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Super League

Anyone can compete in Super League by sending us an application via the contact form. There will be two ways to turn pro – neither of which involve local shows, pro qualifiers, or years of traveling to get your “pro card”. 

Prejudging Wrap-up Day 1 | IFBB North Americans 2017

Prejudging Wrap-up Day 1 | IFBB North Americans 2017

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Supplements for Serious Athletes - Biotest

Includes E-Book – The Velocity Diet is a science based, rapid body-transformation program that's so powerful and so effective that results border on being unbelievable. But this system is not for everyone.

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How to lose weight fast and completely wreck your body like a frickin' idiot: …

The 10 best workout challenges to put your body to the test

Let's put whatever workout routines you're following to the side right now—it's time for a challenge or break from the typical grind. These one-off workouts will test your muscular strength and endurance, and push you past pain thresholds. Sound a little too intense? That's OK. Take on each workout at your pace, focus on your form, and gradually make progress. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or workout-lunatic we're got a challenge to fit your abilities.

Boost the Testosterone Within

If you like the Godfather movies (well, at least the first two), that’s good news because one study actually showed elevated testosterone in men who had watched a particularly violent 30-minute segment. On the flip side, watching 30 minutes of The Bridges of Madison County caused testosterone levels to drop sharply, while progesterone increased. One website actually suggested that this reduction was a good thing because it could stimulate a man’s desire to cuddle. How did we get to the point where some think lower T is a positive effect? I can just hear the ladies now: “Sure he’s small, overweight and impotent, but my man is an excellent snuggler.” I don’t think so.

Today's Workout

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Tip: Improve Your Deadlift, Spare Your Low Back | T Nation

Whether your lower back is chronically cranky or you're just coming off of a heavy block of deadlift training, using strategic schemes to help rewire muscular sequencing while helping deload the lower back is a must. This can be achieved through a pre-activation superset that can quickly enhance the mind-muscle connection of the glutes, hams, and lats while taking stress off the lower back.

Quad Almighty: The Leg Pre-Exhaust From Hell

Now, imagine turning up the intensity on what's already the most challenging workout of the week. That's what you'll be doing with this pre-exhaust leg routine. It's perfect to keep in your arsenal for when your leg training has plateaued, you're just looking to try something new, or you want a change of pace from heavy squats.

Growth Factor Shoulder Training | T Nation

Lactate accumulation through muscular work is maximized when the muscle is under tension for 45-70 seconds. This program is based on sets falling in that range. And since the shoulders have so much mobility, I prefer to use multiple exercises in each set to strengthen every angle of shoulder movement.

Another 'First Strongman Competition' Person Looking for Advice

Okay, I took a big leap today and signed up for a strongman competition on November 11th in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I think it’s at least in my reach to not zero any of the events, as long as I can make some trips up to KC between now and then and get some time on implements that I’ve never used, up at Stone and Barbell club. Here’s the events and weights for Novice/Masters:

Get a Gripp

Versa Gripps are good for pushing and pulling exercises, and they’re easy to use single-handed, which can be valuable for any exercise that calls for an overhead position. When lifting, they’re flexible enough to allow you to switch the way you hold the bar while maintaining the rigidity needed to provide constant support. The 1 1⁄2-inch-wide strap is made with high-density foam and an adjustable hook-and-loop closure and finished with a stainless steel buckle.

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25 Easy Ways to Burn More Fat

One study in the American Journal of Epidemiology reported that subjects who slept five hours or less per night were one-third more likely to gain 30-plus pounds over the 16-year study than those who slept seven hours or longer per night. This may be due to an imbalance in the hormones leptin and ghrelin: While leptin decreases hunger and increases the metabolic rate, ghrelin boosts hunger. A study by University of Chicago researchers found that men who were sleep-deprived for two days experienced a rise in ghrelin levels and a drop in leptin levels, along with a concomitant rise in hunger. A Stanford University study showed that subjects who slept the least had lower levels of leptin and higher levels of ghrelin and body fat compared with those who slept eight hours. Try to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night to not only enhance your recovery but also improve your health and help you keep fat away.

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The 10 best meat-free foods to build muscle

Ready to try going vegetarian (or even vegan) without sacrificing your gains? We asked Lisa Moskovitz, R.D., founder of The NY Nutrition Group, for the scoop on 10 of the most nutrient-dense meat alternatives—and the best ways to prepare them.

6 Weeks to Get Lean

STRATEGY 1: CUT CARBS IN HALF When carbohydrate intake is lowered, the body turns to fat for energy. So to start shedding some fat, cut your carbs drastically—in this case, by half—for four straight days while maintaining your regular workout plan. Not only does this reduce calories, but it also helps control insulin, the hormone released with carb consumption that can increase the appetite. The easiest way to implement this step is to halve your carbohydrate portion size at meals. Instead of a full bagel, for example, eat half. In lieu of a medium plate of pasta, have a small plate. Eat only three-quarters of a cup of rice compared to the rounded cup you may typically consume. You’ll burn fat and your desire to eat should also subside. Following a lower-carb diet for too long can backfire for some, decreasing leptin levels and slowing the metabolism, so return to your regular portions after four days. Introducing carbs back into your diet after this kind of drastic reduction kicks up leptin levels and, therefore, your metabolism. In addition, when the body comes out of a brief, modified lower-carb diet, it becomes more efficient at storing carbohydrate as muscle glycogen, key for pushing through your workouts with the type of intensity you need to elicit growth.

Maximize Your "X Frame"

This is truly an excellent question that all aspiring classic physique athletes should be asking. You are correct when you say that an X frame is vital for this division and thus needs to be addressed when planning every training session. Building a physique along the lines of a Frank Zane or Lee Labrada takes a combination of favorable genetics and meticulously planned workouts based around movements that help create width, shape, symmetry, proportion, and just the right amount of mass. Here is a list that should help keep you on track toward your goal.

The top 10 fat burners for 2017, fall update

With the launch of the latest top 10 fat-burners of 2017, we've seen a key trend emerge: DMAA (an ingredient found in nearly all top fat-burners) is no longer in favor. This year’s list boasts some repeat winners, as well as first-timers. The new No.1, Alpha Lean-7, is completely DMAA-free and overthrew the former No.1 of the last three years in record time (just seven months). With cutting season in full effect, customers look to the top 10 fat-burners to gain an extra edge to shed excess fat and weight to reveal more definition from their hard-earned gains.

Does Hypertrophy Come Faster When You Have a Strength Foundation?

When you do big lifts, everything needs to get tight and work together. If some muscle or area isn’t contributing to the compound move, you lift less. So you use isolation to get “connected” to that area. Lots of guys use planks or leg raises or some ab move to improve bracing to get better at squats. Or do reverse pec Dec or rear delt flies to pull the shoulders back and improve pressing. Once you can “feel” the small stuff, you can bring it to the big stuff. Then the big stuff goes up.

The 20 best forearm exercises of all time

Loop a thick towel around the bar so that it doesn’t let your hands close all the way when you grasp it. Hold the bar with an overhand, shoulder-width grip, in front of your thighs. Without allowing your upper arms to move forward, curl the bar. Add weight each set so you must reduce your reps.

6 Worst Things You Can Do to Get a Bigger Chest

If you are aware of my many articles and how I coach my students, then you know how big I am on changing up the angles of push/pull in order to hit a muscle in its entirety and recruit all sets of motor unit pools. When it comes to training the chest you can press/flye from a decline all the way to a very high incline, with so many angles in between! Vary these angles to knock off every muscle fiber and to make training more interesting.

Find Your Hero

Select a role model who looks the way you want to look but shares some genetic similarities. If you’re naturally very thin, don’t choose someone like Franco Columbu to emulate when Frank Zane’s approach would probably suit you better. This way, your role model provides the inspiration and practical know-how to achieve attainable fitness goals.

This visualization technique can help you dominate your favorite sport

The psychologists discovered that when the image was described to the subjects, they drew it much more accurately compared to hearing what movements to make to compose the drawing. "There is a physiological explanation to this: muscle groups interfere with each other by contracting against another when performing a variety of tasks—whether that's drawing, dancing, or catching a ball,” said study co-author Warren Mansell, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Manchester. "So you may not be able to accurately instruct your limbs what to do, but creating a mental picture of the desired outcome gets around that in an efficient manner.”

The Layer System | T Nation

You'll start to build muscle at a rapid pace because your body will always look for the less expensive way to adapt to a training stress. Building (then fuelling) additional muscle mass is a very expensive adaptation method. The body will start to add muscle at a rapid pace only when it's the only solution it has to be able to adapt to the stress imposed. If it can rely on neural adaptations instead of building muscle, it will. The faster you can max out the rapid neural gains, the sooner your body will be forced to build muscle. That's what the layer system does.

6 Best Fats for Losing Fat

This fat is the best discovery since butter. Or bacon (which is not good for you). While grass-fed butter is great and provides a lot of benefits, coconut oil is an instant upgrade and for numerous reasons. It goes great with anything and can be used for cooking and spreading just like butter. Studies have shown that intake of coconut oil can boost resistance to both viruses and bacteria that can cause illness that can sideline you from your high-intensity regimen. Even more, it also can help to fight off yeast, fungus, and candida. If you don't think that is beneficial, just ask yourself how much fat you stand to burn when you are lethargic and/or sick? Hormones are a physique athlete’s best friend and coconut oil positively affects our hormones for thyroid and blood sugar control—two very critical hormones for fat loss. Lastly, coconut oil has a saturated fat called lauric acid, a type of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) that does not store as fat and is a great source of energy.

Super Mass Gainer by Dymatize at - Best Prices on Super Mass Gainer!

Gaining muscle mass and size can be very challenging, especially when you have a fast metabolism or find it difficult to consume enough calories and protein during the day. Super Mass Gainer is a high-quality mass and size gainer that is loaded with enough protein, BCAAs, calories, and other nutrients to help even the hardest gainers pack on mass and size. Unlike many other mass gainers out there, Super Mass Gainer also tastes delicious and has amazing mixability!

Build a 3-D Back

The phrase "developing back thickness" refers to the act of adding knots of dense muscle throughout the rear of your torso. Sometimes a back that appears wide lacks the depth that ultimately gives it a 3-D illusion. To develop an overpowering back, you need thickness in abundance, and I’ll tell you how to do that.

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This is How You Transform Anorexia to Military Muscle

Throughout high school, Nick was afraid to eat. Days would pass with a single meal, or a sandwich as his only source of calories. In Nick’s mind, going to bed with an empty, grumbling stomach was a good sign – believing that he was being healthy. Eventually the troubled teen would battle dizziness and lightheadedness on a daily basis, until he was unable to get out of bed. Not knowing what was happening, Nick’s parents brought him to the doctor where they discovered a startling secret – Nick had anorexia.

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While public sex, role-play, and threesomes are appealing, romance and affection are most common:

3 ridiculous water myths you should stop believing

Your mouth can tell you when you need to drink water, but not how safe it is. For example, arsenic and bacteria—two big drinking-water threats—have no noticeable taste. Lead has a mild flavor and can even be sweet.

25 expert fitness tips and strategies every lifter should know

Some trainers and lifters feel supplements can play a key role in boosting muscle gains. If you subscribe to that theory, then chances are, you’re already taking protein supplements—but what else? Creatine, for one, “seems to be about the most effective strength- and size-building supplement,” Trink says. To boost your performance, you may also want to try peppermint. Cardiello explains that the scent “alters the perception of how hard you’re working out,” making it seem “less strenuous, slower-paced, and easier to complete.”

Mark Wahlberg Flexes His Muscles on and Offscreen

Besides his considerable talents
 as an actor, Wahlberg cements his credibility in these blue-collar roles by actually looking like he works for a living: sporting broad shoulders, thick arms, cut abs, while displaying the natural grace and agility of an athlete. Wahlberg’s range and ability to utilize his physicality to enrich the transformative demands of his craft are on display in both dramas and comedies, Wahlberg being one of those rare actors who can genre skip without missing a beat. His latest release, Patriots Day, where he plays a Boston police sergeant in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, is a role that fits him like Spanx on a Kardashian.

What fit guys need to know for September 2017

Everything you need to look sharp, live smart, and play hard this month, according to 'Men’s Fitness' Editor at Large and Galvanized Media CEO David Zinczenko.

Eat for Energy

Preheat grill to high. Peel a sweet potato, then cut into 1⁄2-inch-thick disks. Lay them on grill, spray with nonfat cooking spray, and season with salt and pepper to taste; grill 2 minutes per side. Mix 1⁄2 tbsp coconut nectar with 1⁄2 tsp minced red jalapeño. Drizzle over disks. Top disks with 1 tbsp plain fat-free Greek yogurt and 3 tbsp pumpkin seeds.

5 Ways Fitness Helps You Find Yourself

Those long hours in the gym and kitchen produce results that can be measured on the scale, but the payoff definitely doesn't end there. Here's how fitness can help you steer your life in the right direction!

Reinventing Dessert: Espresso Chocolate Brownies

Why suffer through life without dessert? Enjoy these "healthier" chocolate brownies, loaded with all the flavor, but without added sugar or guilt.

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Thanks Tom! You're not just a great friend, you're right. People can join my crusade against gerrymandering here: …

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Tune in to The Long Drive Championship to see monstrous golf shots just like in 'Happy Gilmore':

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The best new portable coffeemakers to get your brew on for fall 2017

For a quick trip to cold-brew coffee land, give the new Dripo a try. It’s simple to set up, and gives you a delectable 10oz of cold coffee without the bitterness of regular methods, all in two hours. Just put about 30g (or 6 Tbsp.) of medium-ground coffee on top of one of the supplied filters in the middle portion, screw it on to the bottom, then put some ice and water into the top slow-drip section. After a few hours, you’ll have a great, smooth-tasting brew. You can even take it on the go by unscrewing the middle filter section and putting the locking lid on top for a handy travel tumbler. And since the coffee is cold, you can easily whip up a shake or frappe since you don’t have to wait for it to cool down so it mixes easily with dairy products. ($34.95,

42 Farmer's Walk as Part of 5/3/1?

There is Prowler programming on the Jim Wendler Forum - a way to program all Prowler weights; you can do the same with the Farmer Walk. But no, it will never be a main lift in the program. It can be programmed (as mentioned above). However when this is done, common sense MUST be used; this is a common theme in the Forever book.

Diet 911: Ketosis for Dummies

The last issue is your consumption of “residual” carbohydrates—the carbs you’re not even aware you’re eating, like those in nuts and meal-replacement shakes. It’s OK to have some nuts, but you should rely more on other fat sources that are carb-free like oils and cheeses. Remember that meal replacement shakes and protein shakes are not the same. The typical meal-replacement powder contains up to half your day’s intake of carbs. Instead, opt for a scoop of regular protein powder after your workout. Make these changes and you’ll see your six-pack soon enough.

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The 6 most effective workout machines you can use at the gym

Here are a few of our favorite machines to use at the gym, and the best exercises to do using them. Or, if you'd rather skip the machines altogether, check out these ultra-effective  at-home workouts .


Move over kale, acai, pomegranate juice, and coconut water: Beetroot juice is the latest bodybuilding superfood.

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I love what you're doing for Houston @JJWatt , so I'm sending some of my money. It's time to raise the goal again! …

4 Moves for Ripped Lower Abs

Lie flat on your back with your knees bent, holding a plate over your face. Bend at the waist and crunch up, hold for a second, then lower your torso until your shoulder blades touch the floor.

Raspberry Oatmeal Protein Bites

Treats aren't just for dessert, especially when they're high in protein. Eat tasty (and smart) on the go with these bite-sized treats.

6 Things You Should Never Do Before a Workout

There have been hundreds of articles written about how to best prepare for a killer workout, discussing everything from what to eat, which supplements to take, and how to get your mind “right.” However, with this piece I decided to take a different approach and talk about some of the things you should AVOID doing before pushing and pulling the heavy iron. Ready? Here we go.

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