.

How to Be Hardcore

“Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no HEAVY ASS WEIGHT!” One of Ronnie’s famous quotes that will live on forever and probably one of the realest things anyone has ever said about training.  Everyone talks about wanting to get bigger, get ripped, or get in shape etc. but when it comes time to put the work in, I mean REAL work, they usually fold.  You also have those individuals who THINK they train hard until they go in for a training session with Ronnie.  Even at 50 years old with two replaced hips Ronnie has made bodybuilders half his age puke in the first 20 minutes of a workout.  In his prime Ronnie retired other pros from workouts who thought they could come hang with him at Metroflex in Texas.  (We won’t mention any names but they ended up covered in bags of ice!)  There’s a reason that he trained alone most of the time… no one else could KEEP UP!

Shawn Rhoden's Back Attack

Typically, Rhoden starts his workout with barbell or T-bar rows—the sort of free-weight basics that helped his mentor (and supplement company employer) Ronnie Coleman construct arguably the best back ever unfurled. Still, unlike eight-time Mr. Olympia Coleman in his prime, this year’s Arnold Classic contender doesn’t stuf all the iron he can on the collar of a T-bar. “I typically go up to six  plates,” he says of T-bar rows. “I want to get a good range of motion, a good stretch, and then a full contraction. I don’t want to have to use momentum to get the weight up. And I don’t want to go so heavy that I can’t concentrate on my back and start using my biceps.”

Chest Workout for Monster Pecs

The key to gaining size and strength for any muscle group (not just chest) is to lift heavier weights as you go. But there’s no need to increase poundage substantially overnight; a gradual progression is your best bet to avoid overtraining and plateaus. In this routine, start your first working set of bench and incline presses with five pounds more than you did the previous week. This will keep your strength levels and muscles growing steadily.

15 Minutes to Bigger Arms

It doesn’t take long to blast your arms and spark new gun growth. The below six exercises are to be performed as two separate giant sets (three exercises per giant set) repeated twice, which, according to my math (see below) will take you a mere 15 minutes. All the best mass-building moves for arms are included here—from chins to dips to close-grip bench. To maximize efficiency, set up all of the exercises/stations before you start the workout so you can transition quickly between them.

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15 Ways to Gain Lean Mass

There are tons of lean mass schemes out there for a reason, no one's body wants to stay lean . In fact, our bodies tend to like being heavier. It's much easier for our bodies to store fat than it is to build muscle. Being massive and lean is a tough task for your body to accomplish. It is going to take time and patience. These 15 tips will help keep the extra pounds off and help you add slabs of beef to your frame.

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Even if your diet is perfect, sometimes fat loss just comes to a halt. Here's why: …

25 Foods You Shouldn't Eat

These snacks, meals, and beverages aren't doing your health or physique any favors. Cut them from your diet—now and forever.

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Casein is a great protein, but it's not all the same. The 3 kinds and which is right for you: …

Get in Peak Condition WIth the 7-Day Shred

Designed by Brad Pilon, author of the intermittent fasting guide Eat Stop Eat, the purpose of the 7-Day Shred is purely improved aesthetics. It’s a weeklong diet that accompanies whatever weight training split you’re currently using. This is a safe and effective way to peak for a bodybuilding show, photo shoot, wedding, vacation, day at the beach, or even a roll in the hay. You’ve put in the work. Now it’s time show it off.

Top Ten Foods To Detox Estrogen

One of the best ways to reduce body fat levels is to improve estrogen metabolism. High estrogen levels and difficulties eliminating this hormone are a problem for both men and women that is associated with greater cancer risk, a higher body fat percentage, and low muscle mass. 

Let's Hug It Out Bitch

Let's Hug It Out Bitch

Faster Fat Loss: How to Add Workout Finishers - Born Fitness

While this concept is usually applied to traditional strength training, there’s no reason it can’t apply to your conditioning workouts, too. In fact, you should fully expect to go through periods of time every three to six weeks when your body needs a break. Don’t ignore that urge — use the opportunity for variety and recovery so you can come back stronger and faster in the next “up” cycle.

How to Get "Sex Lines"—in just 6 Moves

We asked Don Saladino, CPT and owner of Drive 495  in New York City, to share his favorite moves—and a workout routine—proven to define the area. Even better: These six exercises will hit your lower core without causing any harm to your back. Do the first three moves as one workout or at the end of your regular full-body routine . Do the last three moves on a separate day, again as one cohesive workout or as a finisher to your regular routine.

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Warnings: Not for use of by those with pre-existing medical conditions or taking any medications, those under the age of 18, those that are caffeine, niacin, or beta-alanine sensitive or women that are contemplating pregnancy, pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician prior to using this product if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication or supplements. Do not use this product if you are at risk or are being treated for any medical condition including, but not limited to: high or low blood pressure; cardiac arrhythmia; stroke; heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease; seizure disorder; psychiatric disease; diabetes; difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement or if you are taking a MAO inhibitor. Discontinue use and consult your healthcare professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Keep out of reach of all children. Do not exceed recommended serving size or suggested use for any reason. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.

5 Killer Moves for Shredded Obliques

Even if you are not at a body fat level where your obliques look good, you still need to train them. The oblique family plays a major role in many different movement patterns and is an essential part of the core. These muscles need to be trained both for function and for show.

58 Dude Bracelets for Instant Style

The days of your wrist reserving itself for your watch and watch alone are over. Men all across the globe, all walks of life, and all facets of the workforce are letting their personality show through their ability to curate a well respected “Arm Party.” It’s easier than it may look, and if it is something that has never crossed your mind, here are some great options to get you started. Guys, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a little fun. And as we all know, that tends to be reserved to dress socks and cufflinks. So, up the game a little bit and add a cuff here, a bracelet there and before you know it, you’ll have an arm party all your own. 

The 6 Worst Exercises for Heavy Lifting

At some point, if you want to build a no-nonsense physique you are going to have to lift some heavy pig iron .As discussed in a previous article , this can be done safely, but only with certain exercises. It all comes down to movement selection—performing the wrong moves can be unsafe and a good way to get acquainted with a local orthopedic surgeon.

From Russia With Glove: Putin Posts Terrible Workout Video

"His cable crossover form is crap," Tuthill says. "[That's] weird because it's such an easy exercise. His reps are fast and bouncy. That exercise is all about getting a good contraction, and it doesn't look like he's getting any. Meanwhile, the prime minister [Medvedev] is doing some legit pullups. It's telling that we only see Putin doing lat pulldowns. Whenever two guys are working back and it's time for pullups, the weaker guy always opts for pulldowns."

15 Non-Powder Ways To Add Protein To Your Shake or Smoothie

Ever wonder what’s actually in your protein powder ? We did. And after we deciphered the near-unpronounceable ingredients, we started thinking some more. Say you wanted to nix powders altogether—forgo the tubs of whey and take a more natural route—by bulking up shakes and smoothies with protein-filled vegetables, seeds, dairy products, and more. What would you use? Which easy-to-mix-in foods have the highest protein profile?

Three 'Empty-Stomach' Workouts to Aggressively Start Your Morning

You already know the key to melting off fat is being active as much as possible, and these workouts (exclusively pulled from The Shred) produce short bursts of moderate to intense work that will help speed up the fat-burning process. It’s true, 21 days is not a lot of time, but it’s doable with some extra effort. The Morning Grinder sessions from the app and book are brief, effective ways to jumpstart your metabolism each day. Here are three sample workouts; switch and swap them, but do one every morning in a fasted state—i.e., before breakfast. Is it a pain to have

Talk to me Johnnie - "8 Mile"

You can read the blog post here: Outtakes and Behind the Scenes: John Welbourn, founder of Power Athlete HQ ( ) and the voice behind Talk to me Johnnie ( ). Whether you're a 10 year NFL veteran, collegiate athlete, desk jockey, or hard hat warrior, we are all faced with moments in our life that define not just who we are, but who we will become. John talks you through the inspiration behind his latest Talk To Me Johnnie blog post, "8 Mile", and shares his "8 Mile moment" that changed the course of his life.

How to Get Stronger, Bigger Calves

“The most common calf training mistake I see is mindlessly going through the motions of the exercises, using excessive momentum, and bouncing at the bottom of a move,” Seedman says. To counter this, he recommends two courses of action. First, squeeze your calves maximally at the top of any movement—say, calf raises—by holding the fully contracted position for two to three seconds. This creates tension and metabolic stress in the muscle, both of which are critical for maximizing growth. Second, control the eccentric movement (the two to three second lowering phase) and hold the fully stretched position for an additional three seconds. “Not only will this break down the surrounding fascia (connective tissue that covers your muscles and hinders growth) but this technique will also produce the greatest muscular damage, which is key for triggering muscle hypertrophy,” Seedman adds.  

The Food That's as Healthy as Exercise and Quitting Smoking

exercise is great for your heart  while  smoking  is... not so much. You also probably know that too much sodium is a no-go and though certain types of alcohol are good for your heart, it's only in small amounts (too much has the opposite effect.) But, the findings of this new study was news to us: Eating plenty of protein-rich foods (packed with amino acids) might be just as good as taking up running, and ditching salt, booze, and cigs.  25 Reasons Running is Better Than the Gym >>> Researchers from the University of East Anglia looked at data from TwinsUK (a database of UK adult twins), and compared the impact of seven different amino acids (found in plant and animal protein) on heart health. The people who ate the most amino acids had lower blood pressure and "arterial stiffness" (a measure of the elasticity of your arteries which, when less stiff, makes it easier for your heart to get blood pumped throughout your body.) However, more research is needed to understand exactly why amino acids have this beneficial effect.

10 Basic Fashion Rules Every Guy Should Know

Why?  A lot of guys don’t have to wear a tie every day, but it is a basic staple in the modern man's wardrobe arsenal. It’s like tying a shoe—once you know, you know. It just takes a little repetition and practice. But once you get it down, you're ready for that interview, wedding, funeral, or any other event that guys that refuse to wear suits end up wearing a suit to. 

The 10 Best Stretches For Men, According to 10 Trainers

How to do it: Lower yourself onto your knees, and use your hands to support your body weight. Lift your left knee and rest the sole of that foot on the floor, so it’s bent at a 90-degree angle and directly below your knee. Exhale, and lean forward until you feel the stretch in your upper thigh and hip flexors. Your right knee and toes should be in contact with the floor throughout the entire stretch. Use your abdominal muscles to keep your back straight and your spine supported. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Come back to the starting position, and complete the stretch on your right side.    What it does: “By engaging your glutes, you can stretch your psoas muscles (hip flexors), which is hugely important for people who sit most of the time or have frequent back pain,” says personal trainer, Nick Rodocoy .    When to do it: It's always best to do this stretch when your muscles are warm, like right after a workout, or when you get out of the shower.


Warnings: Do not use more than 4 total servings per day. BCAA ENERGY contains caffeine and beta alanine. Beta Alanine can create a temporary tingling feeling on your skin. This is normal and diminishes with continued use. This product is only intended for use by healthy adults over the age of 18. Do not exceed recommended serving amounts or daily intake. Do not use this product if you are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy or nursing, if you have any pre-existing medical condition, or if you are taking any prescription or OTC medications. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery. This product contains caffeine. Do not use if you are caffeine sensitive. Keep out of reach of children.

It's a HIT: The Unilateral Bodyweight Circuit

Training one leg (and one arm) at a time doesn’t just make you more stable. It also helps you incinerate fat.

Protein's Biggest Breakthrough--Micellar Whey

Pre-clinical in-vitro research was conducted to determine how rapidly Micellar Whey was digested, comparing it with whey protein and casein. Each protein was incubated to mimic protease activity at a pH of 2, the pH of your stomach. After the samples were analyzed for how much protein was broken down, it was determined that Micellar Whey showed similar protein digestion when compared to casein for over six hours.

5 Myths about Running You Can Stop Believing

Running is one of the first movements you learn as a kid (you know, once you nail down crawling, standing, and walking). You fall into the motion pretty naturally, and then learn the basics of stretching, form, workouts, and more from gym teachers and coaches as you grow up. And for the most part, nothing's really changed since you first ran. Or so you thought. Sure, most of the recommendations we've been told have remained steadfast over the years, but there are some old beliefs that can be put to rest.

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Bruno Mars won a Moonman but he's already the People's Champ! #VMAs

Twist Pushup To Strengthen Abs And Core

2. Perform a pushup, and on the way up, twist your torso to the left, raising the weight straight overhead so your body forms a T shape with your arms.

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This full-body workout only takes 5 minutes — and it's a challenge for even the fittest guys:

Have More Sex (Here's Why!)

That’s right: Men who ejaculate more than 21 times a month are one-third as likely to get prostate cancer as those who get off only four to seven times a month (and yes, doing it alone counts, too), according to prepublication reports of the 10-year follow-up of a Harvard study from 2004.

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How many grams of protein per serving are in @leanbody4her Jamie Eason 100% Whey Protein?

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Primary Leg Training

I began using these knee sleeves at this point: .  My chiro is trying to address my lower back issues and has been doing Graston as well.  My left knee tends to bother me on certain exercises which relates to the left side of my lower back.  I had extensive Graston work done on my vastus medialis two days prior and it was recommended I use knee sleeves by Dave Tate.  These sleeves were excellent!

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These protein-packed recipes feature the manliest of ingredients: wild game

Champion Workouts & Extra Credit Training - Zach Even-Esh

I usually throw something un unrelated to the workout I did for the day, for example: After I rock my upper body with heavy pressing/benching, I’ll end the day with deadlifts for time, I usually load up the bar to about 235-255 and then go for 30 reps, keeping good form but also my eye on the clock. My best so far was 245 in 2:30. I did 255 with the trap bar after an upper body workout friday for 30 reps in 2:40. I know it probably doesnt sound like much but it’s a gasser for sure. I always feel better after doing crazy stuff like that, same with 20 rep squats. Starting this week I am mixig some HFT in with my regular routine along with some of the pyramid sets from your BWBB course. I am looking forward to your new book.

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