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OLYMPIA BOUND - 3 Days with Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson

2 weeks out from the 50th anniversary of the IFBB Mr. Olympia we spend 3 consecutive days with Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson at the Original Metroflex in...

I Will Fear No Evil - Les Brown.

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Greatness by Les Brown. Leslie C. "Les" Brown (born February 17, 1945) is a motivational speaker, former Ohio politician, ...

Delt Training for Boulder Shoulders | MI40 University - Ben Pakulski - Delt Training for Boulder Shoulders | MI40 University - Learn how to train your delta to build massive shoulders by applying ...

Ron Harris Interview with Jose Raymond and Dave Henry

Stone Lifting Complex - Subscribe for FREE Bodyweight Muscle Manifesto (Special Report) UNDERGROUND STRENGTH & MUSCLE SHOP FROM ZACH: Start HERE...

OLYMPIA BOUND - 3 Days with Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson

Asia Monet - "Get up 2 Get Down" Finale Performance #AMRTV

Watch Asia perform her song, Get up 2 Get Down, at Universal City Walk, from Episode 13 of Raising Asia at Universal City Walk Get My Album on Itunes, Amazon...

Delt Training for Boulder Shoulders | MI40 University - Ben Pakulski - Delt Training for Boulder Shoulders | MI40 University - Learn how to train your delta to build massive shoulders by applying ...

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How to Reverse the Risks of Sitting

Make no mistake, your sedentary backside has just cause to fear the dire warnings from multitudes of studies. But by all means, now is the perfect time to stroll to the water cooler, say hello to your boss or meander through a maze of cubicles. Then return to your cushion of calamity with a little less fear.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 - Conditions on the home front can be all too confusing, but they aren't your biggest problem today. Things are not as they appear now and it's tricky to gauge the relative importance of a particular thought. Taking a clever idea and turning it into an overly complicated strategy won't make it any more successful. Keep your message simple and succinct. Misunderstandings that come to light in the next few days will make you glad that you strive for simplicity today.

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Back-Up Plan for Building Bigger Lats

It’s pretty much impossible to truly isolate the lats and upper back , and due to their complex muscle fiber arrangement – the fibers run in several directions – pulling in one plane won’t build sufficient back size and strength. You’ll have to separate each movement and lift at every angle to help with symmetry and size. Most importantly, you may have to cut back on how much weight you use so that you perform your reps with a full range of motion (ROM) and only use your helper muscles on the last few reps of each set; otherwise, you’ll never build a solid foundation.

Inflate Your Upper Pecs

If you’re not already doing these pec pounding moves, here are a few more reasons.

8 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout

A solid pre-workout routine begins long before you step into gym shorts or break a sweat. And like everything else, sloppy prep translates to sloppy execution. That can lead to uninspired training sessions or injury, both of which inhibit strength and muscle gains , or weight loss. So to help you craft a sound pre-training regimen, we asked Patrick Solano CSCS, strength and conditioning specialist at the UFC Gym in Torrance, California for his pre-workout necessities.

6 Weightlifting Tips for Getting Jacked

Consuming a large amount of calories is a must if you want to pack on muscle mass for a larger, stronger, more powerful frame. However, food alone won't get you to the promised land. To achieve this sought-after balance of muscular harmony, you need to build quality muscle mass through a combination of diet and exercise.

4 Great Back Exercises You've Never Tried -

You've got a laundry list of tricks to add an inch to your arms. Why not do the same for your upper and middle back? Think outside the pull-down and make a bigger shadow walking down the street!

10 Live Life Lean

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12 Forgotten Exercises

While they don't get credit among the A-list exercises, these gems deserve being revisited.

30 Ways to Lose Your Blubber Today

Whatever your situation, we feel your urgency, and we'd like to help you do something about it - today. Here, we give you 30 tips for burning the fat that's covering the washboard abs that lie beneath. All of these tips can be used throughout the course of a single day. (And as an added bonus for minding these tips, you'll actually burn fat while you sleep.) But, of course, don't stop after just one day. Follow as many of these tips as you can day in and day out, and soon enough the aforementioned starting point will be history.

Leg Exhausting Routine for Building Bigger Wheels

Some people actually look forward to leg day, but for most it’s last on their list of training priorities, which explains why many men have large, strong upper bodies supported by pencil-thin legs. If you find yourself wearing pants at the gym more often than shorts, the following workout will give you some newfound confidence just in time for the beach this summer. If you don’t train your trunks, you can’t expect them to grow. And if you don’t train them hard – simply going through the motions won’t cut it – it will take much longer to see results, if you ever see them at all. In other words, it’s time to buckle down below the belt.

12-Minute Total Body Workout

You’ve got legitimate excuses for not working out: You can’t afford a gym membership, and you don’t have any equipment at home. We asked Joe Stankowski, a trainer in Grand Rapids, MI, to give you a functional workout that can be done in any home or building.


The answer lies in my Power Bodybuilding workouts, a program outlined here for the first time ever. The foundation is the three crazy-ass, heavier-than-hell power-lifts: bench press, deadlift, and squat. Those are surrounded by bodybuilding moves. The result is a body that's not only show-and-go but also show-and-dominate, superhero style.

Four Whole Grains You Haven't Tried

No sooner had you figured out how to pronounce the word quinoa (KEEN-wah, FYI) than a dozen more hard-to-pronounce whole grains started hitting your grocer’s shelves. Among the latest crop of soon-to-be-trendy carb sources to offer a host of healthy benefits—like fending off heart disease, diabetes, and obesity—are grains like freekeh and amaranth. There’s also barley, perhaps best known for making beer. To find out what makes these “new” whole grains better than, say, a trusty bowl of brown rice, we took to the kitchen—and even discovered some additional benefits along the way (to name a few: a milder effect on blood sugar, and unique compounds like vision-boosting lutein and muscle-building lysine). And now, three great recipes to work these superfoods into your diet this fall. 10 Superfoods for 2014>>>

The Best Two-Dumbbell Workout

HOW IT WORKS In this situation, the load you have will be more appropriate for some exercises than others. To see that you get the most out of the workout we prescribe here, whatever the poundage you have to work with, you’ll need to adjust the speed of your reps. A pair of 25-pound dumbbells, for example, probably won’t be challenging on exercises such as the stepup. In this case, perform your reps more slowly to test your endurance and build muscle control. On other exercises, like the bentover lateral raise, 25 pounds may be just right or a bit heavy, so perform your reps explosively. If you should happen to have two unevenly weighted dumbbells, such as a 25-pounder and a 15-pounder, don’t be discouraged. Simply switch the weights in your hands each time you repeat the circuit. Asymmetrical loads force your core to stabilize you even more on each exercise.

18 - MRI Bike Giveaway

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ELIGIBILITY: The Twitter contest (the "Contest") is open to Twitter members who are 18 years of age and older at the time of entry ("Contestant"). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant's participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

Amp Up the Intensity on These 7 Basic Moves

Doomed to mediocrity is the person always looking for the easy way to do things, lifting being no exception. Then there's the guy forever in search of a better way to train. If that's your style, this article's for you. We took seven good old-fashioned exercises (one for each major muscle group) and tweaked them just enough to make each a little bit better . . . who are we kidding, we made them harder. But let's face it: The harder the exercise, the more effective it usually is. In this case, you'll be training your muscles in a different way than ever before. So bag the leg extensions and the pec-deck machine (just temporarily, mind you), and be a little hard on yourself for once.

7 Training Keys To Building Major Mass

Great article. It's funny how some of the same things you wrote about kind of happen naturally with the more experience one gets in the gym. So the article was a great refresher course for some things and and "Aha!" learning moment for other subjects. One question on the recovery section: You are saying 48 hours minimal rest for growth. What is the maximum rest period? If you do a 5 day split with two days off or cardio only is that to much time between muscle groups? Basically once a week. Is it the same for strength recovery?

The No-Situp Ab Workout

When you think of ab exercises , the first one that usually comes to mind is the situp. While the situp is OK when performed properly, there's other options that place less strain on the neck, spine, and lower back, especially for people who spend countless hours sitting or working at a computer. "Spinal flexion," which basically means you sit in a hunched crunched position for too long, is similar to a situp, and over time, can cause numerous problems including poor posture, pain, and decreased performance.

Fighter Diet Newbie Pak

"Hey Pauline Nordin and Fighter Diet, I thought I'd give you an update. I posted this comparison and I got positive feedback so I wanted to show you and hopefully others what being consistent with Fighter Diet and training as gotten me so far. The left picture is clearly from my last competition in Dec. 2011' where I was already using FDX2 but (no pun intended, haha) I wasn't really training legs/butt like I should have. I was using too many damn machines for my legs and butt! I was cheating myself. I didn't have the BUTT BIBLE nor the DEADLIFT eBook during my last comp either. The second photo was taken September 9th 2012, I put back on my competition bikini and although I may look similar you can see in my competition picture my thumbs are creasing into my body hence I was very soft and

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

WATCH: Unrecognized Legend of the Sport

Brian Schwab’s longevity in the sport of powerlifting (he is the longest standing still-competing member of elitefts™ and 20-year veteran of the sport) should be enough to catch any aspiring lifter’s attention. He has managed to be nationally ranked in the 148 and 165-pound weight classes for more years than most lifters even stay in the sport. Schwab spent eight consecutive years as the number one ranked 148-pound lifter in the world, by Powerlifting USA’s records. He holds the highest all-time total in the 148-pound weight class and is an Arnold Classic WPO Champion in the lightweight division.

Become Unstoppable Seminar 3

Alex Viada -Powerlifter and Ultra-Marathon Runner…what? Alex Viada is truly a different breed, he is a hybrid athlete, capable of amazing feats of strength (705 raw w/ wraps squat) and endurance (4:15 mile PR) at the same time. Alex understands how to push the body to levels not thought possible. Through his company, Complete Human Performance and his own seminars, Alex is helping educate athletes about how to pursue excellence in an array of physical qualities.

Fighter Diet -the Art of staying lean

Step 4: You will most likely feel your system's increased metabolic rate. Energy goes up, you feel warmer, you are more alert etc. With more food your thyroid will increase its hormone production. You see, dieting can momentarily cause a lowered thyroid hormone output. One great aspect of refeeds on Fighter Diet is to make the thyroid happy. It works very well! You will feel these effects the day of a refeed as well as the day after: increased heart rate, higher body temperature (sometime a fever), increased energy and happier mood.) On refeeds you increase your calories and carbs in particular. Carbs release more insulin which is very anabolic. High blood sugar, which is not maintained chronically, will get your diet miserably body into happy happy mood. "Why don't I just keep on refeeding then if carbs are so good for my metabolism?" you might ask. Well, your body will adapt and when you've filled your muscles and liver to max with carbs, there is just one more place they can go: to fat cells. Yikes! Again, cycling calories by doing regular 'lower or maintenance calories' with

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Working Out

In the realm of fitness, three-month programs dominate the landscape. You’ve even seen plenty of them in this magazine over the years. Are they effective? Absolutely. But we’re going to let you in on an interesting secret: It doesn’t necessary take eight or 12 weeks to get your feet wet in the gym. Not that you’ll be a seasoned vet after four weeks, but if you can just get that first month under your belt, you’ll get yourself over the proverbial hump where so many fail and give up, and set the stage for a lifetime of gains. Let’s just call this the accelerated beginner’s guide to bodybuilding. In this plan, your first month of training will be demanding, but not so demanding as to cause injury (or worse yet, burnout), and progressive in the sense that each week you’ll graduate to different exercises, higher volume, more intensity or all of the above. After four weeks you’ll not only be ready for the next challenge but you’ll have built a significant amount of quality muscle. In other words, one month from now you’ll look significantly better with your shirt off than you look now.

12 Packaged Foods That Just Got Pumped Up with Protein

From potato chips to pudding, dozens of packaged foods are getting an extra punch of protein. But are they worth trying? We asked RDs to weigh in on what’s legit—and what’s better left on the shelf.

Off-Site Training: Considerations for Training Children with Special Needs

Taking a closer look at the schedule. The first goal was to mimic our normal training schedule. Therefore, we began with our warm-up at the gym and completed two exercises before our break. Since our break gives us a chance to drink and talk, this was a great opportunity to drive to the park. You’ll also see in the schedule familiar verbiage, rep and set schemes, choice, and our typical ending. All of these familiarities help with everything that was so new with this off-site endeavor. As I mentioned earlier, the layout and utilization of space was considered. Therefore, the exercises I picked and the order in which they were situated eliminated the axillary areas of the park (the picnic pavilion, open space, and gazebo) that could potentially waste time, contain lots of people, and/or have us get closer to the main street.

Life Happens - Born Fitness

One of the bigger problems in this industry is that we have too many details to worry about that we lose sight of what really matters. We stress over all the small things and in doing so living a “healthy life” feels like a burden that we either reject the healthy behaviors or become obsessed to the point that it cannibalizes other areas of our lives.

Get Stronger (& Bigger) Now!

Getting stronger —  whether it means setting a personal record on bench or moving up to the next set of dumbbells on curls — is a process. It takes months, even years, of hard training to achieve the lofty strength goals we tend to set for ourselves. It doesn’t happen overnight.

10 Rapid-Fire Fat-Burning Workouts

10 Rapid-Fire Fat-Burning Workouts

10-Minute Biceps

“This arms routine might only be four exercises, two sets, and 10 minutes in length, but you’ll be crying by the end of it,” Plitt promises. “Overall, you’ll spend about a minute on each exercise — so that’s eight minutes of training and about two minutes of rest. It isn’t meant to be done all of the time, says Plitt. Try it for a couple of cycles or tack it onto your back workout. That way it’ll be more than an all-encompassing biceps blast — it’ll be a plateau buster , too.”

Finding the Sweet Spot

There are many variables to think about when putting together a training routine , including which exercises, how many reps, how many sets, how much weight, how often to train each muscle group, not to mention diet and supplements. One of the most important of these variables is weight load. There are two factors critical to inducing muscle hypertrophy: load stress and metabolic stress. Load stress is applied by lifting and lowering a weight, as well as forcing a passive muscle to bear a load (e.g., loaded stretch). Metabolic stress is created by actively contracting a muscle against resistance, which leads to the accumulation of metabolic byproducts such as lactic acid and free radicals. Both load stress and metabolic stress activate anabolic signaling pathways within the muscle cell. Loading acts through a mechanism called mechanotransduction, whereby membrane-bound mechanosensors, which are activated when the muscle cell membrane is strained and stretched, turn this mechanical signal into chemical signals that tell the cell to build more structural and contractile proteins. The buildup of metabolic stressors such as lactic acid and free radicals activates anabolic signaling pathways, although the exact mechanism is still being ironed out.

This Simple Measurement Is Better Than BMI

As the Daily Mail reports , researchers arrived at the formula by analyzing statistics for 300,000 adults. They found that every inch of flab over the 50% mark indicated lower life expectancy. Men with waistlines that are 80% of their heights, for example, can expect to die 20 years sooner than those with the healthy 50% ratio.

Health and Fitness Power Rankings: Diet Wars - Born Fitness

That said, if you’re going to create a study that is a “low fat vs. low carb” battle, you probably shouldn’t have more flaws than US foreign policy. Issues ranged form the low carb eaters eating fewer calories than the low fat participants,  the low carbers eating more protein, (advantage for fat loss and lean mass gains), and the low fat diet wasn’t even really a low fat diet. (It consisted of about 30 percent of daily calories.)

The 2014 Invention Box Competition

To vote for your favorite recipe, all you have to do is access it by clicking on the photo. Then, share it, pin it, and circulate it amongst your family and friends to make sure it gets as many eyeballs as you think it deserves. Do check out (and ideally try making) as many of these recipes as you can!

Pre-Workout Nutrition

What you need to know for a great workout.

Powerlifting for Physique Sports: Part 1 - Juggernaut Training Systems

If you have paid any attention, you have likely noticed over the past ~4-5 years that there has been a dramatically increasing trend for physique-focused athletes taking a more progressive strength-based approach to their off-season programming. Before I go any further, for the purposes of this article “physique-focused athlete” refers to any athlete that requires a fake tan come competition day (bodybuilders, figure, bikini, fitness, physique, etc).

12 Packaged Foods That Just Got Pumped Up with Protein

From potato chips to pudding, dozens of packaged foods are getting an extra punch of protein. But are they worth trying? We asked RDs to weigh in on what’s legit—and what’s better left on the shelf.


Nothing Can Stop The Rock


Lifetime's 'Raising Asia' Stars Talk Finale, Address Misconceptions About Their Family Life - TheWrap

Asia, how do you feel you've been portrayed on the show? Asia Ray Monet: I think that the show's amazing and we've gotten such great ratings. It's doing very well on Lifetime. I think they could've showed more of my training with other choreographers. It felt sort of the same, sometimes. And like my mom said, they could have put more of the other shows I'm in, the charity events. And the performances you did see, you see a snippet of them and then it's over. Maybe, they could have cut back on my mom's arguing and everybody yelling and the drama stuff, maybe you'd get to see more of my life. It's not ‘Raising My Family,’ it's ‘Raising Asia.’

Epic Olympia Showdown: YATES vs. RAY, 1994

Watch as Dorian Yates continues his road to Olympia glory when he goes head-to-head with Shawn Ray for the Sandow in 1994.


The Throwback Gym

“I was the typical Asian nerd,” says the first-generation Korean-American, who is the chief scientist at a Bay Area biotech firm searching for an HIV cure. “I took a college class at 12 years old, skipped two grades, went to UC Berkeley at 16. I was the California State Spelling Champion in 1989. But athletically, I’d failed most of my PE classes and played Little League baseball for only two months when I got hit on the head and gave it up. I was quiet, shy and very chubby. I could not approach a woman.” Then, in October 2003, Kim stumbled into Diablo Barbell in the city of Concord.


iSatori Bio-Gro at

Absolutely! Many athletic women already do. Because Bio-Gro contains almost zero calories, zero fat, and zero sugars, it is perfect for dieters or women who are calorie- or carb-conscience yet want the bioactive benefits of protein to help develop and maintain lean body tissue.1-3,5,17,18, 20-24,26-29,33,36-39 And Bio-Gro requires only one tiny scoop (1.5 grams) compared to a large-sized protein shake (25 grams or more), that can leave your stomach feeling full of gas and bloated. What's more, Bio-Gro is derived from a natural source and is safe for anyone to consume.

Cell Volume Strategy for Maximum Gains

On the flip side, massive water drinking doesn’t build muscles, either. So those who make hyper-hydration a priority represent nothing more than the blind leading the blind. So spending too many more words on that is a waste of your time. I’ll continue on with the assumption that it’s obvious that one needs adequate hydration for any cell volume enhancing technique to have any impact, and that excess hydration won’t produce anything more than a few more daily trips to the nearest urinal.

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