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NJ Strength & Conditioning | Manasquan Strength & Conditioning | Scotch Plains Strength & Conditioning

Our track record of transforming and helping hundreds of athletes that have walked through these doors does not fit us into the Wal Mart of Athlete Strength & Conditioning.

171 | STRONG Life Podcast QnA: Gym / Strength Coach Business, Life Lessons & Abundance Mindset • Zach Even-Esh

STRONG Life Ep. 171: STRONG Life Podcast QnA: Gym / Strength Coach Business, Life Lessons & Abundance Mindset. Actually, the title of this blog post is kinda lame compared to all the awesome questions (and of course my answers 🙂 that came through this QnA. It has also been a LONG time since I've held …

154 | Matt Wenning & Zach | Building An Iron Will In the Gym AND In Life • Zach Even-Esh

  STRONG Life Ep 154 with Matt Wenning direct from his gym, Ludus Magnus after we trained upper body together. In this episode we get into the following: - Why you must be hungry AND humble to keep learning - Taking pride in your work ethic to acquire knowledge - Matt's experiences learning from Professor …


Training a high school 3 sport athlete. And tons more.

Posedown & Awards | IFBB Tampa Pro 2018

Posedown & Awards | IFBB Tampa Pro 2018

Winner Interviews | IFBB Tampa Pro 2018

Winner Interviews | IFBB Tampa Pro 2018

Finals Wrap-Up Day 2 | IFBB Tampa Pro 2018

Muscular Development's Ron Harris, Mike Cox and Peter McGough wrap-up the final results from day 2 the 2018 IFBB Tampa Pro

Winner Interviews | IFBB Tampa Pro 2018

Winner Interviews | IFBB Tampa Pro 2018

Athlete Interviews | IFBB Tampa Pro 2018

Athlete Interviews | IFBB Tampa Pro 2018

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1 - Huge Online Supplement Store & Fitness Community!

If the word "dropset" doesn't strike fear in your heart, you've clearly never done one of this man's workouts. Plate after plate, set after set, Charles will take your hamstrings to some scary, but good, places.

Cellucor IsoPro at - Best Prices on IsoPro!

Excellent is all I can say about this protein! Cellucor IsoPro is a great new protein that I was lucky enough to try out. Its from Cellucor, one of the most reliable brands that I regularly use, so I had high exceptions, and they were definitely met! First off, the ingredients. This protein is 100% Pronativ Whey Isolate Protein Powder, it is a grass-fed native whey. I like the act that it is grass fed, as I try to use and eat grass fed product whenever I can. It has 25g of protein per scoop which is great, along with being low in calories, almost no fat, and not cholesterol. That is excellent for a protein product. No sugar as well! Next, to the flavor. I was lucky enough to try the Strawberry Splash, and it is great! People do not usually think of strawberry as a protein shake flavor, but it truly is enjoyable and really works. After a long work, it is definitely refreshing. The texture is great, nice and smooth. As to mixing, I mixed one scoop with about 16oz of water and it was perfect! No clumps or grit either. I really do not have a bad word to say about this protein! I thoroug

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

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5 Kai Greene Academy - Membership

You'll have access to a new and unique workout every single day. In fact, Kai’s Exact Daily Workout Routines and Training Splits. Every day we bring you full workouts with exact reps, and sets used from Kai. No matter what your fitness goals are, these workouts will push you to the extreme forcing new changes to appear.

Tip: Use This for Perfect Squat Depth | T Nation

ATG squatters, of course, are the exception; the backs of their calves tell them they've done an honest rep. The rest of us, though, should use the damn safety pins or bars to give us something to "aim" for. While most people use the pins, if they use them at all, it's to prevent a really heavy weight from folding them in half and making them look like an open-faced tuna melt sandwich.

Prejudging Wrap-up from Day 1 | 2018 IFBB Tampa Pro

Prejudging Wrap-up from Day 1 | 2018 IFBB Tampa Pro

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Tip: This Type of Exerciser Earns More Money | T Nation

But it could also be a chicken-and-egg issue. And correlation doesn't imply causation. Maybe goal-oriented, responsible, harder-working people are more drawn to the gym to begin with. Exercise didn't cause them to earn more money, but those who are driven to earn more just happen to also want to take care of themselves more and push themselves harder.

4 Exercises for Real Posture Improvement | T Nation

Using your body plus gravity and a foam roller is a great way to make the spine feel extension without a real muscular force-feed. Being able to have the back and shoulders fold around the roller can help the body and spine connect the brain to the feeling of extension without too much muscular "fighting for position." It's actually more of a relaxing stretch. Using different arm positions can be a game changer to help understand how this translates to overhead exercises.

Tip: The Food Pyramid Was Wrong About Fat - Biotest

Monounsaturated fats should be your focus. Think olives, avocados, almonds, organic butter, etc. Whenever possible, eat your fat via the food source from which it's derived. I recommend it over consuming just the oil, which I liken to porn. You know, sex without the physical intimacy of another person. Indulging in Castelvetrano green olives is far better than swallowing a tablespoon of just olive oil.

Animal Pak | Universal Nutrition

Warnings: This product is not for use by anyone under the age of 18. This is a potent bodybuilding supplement. Do not take this if you have or are at risk for any medical condition or disease. Please consult with a physician before using this product, especially if you are using any prescription drug, over-the-counter medication, or supplements. Immediately discontinue use if any side effects occur. Keep out of reach of children. Athletes should consult with their sanctioning authority before use. Do not exceed recommended dose. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Long term intake of this amount of vitamin B6 may lead to mild tingling and numbness. This amount of calcium and phosphorous may cause mild upset stomach in sensitive individuals. Long term intake of this amount of zinc may lead to anemia. Don’t exceed two packs daily. This product not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.

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10 Amazing Facts About Testosterone | T Nation

A student at Georgia State University named Jonathan Bassett had read implications in the scientific literature that females with higher testosterone levels gave birth to more boys than girls. While this doesn't make much sense off-hand, high levels of testosterone in fertile females might affect the viability of male and female zygotes after conception.

Tip: Spot Reduction That Works | T Nation

Yes, it can work with the right type of training. The effect is small, but if you're fine-tuning your physique it'll make a noticeable visual difference.


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Hot Debate: Which Squat is Best? | T Nation

The powerlifting squat (hip squat/bent over squat/low bar squat) is a more hip dominant squat that reduces quadriceps stimulation. Why? As mentioned, the muscle being stretched the most will be the muscle being recruited the most. In a powerlifting squat the hips move a lot further back, the knees don't travel far forward (the tibias stay almost perpendicular to the floor) and there's less flexion at the knees.

126-Metabolic Flexibility, Training Nutrition with Dr. Mike Nelson

Dr. Mike Nelson is one of the world’s leading experts on metabolic flexibility and creator of the Flex Diet program.  Ben and Dr. Mike dive deep on what influences metabolic flexibility, the benefits of fat and carb adaptation and how to more quickly adapt to each.  Highlights include how macros can effect your heart rate variability, what you can deduce from your blood glucose levels, and Dr. Mike’s recommended diet for longevity.   Time Stamps   5:45 - What causes your body to be less efficient at using fat for fuel?   11:20 - What causes the keto flu and how can you mitigate it.   14:30 - What scenarios would make it better to be fat vs carb adapted.   17:45 - Will you still see a performance increase from carbs even if you aren’t training hard enough to enter your glycogen stores?   20:45 - Is it possible to adapt to high training volume when you are in ketosis?   24:30 - Intraset recovery when in ketosis.  Is it possible to go to failure multiple times per training session if you are fat fueled.

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2018 NPC Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic-Breon Ansley

2018 NPC Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic-Breon Ansley

Why 13 Year Old Titan Mike O'Hearn Started Competing | part 3/4✅

This is part 3 of the seminar and let me tell you its a great part. I talk about life lessons and also why I started competing and also what motivated me then and what motivates me now. If you want more great Mike O'Hearn videos you need to subscribe so you don't miss any of my videos. Be on the lookout for part 1,2,4 that will drop in the coming weeks. To be sure you don't miss them subscribe and checkout the playlist below. Like the bodybuilding greats before him, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, Mike holds 4 Mr. Universe titles and was voted one of the 12 greatest physiques of all time by the fitness industry. Mike has been Team Captain for, and has just been signed to be the Team Captain of MAGNUM Nutraceuticals. Background in natural bodybuilding, strongman, power lifting, and mixed martial arts. 4 Mr. (Natural) Universe, Mr. California, Mr. USA, Mr. American and Mr. International. He is also a 4-time Power Lifting Champion, and 2-time Iron Warrior: Decathlon of Strength Strongman Champion, 2 Time California Judo Champion.

Tip: Lifters Need More of This Drug | T Nation

But some new research just published in The Lancet has caused me, and possibly all aspirin advocates, to adjust our recommendations. It seems, quite logically, that it all comes down to dosage. Bodybuilders and lifters, in general, are big SOBs so they probably need bigger doses. Conversely, wee little people need less of the drug to fully and safely enjoy its benefits.

Tip: The SEAL Push-Up Challenge | T Nation

Any challenge that encourages you to do as many reps as possible of a certain exercise is obviously going to be difficult. The kicker with this exercise, however, is you get a short break between the push-ups and the arm raises which allows you to recover just enough to perform your next round.

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Tip: A New Way to Use Testosterone | T Nation

One out of every three people in America will get some type of cancer. Here's how testosterone injections can help them fight it.

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Tip: Fat Facts For Lifters | T Nation

It's hard to give a recommended amount because everyone has individual needs, but as a baseline, start with about 40 grams of fat per day from various sources. Of course, if you're doing a keto diet (no carbs) then that number would have to be higher, and if your diet is very high in carbs, consider lowering it.


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Leg Day in the Smith Machine | T Nation

Do 2 sets of 10 reps, and use 5 second eccentrics (lower slowly). For this exercise the Smith machine is actually superior to the barbell because you can sit back further since the machine holds you in place. This allows you to get a much deeper stretch in the hamstrings, and a more lengthened muscle is going to receive more of that delicious time under tension.

the startup co.

the startup co.

The Aggressive Diet for Natural Guys | T Nation

This diet plan allows for a reduction in your carb intake without the negative affect of a hormonal imbalance. Carbohydrates and dietary fats are the two key macros for healthy testosterone levels, which are necessary for optimal fat burning and muscle building processes.



Coaching: Teaching a team to lead itself

In the weight room, I definitely lead from the front for the first week - kind of.  I lay everything out very clearly.  Explain exactly how things will go and make sure they completly understand expectations etc..  Very quickly this changes to leading from the middle.  At this point I'm just making sure they're staying on task and on pace.  Very quickly, again, this turns into me staying the hell out their way and letting them train.  If I do a great job of setting the tone and expectations in week 1 I'm out of their way by the end of week 3 at the latest.

Tip: Avoid These Waist-Widening Exercises | T Nation

Several studies show that squats and deadlifts don't activate the rectus abdominis, internal obliques, and external obliques to high degrees, and those are the muscles that give you a thick waist. Most popular ab and core stability exercises far out-activate the abdominal wall muscles when compared to squats and deadlifts, which is perfectly logical from a biomechanical perspective.

Swede Burns Coaching The Squat at the LTTX [EXTENDED VERSION] |

Swede Burns Coaching The Squat at the LTTX [EXTENDED VERSION] |

41 Shawn Ray

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Tip: Why I Dropped The Low Carb Diet - Biotest

Seems like a lot of personal trainers are attracted to the low carb/moderate fat methodology because 90% of their clients are focused on losing fat. And while low-carb and medium fat dieting isn't necessarily more effective, it's extremely simple. So a personal trainer who doesn't want to spend a lot of time learning about nutrition can simply lower carbs and increase fat a bit and their clients will get some fat loss. However, it might not be best for everybody in every situation.

Tip: How to Customize Your Fat Intake | T Nation

When it comes to fat for health and weight loss it really comes down to understanding how it affects hunger, energy, and cravings or what I call HEC (pronounced "heck"). If including fat in a meal makes HEC stay in check for longer, then I want my patients to discover that. If eating fat results in HEC going out of check, that's also extremely useful to understand.

Flex Wheeler ® | Official 💍 on Instagram: “Happy Anniversary MSEW 🎂”

The 12 Worst People in the Gym | T Nation

And please, for the love of God, all you pasty old guys wearing your Class of '67 Fightin' Mustangs of Fillmore High tainted-yellow T-shirts and exercise shorts with stretched-out waistbands, don't tie your $4.99 K-Mart stretchy cord with a built-in handle to the power rack so you can "work" your rotator cuff.

Tip: Do This Exercise BEFORE Bench Pressing | T Nation

The cable face-pull trains both the static and dynamic stability of the shoulder blade, along with the gleno-humeral joint, which makes it more of a "catch all" movement. Also, it involves more moving parts, which makes it a higher-level skill acquisition movement, and that's exactly what we want when re-learning how to position and stabilize the shoulders.

Instagram post by MIKE O'HEARN The TITAN • Aug 6, 2018 at 7:17pm UTC

Intermittent Fasting Carb Cycling Diet for Fat Loss | Jim Stoppani, PhD

Jim Stoppani's Intermittent Fasting Carb Cycle diet allows him to live on the road and stay shredded to the bone without much effort and with very few dietary restrictions. ► Shop JYM Supplements: ► Shortcut to Shred: In case you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s a quick primer: Intermittent Fasting (IF) involves periods of fasting alternated with eating “windows.” One of the most popular and effective IF schemes (not to mention the method I prefer) is a 16/8 plan where you fast for 16 consecutive hours and then consume all of your calories for the day in the following 8 hours. When you fast is up to you – you can fast from 10pm to 2pm the next day, 8pm to noon, midnight to 4pm, whatever you want. This method allows for maximal fat loss while still giving you the ability to build muscle. A 16/8 IF plan is intended to be done every day, indefinitely. Another popular version of IF has you fasting a full 24 hours on any two days of the week. You’re allowed to eat at any time on the other five days, and fairly loosely, depending on your goals.

Tip: Bodyweight Curls | T Nation

If barbell curls aggravate your wrists or forearms, you'll find that these allow for a more natural range of motion and feel great. They're not only more joint-friendly, they cause a tremendous contraction of the biceps.

Tip: Why I Dropped The Low Carb Diet | T Nation

A few months back I did a keto diet experiment. At first I did what pretty much everybody else did: consume a high amount of saturated fats from bacon, cheese, full cream (in my shakes) and fatty meats. Within two days my blood pressure went from 117/80 to 155/100! I actually felt heart tightness. When I changed my fat intake to include more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats my blood pressure went back down and I felt better.

51 127- Overcoming Anxiety through Nutrition with Ali Miller
52 Tip: Specialized Supplements for Hard-to-Burn Fat | T Nation
53 Tip: Avoid This Major Training Mistake | T Nation
54 Tip: Test Your Grip Strength! | T Nation
55 The Oh Shit Toolbox
56 Phil Heath on Instagram: “🔥🔥🔥 #Repost @realwesleysnipes ・・・ ‪Comment with an accomplishment you've had this year: ‬”
57 Hardflow BOLO "Giga Drops" Feat. Caskey Official Video
58 [FULL] TJ Dillashaw, Cody Garbrandt staredown at UFC 227 weigh-ins | ESPN
60 Tip: This Type of Fructose Won't Make You Fat | T Nation
61 Wrestling with Identity
62 Tip: Fat Facts For Lifters - Biotest
63 Tip: Take the Two-Squat Challenge | T Nation
64 Tip: Do the Bridge Press For Pecs | T Nation
65 5 Things Big Strong Guys Do | T Nation
66 Tip: 3 Unexpected Ways to Get Lean | T Nation
67 Tip: Swear for More Strength and Power | T Nation
68 Never Skip Leg Day: Five Tips For Building Leaner, Stronger Legs
69 John Hansen
70 Tip: Train With Arnold's Golden Six | T Nation
71 An Open Letter to CrossFit HQ | T Nation
72 Tip: Master Dips for Chest & Triceps | T Nation
73 Tip: Stretch the Hip Flexors | T Nation
74 Tip: How to Fight Late-Night Cravings - Biotest
75 Tip: Do Landmine Lateral Raises | T Nation